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VW in China, Nio, BYD, Citroën, MG.

Quotas work wonders: China got VW to hurry its electrification and seems to have the upper hand with the upcoming tougher quotas. Volkswagen now wants to make an electric car for the masses together with JAC no later than 2018 – two years before EVs sitting on the MEB platform are scheduled. The JV’s first EV will be under a new brand name. In China, VW also hopes to deploy its new energy vehicles to ride-sharing partner Didi but the groups overall sales strategy for its largest market speaks of 400,000 PEV by 2020 and 1.5m electrified cars by 2025.,

Nio likes it big: The young brand hits the floor in Shanghai with its electric SUV ES8 that can take seven passengers. Performance data is sparse but Nio equipped its EV with two electric motors and wants a swappable battery pack. A production version is to be shown before the year’s end with on-sale starting soon after. Furthermore, Nio has opened the order books for what it calls its flagship supercar. The EP9 however, will only be made ten times for a price of about 1.5m dollars each.,

BYD’s Dynasty: Shanghai just saw the debut of the all-electric SUV concept by the Chinese manufacturer. The Dynasty has been designed by Wolfgang Egger, formerly Audi but production is not planned. Also on display at the BYD booth are the electric and hybrid Song EV300 and Song DM.,,

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e-mobil_BWBaden-Württemberg Pavilion – Boosting Future Mobility 34 exhibitors will proudly present the accumulated know how of the German Southwest in the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion at the Hannover Messe from 24 to 28 April 2017 under the slogan “Boosting Future Mobility”. On more than 600 m² exhibition area, you will be able to get first-hand experience of the latest innovative products and key competences such as energy storage, charging infrastructure, precision components, subassemblies, novel test benches and mobility software. Come and visit us at hall 27. (PDF)

Citroën crossover PHEV: The C5 Aircross that has been revealed in China will be Citroen’s first plug-in hybrid model and shall launch this autumn first in China and then in Europe by 2018. The PHEV couples two electric motors with a petrol-engine to 300 hp and an electric range of 60 km.,

Butterfly doors are not the only fancy the MG E-Motion EV sports at the show in Shanghai but the best news is that MG is actually looking to build the electric sports coupe by 2020 for below 30,000 pounds. Its electric drive has been developed in house and the concept claims a 310 mile range.

Number of the Day

Proterra Sales.

Proterra delivered its 100th electric bus and says its vehicles have completed over 3 million miles in service operation. The California-based maker has found most customers in the States, where it worked with 36 different municipal, university and commercial transit agency customers.

Research + Technology

Renault, ZF, EMS, XL Hybrids.

Renault-Hybrid-RS-2027Renault envisions a future F1 where racers would run all-electrically in pits and during safety car periods. But the hybrid RS 2027 concept may only become a reality in 10 years time and would then be autonomous and connected to a level that gamers could “race” in real-time, just like the fan boost of the Formula E has foreseen.,

ZF in China: The German supplier expanded its R&D centre in Shanghai, where it wants to employ 600 additional engineers by 2022 to work on electric mobility products for the Asia-Pacific markets. The total investment is about 50m euros.

A ton of hydrogen at a pressure of 500 bar is the target of EMS latest hydrogen storage system currently under development. The system contains high-strength lightweight composite (CFRP) pressure vessels, which will be embedded in standard containers to be stored at H2 fuelling stations.

Certified retrofit: CARB has approved XL Hybrids hybrid conversions for Ford Transit vans and wagons. Furthermore, the company has become part of CARB’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), meaning those willing to convert receive 2,500 dollars.

Quotes of the day

Klaus Rosenfeld, Ian Robertson.

Klaus-Rosenfeld“In the accelerated scenario, we are anticipating 30 percent will be pure e-cars, 40 percent will be hybrids, and 30 percent will be combustion engines.”

Schaeffler CEO Klaus Rosenfeld is apparently embarking on his very own transport transition (Verkehrswende) with this new estimates. Only a year ago, he reckoned that most cars would still be ICEs in 2030.

ian-robertson“Do we think it will come at that extreme level? It is unlikely.”

BMW board member for sales and marketing Ian Robertson said he believes Chinese authorities will tone down their quota for hybrid and electric cars starting in 2018.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Fastned, Denmark, Nissan, EVgo, AAA, Georgia Power.

Do the Dutch do it better? It seems so considering that they will be the ones to electrify the German Autobahn. Fastned announced its expansion across the border and will line the highway with 14 fast-charging stations open to all electric car types, a first in Germany. In the Netherlands the company has 60 of 201 planned stations operational.

Reverse to forward: Denmark is taking back its anti-EV policies the conservative government has (re-)introduced only last year, when it phased out the tax break on EVs. Since then sales had become virtually non-existent and so the incentive programme is now being phased back in place – almost. Instead of the tax being capped at 40 percent, it will halt at 20% until sales reach 5,000 EVs at least.,, (in Danish)

East coast all the way: Nissan and EVgo have made plans public to connect Boston and Washington D.C. with 50 fast-charging stations at nine locations. The chargers will support CCS as well as CHAdeMO and be ready by fall. The ‘I-95 Fast-Charge ARC’ will be pre-wired for 150 kW.

Hybrid Gig in California: The American Automobile Association (AAA) will launch its own hybrid car sharing called Gig in Berkeley and Oakland this month. 250 Toyota Prius C will form the first fleet.

Teaming up for electric transport are utility Georgia Power and the baseball club Atlanta Braves. They will install 61 EV charging stations around the SunTrust Park stadium.

Service + Suggestions

EVgo Fleet and Tariff Analysis, Tesla.

Research tip: If demand charges are applied to public charging, charging an EV during peak hours could become 7 times more expensive than the gasoline equivalent measured in kWh. The findings come from the Rocky Mountain Institute’s latest EVgo Fleet and Tariff Analysis. On-site storage may have just become a stronger business case. (report) via

Reading tip: Tesla sells faster and better on second-hand markets than other cars, a report by online car shopping service Autolist finds. In short, the Model S retains its value for longer. via

Short circuit

Slide silently.

While spring has shown its face in some regions, there is still (or again) snow in others. Canadian Taiga Motors is however preparing for next winter with its all-electric snowmobile currently being tested. Smooth.