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e.Go Life, Nissan, France, GM, Ford, Hyundai.

Three variants of the e.Go: Coming out of Aachen, birthplace of the StreetScooter, is the e.Go Life that has just diversified. Rather than one version, there will be three performance variants, namely 20, 40, and 60 kW with respective battery capacities of 14.9 kWh, 17.9 kWh and 23.9 kWh. The price of the basis version is to remain at 15,900 euros for a range of 104 km, while the top trim will last for 154 km. e.Go Mobile plans to start production next year and says it has received more than 1,200 orders to date.

More range for Nissan van: The e-NV200 will utilise the 40 kWh battery of the 2018 Nissan Leaf from spring next year, a Nissan dealer revealed. Already the 24 kWh variant has been discontinued and the new version is ready to order. An optimistic estimate for NEDC range would be 300 km. (original source, in German) via

100,000 gaz guzzlers have to leave the roads of France next year if the government’s plan pans out. To facilitate the move, another 2,500 euros will be added to the existing EV subsidy of 6,000 euros available to any French citizen willing to switch. That is if the budget presented next week will go through, the Environment and Energy Minister Nicolas Hulot announced. The proposal also includes an increase of the carbon tax from 30.50 euros per tonne to 44.60 euros.,

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Alphabet_DeloitteLearn from best practice: In a cooperation with forServices, Italy, Alphabet’s Electrification Potential Analysis (EPA) revealed measurable ways to reduce the company’s environmental impact while growing its business. After 26 days, forServices successfully deployed eLCVs in different cities and lowered CO2 emissions by 61%.

GM on course to electrify China: 10 electrified models by 2020 is GM CEO Mary Barra’s promise to Beijing. Those EV and plug-in hybrids will precede a general electrification as the group wants to offer some level of electric drive in all models from Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet offered in the People’s Republic comes 2025. In order to do so, GM will open a new battery assembly together with JV partner SAIC in Shanghai.,

Ford in bed with Mahindra: Ford has arranged a strategic partnership with India’s largest carmaker Mahindra. Cooperation may commence in the areas of electrification, mobility services, product development, and distribution over the next three years.,,

Conquest bonus: It is rather aggressive poaching that Hyundai exhibits in the States with its new “conquest bonus” that pays 1,000 dollars to any Toyota driver willing to hand over its Prius in exchange for an Ioniq Hybrid. Meanwhile over in India, the Korean carmaker seizes market shares in a more subtle way and plans to set up a local EV plant in late 2018. (Prius vy Ioniq), (India)

Number of the Day

Renault EV Sales.

More than 24,000 electric vehicles have been sold by Renault worldwide this year throughout August and that is not counting the Twizy. Overall, the result means the French almost doubled their EV sales (+44%) compared to the same period last year.

Research + Technology

Continental, Chevy Bolt, Hinkley, Tesla.

Urban Bee hive by Conti: Described as “industrious worker bee for the urban mobility of the future”, the BEE is a compact electric car with wide ranging autonomy. Short for “Balanced Economy and Ecology mobility concept”, IAA visitors can experience it in virtual reality only but Continental hopes that many of the two-seaters could navigate tomorrow’s mega cities using swarm intelligence.

Driving all alone: The autonomous Chevy Bolt is ready for mass production, reports GM’s Cruise Automation division that just released the third generation of the autonomous experiment. While jurisdiction may say otherwise, once full self-driving will get the go, GM’s lines are ready to roll. (the engineers),

All-electric yacht: Powered by the same battery that propel BMW’s i3, Hinkley’s luxury vessel Dasher uses two of the power packs. Each drives a 59 kW electric motor and when driven at the cruising speed of 10 mph, a range of 40 miles is possible. The price range though is undisclosed.,,

The battery swap is not dead at least not on paper which Tesla filed to the patent authorities back in May. The concept describes a battery swap technology to deploy out of a trailer. Rather than being automated, this one mentions engineers and up to 15 minutes per swap.,

Quotes of the day

Maroš Šefčovič, Andreas Renschler.

“We need an Airbus for batteries.”

Says EU commissioner Maroš Šefčovič, and proposes an alliance of European firms for battery production. He even promised public funds if need be.

“Maybe the German manufacturers were too slow.”

Head of VW’s trucks business, Andreas Renschler, is having second thoughts and went as far as saying VW was a “second mover” when it comes to electrification. So far, Tesla and Deutsche Post have beaten the group to it.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Volvo Buses, LowNo, Dubai, XL Hybrids.

Volvo’s biggest electric bus order to date has reached the Swedes from neighbouring Trondheim, Norway, where Tide Buss wants to deploy 35 all-electric models from August 2019. 25 will be delivered by Volvo in a turnkey package so they can join the other ten. The buses will be fast-charged using opportunity charging, via rails installed at the end stops, and operate with the OppCharge interface.

55m dollars for LowNo buses: 51 projects in 39 states will receive funding through the U-S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Low or No Emission (Low-No) Vehicle scheme. Mostly the money will be spend on electric buses and infrastructure; two projects are receiving a total of 3.2m for fuel cell buses.

Electric cabs in Dubai: The desert state has added 50 Teslas to the limo fleet of the Dubai Taxi Corporation. They will be allowed some level of autonomy in line with Dubai Smart Autonomous Mobility Strategy aimed at converting 25 per cent of total journeys into driverless rides by 2030.,

State fleet transformation: XL Hybrids announced its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System will be installed in 52 vehicles that serve five Massachusetts state agency fleets.

Service + Suggestions

Urban Supercharger, Model 3.

Video tip: Shortly after its presentation Tesla’s Urban Supercharger is in operation and on film already. Made for dense cities and charging at a slower rate, it mainly looks more compact. via

Research tip: Check out Autolist’s full analysis of the Model 3 depreciation curve that we quoted briefly here before. It also has an infographic of actual consumer appreciation for Tesla’s latest EV.

Short circuit

Low cost range extender.

James Dierickx is an early adopter when it comes to electric mobility, something that cannot be said of his home state Iowa, where corn stands dense but chargers don’t. He thus built himself a range extender for his 2013 Ford Focus Electric, so he now drives around with a trunk load of lead acid batteries.