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Apr 6, 2017 - 11:41 pm

Zunum Aero, Solar Trucks, Eberspaecher, Protean Electric.

Jump start for hybrid aircraft: U.S. start-up Zunum Aero that is backed by Boeing, wants to develop regional hybrid-electric aircrafts for the early 2020s. Its planes shall come with 10 to 50 seats, a range of 700 miles (1,110 km) and thus serve regional routes, namely San Francisco – Los Angeles or Boston – Washington, D.C. For 2030, Zunum Aero calculates its hybrid airplanes will manage 1,000 miles (1,600 km) thanks to improved battery tech.
theverge.com, fastcompany.com, venturebeat.com

Solar modules for trucks: Fraunhofer’s Institute for Solar Energy Systems and partners from the logistics and automotive sector want to integrate photovoltaic modules on the roof of vehicles in order to generate energy. The system Fraunhofer calls a “solar-active vehicle shell” is destined for commercial vehicles in particular as the solar power may be used for cooling goods if not propulsion.

Next-gen heaters for EV and HEV: German heating system specialist Eberspaecher goes serial with its third generation of high-voltage PTC heaters created especially for EV and HEV. According to the company, their updated system reaches a higher heat output despite a lighter weight.

16-inch in-wheel motor: Protean Electric and Zhejiang VIE Science & Technology (VIE) seek to jointly develop a 16-inch version of the ProteanDrive in-wheel motor (so far available in 18”). The new version is addressed to PHEV and EV and shall provide continuous power of 26 kW.

Feb 20, 2017 - 12:25 pm

ZF, Porsche, LG Chem, Eberspaecher, Wolfspeed.

ZF-8DT-300x150ZF and Porsche together developed a new 8-Speed dual clutch transmission for sports vehicles. The modular hybrid transmission kit works for rear-wheel and all-wheel drives. It was possible to integrate a 100 kW hybrid module without increasing the length of the transmission as compared to the current 7DT sports transmission. The 8DT will first be used in the Porsche Panamera.

LG Chem to grow in China? News of the Koreans expanding their battery production in Michigan are echoed in China. Apparently LG Chem plans to grow its facility in Nanjing, Business Korea learned. Already the factory can produce enough cells for 50,000 EV and 180,000 PHEV a year.

Control platform for e-buses: Eberspaecher Suetrak developed E-Control, a platform that provides centralised control of all thermal management components on-board an electric bus. The tool is compact and can be retrofitted at any time.

No to Infineon: Cree Inc said it would terminate a deal to sell its Wolfspeed division to German chipmaker Infineon, citing security concerns raised by the U.S. government recently. Both companies failed to find a way to work around said issues.
reuters.com, marketwatch.com

Aug 20, 2015 - 07:00 am

ALISE, StoreDot, GKN, Eberspaecher.

Li-sulfur range extension: The ALISE project is receiving funding over four years through European Union’s Horizon 2020 program and intends to realise lithium sulfur technology to 500Wh/kg with 2,000 cycles by 2019. It will involve the development of the anode, cathode and electrolyte of the cell and will culminate in an ultra-lightweight battery for a Seat vehicle for testing on tracks and public roads.
greencarcongress.com, horizon2020projects.com

StoreDotFresh money for StoreDot: Israeli startup StoreDot, which claims to be working on an EV battery that charges in only five minutes (we reported), said that it raised 18 million dollars in funding from Samsung Ventures and Russian investor Roman Abramovich. The company now sits on a total of 66 million dollars and plans to spend the latest money on getting its fast-charging battery into electric cars.
geektime.com, fortune.com

GKN at IAA: GKN Automotive says it will demonstrate new technologies at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, which will make plug-in hybrids “the driveline of choice for future drivers.” Highlights will include new drive systems for electrified cars and light commercial vehicles as well as a new integrated eAxle system for plug-in hybrid SUVs and premium vehicles.

Air con for e-buses: Eberspaecher Suetrak announces it will present integral solutions for efficient thermal management of electric and hybrid buses at this year’s Busworld in Kortrijk. As a world debut, the company will show its new AC 230 roof-top air-conditioning system with an innovative heat pump.

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