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Oct 13, 2020 - 05:24 pm

Mitie completes fleet electrification target ahead of schedule

UK-based facilities management and services company Mitie now has over 750 EVs in their fleet, well above its 20% by 2020 target. On average, Mitie is now adding 75 new electric cars and vans to its fleet every month, as well as expanding their chargepoint collaborations.

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Aug 12, 2019 - 12:52 pm

UK provides £2.5 million for new charging points

The British government is providing further 2.5M pounds to promote more than 1,000 new charging points for electric cars. The now doubled budget will go to the streetside residential charge point scheme, which supports streetlight chargers among other places.

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Precision Power Laser

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13.10.2020 17:32