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Adam Jonas, Christian Strube.

Adam-Jonas“We believe Tesla could sell its autonomous, electric semis without batteries, which would then be separately leased to customers.”

Referring to Tesla’s announcement to present its electric semi truck in September, Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas and Ravi Shanker share their thoughts about an appropriate business model, like a battery leasing approach with swap stations.

Christian-Strube“We have said that the Vision E is our first car on MEB. And we have said that it is our first electric show car. But we haven’t said that it is our first production car.”

According to Christian Strube, member of the Skoda’s board for technical development, it looks like there will be an electric version of an existing model before MEB based EVs. AutoExpress considers the Citigo the most probable candidate.

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Quotes of the day


Herbert Diess, Hubertus Troska, Monika Mikac.

Herbert-Diess-VW“This is a challenge but also an opportunity because we will quickly gain large volumes and gain sufficient scale to make electro-mobility cost effective enough so that it will also be a success in Germany and the United States.”

Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess said VW will invest in locally developed EV technology as he is convinced, “China will become the leading market for electromobility.”

hubertus_troska“We’re not concerned about technology transfer.”

Diess’ colleague Hubertus Troska, Daimler’s board member responsible for China, tried to make an equally brave stance as well in Mercedes’ bid to keep a foot in the market by holding on to local partners.
autonews.com (both Diess & Troska)

Monika-Mikac“Maybe with hypercars, we will first have the step of going to hybrid version, different kind of hybrid versions, but then I think the final step for everybody is going 100 percent electric.”

Monika Mikac, COO of Rimac Automobili, has no doubts about the future of hypercars. For the Croatian it is the present already obviously as Rimac displays the fully electric Concept One in New York.

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Quotes of the day


Klaus Rosenfeld, Ian Robertson.

Klaus-Rosenfeld“In the accelerated scenario, we are anticipating 30 percent will be pure e-cars, 40 percent will be hybrids, and 30 percent will be combustion engines.”

Schaeffler CEO Klaus Rosenfeld is apparently embarking on his very own transport transition (Verkehrswende) with this new estimates. Only a year ago, he reckoned that most cars would still be ICEs in 2030.

ian-robertson“Do we think it will come at that extreme level? It is unlikely.”

BMW board member for sales and marketing Ian Robertson said he believes Chinese authorities will tone down their quota for hybrid and electric cars starting in 2018.

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Quotes of the day


Jochem Heinzmann, Lee Ki-Sang.

Jochem-Heinzmann“We are fully with all forces working to be able to fulfil this quota system already next year.”

Ahead of the Shanghai Motor Show, Volkswagen China CEO Jochem Heinzmann underlines the group’s strategy to face the country’s upcoming quotas on its own – without the help of competitors’ credits. VW as the largest foreign automaker in China, is significantly affected by the nation’s powerful promotion of PHEVs and EVs.

Ki-Sang-Lee“If a really new, next-generation battery appears, like magic, around 2025, then the market share of electric vehicles will go from 20 to 30 percent to 80 to 90 percent of the whole market.”

Lee Ki-Sang, Senior vice president and in charge of Hyundai’s eco-car powertrain division, shares his expectations towards new tech and puts his bets on solid-state batteries or those using a lithium-sulfur or lithium-air chemistry.

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Quotes of the day


Lucid Motors, James O’Neill, Simon Moores.

Peter-Rawlinson“We don’t have the money in place. That’s why we need to secure Series D (…). It would be irresponsible to start moving earth or start anything until we have a financial runway to execute that professionally and with absolute integrity.”

Lucid Motors chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson explains why the EV newcomer is seeking money in yet another round of financing. Once secured, production of the Air EV is to start by 2019 in Arizona.

anonym“Many fleet managers have an ever-growing list of responsibilities, in addition to company vehicles, including HR, procurement or purchasing. With the on-going backlash against diesel cars, fleets are having to consider adding EVs and PHEVs to their choice lists, and are having to address the added pressure of charging infrastructures, data and security issues.”

James O’Neill, UK director, Ensto Chago thus detailed the things to consider when opting to integrate PEV and charging infrastructure into fleets.

Simon-Moores“While it was started by Tesla’s Gigafactory, 70 percent of this new capacity is being built in China by major producers such as BYD, ATL, and Lishen.”

Simon Moores, managing director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, on the rise of battery “megafactories”. While Tesla may be talked about the most, BMI’s research suggests that by 2020, China will host 62% of global production capacity for Li-ion cells.

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Quotes of the day


Anne Smart, Lance Bradley.

Anne-Smart“This is a business plan allowing the largest automaker in the world to inject itself in California’s EV charging market and profit from its wrongdoing.”

Anne Smart, ChargePoint’s VP of public policy, on Volkswagen’s penalty to install EV charging in California. Other than being a competitor, Smart has a point as VW’s subsidiary Electrify America is allowed to profit from charging fees. While the plans still have to be approved by CARB and EPA, the first draft already lacks in infrastructure for disadvantaged communities.

Lance-Bradley“It’s poorly thought through. It’s not very difficult to have an EV policy, but the new VED charging is muddled.”

Mitsubishi UK boss Lance Bradley has accused the UK government of not having “a clear and consistent plan” for EVs, especially when it comes to the new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) that places the Outlander PHEV on par with a Range Rover SDV8.

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Quotes of the day


Kazuhiro Tsuga, Maria Krautzberger.

Kazuhiro-Tsuga“We think the existing technology can still extend the energy density of LIBs by 20% to 30%.”

Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga hopes to liberate the Li-ion battery’s full potential but also warns against a trade-off between power density and safety. Solid-state may be one “possible answer,” he concludes.

Maria-Krautzberger“We’ve done the maths: if we want to hit the CO2 reduction target for traffic for 2030, we need 3 – 12% of the fleet to be electric by 2020, 30 – 32% by 2025, and 60 – 70% by 2030.”

In German you would call a schedule such as the one drawn up by Maria Krautzberger, head of Germany’s Federal Environment Agency UBA, “sportlich” (sporty or ambitious). To make it, she calls for EV quotas as well as e-bike incentives in Germany.
transportenvironment.org, zeit.de (original interview in German)

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Quotes of the day


Hiroto Saikawa, Lewis Horne

Hiroto-Saikawa“In Japan, already our 30 kWh [battery] is almost erasing anxiety. The new Leaf coming will almost completely kill anxiety for specific countries — Japan and a major part of Europe. I’m sure in one or two years, it is going to erase anxiety in the most difficult one: the U.S.”

Nissan Motor’s new CEO Hiroto Saikawa continues the confidence regularly exuded by Carlos Ghosn and hopes to transfer it to the Leaf’s main markets at the same time.

Lewis-Horne“When people sell electric cars, the motivation is sustainability. So, why are they so heavy, and why are they the same cars?”

A good question, posed by Lewis Horne, CEO of Swedish Uniti. The start-up’s EV is made from recyclable materials and recently convinced Siemens to take care of its mass production.

Quotes of the day


Gilles Normand, Shiro Nakamura

anonym“Electricity is everywhere, we know the technology, we are developing it, we are mastering it. In 10, 15 or 20 years, other forms like fuel cells may be a possibility, but I know the solution that is available now, which is EV.”

While Gilles Normand, Renault’s head of EVs, is optimistic that the EV market is ready to make a leap forward. He doubts though that the time is ripe for fuel cell vehicles.

Shiro-Nakamura“As for other electric models, yes – a saloon, an SUV, but a sports car is difficult.”

In March, Nissan’s chief designer Shiro Nakamura retired after 17 years but still has some thoughts on the company’s future EV line-up.

Quotes of the day


Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Sadiq Khan, Theresa May.

Elzbieta-Bienkowska“Diesel will not disappear from one day to another. But I am quite sure they will disappear much faster than we can imagine.”

Elżbieta Bieńkowska, the European Union’s industry commissioner, commented on tougher rules to get cars that are more polluting when driven than when tested off the roads. While no independent EU emission testing institution will be created, Brussels will be allowed to fine carmakers up to 30,000 euros per vehicle if caught.

Sadiq-Khan“I am doing all I can in London – but the only way we can make our lethal air safe is if the government commits to the major measures experts agree are necessary to tackle this incredibly serious issue.”

In the wake of the EU decision, London mayor Sadiq Khan demands major interventions including a national diesel scrappage fund, new low emission zones across the UK and a Clean Air Act for the 21st Century from the British government. The latter however was instrumental in preventing EU oversight of emission testing.

Theresa-May“We will be producing a new air quality plan – we’ve been required to do that by the courts. (…) But I’m very conscious of the fact that past governments have encouraged people to buy diesel cars and we need to take that into account.”

With these words UK Prime Minister Theresa May stops short any hope that her Tory government will take to the task to end diesel and/or act for air quality enthusiastically or in a proactive manner.

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