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Elon Musk, BWM,

Click tip I: Tesla CEO Elon Musk already suggested that charging may eventually be as autonomous as future cars. Elektrek discovered a first indication in an official document – namely in a construction permit referring to “Tesla automated parking Superchargers.”

Click tip II: The inauguration of EV charging stations at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park installed by BWM delivered great pictures as the audience could admire Edison’s already 1904 created DC charging station as well as an EV of Detroit Electric from 1914 that Edison and his wife used to drive. As reported, BMW wants to implement up to 100 EV charging stations at the U.S. nature reserves.

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Toyota, Andre Borschberg, Events.

Reading tip I: Toyota has got the “hybrid blues” in China as it has to accept that regulators will treat any car without a plug like any other ICE. Executives consider the involuntary strategic U-turn “agonizing” and admit they are forced to “get over our EV allergy and come up with an electric car” pretty soon.

Reading tip II: Solar Impulse co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg is off to a new adventure named H55 to develop certified electric propulsion systems for air transport.

Events for the upcoming week: Hannover Messe incl. Group Exhibit Hydrogen, Fuel Cells & Batteries (April 24-28; Hannover, Germany) ++ E-Mobility Conference (April 25; London, UK) ++ ESCP Europe Electric Vehicle Road Trip (April 25-28; London to Madrid via Bordeaux) ++ You can find a complete list of upcoming events at

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EVgo Fleet and Tariff Analysis, Tesla.

Research tip: If demand charges are applied to public charging, charging an EV during peak hours could become 7 times more expensive than the gasoline equivalent measured in kWh. The findings come from the Rocky Mountain Institute’s latest EVgo Fleet and Tariff Analysis. On-site storage may have just become a stronger business case. (report) via

Reading tip: Tesla sells faster and better on second-hand markets than other cars, a report by online car shopping service Autolist finds. In short, the Model S retains its value for longer. via

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Fully Charged, Lucid Motors.

Video tip I: The new episode of Fully Charged illustrates Robert Llewellyn’s first experiences with Tesla’s Model X and also what a family thinks of the biggie. via

Video tip II: Lucid Motors has brought its Air up to high speed during stability testing. According to the engineers, the electric sedan hit 217 mph (349 kph). via

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The New Wheel, Manifesto of Electric Mobility.

Reading tip: San Francisco bike shop The New Wheel has come up with its own scrappage scheme. Drivers can hand in their old car and receive a new electric bicycle in return and some cash if the car is worth more than the e-bike cost. On top, TNW donates 100 dollars to a local cycling organisation for each car handed in.

Click tip: You may download the ‘Manifesto of Electric Mobility’ that was conceived at the rEvolution conference in Amsterdam. Thoughts from EV-Box, ENGIE, EVConsult, Renault, Jaguar Land-Rover, E-Laad as well as a user survey were considered. (download after registration)

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Rasa FCV, Tesla, Events.

Reading tip: The Rasa FCV reaches its 1m pound crowdfunding goal, meaning Riversimple has enough money to build its little hydrogen car in Wales. A production run of 20 is planned by now as they shall be used via subscriptions.

Video tip: “It’s better than Tesla” is the claim of this clip that is one of the entrants in Tesla’s fan made advert competition. It looks like the director had to overcome his lack of an actual Model S with a most humorous take and an unlikely substitute. via

Events for the upcoming week: International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (April 22-24; Porto, Portugal) ++ Swiss eSalon (April 18; Bern, Switzerland) ++ You can find a complete list of upcoming events at

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Chevy Bolt, Formula E.

Video tip: Tesla advocat Bjørn Nyland here turned renegade as he takes the Chevy Bolt out for a ride in South Korea. The tour was a long one – he managed 292 miles (470 km) and talks about the Bolt at length. via

Reading tip: Probably in an attempt to win back some popularity abroad after Brexit, the British government now opened the Isles’ streets for motorsport events. This means racing is now legal (on closed public roads) and thus London may soon see the return of the Formula E.,

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Tesla solar panels, Rick Wagoner

Click tip: A new kind of retrofit comes from Tesla and this time is not for cars but roofs. The latest solar panels are made by Panasonic and can be installed on any house. While different from SolarCity’s PV roof tiles, both products keep a pretty low profile.

Reading tip: One of the EV industry’s strangest acts of redemption so far is the appointment of former GM CEO Rick Wagoner as member of the board of ChargePoint. Wagoner was the one who “killed the electric car” as he not only discontinued but hunted down GM’s own EV1 – but that was then.

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Tesla, Ustwo

Click tip I: This is the Model 3 and this time with better pictures that even allow an insider’s gaze on the interior of the economy Tesla.

Click tip II: The company Ustwo and sound designers seek to create audible sounds for electric vehicles to meet the requirements in Europe and the U.S., for all new EVs to make (some) noise from 2019.

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Innogy, EV-Box, ChargePoint, Ennead.

Reading tip: Forbes has a recommendable summary, that illuminates the U.S. strategies of Innogy and EV-Box as well as ChargePoint‘s plans for Europe’s EV infrastructure among others.

Click tip: Architect office Ennead in New York designed a space-saving concept for EV charging in big cities like Shanghai. Their idea is a charging tower that staples EVs. While the lower places are reserved for quick charging, the upper level is for cars that park and can thus charge longer.

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