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Jul 16, 2018 - 02:44 pm

Akasol making better batteries for eCitaro by Daimler

Germany’s Akasol has got to work on the next generation of power packs for Daimler’s eCitaro electric bus. The next-gen batteries shall stay the same size but deliver 330 kWh rather than the initial 243 kWh. Series production will begin in 2020.




Nov 17, 2017 - 04:18 pm

Akasol to produce batteries for electric utility vehicles

German manufacturer Akasol has opened a battery plant with a potential production output of 600 MWh annually in Langen, close to its headquarters in Darmstadt. The company says it will be capable of manufacturing storage systems for up to 3,000 electric buses per year. All in all, Akasol invested 10m euros into the implementation of its semi-automatic production line.
electrive.net (in German)

Oct 17, 2017 - 01:02 pm

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Akasol.

Toyota readies FC truck for real world: 6,500 kilometres of testing lay behind Toyota’s fuel cell truck six months after its inception and the Japanese are now preparing for more real-life practice in California. Project Portal is to start to deliver goods from the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles to warehouses and rail yards, thus racking up about 320 km a day. As the study progresses, longer haul routes will be introduced. The Class 8 truck utilises two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12 kWh battery.
greencarcongress.com, pressroom.toyota.com

More Mirai as in future comes from Mitsubishi, that wants to bring the EMIRAI 4 concept to Tokyo. More than a proclaimed futuristic outlook has not been revealed though.
greencarcongress.com, mitsubishielectric.com

Modular battery system: Akasol will presents its roof-mounted battery system for buses at the upcoming Busworld Europe and said two German OEMs agreed to install it on 10,000 vehicles over the years to come. This order is why Akasol is looking to expand with two new facilities to open shortly.


May 17, 2017 - 08:37 am

Toyota, Akasol, Marine Rack System, Daymak.

Toyota’s flying car: 40m Yen (352,982 dollars) is what a dream is worth to the Japanese carmaker and what backs project Skydrive, that had been started by a group of Toyota employees (the Cartivators) outside their regular work hours. Skydrive’s ambitions are expectedly high as the airborne electric car is to be the smallest of its kind and scheduled to be production ready in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. A manned test flight with a prototype is set for the end of next year.
asia.nikkei.com via thedrive.com

Scaling up battery production in Germany is Akasol, which is to dedicate two more facilities to make Li-ion battery systems. One is already operational at its headquarters in the city of Darmstadt, where Akasol manages small-scale production for utility vehicles but also rail and marine applications. On top, a new facility in Langen will be extended from next year to accommodate for serial assembly of battery systems for European bus manufacturers. Akasol targets an annual output of 300 MWh, enough for about 1,500 electric buses initially, but has room to go up to 600 MWh.
press-n-relations.com (in German)

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The Marine Rack System by Leclanché is a modular battery set up for vessels such as Denmark’s large E-Ferry. The MRS is the first battery system of its type to receive the latest certificate through the DNV-GL and there is potential for a 1,000 ferries to move on to electric power in Europe alone.

The world’s fastest electric cart is the Daymak C5 Blast, at least according to its maker. Daymak says the prototype propels from 0 – 100 kph in less than 1,5 seconds. Toronto will see the production of the electric cart that is to be offered in two versions. Top speed however has a 60,000 dollar price tag.
electriccarsreport.com, prnewswire.com

Jan 24, 2017 - 09:48 am

Akasol, Autopilot, Ford Transit, Hyper Tube Express.

AKA_AKASystem_OEM_Expl_S_300x150pxAkasol lands big deal: The German battery specialist will deliver Li-ion battery systems for the entire e-bus fleet of an unnamed North-European manufacturer. According to Akasol, the deal is worth hundreds of millions of euros and includes the delivery of 4,500 battery systems until 2023.
press-n-relations.com, energate-messenger.de (in German)

New Autopilot with restrictions: Tesla began with its over-the-air update of its Autopilot software last week. However, the new Autosteer function designed to keep the Tesla in its lane on highways, will only work at speeds below 45 mph. Restrictions could be dropped once the carmaker collected enough data about the systems safety. Also, the cameras of some cars will need to be readjusted following the update.
theverge.com, insideevs.com

Ford Transit electrified: Companies New Eagle and Inventev from Michigan presented an electrified version of the Ford Transit. The retrofit kit used is also available for other utility vehicles. The companies want to kick off selling the EV from early 2018.
chargedevs.com, neweagle.net

Hyperloop copycat: Eight Korean research organisations want to work together to come up with a similar high-speed train system. This one will be called Hyper Tube Express (HTX) and is said to enable people to travel at speeds of up to 1,000 kph in Hyperloop-like tunnels or tubes.

Oct 19, 2015 - 07:58 am

Mazda, Brilliance & Bosch, Akasol, Toshiba.

Rotary hybrid in the works? Mazda issued a teaser picture showing a new sports car concept which will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. No official details have been released on the concept yet, but according to media reports, the study expected to be called RX-9 will feature a rotary engine with a two-stage electric turbocharger, mated to a hybrid system with a total power output of around 450 hp.
worldcarfans.com, autoblog.com, motoring.com.au

Brilliance teams up with Bosch: BMW’s Chinese joint venture partner Brilliance has agreed to enter into a strategic R&D partnership with Bosch. The cooperation between the two companies also includes the joint development of alternative energy automobiles.

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Akasol batteries for e-buses in Cologne: Akasol is supplying the Li-ion battery systems for eight all-electric articulated 18-meter buses, manufactured by VDL Bus & Coach. The e-buses will be operated by the public transport company Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe in the German city of Cologne.

IC for electrified vehicles: Toshiba announced the mass production start of “TB9042FTG”, a system regulator IC for the motor control system of electric and hybrid vehicles. The new IC features a strengthened monitoring function to reduce potential risks that threaten the security of the system.

Jul 22, 2015 - 08:14 am

MTU & Akasol, Voltabox, Self-extinguishing battery, FURBOT.

Akasol-BatteriepaketMTU plans hybrid drivetrains: MTU Friedrichshafen is partnering with battery specialist Akasol. The German supplier of driveline and chassis technology plans to develop hybrid drivetrains equipped with Akasol batteries for mobile applications in the marine, heavy duty ground vehicles and rail sector.

New Voltabox facility: The Paragon subsidiary Voltabox has opened a new production facility in Texas. The 2,000-square-metre facility contains one fully automated assembly line for Li-ion battery packs. Further assembly lines are set to follow.

Self-extinguishing battery: Researchers at the Advanced Batteries Research Center of the Korean Electronics Technology have developed a Li-ion battery with self-extinguishing capabilities. They integrated temperature-responsive microcapsules containing a fire-extinguishing agent in the cell.

Electric delivery van of the future: The EU-funded project FURBOT aims to make freight traffic greener, developing an electric delivery vehicle that will enable automated loading and unloading of goods in suburban areas. A field test is scheduled for the end of the year in Portugal.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was our test drive of the Passat GTE.

Sep 30, 2014 - 08:31 am

PG&E, EDI, Siemens, Akasol, Porsche.

Plug-in-TrucksTruck with power to spare: PG&E and Efficient Drivetrains Incorporated now introduced two jointly developed plug-in hybrid trucks designed for utility providers. With 120 kW exportable power, one of the trucks can provide enough energy to keep the lights on in a neighbourhood while crews are trying to fix whatever problem has caused an outage.
electriccarsreport.com, puregreencars.com

Internet of Energy: Within EU-funded ‘Internet of Energy for Electric Mobility (IoE)’ project, Siemens is developing solutions for even smarter grids. One of the technologies the company works on, is the integration of EVs into the energy management systems of large buildings.
idw-online.de, phys.org

Busy Akasol: The battery manufacturer just sealed a deal with the British bus builder Alexander Dennis London (ADL) to supply Li-ion batteries for London’s plug-in double deckers. The battery packs consist of 30 modules, which allow for a charging power of up to 170 kW and can store 61.2 kWh of energy. Just recently, Akasol had delivered battery systems to Bombardier to be deployed in four bendy buses by Solaris that will serve in the German city of Brunswick (we reported).
busnetz.de (in German)

Porsche 918 Spyder on fire: One of the 918 hybrid super cars in existence has caught fire at a gas station in Toronto, Canada. What has caused the fire is not clear yet but witnesses speak of overflowing fuel, which might have been ignited by the hot exhaust system.
blog.caranddriver.com, youtube.com (video)

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Most clicked link on Monday was the announcement of Volkswagen’s plug-in Passat GTE to be presented in Paris next week.

Sep 23, 2014 - 08:22 am

Orten, Akasol, Solar City & Tesla, DLR.

Electric cooling truck: German Orten Fahrzeugbau showcases its ‘ELCI’ electric truck at the IAA for utility vehicles. Its carrying capacity is 400 kilos at a range of up to 150 kilometres. Already the ELCI is in service as the Deutsche See Fischmanufaktur is using the truck’s two-chamber refrigerator to deliver its seafood quickly and cleanly.
pressebox.de (in German)

Hybrid batteries made in Germany: At the IAA for utility vehicles, Akasol presents its new battery system Akamodule HHP (Hybrid High Power) for hybrid vehicles, including utility vehicles, ferries and hybrid ships. Its 10-Ah pouch cells are said to live for 7,000 cycles while the module’s performance figures read 58 Wh/l and 1.45 kW/kg.
mynewsdesk.com (in German)

Solar energy made and stored in the USA: Solar City and Tesla say they intend to work together more closely. Within 5 to 10 years, every solar panel set could come with a battery pack made in Tesla’s planned Gigafactory. Solar City also plans to build its own gigantic factory, ten in fact, to produce solar panels itself and just recently acquired the start-up Silevo to do so.
technologyreview.com, mercurynews.com

Next Generation Train: This is the latest project of German DLR. At the InnoTrans Show currently taking place in Berlin, the German aeronautics centre presents the NGT LINK. This two-storey ultra-light high speed train is powered by a hybrid system and measures 12o metres. Also on display will be a model in the scale of 1:10 showing inductive charging embedded in the track bed.
dlr.de (in German)

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Most clicked link on Monday were the findings of the new “E-mobility index” by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen (fka), seeing Germany back in the technology lead.

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