Jun 22, 2016 - 08:54 am

Nissan, Tesla, NEVS, Hyundai, BMW, Kia.

Nissan-Leaf-30-kWhNissan Leaf a la Tesla: The next generation of the Japanese EV could be available with different battery size options, just like Tesla’s line-up, Kazuo Yaijima, head of electric vehicles at Nissan, told Autoblog. That could include a 60 kWh battery pack, allowing the Leaf to drive up to 550 km on one charge. The launch is scheduled for 2018.
autoblog.com (battery options), autocar.co.uk (60 kWh battery)

Tesla’s Chinese battery takes shape: Bloomberg reports that according to an insider, the EV maker has already signed a letter of intent to build a factory near Shanghai. Presumed partner Jinqiao Group is said to foot half of the 9bn dollar investment. Import taxes would then be a thing of the past. Meanwhile, Tesla a getting ready to launch in South Korea and is looking for personnel and office space in Seoul.
bloomberg.com (China), koreatimes.co.kr (Korea)

NEVS to kill Saab: The Swedish brand’s new owner wants to produce its EVs from 2017 under its own name, after all. The original plan was the offer the electric sedan based on the Saab 9-3 as such as well. But NEVS has so far had no problem winning multi-billion dollar deals without the familiar sounding name (we reported).
motorauthority.com, just-auto.com

Next i30 with Ioniq technology: According to Auto Express, the next generation of Hyundai’s compact car could boast the Ioniq drivetrain options and be available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric car. There could even be a fourth variant – a fuel cell drivetrain, currently used in the ix35 SUV.

BMW i3 facelift priced: In the U.S., the next generation of the BMW i3 with more range will cost 1,200 dollars more than the current model. Moreover, the EV will (at least in the U.S.) only be offered as all-electric – a range extender is not an option.

Kia recalls Soul: All Soul and Soul EV models in the UK build between 2014 and 2015 have to go back to the shop. A potential issue with the steering assembly could cause a loss of control. The adhesive used was allegedly not strong enough. 5.707 vehicles are concerned.
carscoops.com, autoexpress.co.uk

Jan 13, 2016 - 09:51 am

Kia, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Ford, NEVS.

Kia-Telluride-ConceptKia PHEV concept: Kia is showing a five metre SUV called Telluride in Detroit. The system delivers 298 kW of which one third (97kW) comes from the electric engine. Despite its oversize, Kia believes the concept to be able to drive a few electric miles. Nothing has been said about serial production.
autocar.co.uk, worldcarfans.com

Powerful plug-in: VW boosts its Tiguan GTE in Detroit, showing the Tiguan GTE Active concept. Developed for the U.S. market, the plug-in hybrid version of the best-selling SUV features two electric motors with a combined output of 125 kW. Volkswagen continues to suffer from the diesel scandal and hopes to win America back when the SUV goes on sale next year.
reuters.com, autocar.co.uk, greencarcongress.com

Mission E extended? Maybe we will soon see an electric Porsche 911 Turbo, as project leader Erhard Mössle hints at a two-door version of the Mission E. The electric model would thus only be the starting point for a “future where we need more electric cars,” Mössle continued.

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A3 e-tron goes on sale in the U.S.: Audi’s first PHEV is finally available in the States, where it was already expected to arrive last autumn, but CARB certification issues had pushed back the on sale date. The A3 e-tron can now be ordered at any dealer from 37,900 dollars before incentives. Electric range is rated at 17 miles.

Fusion facelift: Ford has updated its classic sedan for the United States. That includes the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi PHEV, which now come with improved software and a new electric motor.
insideevs.com, greencarcongress.com

Major EV contract: NEVS has received a large-scale order for the electric Saab 9-3 from China, where Volinco expects delivery of 20,000 Swedish built EVs between 2017 and 2020. While the intent is fixed, a final purchase agreement has yet to be signed and will cost Volinco about a billion dollars (8.5bn SEK). Only last month, NEVS signed a 12bn dollar deal for 150,000 electric vehicles with Panda New Energy.
reuters.com, yahoo.com

Dec 18, 2015 - 07:49 am

Volkswagen, NEVS, Audi, JAC.

VW-E-BulliElectric Bulli with 70 kWh battery? In today’s print edition, German Auto Bild writes that the electric VW Bulli is said to make long-range electric mobility “affordable.” The magazine speculates that it will feature a 70 kWh battery pack and will become available by 2018. Hopefully there will be more (concrete) information following the CES in January.
autobild.de (cover in German, pdf)

12bn dollar EV deal: Swedish NEVS received an order for 150,000 Saab 9-3 sedan electric vehicles from Chinese Panda New Energy. The purchase is worth 78bn yuan and will create “hundreds of jobs” at former Saab, says NEVS. The deal includes another 100,000 EV products and services; delivery is scheduled for the end of 2020.
industryweek.com, saabcars.com

Audi FCV: The Detroit Auto Show is likely to see the premier of the Audi Q6 h-tron quattro concept, Auto Bild reports. The h-tron is basically the hydrogen version of the e-tron quattro concept first shown at the IAA in Spetember. The EV already has a said range of 500 km, so it remains to be seen how much the h-tron will actually differ.
worldcarfans.com, autobild.de (original source in German)

Chinese support for VW? The Chinese government seems interested in bringing Volkswagen and Jianghuai Auto Corporation (JAC) together, Gasgoo reports. An agreement hinges on the willingness to jointly develop new energy vehicles. JAC set course to electrify 30 percent of its portfolio by 2025.

VW has confirmed the E-Phaeton, which will succeed its combustion engine counterpart. Production of the regular Phaeton will be suspended by late March 2016 at the Transparent Factory in Dresden. After restructuring, the electric Phaeton will take its place and is expected to hit the market by 2019.
reuters.com, worldcarfans.com

New R&D at VW: Volkswagen has named Ulrich Eichhorn as its new research and development chief, a position he held from 2000 – 2003 before going to Bentley. Michael Mauer will become head of VW Group design in addition to his current position as lead designer at Porsche.
autocar.co.uk, greencarcongress.com


Aug 18, 2015 - 08:20 am

NEVS + Dongfeng, LG Chem + Changan, BMW, Nissan, M-Zero.

Electric-Saab-NEVSChinese partner for NEVS: Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) and Dongfeng Motor Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop electrified cars. According to the agreement, Dongfeng will support NEVS on the construction of production and R&D in Tianjin and the formation of sales and service with support from Dongfeng’s dealer network. In return, NEVS will help Dongfeng to sell its own brand cars through Saab´s dealer network in Europe and the United States.
greencarcongress.com, electriccarsreport.com, businessinsider.com

LG secures another battery deal: LG Chem joined hands with Chinese carmaker Changan. Under the contract, LG Chem will supply Changan with batteries for its next plug-in hybrid model, whose mass production is scheduled to start in 2016. LG Chem said the latest deal has let the battery maker secure more than half of the top 10 Chinese car brands as customers.
koreatimes.co.kr, koreaherald.com

BMW M electrifies: BMW officials have reportedly confirmed that the next-generation BMW M3 will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain. According to The Detroit Bureau, at least one and possibly two electric motors will be added to drive the front wheels and carbon fiber will help offset the weight of the batteries.

Leaf battery upgrade: A bigger battery for the 2016 Nissan Leaf becomes more likely. According to the description page of a Nissan dealer in Indiana, “drivers of higher trim levels will enjoy a battery with as much as 25 percent increased capacity”, which suggests Nissan will be adding a 30-kWh battery pack.

Hybrid sports car from India: The M-Zero hybrid sports car by Mean Metal Motors (we reported) is becoming more concrete as a prototype is expected to be complete by June 2016. The Indian start-up wants to launch the M-Zero in Europe first and plans to price it in the range of the BMW 7 Series.

Jun 30, 2015 - 08:16 am

DS Virgin Racing, NEVS, NREL, Sumitomo Electric.

DS-Virgin-Racing-TeamVirgin teams up with Citroen: The next Formula E season will see teams constructing their own powertrains. For Team Virgin, this will be undertaken by the PSA brand DS. Together, they will appear as the DS Virgin Racing team. While the cooperation is said to be of a technological nature, no technical details are known. DS hopes not only to win races but to transfer its racing technology to road cars, too.
puregreencars.com, autoblog.com

400m dollar EV factory: Saab owner NEVS celebrated the launch of its Chinese venture. The plan is to build up production as well as R&D joint ventures in the Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech zone. The new facility will focus on New Energy Vehicles and aims for an annual capacity of 200,000 units. JV partners are the State Research Information Technology (SRIT) and the IT company, Teamsun.
just-auto.com, forbes.com

Afterlife proves valid: Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) set out to identify second use strategies for EV batteries on request of the DoE. By coupling techno-economic analyses with laboratory and field testing, the NREL found utility energy storage to be the the most promising application with the potential to drive down cost and to increase grid stability.
greencarcongress.com, phys.org

New power transistor for EVs: Sumitomo Electric has developed a new silicon carbide (SiC) power transistor. With its low on-state resistance, high stability, and higher blocking voltage, the semiconductor is particularly suited for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Sep 1, 2014 - 08:33 am

Volvo, Renault, NEVS, Rotterdam, Denza, Unu.

Volvo-XC90Another plug-in from Sweden: Volvo announced that its S90 limousine will debut in the second half of 2015. It will share mechanics and chassis as well as connectivity technology of the recently presented XC90 and will also be available as a plug-in hybrid.
motoring.com.au, leftlanenews.com

Renault to show plug-in hybrid: The French carmaker wants to present a 2-litre (117 mpg) concept car at the Paris Auto Show. It is said to build on a completely new platform. Details have yet to be released, but due to earlier announcements, a plug-in hybrid is considered as very likely.
cars.uk.msn.com, autocar.co.uk, greencarreports.com

NEVS to reorganise: A court in Swedish Vaenersborg approved NEVS’ application for protection from creditors, after first rejecting it on Thursday (we reported). The Saab-owner allegedly owes suppliers 57 million dollars. Negotiations with investors are progressing, but have yet to bear fruit. Meanwhile, NEVS lost the right to use the brand name Saab for new vehicles as well as those originally developed under that name.
greencarcongress.com, just-auto.com (reorgianisation), wsj.com (name)

EV prices reach record low in Rotterdam: The Nissan e-NV200, i.e., starts at a mere 4,950 euros, the Leaf at 7,450 euros due to new subsidies, claimed to be the best in the world. These are, however, temporary and limited in terms of number of sales. Amsterdam is offering similar bargains, combining local and national subsidies.
electriccarsreport.com, puregreencars.com

Behind the wheel of the Denza EV: Greg Kable from Autocar says the electric vehicle sets itself apart from other cars from China due to its “high standard of fit and finish.” Another positive point is its 208 mile range. With a weight of 2090 kg, Kable also criticises that the Denza is “hardly what you’d describe as quick.”

Introducing the Unu: The electric scooter has a range of 100 kilometres and a top speed of 45 kph. It features a portable 3000-watt lithium-ion battery, which weighs only 8 kilos. That enables users to charge their two-wheeler virtually anywhere. Pricing starts at 1,699 euros (2,231 dollars).


Aug 29, 2014 - 08:53 am

NEVS, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, Chevy Volt, Cadillac.

Electric-Saab-NEVSSaab plays for time: NEVS, owner of the Swedish carmaker, has applied for short-term protection from creditors. The reason, they say, is that investor talks with two carmakers are taking longer than planned. Apparently, the court has declined the application and NEVS’ future remains uncertain.

Mitsubishi eyes Russia: The Japanese manufacturer is currently showing its Outlander PHEV at Moscow Motor Show, just before it will kick off sales in the country in September. Mitsubishi is also presenting it plug-in concepts GC-PHEV and XR-PHEV in Moscow.
electriccarsreport.com, greencarcongress.com, puregreencars.com

A hybrid Jaguar? Spy shots of the new Jaguar XF prototype to become available in 2016 are circulating the internet. Since the carmaker is hoping to compete with the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class, the possibility of the Jaguar being offered as a hybrid is rather realistic.
autoexpress.co.uk, motorauthority.com

The new Chevy Volt: Yesterday, we reported on supposedly “exclusive images” of the Nissan Leaf and today, we can show you what the next generation Chevy Volt may look like. It features a sleeker and more aerodynamic design, with the interior now allowing room for five instead of four people.

Driving the Cadillac ELR: Right of the bat, Rucell Purcell notes that this car is just too expensive. While he likes the design and finish of the plug-in coupe, as well as its performance, he still thinks that the Chevy Volt is a better choice since it offers more legroom in the back and is cheaper.

Aug 26, 2014 - 09:12 am

Volkswagen, BYD, Audi, Tesla, NEVS.

Volkswagen-E-GolfE-Golf priced in the U.S.: The SEL Premium model of VW’s first all-electric vehicle available on the U.S. market will come with a 36,265-dollar price tag. That already includes an 820 dollar destination and delivery fee. It is therefore only minimally more expensive than the top trim of the Nissan Leaf. Sales will start in November in selected states.
greencarreports.com, greencarcongress.com

Profitable EV business: Sales of new energy vehicles accounted for nearly 10% of the BYD’s turnover in the first half in 2014, a segment that grew year-to-year, this time by about 2.7 billion yuan (439m dollars). However, compared to last year, overall sales and profit dropped 15.5%, mainly due to a drop in sales of traditional automobiles.

A3 e-tron test drives in Down Under: A handful of journalist had the chance to take the new Audi for a spin around Hamilton airport’s tarmac. From there being “little to complain about” to calling it “future” and declaring that it will be a hit in Australia, test drivers seemed impressed with the plug-in hybrid. The only negative point they noted was the vehicle’s high price.
caradvice.com, gizmodo.com, themotorreport.com

The voice of Tesla customers: Two Model S owners from New York addressed an open letter to the California carmaker in a local newspaper, suggesting some minor improvements to the EV. Elon Musk responded on twitter, saying “many of the suggestions will be implemented soon.”
twitter.com via treehugger.com, allmediany.com (with video)

No talks between Dongfeng and NEVS: Earlier reports suggested that New Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), owner of Saab, had contacted the Chinese state-owned company for possible cooperation. Rumours Dongfeng denies. The latter owns a 70% stake in TEngineering, which was the engineering division of Saab until the carmaker filed for bankruptcy.

Aug 15, 2014 - 08:36 am

Saleen, Tesla, Toyota, NEVS, Riese & Müller, Mitsubishi.

Saleen-FOURSIXTEENShowtime for Saleen: The carmaker will present its EV ‘Foursixteen’ this Sunday at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. It is Saleen’s first all-electric vehicle project and it is based on the Tesla Model S. No detailed information or technical specs have been released at this point, though the specialty manufacturer of high performance vehicles did promise more details and pictures ahead of the launch.
hybridcars.com, marketwired.com

Difficult relationship: According to Bloomberg, engineers of Tesla and Toyota were unable to work together and even clashing over minor details, such as the parking brake of the RAV4 EV. Tesla and Toyota co-developed the electric SUV, but it was anything but a sales hit. The Japanese are now focusing on fuel cells, a technology Elon Musk apparently “ridicules.”
bloomberg.com, insideevs.com

Saab escapes bankruptcy: Chinese company NEVS, which had bought the car brand, stopped its already limited production, saying it was unable to pay suppliers (we reported). Now, the supplier who had filed a petition trying to force NEVS to declare bankruptcy will withdraw that request.

Riese & Müller search fountain of youth: With a new design strategy for their e-bike ‘Culture,’ the German e-bike manufacturer hopes to target a younger clientele. The pedelec will be available in four categories and feature the Bosch Active Cruise system.

Testing the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: Carsguide seem to like the plug-in hybrid SUV and technology behind it, but wish for more ways to engage the driver. Since all systems are interconnected, he or she becomes “less of a driver and more of a machine operator.”

Aug 13, 2014 - 08:27 am

NEVS, Nissan, Lexus, VW, Tesla, BMW.

NEVS-SaabNEVS bankrupt? Because the Chinese investors behind Swedish Saab are not able to pay supplier bills, most of their workers currently have to stay at home instead of building electric cars. According to just-auto, NEVS might be in negotiations with Mahindra and Dongfeng as potential investors.
just-auto.com, jalopnik.com

Nissan Z with hybrid power? In 2017, Nissan might bring a successor of its sportcoupé 370Z, Australian Motoring reports. Apparently, the new model would be named Z35, feature Mercedes engines (2.0 and 3.0 litres) which will most probably be supported by electric motors.

Lexus NX is in production: The new SUV of Toyota’s luxury subsidiary is rolling off the production line in the Japanese Miyawaka facility. The company said it already has received about 6,500 orders for the Lexus. In Japan, the NX is offered with combustion engine but also as the hybrid NX 300h.
autoevolution.com, indianautosblog.com

VW E-Up review: Faye Sunderland is full of praise for the “plucky little e-up!” as she fondly calls Volkswagen’s smallest EV. As with the electric Golf, the E-Up is based on an existing model but Sunderland does not think it takes away from its EV feel at all. The only faults she finds is range and price.

Tesla dealing in emissions: According to a emission regulations, Swiss car importers will have to lower the carbon emissions of their fleet to 130 g per km per vehicle by 2015. Now Tesla wants to capitalise on it, offering to trade in its CO2 certificates. So far, at least Hyundai Suisse is showing interest in the deal.
bernerzeitung.ch (in German)

Tesla vs BMW: One thing the Model S 85 and the i8 have in common is that they are “at the pointy end of the price pyramid,” as Frank Markus in his comparison duly notes. And while he had plenty of time to accommodate to the Tesla in a long-term test, it is BMW’s hybrid that holds the “racy/spacey” revelation. The Californian however, is the true “revolution.”

Jun 20, 2014 - 08:56 am

Harley Davidson, France, NEVS, Proterra, BMW, Hyundai.

Harley-Davidson-LiveWireElectric rocks: Project ‘LiveWire’ is Harley Davidson’s first all-electric motorcycle, which the legendary brand just presented. The electric Harley is not on sale (yet?), but will go on a demonstration tour through the United States. Harley CEO Matt Levatich expects the EV technology and customers openess is “only going to increase” and wants to make sure his company is “part of leading the development” of standards, infrastructure and technology. What will Harley fans will think of the new humming sound?
washingtontimes.com, theverge.com, youtube.com (video) via greencarreports.com

Energy transition á la France: The French cabinet has just been presented with a new bill designed to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The so-called energy transition is estimated to cost between 15 and 30 billion euros until 2050 and includes the installation of seven million EV charging points across the country.
wattsupwiththat.com, news.yahoo.com

NEVS indebted: This is why creditors have turned to the Stockholm enforcement authority. Kronofogden reports that it received 30 applications worth 22.7 million kroner (3.4m dollars) for unpaid bills relating to National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). The automaker is having cashflow problems but hopes to get help from other vehicle manufacturers (we reported).
just-auto.com, automotorsport.se (in Swedish)

Proterra eyes Tesla patents: The electric bus company, which is run by former Tesla employee Ryan Popple, welcomes the Californian carmaker’s latest move to share its patents. While nothing is certain yet, Proterra could imagine working with Tesla to improve its e-bus charging technology soon.

A critic’s choice: Hollywood reporter Michael Walker reviewed the BMW i3 and liked it so much that he now wonders if it could replace the Model S as the number one choice of Hollywood stars. His only worry is that it might be a bit too obviously “granola-driven.”
hollywoodreporter.com (with video) via greencarreports.com

Hyundai Tucson FCV review: At the recent launch of the hydrogen vehicle, Michael Harley had half an hour to get acquainted with the car that “sips hydrogen and drips water.” His conclusion is that the Koreans finally made a “no-compromise emissions-free vehicle.”

Jun 18, 2014 - 08:33 am

NEVS, Lexus, Volvo, Tesla, Volkswagen.

NEVS is looking for investors: Financial problems at National Electric Vehicle Sweden, the Chinese company owning Saab, continue. NEVS now confirmed talks with two Asian OEMs, interested in coming on board. Rumour has it, these two might be Mahindra and Dongfeng.
thetruthaboutcars.com, saabsunited.com

Lexus-LF-NXToyota to take its time: Even though the Japanese carmaker sold 6,503 hybrids in the first quarter of this year in China, it has no concrete plans to set up a production line for its Lexus brand there. Despite 27% of all Lexus sold in China being hybrids, the brand is well behind the overall growth of its German competitors.

Volvo XC90 to go Down Under: Volvo Cars Australia will not import the diesel-electric plug-in hybrid V60. Instead, it will introduce the upcoming petrol-electric plug-in hybrid SUV, which is expected to arrive before the end of 2015.

Sharing is caring: Tesla shares rose by almost nine percent last Monday, when news broke about a possible cooperation with BMW and maybe Nissan. With their value reaching 224.61 dollars, it was the highest closing price in two months.

Spy shot of a ghost: At San Francisco Airport, a VW fan has spotted what appears to be a GTE plug-in hybrid estate – a model that is not even in production in Europe. But who knows what VW has got in the pipeline?!
golfgteforum.com via hybridcars.com

May 21, 2014 - 08:54 am

Porsche, NEVS, Nissan, Hero Cycles/Mifa, Kolibri.

Hybrid Porsche 911: The 911 plug-in hybrid has just become a definite. Patent drawings show the sports car connected to a charging station. Furthermore, Porsche apparently plans to (partly) electrify the Panamera Turbo and 911 Turbo S too, using hybrid components from the Spyder 918. The turbos would thus come with about 700 hp but not before 2017.

Cash-flow disruption: In Sweden, the Saab 9-3 production already came to a halt. The break is due to a lack of cash as NEVS Chinese shareholder Qingbo Investment failed to capitalise its assets quickly enough. However, production is set to presume in four weeks.
reuters.com, saabcars.com

Nissan recalls 211 Leafs in the United States and another 65 in Canada because of faulty welds which could diminish crash protection. The vehicles in question have been produced February 28, 2014, through March 12, 2014. The affected owners will receive a new car. The defect is due to an “isolated process error that has since been addressed,” the company said.
nytimes.com, electriccarsreport.com

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Official partnership: Indian Hero Cycles and German Mifa have agreed to become partners (we reported). Hero will invest 15 million euros (20.6m dollars) in the bicycle manufacturer but only if creditors agree to renounce some of their claims.

Nissan e-NV200 in the UK: Pricing and specifications have been announced for Nissan’s electric transporter due in Great Britain in July. The van starts at 16,562 pounds (27,892 dollars), that is less the government grant for plug-in vehicles. The 5-seater Evalia will be available from 22,859 pounds (38,497 dollars).
electriccarsreport.com (with price list)

Qatar powered by Germany: Kolibri Power Systems announced it has received an order for the delivery of high performance energy storage systems from Qatar Airways. The 1.5 MWh batteries will be put in service at the newly opened Hamad International Airport in the emirate. Kolibri made the news in 2010, when the company drove a converted Audi A2 from Munich to Berlin (600 km) on one charge.
emobilserver.de (in German)

Apr 9, 2014 - 09:05 am

Audi, Tesla, NEVS, Peugeot, Smith Electric Vehicles, LG Chem.

Audi A6 e-tron for China: Together with joint venture FAW-Volkswagen, Audi will bring a plug-in hybrid version of its long-wheelbase A6 to the Chinese market. As announced this morning, the plug-in hybrid will have an electric range of 50 km and will feature “cutting-edge battery technology.”

Tesla leasing: In the U.S., businesses can now lease a Model S through Tesla Finance. Everything can be done in an online process, from “signing” a contract to confirming the delivery of the Tesla. Prices start from 1,012 dollars – gas and tax savings excluded.
greencarcongress.com, teslamotors.com

Hej-hej electric Saab: NEVS has started production of the electric Saab 9-3. In a first step, 200 cars will be produced in Sweden before going to Qingdao, China to be tested. If trials are successful, production will be expanded this autumn to start selling the e-Saab in Sweden by 2015.

Slightly exalted: Peugeot did not lose time to leak its latest concept for the Beijing Auto Show either. Here, the French carmaker will present the Exalt, a hybrid sedan that uses the Hybrid4 technology.

Silent exit: Smith Electric Vehicles has stopped production of its electric truck already last year. The “news” has now been broken not by the company itself but by the DoE which has funded demonstration vehicles by the company from Kansas.

New e-bike battery supplier? Apparently, LG Chem is thinking about making batteries for electric bikes as it sees clear signs of growth in the trending segment. The Korean corporation would be the last of the mayor battery suppliers to discover electric two-wheelers after Samsung, Bosch and Panasonic.

Found on electrive.com
22.06.2016 08:31