Nov 5, 2018

DriveNow expands into 5 more London boroughs


BMW’s car sharing service DriveNow will become bigger in Britain. Their London fleet will soon include five more districts. 410 new BMW and Mini cars are expected to join the fleet this coming January, including 80 more BMW i3 electric cars.

The London boroughs BMW will add to the DriveNow service area are Westminster, Barnet, Tower Hamlets, Southwark and Brent. They join Hackney, Haringey, Islington, and Waltham Forest in partnering on the car club, which has been running in the British capital since December 2014.

James Taylor, managing Director for DriveNow UK, said the latest expansion into five more boroughs “will more than double our fleet and operating area”. For BMW to be able to expand they are reliant on the cooperation of the boroughs in question due to London’s mainly decentralised structure.

Once the 410 new vehicles arrive, DriveNow will run a total of 720 BMWs and Minis available across the nine London boroughs. 80 additional electric BMW i3s will join the fleet in January. We asked the car club through our Twitter account how many i3 will run in London in total. They said “in January next year we’ll have 130 EV BMW i3 total”. This means next year electric cars will account for about 18 percent of the total fleet of 720 vehicles in London – that is some way to go to reach an 80 percent electric vehicle share by 2025, the EV share DriveNow is targeting according to our sources.

Users in the British capital can book through the mobile app. Tariffs run by the minute or as an hourly or daily package with everything included, from insurance and fuel to parking and road tax. The electric cars and others can be left anywhere within the service area.

BMW has recently merged their DriveNow car sharing with Daimler’s Car2Go reportedly. Together they operate a total of 20,000 vehicles in 31 major cities across the globe.


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