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Germany, Zoe e-Sport

Reading tip: Angela Merkel is also known as “Climate Chancellor” internationally but CNN points out that Germany is in fact behind when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and blames Mrs Merkel to be all too close to both the coal and car industry.

Video tip: Robert Llewellyn gets a little racy in this episode of Fully Charged which stars the Zoe e-Sport, Renault’s latest electric performance babe.

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Toyota, 1946er Chevy Pickup

Reading tip: Toyota is facing a hydrogen holdup in the States that has already affected sales of its fuel cell model Mirai. Progress is particularly slow at the East Coast, where the Japanese and partner Air Liquide SA cut down their expectation to 3 – 4 stations from a dozen initially planned this year.

Click tip: Joe Winter has converted his 1946er Chevy Pickup to a hybrid using Toyota’s motor from the Prius. A small step for the planet, a big step for Mr. Winter.

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Nissan, Tesla’s Gigafactory

Click tip: This close to its September launch, sightings of Nissan’s next-gen Leaf increase. The most interesting snapshot shows the SOC at 99% and the corresponding range displayed as 265 km. It’s a realistic value for the 40 kWh battery pack and so the expected 60 kWh option remains yet to be spotted.

Video tip: Tesla’s Gigafactory is a montage in progress in this professional clip that merges aerial footage to track the building works. The treat is in the additional information though as Genscape estimates daily battery production and measures the plant’s electric power consumption. (progress), (production)

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Fremont, CA & China

Click tip: After having visited Tesla’s factory in Fremont, Wired presents a bunch of photos, showing the body line, Kuka robots and Co.

Reading tip: 1m plants and 40,000 trees feature China’s first “Forest City” that is currently under construction and will rely on renewable energy for self sufficiency. The pilot city is said to be entirely wired. Connection to Liuzhou shall be provided through a fast EV rail line.

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Tesla Model 3, Production Materials.

Click tip: This new series of Model 3 spy shots also allow a blink of the interior. To add some spice, some Tesla fans even speculate the EV spotted is Elon Musk’s personal SN1.

Reading tip: As electric vehicles become more popular, prices for the raw and basic materials used in their production have been rising. Particularly affected are cost of cobalt, coke and carbon fibre.

Events for the upcoming week: Electric Vehicle Meetup 2017 (July 29-31; Padborg Park, Denmark) ++ FIA Formula E, Round 11 & 12 (July 29-30; Montreal, Canada) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

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Electric Buses, Formula E.

Research tip: The global market for electric buses may reach a 500 billion dollar sales volume over the next 20 years, says IDTechEx. The analysts believe that all major manufacturers will offer electric models by then – Tesla included. via

Reading tip: Jalopnik editor Stef Schrader had the chance to drive a Formula E car and says it is “the most surprisingly fun thing I’ve driven in ages”.

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Proterra, Tesla.

Reading tip: An electric demo bus in California prove 8 times higher fuel efficiency compared to a CNG bus on the same route. The research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory used a Proterra electric bus to prove their point.

Click tip: Tesla launched a cost calculator online that predicts cost for Supercharger use. In Europe, they will amount to 0.24 Euro/kWh (0.2 $/kWh) via

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Nissan Leaf, UK Energy Scenarios.

Reading tip I: The Nissan Leaf participating in two days at the Mongol Rally 2017 has been shortly introduced a few days ago. Ahead of the big event, Nissan publishes a more detailed report.

Reading tip II: According to UK network operator National grid, the growing use of EVs is likely to lift up electricity peak demand by 3.5 gigawatts in Britain by 2030. Furthermore, its annual Future Energy Scenarios report suggests that by mid-century EV sales could reach 90 percent of all car sales.

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ICCT, China.

Research tip: A study of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) concludes that OEMs can achieve the CO2 goals for 2025, even if the share of diesel cars continues to decline dramatically. All that is necessary in order to do so, are more electric and hybrid cars on the road., (study, pdf)

Reading tip: Speaking of more EVs, it looks like Chinese automakers could produce 49 of all 103 EV models scheduled to launch by 2020 globally. On top, two-thirds of the world’s manufacturing capacity for lithium-ion batteries will be in China by 2021, a forecast of U.S. consulting firm AlixPartners suggests.

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Lucid Motors, Bicyklen.

Video tip: Through annulation of software limits, Lucid Motors has set a new speed record with its EV sedan – namely no less than 235 mph (378 kph).

Reading tip: The rapid growth of Copenhagen’s electric bike sharing Bicyklen is topic of an interesting article published by IEEE Spectrum.