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Finnoey, Nissan, Events.

Reading tip: Not only is Norway the poster child for e-mobility but its island Finnoey is taking things further. Every tenth islander got an electric car there and thus saves 6,000 dollars in tunnel toll a year.

Video tip: Yes, the Nissan Leaf is here to stay and yet it still inspires new videos. The latest deliver “walk arounds” and detailed insights.

Events for the upcoming week: Automotive Battery Management Systems (Sept 26-28; Mainz, Germany) ++ Energy Independent EVs (Sept 27-28; Delft, Netherlands) ++ Powering Mobility (Sept 28; Enschede, Netherlands) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

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Miles Consultancy, Bollinger Motors.

Reading tip: According to a new report of the Miles Consultancy (TMC), PHEVs are among the highest-polluting company cars when comparing greenhouse gas emissions. The data was collected by observing real-world use of corporate fleets.

Video tip: Bollinger Motors has published three video clips showing its new electric SUV Bollinger B1 through a test run as well as in a technical animation.

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Transport & Environment, Top EV Racing.

Reading tip: A new analysis of the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) compares the CO2 emission of different car types on a full lifecycle basis. The result: diesel cars emit more CO2 than equivalent cars.

Click tip: With a more than 2.5 MW dragster running at 1,000 V, Australian company Top EV Racing seeks to set not less than eight EV world speed records.

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Urban Supercharger, Model 3.

Video tip: Shortly after its presentation Tesla’s Urban Supercharger is in operation and on film already. Made for dense cities and charging at a slower rate, it mainly looks more compact. via

Research tip: Check out Autolist’s full analysis of the Model 3 depreciation curve that we quoted briefly here before. It also has an infographic of actual consumer appreciation for Tesla’s latest EV.


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Uniti, Charging Infrastructure.

Video tip: Swedish compact EV maker Uniti is asking people to come together in a crowd funding call. Backers will join the likes of Siemens and other believers such as Sweden’s Vice PM of Sweden Isabella Lövin, or designers from Williams, all staring in a clip that shows how Uniti comes about., invest

Reading tip: What is the state of infrastructure in Europe and who is racing (tortoise style) to line the motorways of the continent asks Reuters and also adds an infographic depicting the number of charge points per 1,000 EV worldwide., infographic

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BMW i Vision Dynamics, Supercharger, Events,

Video tip I: BMW’s i Vision Dynamics is nothing but a vision, at least serial production will not commence before 2021 because battery technology will not last for 600 km sooner, explains BMW’s chief developer. (video interview)

Video tip II: One finds Tesla fans more often in China lately, where the EV maker handed over the mic to its clients. 1,000 Supercharger shall come to the People’s Republic before the year’s end. via

Events for the upcoming week: IAA (Sept 14-24; Frankfurt am Main, Germany) ++ Urban Green Infrastructure (Sept 20-21; Malmö, Sweden) ++ International Congress for Battery Recycling (Sept 20-22; Lisbon, Portugal) ++ Hydrogen for Clean Transport Conference (Sept 22; Brussels, Belgium) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

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London, Nissan Leaf.

Reading tip: With London requiring all taxis to be capable of electric driving by next year, LEVC readies its TX 5 aka the plug-in black cab. James Attwood took a ride with its CTO and delivers a detailed report.

Video tip: See the new Nissan Leaf roll off the lines at Oppama in Japan. In fact it is an overview that shows the production from start to finish in under seven minutes. (video below article)

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Mongol Rallye, Nissan Leaf.

Reading tip: From the British Isles over 10,000 miles to Mongolia, such was the challenge of the Mongol Rallye that the Nissan Leaf, pimped by Plug In Adventures has now successfully completed. It is the first electrc car to have ever done so.

Video tip: Those that cannot get enough of the new Nissan Leaf may head over to our colleagues of Inside EVs who have compiled a list of all the latest videos, some fan-made, some official.

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Institute of the Motor Industry, Riese & Müller.

Reading tip I: The ratio of EV to charge point in the UK is 13:1 and so the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has urged the UK Government to invest in infrastructure urgently. Insurance prices fail to convince as well with prices being up to 50 percent higher for PEV than ICE.

Reading tip II: German e-bike only brand Riese & Müller has introduced a trial scheme across San Francisco, New York, Portland, Oregon and Denver. Those interested may try the pedelecs, including cargo e-bikes, for a month and just have to submit some thoughts on their (life-changing) experience.

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Nissan Leaf, Toyota Hydrogen Truck.

Video tip: Nissan Leaf chief engineer Hiroki Isobe answers questions such as: why is the battery still at 40 kWh, and how about ChaDeMo, and will the new Leaf eventually be able to suck 150 kW?!

Reading tip: While Tesla is working on the Semi, Toyota already got a working specimen that runs on hydrogen. Tim Esterdahl got to try the truck, saying it was “quite an incredible experience”.

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