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Tesla, Fleet and Mobility Services Manifesto.

Click tip: This is the most detailed direct comparison between the Model S and Model 3 you can think of as it is what Tesla officially circulated among its employees – and on the web, deliberately or not. (with chart)

Reading tip: The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) published the Fleet and Mobility Services Manifesto ahead of the UK general election on June 8. It is calling for a diesel scrappage scheme and outlines how to lower emissions.

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VW Doka with Tesla Drive, Hyundai.

Video tip: New life has been given to a 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon Transporter Doppelkabine pickup truck when EVTV combined it with a Tesla drive. Ludicrous mode is most certainly on. via

Reading tip: A plug-in hybrid below 20,000 GBP (22,375 euros) is worth considering and Autocar finds Hyundai’s Ioniq PHEV “worthy” and got “very creditable” results on range and fuel economy.

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Tesla, Croatia.

Reading tip I: Is Tesla providing working conditions close to “karoshi” (Japanese for overwork death)? The Guardian quotes workers in Fremont, who complain about an immense work load, reports an above average number of cases of breakdowns at the production lines, and also confronts Elon Musk.

Reading tip II: Croatia is becoming an EV hotspot as a former employee of the country’s EV maker Rimac returned to his hometown Rijeka to open his own business for electric cars and motorbikes.

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Diesel Sales, Tesla Model 3, Events.

Click tip I: Research institution ICCT analysed diesel registrations in Europe and found them in stark decline. This March marked a five year low for all major markets, namely France, Germany, Spain and England.

Click tip II: More and more pictures emerge of sightings of the Tesla Model 3. In Ohio alone about 100 of them are said to run crash tests at the moment. Teslarati collected the latest shots. (Ohio),

Events for the upcoming week: FIA Formula E, Round 6 (May 20; Paris, France) ++ EV Trophy ( May 24-June 01; Copenhagen-Monaco) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

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Cities, Nio EP8.

Reading tip: Cities are pushing for a change in transport despite federal policies lacking behind and this report points out shining examples in Tokyo, London, Mexico, Stuttgart and even the States where a buyers community defies Trump.

Video tip: You can now relive the record-breaking run of the Nio EP8 at the Ring, when the electric racer scored a lap time of 6m 45.900s.

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Madrid, Speed Pedelec.

Reading tip I: Hybrid and EV sales rose by 90 percent in Madrid in recent months as a suggested diesel-ban led to panic purchases. The Spanish capital plans to outlaw diesel vehicles in the entire city by 2025 (we reported).

Reading tip II: Can a speed pedelec replace a car? That is what Trek wants to sell its Super Commuter+ 8S for and Seth Weintraub tested the 5,000 dollar goodie in NYC. The idea however is not new, especially as that Trek bears strong resemblance with Specialized’s Turbo.

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Tesla, Boring Company.

Reading tip: To speed up the electrification of the U.S. car industry, Fred Lambert turns to Tesla to suggest an imminent launch of the Semi, including reservations. After all, the Model 3 put some pressure on established players when it was announced.

Video tip: Talking about a Tesla push – Elon Musk just released a video that illustrates rather impressively how fast cars could slide through his yet to be bored tunnels underneath Los Angeles. Anything but boring. via

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StoreDot, Finland.

Video tip: Charging a battery in 5 minutes – we heard this promise from StoreDot first in 2015 and both Samsung and Roman Abramovich invested. The company now presented such rapid “live charging” at a conference but the demo is a bit sketchy. Believe it or not… (video) via

Reading tip: Finland is last when it comes to EV adoption if compared to the electric heavyweights Sweden and Norway that count ten and a 100 times more EVs respectively. This articles highlights reasons for the Fins’ reluctance such as price and infrastructure.

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Tesla, Wild Thing, Events.

Reading tip: Tesla might be in for quite a fight in China, thinks Norihiko Shirouzu, because local EV start-ups such as Future Mobility, WM Motor and Singulato hope to offer their electric cars below the Model 3 price. Tesla just recently denied it would seek to produce in China.

Video tip: Icon 4×4 from California retouched a VW 181 from 1974 otherwise known as “The Thing” and made it all electric. Now called Wild Thing, the EV lost its former military stiffness and drifts formidably. (drift gif) via

Events for the upcoming week: Global Public Transport Summit (May 15-17; Montréal, Canada) ++ ABMTRANS (May 16-19; Madeira, Portugal) ++ PCIM Europe (May 16-18; Nuremberg, Germany) ++ Intercharge Network Conference (May 17-18; Berlin, Germany) ++ EEHE (May 17-18; Bamberg, Germany) ++ FIA Formula E, Round 6 (May 20; Paris, France) ++ You can find a complete list of upcoming events at

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Netherlands, Zero Motorcycles.

Research tip: ‘Electric transport in the Netherlands’ is an overview on the most important happenings in 2016. While focusing on the Netherlands, it also looks at other countries and got some good graphics. (full report, pdf)

Video tip: How do you tell your partner that you just bought a motorcycle and not a cheap one? Just say it is “for us, darling. And oh, did I mention it is electric? Basically pays for itself, does it not, babe?!”

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