Una dirección oxidada obliga a Tesla a retirar 123.000 Model S


Tesla has started a global recall, asking for the return of 123,000 Model S due to a potential steering issue. The reason behind the problem are rusty screws installed in the power steering. The flawed parts came from Bosch.

The recall presents the largest incident in the history of Tesla. The problem had come to the attention of the EV maker through emails from customers, that said the Model S contained rusty screws with varying degrees of corrosion. This was particularly the case in colder climates where salt spilled to prevent cars from sliding could accelerate the issue.

The affected models were produced before April 2016, and the risks were at this point apparently not acute, and the faults have not caused any accidents.

The faulty screws were produced by Bosch, which has issued a statement saying they are working closely with Tesla to address the issue.

The Model S is Teslas highest selling vehicle. In Europe alone, the company sold 16,132 models last year, while 45,060 were sold globally. According to ZSW statistics the total number sold by the end of 2017 was a global 193,660.

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