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Nissan, Harley, Hyundai, BYD, Tesla, Karma Revero.

Nissan-ePowere-Power to go global? After domestic sales surprised Nissan, the carmaker is considering to export its range extender e-Power to markets beyond Japan. The drive adds a small petrol engine to the electrive motor one finds inside the Leaf and turns the compact Note into a hybrid albeit it with a smaller battery that cannot be plugged-in (we reported). As the proof of concept succeeded so to speak, Daniele Schillaci, Nissan’s VP for sales and marketing purported they would move faster on this technology but did not provide any concrete details.

Harley’s Livewire is alive if not kicking, said Bill Davidson, Harley VP, who reaffirmed the motorcycle makers plans to introduce 100 new models over the next ten years. Among them may be electric models like said Livewire that was introduced in 2014 but never made it to market. The last more substantial statement on an electric Harley came last year, when the company relegated electrification to being at least five years away due to battery technology.

Hyundai’s first electric bus will meet the eyes of the public already at the end of this month before it will move on to get ready for production. The first finished Elec Citys will appear from next year and carry a 256 kWh battery for up to 290 km of range.

Go beyond dreams: BYD continues its expansion and will build an electric bus facility in Argentina. The Chinese EV maker plans to invest 100m dollars following a government resolution allowing the company to operate in the South American country. Construction works will begin within the next six months with first e-buses to roll off the lines from early 2019. The move follows swiftly after BYD has signed a MoU with Ecuador for another plant. In Europe, the EV maker inaugurated its first factory in Hungary and has planned an additional one in France.

Tesla expands in China: Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai all have a Tesla showroom as the EV maker strides into the world’s largest market. In its steps, Tesla leaves a trail of Superchargers, 530 stand at 110 locations in China to date with Beijing boasting Asia’s largest facility with 20 charge spots.

Delivery Day: The Fisker Karma is officially reborn as the first few units of its successor, the Karma Revero, leave the Californian vicinity headed for Karma’s ten dealers in the states.

Number of the Day

Diesel Vehicles produce 50 per cent more Nitrogen Oxide

About 38,000 people died of diesel-related NOx emissions in 2015 in 11 markets. 11,400 victims of air pollution were based in the EU. Worldwide, diesel vehicles emitted 13.1m tons of NOx that year of which 4.6m tons were in excess of regulation limits. The study points out the difference between real-world and lab testing emissions, which underestimate pollution levels by up to 50 percent., (paid pdf)

Research + Technology

Toyota, Akasol, Marine Rack System, Daymak.

Toyota’s flying car: 40m Yen (352,982 dollars) is what a dream is worth to the Japanese carmaker and what backs project Skydrive, that had been started by a group of Toyota employees (the Cartivators) outside their regular work hours. Skydrive’s ambitions are expectedly high as the airborne electric car is to be the smallest of its kind and scheduled to be production ready in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. A manned test flight with a prototype is set for the end of next year. via

Scaling up battery production in Germany is Akasol, which is to dedicate two more facilities to make Li-ion battery systems. One is already operational at its headquarters in the city of Darmstadt, where Akasol manages small-scale production for utility vehicles but also rail and marine applications. On top, a new facility in Langen will be extended from next year to accommodate for serial assembly of battery systems for European bus manufacturers. Akasol targets an annual output of 300 MWh, enough for about 1,500 electric buses initially, but has room to go up to 600 MWh. (in German)

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The Marine Rack System by Leclanché is a modular battery set up for vessels such as Denmark’s large E-Ferry. The MRS is the first battery system of its type to receive the latest certificate through the DNV-GL and there is potential for a 1,000 ferries to move on to electric power in Europe alone.

The world’s fastest electric cart is the Daymak C5 Blast, at least according to its maker. Daymak says the prototype propels from 0 – 100 kph in less than 1,5 seconds. Toronto will see the production of the electric cart that is to be offered in two versions. Top speed however has a 60,000 dollar price tag.,

Quotes of the day

Akio Toyoda, Angela Merkel.

Akio-Toyoda“The reason I am responsible for EVs as well is that I don’t want to make these cars a commodity. Even with the electrification of the vehicles, I want the prefix ‘I love’ to be affixed to those cars.”

Toyota President Akio Toyoda, who has recently been appointed as new leader of the EV division, appears to feel some passion for his new role. He went on to liken Tesla cars to the iPhone and wishes to introduce similar connectivity – or attachment.

Angela-Merkel“As it looks at the moment, we will not achieve this goal.”

Prospects for Germany to manage to put 1 million EVs on its roads by 2020 have in fact been looking bleak for some time now, but this is the first time Chancellor Angela Merkel would admit it.

Fleets + Infrastructure

TEN-T, Voltia, Stagecoach East, California.

More than 5m euros have been awarded to Synerg-E through the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The project is to deploy ten stationery battery storage systems, each with 500 kW capacity to back up fast-chargers on the TEN-T network. Synerg-E received the second biggest award in this latest funding round worth over 12m euros in total.

Custom-build e-vans are becoming a standard in the logistic sector as DPD takes two converted vans from Voltia into service in Bratislavia. Voltia adapted two Nissan e-NV200 Maxi to accommodate parcels and has found the second customer in DPD, after the Dutch PostNL made the first move this March. DPD wants to add more Maxis before the year’s end.,

Scots take to electric transport: Since Dundee introduced seven hybrid buses into its fleet some weeks ago, provider Stagecoach East has welcomed more than 10,000 passengers. The buses were funded through Scottish Green Bus Fund, which has bought 315 low-emission buses across Scotland.

Instantaneous EV rebate: California may start easing EV sales further as CARB considers to put it’s up to 7,000 dollar rebates to the point-of-sale, rather than sending a cheque after the purchase. A pilot may start in San Diego in an attempt to enable people with lower incomes to afford an electric car. via

Service + Suggestions

Madrid, Speed Pedelec.

Reading tip I: Hybrid and EV sales rose by 90 percent in Madrid in recent months as a suggested diesel-ban led to panic purchases. The Spanish capital plans to outlaw diesel vehicles in the entire city by 2025 (we reported).

Reading tip II: Can a speed pedelec replace a car? That is what Trek wants to sell its Super Commuter+ 8S for and Seth Weintraub tested the 5,000 dollar goodie in NYC. The idea however is not new, especially as that Trek bears strong resemblance with Specialized’s Turbo.

Short circuit

Past in a blast.

The electric car got killed once more as Tesla Roadsters went up in flames together with a rare Tzero by AC Propulsion. The TZero used lead acid batteries but served Tesla in its early days to show that a sports EV would work. The cars burnt down in Arizona and now only two TZero are left in the world. Time for a relaunch?