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Media kit electrive.com

The news service electrive.com is the leading publication for the electric transport industry in Europe and abroad. We have closely followed the development of e-mobility and its infrastructure since 2013, continuously driven by journalistic passion and expertise. Our stories engage on multiple platforms – newsletter, website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Use the channels of electrive.com to advertise your message or to search for professional employees. With our services you reach more than 12,000 e-mobility experts (June 2019) from all over Europe, North America, and China.


Who do I reach?

electrive.com reaches manufacturers of all means of electric vehicles, suppliers of vital components and producers and providers of charging infrastructure as well as hydrogen stations. Fleet managers, energy suppliers, scientists, mobility providers and experts from politics and institutions provide important coverage of the whole spectrum of e-mobility. The readers want to keep an eye on the growing electric mobility market. That is why our distinct and concise style of writing
is appreciated.

How can I book ads?

Just send an email with your ideas to advertise@electrive.com or call +49 (0) 30 27 58 13 64. We will advise you on the best ad format, position and timing. You will then receive an individual proposal from us. Upon request, our creative team will help you with the design and wording of the ads. This service is free of charge! We also provide a reporting for every ad placements, including a click count.

What else?

You want to address e-mobility experts over a longer amount of time and establish yourself as an attractive partner? In that case you should decide on one of our partnership packages! With that you you can move your product innovation or an event in the centre of attention for 3,6 or 12 month.
The placement of your logo and a corresponding link in the sidebar of our website is guaranteed. Find more information about the partnership packages in our media kit.

Did we caught your attention? Don’t waste time and send an email to advertise@electrive.com or call +49 (0) 30 27 58 13 64. We are looking forward hearing from you!


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