09.08.2018 - 17:17

Ikea opens in India with EVs and solar panels

Swedish furniture maker Ikea has opened their first store in India as planned. The centre in Hyderabad offers electric vehicles in their delivery fleet and uses solar power. Their targets to deepen their green stance are ambitious.

08.08.2018 - 18:28

Delhi Metro introducing e-rickshaws on the last mile

SmartE, one of India’s largest EV fleet operators has intensified their latest deal with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). They installed electric rickshaws at a metro station to provide passengers with electric transport on the last mile.



Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

26.02.2018 - 12:58

Essel Infraprojects invests 440 million euros in e-mobility

Essel Infraprojects, a section of Indias largest media company, has made an investment of 35 billion rupees, or 440m euros in electric transport. Most of the money is for the production of 1,000 electric buses, however they also plan to invest in electric rickshaws and charging and battery exchange stations in India.

14.10.2015 - 09:36

Electric rickshaw for London.

Sherazam Tiwan studies design and envisions to bring a modern version of the three-wheeled taxis best known from India to London. He would like his compact electric rickshaw to be adopted by TfL as a form of public transport. It could surely beat a Black Cab in traffic easily.,

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