Lightning, Volvo, Bultaco, LG Chem/Ube Maxell.

Lightning-LS-218Electric super bike unveiled: Finally, the “fastest legal motorbike” (we reported) can be seen in real. The Lightning LS-218 with a power of 136 kW can now be ordered and costs 38,888 dollars. In 2011, a prototype of the LS-218 was able to set the official electric motorcycle land speed record of 215 mph.,

Urban inductive charging: Volvo, together with the Swedish Transport Authority is planning to study the potential for electric roads. To test the viability of charging buses inductively, Volvo is developing a proposal to build a 300 to 500-metres test track in Gothenburg during 2015.,

Another electric comeback: After the Belgian Saroléa revived its brand with electric motorcycles (we reported), the Spanish Bultaco has started its resurrection. The Rapitán and Rapitán Sport come with 40 kW and a top speed of up to 145 kph. Their development was supported by experts from BMW, Magna Steyr and Aprilia., (with videos)

Ceramic separator patent: LG Chem, Ltd. has signed an agreement with Ube Maxell Co., Ltd. over its patent for separator film technology. Under this agreement, Maxell gained the use rights for the ceramic coating of separators in Li-ion batteries.


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