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Aug 15, 2014 - 08:34 am

Proton Motors, Schaeffler, Carbon fibres, ZeroTruck.

Proton-Motors-eBusFuel cell range-extender: The 25 kW fuel cell system HyRange 25 FC can power buses, as well as light and heavy duty vehicles. But Proton Motors hopes to mainly use it as a range extender for EVs. The modular system is based on Proton Motor’s PM400 fuel cell stack and can be combined to 50 and 75 kW configurations.
transportsustainability.cleantechnology-business-review.com, thejournal.co.uk

Automatic pedelec gear shift: Schaeffler will present its Fag-Velomatic for (e-) bikes at the Eurobike show. The transmission comes with the Velodaptic app that gathers GPS and performance data. The FAG-Velomatic measures cadence, force, speed and gradient for shifting, while cyclists can also adapt their profile via the app.

Talking carbon: According to Reuters, South Korea’s GS Caltex wants to meet with Tesla, which has entertained the idea of using carbon fibres for some time now. Meanwhile, a study by the German army (Bundeswehr) reports that fumes emitted by burning carbon fibres (i.e. when in a crash) could cause cancer.
reuters.com (Tesla), ndr.de (Bundeswehr)

Electric truck conversion: ZeroTruck is converting medium-duty trucks. The company’s Electric Drive Integration System (EDIS) is funded by the California Energy Commission but has been in operation since 2010. The system has a top speed of 70 mph and a range of up to 80 miles.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the 200-dollar electric bicycle made from scrap in Mumbai.

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Schaeffler, Prodrive, RocketSkates, BMW.

Schaeffler-Step2Gears for efficiency: Schaeffler presented its latest concept vehicle STEP2 at the Silvretta electric car rally. Their converted electric Golf’s new two-speed transmission is said to use six percent less energy, than similar vehicles with a single-gear drivetrain.

Silicon carbide converter: A consortium of British companies led by Prodrive developed a high-frequency DC-DC converter with a efficiency of 98.7%. The converter, which is currently fitted to a Tata Vista test vehicle, acts like a hub connecting high voltage battery, motor, a super-capacitor bank and 12-volts auxiliary system.

Wearable mobility is what Acton classifies their RocketSkates as. These skates are not propelled by rockets but by small electric hub motors, allowing for a speed of up to 12 mph. Within just 24 hours, their Kickstarter campaign raised more than enough money to fund the project.
interestingengineering.com, kickstarter.com

Time-saving repairs: The BMW i3 is a revolutionary car, also in terms of fixing it after an accident. Instead of just pounding out damaged parts, the CFRP panels need to be replaced completely. Because this takes less time, the i3 is not any more expensive to repair than a BMW 1 Series car.

May 13, 2014 - 08:58 am

Schaeffler/Continental, PEM fuel cells, Nigeria.

48-volt concept: At the Vienna Motor Symposium, Schaeffler and Continental presented a mild hybrid in what they dubbed the ‘Gasoline Technology Car’ (GTC). Based on the Ford Focus the GTC is said to use 17% less gasoline than a conventional compact car.

Less platinum, longer life: Researchers at the East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai found that new platinum-iridium alloy catalysts for PEM fuel cells led to a “drastic” improvement in durability and stability while using 50% less platinum.
greencarcongress.com, sciencedirect.com

Even less platinum: A new electrospinning/electrospraying (E/E) technique for fuel cell electrodes results in high power densities with ultra-low platinum loadings. The method which produces a nanoparticle cathode catalyst layer has been developed by researchers at Drexel University, USA.

Nigeria’s first electric car has been built by student Segun Oyeyiola. His conversion of a VW Bug features a solar roof and is said to come with enough range for the family’s daily errands.

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