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Canada, Go-Ahead London, SoCal Ports, Reno.

Fast Charge JV for Canada: Battery maker Leclanché and Canadian eCamion as well as SGEM from Switzerland have formed a joint venture. Fast Charge is to line the so-called Trans Canadian Highways (TCH) with a network of 34 fast-charging stations including energy storage. There will be 102 such fast-charge points in total, which are to span over 3,000 km by the end of next year.

London e-buses progress: Another 30 electric buses have just been ordered by Go-Ahead London from their trusted provider BYD and ADL. It is the third such order for the Enviro200 EV and the first eleven are set to enter service by February 2018. Another 19 will follow in August next year. With this latest agreement, the number of BYD-ADL buses in Go Ahead’s fleet grows to 95.

Clean Air Action Plan for SoCal ports: The Long Beach and Los Angeles harbours want to clean up their act over the next two decades by replacing diesel trucks and cargo equipment with zero-emission vehicles. Cost for their CAAP are projected to reach up to 14bn dollars in public and private funds.

EV showroom: Milton Keynes is now home to the UK’s first multi-brand, electric vehicle showroom. The EV Experience Centre is operated by Chargemaster and won’t sell cars directly.

De-ICEing measure: The Reno City Council decided to make blocking EV charge bays without charging worth a ticket. Reno’s proximity to the Gigafactory may have played a role in the unanimous vote.

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Floatility, Sun Mobility, Massachusetts, Ballard.

Scooter sharing floats: German Floatility has convinced Singapore to launch a pilot with its solar-powered stand-up scooters at its development partner Autodesk. Their staff will kick about the facility on the partly 3D-printed, three-wheeled and self-balancing EVs, that come with custom-built docking stations to charge. Another pilot is due to start in Vienna in the coming weeks, when tourists will be asked to float around town.
hardwarezone.com.sg, electrive.net (Austria pilot, in German)

Swapping a battery in India shall become most easy as Sun Mobility plans to work together with various OEMs to integrate their solution into electric cars, buses but also scooters and rickshaws. So far, only Ashok Leyland is on board but further steps are to be announced later this year.
ndtv.com, business-standard.com

Hybrid bus order: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) expects the delivery of 345 new buses of which 156 will be diesel-electric and 175 CNG. Overall, they will replace a third of the fleet with cleaner options once they arrive next month and shall make the system more reliable, esp. in winter.
bostonglobe.com, metro.us

Ballard scores again: The fuel cell specialist received an order from the SunLine Transit Agency for five FCveloCity systems to power hydrogen buses in Palm Desert, California. The 150 kW systems are expected to be shipped in 2017 and Ballard here works with ElDorado National and BAE System.
greencarcongress.com, ariva.de

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GenZe, Everty, BYD, Homeplus.

Couriers electrified: Mahindra’s U.S. operation GenZe has found Postmates as a new partner. The bike courier service delivers in more than 200 cities in the States and has chosen New York and San Francisco for a programme with electric scooters and pedelecs from GenZe. The LEVs will roll-out at additional locations over the next year and have a removable battery for easy swap and/or charge.

Peer-to-peer charging: Sydney start-up Everty has launched an EV charging service. The model works like Air BnB and founder Carola Jonas hopes to convince those EV drivers with off street park and charge spaces to open up to the likeminded. Nine stations were listed at the time of writing but peer-to-peer grows bit by bit.
onestepoffthegrid.com.au, drive.com.au

BYD expands in Brazil: The proliferate vehicle maker from China continues its South America expenditure. Belo Horizonte is the latest city to receive electric taxis from BYD. They will join its electric buses in town. Brazil hopes to sell 2,000 electric vehicles in Brazil until the end of 2018.

Shop&Charge: Homeplus, a supermarket chain in South Korea, said that it will install electric vehicle charging stations at its 101 stores across the country by the end of this year.

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Allego, Shell, Solaris, New Zealand, Supercharger.

Shell to offer fast-charging: Allego has agreed to supply Shell gas stations with fast-chargers, first in the UK and the Netherlands, where they shall go into operation before the year’s end. London and Derby are on the list of locations with a few more in the west of the Netherlands (Randstad). How many 50 kW stations they want to install, none of the partners specified.

Autobus per favore: Italy has ordered a total of 22 electric buses built by Polish Solaris. Twelve Urbino 12 electric are expected in Bergamo with another ten going to Milan. While both cities opted for the same models, they differed in the interior as well as charging options.
eurotransportmagazine.com, metro-report.com

At the other end of the world New Zealand’s capital ordered 32 electric double-decker. The first ten are scheduled for service from July 2018, while the other 22 are only due by 2020 and 2021. The Council of Wellington has signed with Tranzit and Uzabus for nine routes after the city called for tenders in August last year. Overall, the bus fleet is almost 500 strong.

Tesla’s Supercharger supersizing continues as the firm announced another two 40-strong charging sites after building the first in California as reported. One will come to Tesla-loving Oslo in Norway and the other to Baker, a place conveniently situated between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Not as big but expansive all the same is the latest site at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island’s mall and theme park that now call sixteen Tesla charging stations their own.
electrek.co (Oslo), electrek.co (Baker), gulfnews.com (Abu Dhabi)

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Electric Buses, EU, Finland, Iceland.

EU initiative for more electric buses: Representatives of numerous cities and regions, of OEMS and transportation authorities seek to deploy at least 2,000 electric buses by 2019 and just signed a respective MoU. Within the next 8 years, the share of alternatively fuelled buses in the European bus fleet shall rise from currently 10 – 12 percent to 30%.
ec.europa.eu via ec.europa.eu

7 EU member states miss strategy: The EU Commission has reminded Greece, Ireland, Malta, Romania, Slovenia and Great Britain to present their national strategies concerning infrastructure for alternative fuels (e.g. charging stations, H2 stations) to comply with EU regulations. Another letter will reach the Swedish government as its current strategic framework does not meet the guideline’s minimum requirements. The governments in question now have two months left to carry out their duty, if not the Commission can appeal to the ECJ.
europa.eu (point 13), europa.eu

Mandtory charging points? Finland’s National Coalition Party wants to write EV fast-charging points at all service stations located along the country’s major roadways into law. The party promised it will push the proposal during upcoming budget talks.

9 electric buses to run in Iceland: Several electric buses are to commute between Reykjavík main bus terminal and the Breiðholt neighbourhood by early autumn. The island’s bus authority Strætó bs. ordered nine units from Chinese bus manufacturer Yutong.

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Fleets + Infrastructure


Georgia, Romania, Brazil, San Diego, Australia.

Green roadmap for Georgia’s capital: Inhabitants of Tbilisi could see electric taxis, MAN hybrid buses and more EV charging stations over the next decade. These measures are included in the city’s plan for greener transport solutions that has just has been announced. According to Deputy Mayor Irakli Lekvinadze, certain initiatives are already underway. We have heard of Japan’s support to buy hybrid buses as well as plans for a 100 charging stations so far.

Electric buses in Romania: Solaris shall deliver 30 electric buses to Cluj-Napoca in Romania following a tender by City Hall. The first 11 units shall hit the roads in March 2018. The buses are supposed to run for 105 km and so far, the town provides 13 charging stations.

EV car sharing in Brazil: LDS Group and Vulog team up to launch an EV car sharing service in Sao Paulo called Urbano Carsharing. After collecting experience through a pilot project during summer, the official kick-off is to follow in September, initially with 95 EVs, among them 80 Smart ED and 15 BMW i3.

San Diego’s growing EV network: 14 city facilities in San Diego get equipped with EV charging stops after the City Council approved the plan. It is part of a 45m dollars initiative led by San Diego Gas & Electric that wants to install 3,500 charging stations at 350 buildings in its service territory.

Australian domestic deal: Conversion specialist SEA Electric has delivered 9 commercial vehicles to logistics company Kings Transport and Logistics – three each of SEA’s GVM light rigid EV10, medium-rigid EV14 and the E4V electric light van. Both companies are manufacturing Down Under.
fullyloaded.com.au, primemovermag.com.au

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Share&Charge, BAE, SolarEdge, Supercharger, Korea Telecom.

Start-up culture reimported: MotionWerk, a start-up from the German town of Essen, has found a potent application for their Share&Charge platform in eMotorWerks. Based in San Francisco, the latter offers smart-grid-ready charging equipment and owners of such stations will be able to make them available to all EV drivers via Share&Charge, thus forming the first peer-to-peer charging network in the States. The pilot’s start is scheduled for August, 1 and marks a good start for both MotionWerk as well as its accelerator innogy, that recently set-up shop in Los Angeles.

BAE hybrid drive for Solaris: Belgian transport company SRWT ordered 208 hybrid buses from Polish manufacturer Solaris reportedly. Turns out BAE Systems will not only supply the drive system but will also see its energy storage system ESS-3G-1K installed in the Solaris buses.
greencarcongress.com, baesystems.com

Home charger with inverter: Israeli SolarEdge intends to launch a home EV charger with an integrated solar inverter able to charge EVs with up to 9.6 kW. SolarEdge had teamed up with Tesla for the first generation Powerwall but now claims the “world’s first inverter-integrated” EV charger for itself.

Meanwhile Tesla not only plans large Supercharger stations with up to 20 charge bays like those in Albany and Burbank (we reported) but already wants to surpass those. The “world’s biggest Supercharger station” with 40 charge points is under construction in Kettleman City, California.

Korea Telecom targets 10,000 EVs: Telecommunication provider Korea Telecom (KIT) is about to electrify its fleet and wants to replace 10,000 company cars with electric vehicles until 2022. Hyundai will deliver the first 1,000 Ioniq EVs before the year’s end. Furthermore, Korea Telecom wants to gradually equip more than 400 buildings with charging stations in South Korea.
english.etnews.com , koreajoongangdaily.joins.com

California got a gap: There is a waiting list for the Golden State’s 2,500 dollar plug-in rebate at the moment as the allocated funds for this year are close to exhaustion and are being held for applicants with low income. The 2018 budget is likely to be released in September but a recent Californian bill may free an additional 3bn dollars for electric transport subsidies even sooner.
plugincars.com, greencarreports.com

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Supercharger, Romania, Electrify America, BYD, Korea.

Tesla’s first XL Supercharger stations with 20 charging points are soon opening in Albany, New York and Burbank, California. The installation of significantly bigger charging stations represents the EV maker’s current strategy for the States but also a readiness for the Model 3 roll-out.

40 charging stations for Romania: E.ON Romania and Hungarian MOL agreed on erecting 40 EV charging stations in Romania until 2020. The project partners count on support through European funds.
seenews.com, petrolplaza.com, business-review.eu, romania-insider.com

Debut of VW’s infrastructure project in the U.S.: Volkswagen has started the installation of its charging network in the States, following the company’s court settlement for the diesel-gate. The first quick charging station under the label “Electrify America” recently opened in Washington D.C. and marks the beginning of the first stage, that will see 50 DC charger installed in 10 cities until September.

BYD enters partnerships in Chile: Chinese BYD has signed an agreement with Enel Chile in order to deliver 90 electric buses to the Latin American country. Additionally, the company teams up with the Federico Santa María Technical University as both seek to improve the education of teachers and students when it comes to EV tech and to support electric mobility research.
byd.com (electric buses), byd.com (university cooperation)

Korea halves EV’s toll charges: The country’s transport ministry intends to halve highway toll charges for EVs and FCVs from September to boost EV sales. Korea’s government raised its electric mobility objectives generally and now wants 1.5m electrified cars to populate the country’s roads by 2020.

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Fleets + Infrastructure


Hamburg, Smart Bridge, Oregon, Innogy.

Smart City: While Hamburg did not exactly act intelligently during the riots surrounding the G20 meeting, it wants to get ready for an electric future and decided to test 100 autonomous shuttles from next year. The partnership between the town and Deutsche Bahn is dubbed Smart City and focuses on transport to and from stations and bookings via app. With VW’s MOIA and Hamburg Hochbahn also looking to introduce electric shuttles, 200 even, the roads may soon run ripe with autonomous mini buses.
handelsblatt.com (in German)

Bridge technology: The world’s longest sea bridge that will connect China with Hong Kong and Macao upon completion later this year, will also include an artificial island built for 550 EV charging stations. It’s an investment of 90m yuan (13m dollars) from China Southern Power Grid that said the stations will be available to different kind of electric vehicles including buses and taxis. The 429 DC charging stations and 121 AC charging stations will be opened at the end of 2017.
auto.ndtv.com, thestandard.com.hk

Oregon favours EVs: The Oregon House approved a 5.3bn dollar, 10-year transport funding package that includes plug-in vehicle incentives of 2,500 dollars. Lower income earners that also got a 20 year old car to scrap can get double that incentive, which comes into force from 2018 with applications open now.

Innogy clears another hurdle to enter into the U.S. market as it receives the UL certificates from Underwriters Laboratories for its charging equipment. This means the path is clear for its newly formed subsidiary to operate in the States.
presseportal.de (in German)

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Fleets + Infrastructure


London, Bratislava, Lulea, Germany.

Electric deliveries in London: UPS and UK Power Networks are about to increase the electric share in their London fleet by almost 50 percent after being awarded 3m pounds through Innovate UK. The project will see the UPS’ depot in Camden operate 70 electric freight vehicles up from 50 with plans for running more than 150 vehicles from the site. UK Power Networks will oversee overnight charging and trial how many EV may charge at a time without overpowering the grid.

L/EV sharing in Slovakia: Bratislava has a new electric citizen in the VW e-Up! there to share. For the moment, up!city cars can only be rented for half or a full day but the organisers hope to soon be able to rent per hour. The sharing offer in Slovakia’s capital also includes pedelecs and electric scooters.

More electric car sharing will happen in Luxembourg, where a service called Flex wants to introduce 86 EVs standing at the 20 busiest train stations of the country. Flex will be available from the end of November and shall tie in with Luxembourgs public transport via the travel card, MKaart.

Charging Scandinavia: Polish Ekoenergetyka-Polska will supply opportunity chargers for the electric bus fleet of the city of Lulea, that plans for its public transport to be 75 percent emission-free from 2020. For now, Lulea’s bus fleet consists of five electric models from the Finish Linkker Bus company.

E-mobility funding: The German Ministry for Transport has granted 39 credits for EV charging stations, worth a combined 2.3m euros and with most applicants from Bavaria. In total, the BMVI has processed 220 applications for 2,705 charge points funded with 16.6m euros, which is not too much given the government has earmarked 300m until 2020 and thus hopes to co-create a network of 15,000 charging stations in Germany. To be eligible, electricity must come from renewable sources.
now-gmbh.de (in German), bmvi.de (list of applicants)

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