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Honda accelerates electrification: Each and every new Honda model launched in Europe will offer some form of electrification, be it it hybrid or all-electric. The hybrid Honda CR-V marks the start next year, followed by the Urban EV (we reported). The Japanese carmaker wants to make two thirds of its sales from electrified models by 2030 but aims to reach this target 5 years earlier in Europe.,,

Tesla decelerates for once and has rescheduled the presentation of its Semi truck. Initially due this month, it will now be shown on Onctober, 26 in Hawthorne, California. Taking a time out as well is Tesla VP Diarmuid O’Connell, who decided to depart after eleven years to spend more time with his family.,, (O’Connell)

Daimler’s all-electric truck however has just launched and the first four FUSO e-Canter have taken up their work at NGOs based in New York City. Serial production is on and 500 units shall be delivered to clients in the U.S., Europe and Japan over the next two years before production is to seriously scale up.

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Why would you name a racer Owl? Because you want to underscore its silent flight, well drive, as is the case with Aspark’s Owl that has seen the light of day at the IAA. With a carbon body it weighs just 850 kilos and is allegedly fast too, going from 0 – 100 in less than two seconds powered by a 320 kW two motor system and supercaps. Order on request from 2019.,

Bentley confirms plug-in plans: There is an electric sports car cooking that will utilise Porsche’s Mission E platform, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer confirmed. A first concept appeared in Geneva this year where the EXP 12 Speed 6e wowed a crowd. Expect production to commence by the end of the decade but first there will be three Bentley PHEV, namely the Bentayga, Continental and Flying Spur.

Luxury PHEV: Mercedes positions the S 560 e as the S 500 e’s successor at the IAA. The novel plug-in hybrid drive allows for electric cruising over 50 kilometres and offers 90 kW plus the 270 kW of the engine. It is the 8th model in Daimler’s plug-in line-up, only an on sale date is missing.,,

Number of the Day

BMW EV Sales.

BMW delivered 57,895 plug-in vehicles worldwide this year throughout August, 67 percent more than in the same period last year. Especially the new plug-in hybrids, namely the 5-series PHEV variant and the Mini Countryman found favour among buyers.

Research + Technology

Ballard, StoreDot, TUEV SUED, Faurecia.

Ballard’s double breakthrough: The Canadian fuel cell specialist presents the world’s first Non Precious Metal Catalyst (NPMC) to use in a lightweight PEM fuel cell stack. Developed together with Nisshinbo from Japan, Ballard hopes to have the new product ready for sale later this year. Further advances comes from China where Ballard just opened a new facility for fuel cell stacks in Yunfu together with its JV partner Synergy. The stacks are designed for commercial vehicles., (China)

Ultra-fast charging pulls investors: Daimler is the latest company to believe in Israeli fast-charge start-up StoreDot. Its traction battery promises to charge EVs within just a few minutes, seconds for smartphones, and thus gained another 60m dollars in its latest round of funding. Apart from Daimler trucks, Samsung as well as Roman Abramovich count among the followers.,

ABBABB – Battery System Engineer / Technical Expert (m/f): We seek an experienced and motivated Battery System Engineer or Technical Expert to drive experimental activities in the field of electric energy storage, and to prove the feasibility of novel energy-storage system topologies. Do you want to drive innovation in this multidisciplinary field with a strong focus on prototypes? If you are a communicative team player with a great enthusiasm for science and technology, then join us.

Advanced e-mobility lab: TÜV SÜD plans to expand its laboratory services in Asia, Germany, and the U.S. to respond to increasing demand from the electric transport sector. Next to battery testing, engineers will also conduct certification of high-voltage charging systems and new tests for H2 technology.

French fuel cell scheme: Supplier Faurecia has come to an agreement with the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) to set up and R&D programme for fuel cell stacks over 5 years. The aim is to ready a stack designed for the automotive industry.,

Quotes of the day

Harald Krueger, Roberto Vavassori.

“We’re sticking to our 8 to 10 percent goal and maintain this range, even when electric mobility becomes more widespread.”

BMW CEO Harald Krueger sticks to the Groups profit margin target (8 – 10% return on sales) even with the arrival of allegedly less profitable electric cars.

“We need to provide a sensible transition period that doesn’t give unwanted gifts to our Chinese friends.”

Roberto Vavassori, president of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), estimates European automakers pay 4,000-7,000 euros to China for batteries for every EV and warns to take the EVolution slowly to save jobs.

Fleets + Infrastructure

Innogy, ADS-TEC, Siemens, SPIE, California, Karnataka.

Record funding: RWE subsidiary Innogy’s plan to erect 1,245 charging stations with two charge points each has been granted approval and funding by the Ministry of Transport. It is the biggest Yes to date, worth 3.1m euros and will stretch across four federal states. As part of the RWE utility, Innogy SE is one of Germany’s leading infrastructure providers with 4,600 charge points in 635 cities and municipalities. (in German)

350 kW charging: ADS-TEC together with Porsche is working on the extra fast-charging system High Power Charger (HPC) for the limited-power distribution grid. The system is due to come onto the market by 2018 and shall provide 350 kW charging even in decentralised structures. At the EVS30 in Stuttgart this October, the system will be on display.

Siemens is getting ahead in fast-charging too and has found a new partner in charge in SPIE, a service provider. Together they want to offer complete packages that include consultation, installation and operation of DC chargers. Siemens launched a 50 kW Compact Power Charger in Frankfurt.

16m for seven H2 stations: The California Energy Commission awarded a grant of 16m dollars to Shell subsidiary Equilon Enterprises for the introduction of seven hydrogen refueling stations in Northern California. They shall be built in collaboration with Honda and Toyota.

EV manufacturing zones: Indian state Karnataka approved the ‘Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy 2017’, looking to set up new EV manufacturing zones. It also includes charging stations at airports, railway stations, metro stations and encourages start-ups to develop business models.

Service + Suggestions

BMW i Vision Dynamics, Supercharger, Events,

Video tip I: BMW’s i Vision Dynamics is nothing but a vision, at least serial production will not commence before 2021 because battery technology will not last for 600 km sooner, explains BMW’s chief developer. (video interview)

Video tip II: One finds Tesla fans more often in China lately, where the EV maker handed over the mic to its clients. 1,000 Supercharger shall come to the People’s Republic before the year’s end. via

Events for the upcoming week: IAA (Sept 14-24; Frankfurt am Main, Germany) ++ Urban Green Infrastructure (Sept 20-21; Malmö, Sweden) ++ International Congress for Battery Recycling (Sept 20-22; Lisbon, Portugal) ++ Hydrogen for Clean Transport Conference (Sept 22; Brussels, Belgium) ++ You can find a complete list of events at

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Among all the save-the-world apostles FleetCarma’s video campaign stands out and puts the fun back into the whole driving story. Tagged #EVsAreBetter they released a series of short clips pointing out the obvious and not so obvious advantages of electric cars. Gas butler anyone? (gas butler), (all videos)