Mar 28, 2014

Larry W. Reaugh, Nicolas Meilhan.

Larry-W-Reaugh“It is my belief that Tesla’s project is concrete evidence of the growth and viability of the electric car market, resulting in greater demand for lithium-ion batteries.”

Larry W. Reaugh, president and CEO of American Manganese Inc., which is mining for rare metals in Arizona, USA, might have intended his words of praise as a spoken application as his company is not yet working for Tesla.

Nicolas-Meilhan“Volkswagen isn’t going to sell many battery-only cars. The E-Golf is a stop-gap. It’s telling people that VW is coming with electric cars, but the range-extended (plug-in hybrid) car will come soon in August 2014. That won’t be a niche model like the battery electric car, but will be for the mass market.”

Frost & Sullivan analyst Nicolas Meilhan doesn’t believe that the electric Golf will become a big seller but has higher expectations for the following plug-in version.