VW to make EVs in Hannover and Emden from 2022


Volkswagen has now confirmed the rumours that have been circulating for days: They will indeed be converting their German plants in Emden and Hanover for the production of electric vehicles in the future, in addition to their plant in Zwickau.

Electric vehicles are to be produced in Emden and Hanover from 2022 onwards. At the commercial vehicle plant in Hanover, electrically powered models of the I.D.Buzz family will be produced along with conventionally powered vehicles.

The Supervisory Board will not decide on the details of plant occupancy until Friday. We are hoping that this is when we will find out whether their prophesised electric motor in Polo size really will be available for less than 20,000 euros.

Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management, said, “We are orienting the company towards clean mobility. This way, we are also ensuring sustainable prospects for the future of the two plants.” Volkswagen intends the plants in Emden, Hanover and Zwickau to form the largest alliance for the production of electric vehicles in Europe.

For the transformation phase, employees at both locations have been guaranteed employment until 2028. Since the construction of electric vehicles involves fewer production steps, they acknowledged that fewer workers will be needed as a consequence. Despite this, the company maintained that there would be no layoffs for the time being. Emden employees with fixed-term contracts will be offered the opportunity to transfer to Porsche in Zuffenhausen, Ludwigsburg and Sachsenheim, or to Volkswagen in Kassel. The company’s HR department said that the employment volume of the core workforce would be “..adapted in a socially compatible way along the demographic curve via the attractive partial early retirement scheme of Volkswagen.”


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