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Geely, Schaeffler, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Nissan, Fisker.

Lynk-Co-SUV-300x150Geely, Volvo and Lynk&Co are about to establish a standalone EV technology JV in order to mutually benefit from synergies and economies of scale. In a MoU, all three agreed to share vehicle architecture and engines via cross licensing arrangements of technologies managed by the joint venture. Its headquarter will be in China with a subsidiary set in Swedish Gothenburg. Also, Volvo is about to take a significant minority stake in Lynk & Co given that they will share technology anyway.,

Schaeffler restructures its business as well to accommodate for what it calls “key opportunities for the future.” Electric mobility is to play a crucial role and will form its own division within automotive. Apart from concentrating all hybrid and electric vehicle activities in one unit beginning by 2018, Schaeffler also plans to set up a competence centre for all things electric in China. Meanwhile, the supplier has received eight series contracts for electric axles and hybrid modules from different clients worldwide. Automotive CEO Matthias Zink believes, “the sales potential of these contracts amounts to over one billion euros.”

Hyundai-Kia to double EV production: Once the all-electric variants of both the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro will go on sale early next year, the Korean alliance hopes to double its EV sales. In numbers that means 13,000 E-Kona and 12,000 E-Niro a year.

Battery upgrade for BMW i3? 120 Ah has been named as the next threshold by the BMW blog just a year after the carmaker introduced its i3 with a 94 Ah power pack. The new cells with 120 Ah could enter the electric line-up from 2018 and are said to increase the range by another 60 percent. It is currently about 200 km in real life.

One pedal for all: Nissan continues the tease for the next-gen Leaf with yet another feature that takes electric driving most seriously. The e-Pedal essentially does away with the clutch and brake as it enables full control over stop and go and fast and slow. Nissan claims that its release would bring the Leaf to a halt even on steep hills and that it will be enough to tap the lever again to reengage the electric drive. Those however that prefer to trust their long trained two-pedal instinct have the option to switch the e-Pedal off entirely, meaning there is a brake installed still.,,

Fisker battery details: The luxury brand disappointed when it cancelled the expected graphen-based battery for now. Instead, Fisker opted for Li-ion batteries and claims a range of 640 km. The cylindrical cells stem from LG Chem (21700) and work with NCM chemistry. Tesla’s Model 3 uses the same format.,

Number of the Day

10,000 BMW i3 in Germany.

More than 10,000 BMW i3 have been registered in Germany since its introduction in autumn 2013. The first half of this year was particularly strong and counted 2,100 sales, a plus of 155 percent compared to the same period in 2016. It does appear as if more range still means more buyers.

Research + Technology

Continental, Jaguar Land Rover, Horiba Mira, Battery500.

Continental-E-Shuttle-300x150Conti operates an electric shuttle at Frankfurt Airport to gain insights into the practicalities of autonomous passenger transport. The CUbE (Continental Urban mobility Experience) is based on the EZ10 shuttle by French EasyMile of which Continental owns a minority share (we reported).

British e-mobility research: Jaguar Land Rover and the University of Warwick have been granted 5.7m pounds for the development of electric vehicle technologies. They will focus on improved drives as well as energy storage and take a look into bearing and gear surfaces and power electronics as well. The research will also be embedded into learning within skills programmes. The initial funding comes from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) but JLR is to match the grant.,

High-voltage battery testing: Warwickshire-based Horiba Mira has begun to build its Advanced Battery Development Suite for the testing and development of high voltage battery systems for 2m pounds. The company also just opened its 8m GBP vehicle emissions testing centre at Nuneaton.

Battery500 in the making: North Amerciacan consortium Battery500 wants to develop a battery with an energy density of 500 Wh/kg (we reported). 15 projects have been chosen by now that share funding from the DoE worth 5.7m dollars. The iniiative is led by led by DOE’s PNNL., (list of projects, pdf)

Quotes of the day

Alain Visser, Thomas Hemmerich.

Alain-Visser“We want to be ahead of the game and be simple in our offering so we will only sell cars that are hybrids, plug-in hybrids or pure electrics.”

Lynk & Co chief Alain Visser when asked about the plans the Geely subsidiary has in store for Europe. He also said that Berlin will be the starting point after China.

Thomas-Hemmerich“The industry could find itself in a situation where electric trucks emerge more quickly than the charging infrastructure that is needed to support them.”

Thomas Hemmerich, Managing Director of MAN Truck and Bus UK is most worried about the strain on the grid, and considers power suppliers a potential “bottleneck.” Opportunity charging may help though.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Canada, Go-Ahead London, SoCal Ports, Reno.

Fast Charge JV for Canada: Battery maker Leclanché and Canadian eCamion as well as SGEM from Switzerland have formed a joint venture. Fast Charge is to line the so-called Trans Canadian Highways (TCH) with a network of 34 fast-charging stations including energy storage. There will be 102 such fast-charge points in total, which are to span over 3,000 km by the end of next year.

London e-buses progress: Another 30 electric buses have just been ordered by Go-Ahead London from their trusted provider BYD and ADL. It is the third such order for the Enviro200 EV and the first eleven are set to enter service by February 2018. Another 19 will follow in August next year. With this latest agreement, the number of BYD-ADL buses in Go Ahead’s fleet grows to 95.

Clean Air Action Plan for SoCal ports: The Long Beach and Los Angeles harbours want to clean up their act over the next two decades by replacing diesel trucks and cargo equipment with zero-emission vehicles. Cost for their CAAP are projected to reach up to 14bn dollars in public and private funds.

EV showroom: Milton Keynes is now home to the UK’s first multi-brand, electric vehicle showroom. The EV Experience Centre is operated by Chargemaster and won’t sell cars directly.

De-ICEing measure: The Reno City Council decided to make blocking EV charge bays without charging worth a ticket. Reno’s proximity to the Gigafactory may have played a role in the unanimous vote.

Service + Suggestions

Tesla Model 3, Production Materials.

Click tip: This new series of Model 3 spy shots also allow a blink of the interior. To add some spice, some Tesla fans even speculate the EV spotted is Elon Musk’s personal SN1.

Reading tip: As electric vehicles become more popular, prices for the raw and basic materials used in their production have been rising. Particularly affected are cost of cobalt, coke and carbon fibre.

Events for the upcoming week: Electric Vehicle Meetup 2017 (July 29-31; Padborg Park, Denmark) ++ FIA Formula E, Round 11 & 12 (July 29-30; Montreal, Canada) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

Short circuit

True to its name.

Faraday Future dares to dream and has asked Chinese architecture firm MAD to design a campus. The futuristic design is wild (if not mad) and borrows from science fiction. If one considers FF’s massive financing problems though, it seems surreal quite literally.,