Croatian national rail orders six battery-electric trains

In Croatia, the state railway HZPP has signed a contract with the Croatian rail vehicle manufacturer Koncar Electric Vehicles for the delivery of battery electric trains and six charging stations to be installed in Split, Osijeck, Varazdin, Bjelovar, Virovitica and Pula.

The contract mainly covers battery trains that can run on non-electrified lines. However, there will also be a train that can run on batteries as well as on electrified lines with conventional pantographs. The contract value is 129 million kuna (17.2 million euros). However, it is not specified when the trains are to go into operation.

Koncar’s battery trains offer a range of up to 480 kilometres and can run for up to 18 hours at a time, as reported by the International Railway Journal. All vehicles are said to be low-floor vehicles equipped with ramps and specially adapted toilets for passengers with reduced mobility.

“The introduction of battery trains into traffic will improve local and regional connectivity, mobility and improve the quality of service. In traffic, it will be possible to functionally combine battery trains with new-generation, low-floor trains, which will ensure greater capacity and lower operating costs,” says Zeljko Ukic, president of Koncar Electric Vehicles.