Dec 1, 2014 - 09:46 am

EV sales China vs. USA.

With 11,991 electric cars sold in September alone, China has overtaken the USA as the biggest EV market where “only” 10,551 EVs were purchased in the same month, Sina Auto reports.

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:46 am

Renault RS, Sbarro, Super Nova Electric Vehicle, Raytheon.

“Why not?” a Renault insider said when being asked about hybrid and all-electric RS models by Top Gear. Since all Formula E vehicles are made by Renault Sport anyway, there is no reason why there could be no RS electrification soon. However, the insider did not go into any detail.

Hybrid rallye car: The Sbarro by a Swiss design school of the same name combines a 1.6-liter four-cylinder by Peugeot with two electric motors, one for each axle. The ‘Sbarro Espera Ibride Sparta Hybrid-Rallye-Auto’ comes with a total power output of 407 hp and its body is made from fiberglass.

Indian long range sports EV: Indian Golden Arrow Wireless Pvt showed an electric sports car prototype at the AutoShow Gujarat. The Super Nova Electric Vehicle is said to be offered with three battery options (lead acid, li-ion and supercaps) and to offer a range of 1,000 km.,,

Mosfets for EVs and hybrids: Raytheon UK’s semiconductor business unit has been asked by an unnamed automotive manufacturer to develop silicon carbide (SiC) based mosfets for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. Raytheon will employ its SiC fabrication expertise to develop mosfets rated at 650V/60A which can be mass produced cost effectively.,

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:44 am

BMW, Boris Johnson.

anonym“Musk is using us for his PR.”

This is BMW’s short statement to put an end to rumours that the German carmaker wants to cooperate with Tesla (we reported). The spokesperson further dismissed the idea of a German battery production as suggested by Elon Musk, saying cells could be bought through suppliers while innovation only lies in their assembly and control.

Boris-Johnson“Under the world’s most ambitious and comprehensive set of measures, we have already taken thousands of the most polluting buses and taxis off the streets, and are planning the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London from 2020. By doing their bit, Hermes too is helping to create cleaner, greener, more breathable air for every Londoner.”

London’s mayor Boris Johnson is full of praise for Hermes which delivers electrically in the British capital using 44 EVs in partnership with Gnewt Cargo.

Dec 1, 2014 - 09:42 am

Electric and hybrid commercial vehicles, BMW i8 vs. BMW M1.

Study tip: A new report by IDTechEx titled “Industrial and Commercial Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles 2015-2025” is looking at electric and hybrid trucks and new players in the market including Wrightspeed, TEVA UK/JAV and EDI. via

Video tip: Check out this battle between a classic and a classic-to-be. AutoExpress puts the BMW M1 on the track first just to then fast-forward decades of automobile design embodied in the plug-in hybrid i8.

Nov 28, 2014 - 09:29 am

BMW, Lexus, Tesla, Renault, Hebei Yujie Vehicle Corp.

BMW-Plug-in-3erBMW presents the 3 series as a plug-in hybrid prototype, which is said to hit the market by early 2016. Its drivetrain is derived from the eDrive technology with an electric motor delivering 70 kW while the system has a total output of 245 hp. The BMW 3 Series eDrive can go for about 22 miles electrically. Dave Humphreys had the privilege to drive BMWs new 3 series plug-in hybrid prototype. As it is still early stages, he finds that power delivery at times “lacks finesse” but was impressed by the PHEVs “composure” when taking corners.,, (Driving)

Lexus revelation: Toyota’s luxury brand has unveiled its LF-C2 concept at the LA auto show, a roofless roadster based on the Lexus RC. The latter is said to be offered as a hybrid variant with about 220 hp by the end of 2015.

Tesla to launch in Oz: The Californians will finally make it to the other end of the Pacific as they will launch their Model S in Sydney on December 9. Prices for Australia start at 97,000 AUD (83,000 USD) and first deliveries are set to go to homes using solar power.

Choose, s’il vous plait: British buyers of Renault’s Zoe and Kangoo Z.E. will now have the choice between owning or renting the battery. The price difference to own the battery is around 5,000 pounds (7,800 dollars) and fully owned EVs will be designated with an “i” for “included” (battery).

7-seater for China: Hebei Yujie Vehicle Corporation will bring the Yogomo to the Chinese market, a car that fits seven. Production is set to start next month and Yogomo says they are also working on a hybrid version as well as an electric version.

Nov 28, 2014 - 09:28 am

PEV registrations in California.

In California, 44,164 plug-ins were registered in the first 9 months of this year – more than in the whole of 2013. 20,516 were pure EVs while the California New Car Dealers Association counted another 23,648 plug-in hybrids.


Nov 28, 2014 - 09:27 am

Graphen, BMW Power eDrive, Solar Cycle, Nissan, Italmoto, SYM.

Graphen breakthrough: A team of physicists led by Nobel laureate Andre Geim at Manchester University might revolutionise fuel cell technology. They discovered that a new type of carbon graphite allows protons to pass through it. The researchers said their finding raises the possibility that, in future, graphene membranes could be used to ‘sieve’ hydrogen gas from the atmosphere to generate electricity.,

BMW-Power-eDriveBMW Power eDrive: The Bavarians are pretty busy electrifying their range it seems as BMW also demonstrated another concept called Power eDrive. Fitted into the body of a 5 series, the drivetrain combines two electric motors and a combustion engine. BMW strives to show the full bandwidth as the system can be toned down or deliver up to 670 hp.

Solar Cycle: A pedelec with solar panel wheels that inductively charge its battery has been developed by Dutch Solar Cycle. The prototype is using solar cells developed by Solar Application Lab with nano technology and is based on a Bosch system. However, the company aims to develop its own bike and to start production within 3 years.

Driving the “Pathie”: Australian test drove the Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 2014 and finds it considerably better than the “boxy, pedestrian character it once was,” thus managing to “redefine its value proposition” as a seven-seat SUV.

More EICMA novelties: There were loads of little treasures to be discovered at the Italian show like the EVAi electric scooter by Italmoto that boast a refreshingly light design, weighs only 55 kg and goes for 70 km electrically. Taiwanese SYM displayed its microcar ex4U, which weighs under 400 kg.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was our “Short circuit” showing Lotus F1 race drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado taking a spin in Renault Twizys in the Dubai Mall.

Nov 28, 2014 - 09:26 am

Jean-Claude Juncker, Johan de Nysschen.

Jean-Claude-Juncker“I have a vision of a commuter being able to charge his electric car along the motorway in the same way we fill up on petrol today.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, in his speech announcing 315 billion euros of investment to secure economic growth in Europe. Apparently, growing EV infrastructure is part of his vision for the EU. (full speech),

Johan-de-Nysschen“I absolutely believe that we need not only a successor to ELR but more vehicles of that caliber and they will be part of our future. We must not give up on the car. I cannot have 50 priorities at the same time. The team and I will get around to working on ELR, but it is clearly going to be a niche car.”

The new Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen on the ELR that has so far failed to deliver considerate sales. While he makes clear that he would have positioned the car differently, i.e. as a Tesla competitor, he does not see the ELR as a priority.

Nov 28, 2014 - 09:24 am

E-bike regulations, Oregon, Events.

Download tip: Bike Europe has published a White Paper on EU e-bike regulations. A must-read for anyone in the pedelec, s-pedelec or e-bike business, be it designer or dealer. (free download after registration) via

Reading tip: The best things in life are free could be the motto behind Oregon’s EV policy which does not believe in financial incentives but still has one of the highest EV adoption rates in the States. The key is properly positioned charging infrastructure.

Events for the upcoming week: Essen Motor Show (Nov 29 – Dec 7; Essen, Germany) ++ EEVC European Electric Vehicle Congress (Dec 2 – 5; Brussels, Belgium)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at


Nov 27, 2014 - 10:06 am

Ford, Mullen, Formula E, Hyundai, Audi, Toyota, VW.

Mondeo roll out: Ford has started production of its Mondeo Hybrid in its plant in Spanish Valencia. The Mondeo is the first hybrid model Ford builds in Europe and will start selling there later this year. Prices start at 34,950 euros (43,700 USD).

Coda successor: The real (and more or less only) difference between the Coda and the Mullen 700e on display at the LA Auto Show is in the power packs. Still from Lishen, the new batteries come with up to 50 kWh and are said to last for more than 200 miles. If the Mullen 700e will make it into market its price is announced to be on the same level as before: around 40,000 dollars.

Formula E stakes for sale? According to El Confidential, Alejandro Agag, CEO of the Formula E, is willing to sell its stake in the electric racing series. One of the potential investors is F1 majority shareholder CVC Capital Partners. (in Spanish) via

FCV for Canada: Hyundai will offer its Tucson FCEV with a three-year lease in British Columbia. B.C. is one of the few areas in Canada that have hydrogen fuelling stations which date back to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Spy shots of Audi A4: The new Audi A4 has surfaced on the internet, although heavily camouflaged. The new A4 will most likely debut at the IAA 2015 and is believed to be offered as a plug-in hybrid, too.,

FCV experience: Eric Rogell took a seat in the future, or better Toyota’s Mirai FCV which he sees as “the love child of a Camry and a Prius.” The Passat HyMotion prototype was driven by John Voelcker who finds that the Germans actually did a better job than their Japanese counterpart suppressing the “various noises from compressors and cooling pumps”. (Mirai), (HyMotion)

Nov 27, 2014 - 10:01 am

SkySMART, Toyota, Elbit Systems, Battery aging.

Pedal-powered transit: Shweeb Can is turning to the crowds to seek funding for its ‘SkySMART’ system. This pedal-powered monorail transit system once won a million dollars from Google. The new version now comes with solar powered electric assist., (campaign)

Toyota to restructure R&D: By 2016, Toyota Technical Development Corporation (TTDC) will integrate its R&D section into the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). The reorganization will enable TMC to streamline a comprehensive vehicle-development structure for the enhancement of its efforts, such as Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).,

Supercap charging for e-buses: Israeli Elbit Systems will present a fast charging system based on supercapacitators in December. Designed for electric buses, the supercap terminals are said to be able to charge up to 60 buses per hour with enough energy for a full tour of about ten kilometres.

EV battery aging: The Austrian automobile club ÖAMTC together with the Vienna University of Technology tested a Mitsubishi i-MiEV over three years. They found that after 40,000 kilometres driven, battery capacity descreased by 17 percent, which translates into a loss of about 20 km of range. (in German)

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Most clicked link on Wednesday was the BMW 530Le plug-in hybrid, which BMW revealed at the Guangzhou Auto Show.


Nov 27, 2014 - 10:00 am

Wolfgang Hatz, Jacob Harb, Jürgen Köhler.

Wolfgang-Hatz“In the short term I don’t see an all-electric Panamera.”

Porsche’s head of R&D, Wolfgang Hatz, might not see an EV soon as the company concentrates on plug-in hybrids for now. However, Hatz went on saying that with advances in battery technology, the company will be well “prepared” to go all-electric.

Jacob-Harb“We are now confident enough that in 2015 we will have the right infrastructure for DC fast charging, so it makes (sense) to include it standard in the MY 2015.”

Jacob Harb, Department Head BMW i USA, on upcoming upgrades for BMW’s EV in the States where the i3 has been test driven 8,000 times already.

_Juergen-Koehler“SGL is in talks with many manufacturers.”

Jürgen Köhler, head of SGL, sees a rise in demand for carbon fibre parts. He mentioned interest by VW, in particular Audi and Lamborghini, as well as GM.

Nov 27, 2014 - 09:57 am

Range extender forecast, BMW i3 design.

Study tip: A new report by IDTechEx expects the market for range extenders to grow over the next ten years to become worth 125 billion dollars in 2025. According to the “Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles 2015-2025” study, by 2025 more than 8 million vehicles will have an REx. (report) via

Video tip: Benoit Jacob, head of design BMWi, talks about the chassis of the i3 and how he tried to transport “competence” and “trust” while suggesting the light-weight of the material.

Nov 26, 2014 - 09:21 am

BMW, Cadillac, Toyota, Saleen, Kandi, Malaysia.

BMW-530-LeBMW 5 Series PHEV debut: The German carmaker has presented its 530Le at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The plug-in hybrid will be produced in China with JV partner Brilliance and is based on the long wheelbase 5 Series. The BMW 530Le combines a four-cylinder engine with an electric motor for an overall power output of 200 kW and is said to have a range of 36 miles (58 km).,

New Caddy ELR delayed? Cadillac did not bring the new ELR to the LA Auto Show as expected but displayed the current model instead. ‘GM Inside’ believes the reason being Caddy trying to turn the new ELR into a “highly autonomous vehicle” after Tesla presented its Autopilot system. via

Toyota Ranz EV: At Guangzhou Auto Show, Toyota showcased the Ranz EV in what seems to be a production ready version. The all-electric sedan is based on the Corolla and developed together with FAW. However, Toyota confirmed the ‘Leahead’ EV brand together with GAC, which will presumably beat Ranz to the market next year.

Model S enhanced: Saleen has begun deliveries of its tuned Tesla Model S with prices starting at 132,000 dollars. The tuner also plans to modify the upcoming AWD Tesla and expects its version to go from 0 – 60 mph in less than three seconds. In the meantime, “Jalopnik” reports that Saleen is running out of cash and owes more than 5m dollars, which includes about 500,000 dollars in payroll taxes.,, (financial situation)

Kandi EV gets the go: Kandi Technologies has got the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to bring its new model SMA7002BEV05 to market. Buyers of the electric SUV are thus eligible for all national and local subsidies and incentives., (picture)

EVs made in and for Malaysia: Malaysian Automotive Institute says it will develop prototypes of two electric sedans for 2015. Set to launch by 2016 and 2017, the EVs shall come at a price tag of less than 100,000 ringgits (about 30,000 dollars). To keep costs down, the institute considers battery leasing.


Nov 26, 2014 - 09:20 am

Hawaii charging.

In Hawaii, 1.8m miles of charging have been used by EV drivers at 26 charge points by Volta Industries in the last three years. The company also operates in California and Arizona and now has more than 80 charging stations.

Nov 26, 2014 - 09:20 am

Toyota, Prestolite, StoreDot, Porsche, LiquidPiston.

Toyota-MiraiLower-cost fuel cells: Toyota’s leading fuel cell engineer Yasuhiro Nonobe predicts prices for fuel cells to futher decrease. His projection is costs will have gone down by one-fourth to one-third by the end of this century compared to the costs of the current system used in the Mirai.,

Electric drive production start: Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems, a Chinese joint venture between Hydro-Quebec’s subsidiary TM4 and Prestolite Electric, has now started production in Beijing. There, it will manufacture electric motors as well as power electronic modules for commercial vehicles.

EV charging in under 3 min? Israeli StoreDot says it has developed a new battery prototype based on artificial peptide molecules the company calls Nanodots. The new battery is said to enable ultra-fast charging of smartphones within 30 seconds and even EVs in three minutes or less by 2016.,

Third Porsche 919 Hybrid: The German carmaker will have a third Porsche 919 Hybrid racing in the 24-hour race in Le Mans in summer 2015. The hybrid will make its first appearance in the six-hour race in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium in May. A driver has yet to be named.

Mini motor: LiquidPiston introduced the prototype of an extra small four-stroke engine with 70 cc. The production version is said to have an output of 5 hp with a weight of only 1.3 kg. While being made mainly for handheld power gear, the X Mini could also serve as a range extender in hybrids.,,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the new carbon fiber bodykit for Tesla´s Model S designed by tuner RevoZport.

Nov 26, 2014 - 09:18 am

Elon Musk, Toshiyuki Shiga, George Crabtree.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“I had thought the big car companies would be coming out with electric cars sooner. Crazy thing is, it’s now seven years since we unveiled the Roadster, and yet there’s still not a single car for sale without a Tesla badge that has a 250 mile range. That’s mind blowing.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk here shows astonishment on the established carmakers persistence on combustion engines and goes on thinking about expanding Tesla production to take away marketshare and thus raise the pressure.

Toshiyuki-Shiga“At the moment we are showing quite good results for the electric vehicle sales. We have a quite optimistic view for the future of EV expansion.”

Especially so as the Chinese government is pushing for EVs, according to Nissan’s Vice Chairman Toshiyuki Shiga. The company is now looking into aiming its EVs at young Chinese customers but will not “rush” into the fuel cell market.

George-Crabtree“There’s a real opportunity for next-generation storage. You have to make a big step forward. Lithium-ion will not be able to make that step. … You need a big program and a group effort to make it happen.”

George Crabtree, head of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research at the Argonne National Laboratory is calling for a concerted effort. His centre already works with Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Sandia National Laboratories, and other universities and companies.

Nov 26, 2014 - 09:16 am

Toyota Mirai, VW e-Golf, BMW i3.

Click tip: Inside EVs took a look at the Toyota Mirai at the LA Auto Show and brought home some pictures showing even what is underneath the chassis of the fuel cell sedan.

Video tip I: A new spot from Volkswagen strives to bring home the virtues of German Engineering as applied in the e-Golf to American buyers. A bit educational at times…

Video tip II: Meanwhile, BMW USA has issued a whole series of i3 videos in a similarly scholarly fashion as its German competitor VW and even explains where to find the manual.

Nov 25, 2014 - 09:39 am

BMW & Tesla, Audi, Germany, RevoZport, ScootPlus.

BMW-i8Are Tesla and BMW getting closer? In a recent interview with the German weekly Spiegel, Elon Musk has fuelled rumours of a cooperation between BMW and Tesla. Talks had involved battery technology and charging stations but Musk also identified BMW’s carbon fibre production as “interesting.” A Tesla spokesperson called the talks “informal”, BMW did not comment.,

Audi Q8 confirmed: The German carmaker will put the Q8 into production, technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg told Autocar in LA. The SUV will be out within the next three years. While a plug-in hybrid is certain, an all-electric version (aka ‘Tesla fighter’) with 700 km range is likely, too (we reported).

Audi ramps up production of the A3 Sportback e-tron from 30 to 50 units per day. It is produced on the same line as the conventional Audi A3 at the company’s main plant in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Integrated commercial EVs: The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has started its funding programme ‘IKT für Elektromobilität III’ (ICT for e-mobility III), which strives to integrate commercial EVs in logistics, grids and intelligent mobility structures. From 2015 to 2018, BMWi will invest up to 30 million euros (37m dollars). (in German)

New look for Model S: RevoZport designed a new carbon bodykit for Tesla´s Model S. The R-Zentric aerokit is said to improve “handling performance” with a wider bodykit and larger tyres and also includes an entertainment centre for the backseats.,

E-scooter with KERS: Online retailer Hobby King has the ScootPlus electric scooter on offer. The 499-dollar two-wheeler only weighs eleven kilos and has up to 30 kilometres of range. The latter can be extended as the tiny e-scooter uses KERS technology to regen – sounds like a bargain.,

Nov 25, 2014 - 09:38 am

Renault hits EV milestone.

Renault-ZoeMore than 50,000 EVs were sold by Renault, according to data from ‘Inside EVs’. Most of them were Zoes, followed by the Kangoo Z.E. and the Twizy. October was the French carmaker’s bestselling month this year, as almost 2,000 Renault EVs were purchased. (overall), (October)

Nov 25, 2014 - 09:37 am

IBM & ASELSAN, PowerCell, Toyota Boshoku, Sumitomo.

Metal-Air battery deal: Turkish defense company ASELSAN and IBM have agreed to jointly develop Metal-Air batteries for EVs. The companies aim at increasing EV range to 500 miles (800 kilometers), but did not deliver a time schedule for the batteries.

Swedish fuel cells for Asia: Fuel cell specialist PowerCell Sweden has set up a presence in South Korea under the name of PowerCell Korea. High demand for large fuel cell systems as well as the expected arrival of Kia and Hyundai FCVs are behind the Swedes commitment to South Korea.

Mirai coming together: Toyota Boshoku has started the production of titanium separators which are to be used in Toyota’s upcoming Mirai. The production technologies used for the fuel cells originally stem from the production of motor core components for hybrid systems.

Reconstruction effort: Sumitomo Metal Mining plans to build a new plant for the production of anodes for Li-ion batteries in Nahara, a town in the Fukushima Prefecture, where the evacuation plan is about to be lifted. The plant will supply materials for Tesla batteries made by Panasonic.,

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Most clicked link on Monday was Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who told German magazine Spiegel that at one point, he plans to open a battery plant in Germany. (in German)

Nov 25, 2014 - 09:36 am

Carlos Ghosn, Osamu Masuko, Roland Hwang.

Carlos-Ghosn“Obviously, we feel better when the price of oil is higher than when the price of oil is lower. But it doesn’t change our strategy. We still think zero emission is a technology of the future and we’re going to need it.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn believes that the carmaker would have still invested in electric mobility in 2006, if it had known that petrol prices would fall, because climate change is still a serious issue.

Osamu-Masuko“We would like to realize an all-electric version of a minicar, which we are actually cooperating on with Nissan now. In the future, there will be technological innovations in the battery, which will bring costs down. That means there will be pure EV versions for both A-class and B-class vehicles.”

Osamu Masuko, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., talks about upcoming all-electric models. He also says this strategy applies to the Japanese and U.S. market and that Mitsubishi plans to make a PHEV version of its Pajero.

Roland-Hwang“We need both (BEVs and FCVs) for a number of reasons, and one is competition. They will push each other (and) right now we are seeing a healthy competition between the two technologies.”

Roland Hwang from the Natural Resources Defense Council and former air pollution engineer for the California Air Resources Board, says that California wants to have 1.4 million zero emission vehicles and plug-in hybrids on the road by 2025. That will push automakers to also introduce fuel cell cars.

Nov 25, 2014 - 09:34 am

Carsharing in China, Formula E race in Putrajaya.

Download tip: The report “Carsharing in China” looks at challenges and chances of carsharing schemes in China and suggests possible measures to promote carsharing in the country. Moreover, the paper aims to portray the possible synergy of carsharing and electric mobility.

Video tip: If you cannot get enough of the Formula E or if the race was showing too early or too late for where you are living, here are the highlights of round two, held in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Nov 24, 2014 - 09:36 am

Audi, Gigafactory, Toyota, Formula E, Volvo.

Audi-R8-etronAudi announces family EV: On top of confirming its R8 e-tron at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, Audi announced an all-electric family car with a range of 280 miles for 2017. Audi is confident it can achieve the range due to anticipated improvements in battery energy density and electric-motor efficiency.,

Gigafactory in Germany? Elon Musk told German magazine Der Spiegel that at one point, he plans to open a battery plant in Germany. According to Musk, the German auto industry focuses too little on the segment. The statement comes just after Daimler announced the closing of the only battery cell production plant for EVs in Germany. (in German)

Toyota Camry 2015 for China unveiled: The carmaker presented the upcoming Camry at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The car will go on sale in China in January, followed by India later that year. As with the previous generation, a hybrid version is still in the cards.

Virgin Victory at Formula E: Sam Bird of the Virgin Racing team won the second ePrix race, held in Putrajaya in Malaysia. Lucas di Grassi and Sebastian Buemi took second and third place. On December 13th, the drivers will head to Uruguay for round 3.,

Volvo presents XC90 in LA: Only the plug-in variant will go on sale in the U.S., which has a 25 mile (40 km) all-electric range. Once available in spring 2015, the luxurious SUV will be available at all 300 Volvo dealers in the States.

Nov 24, 2014 - 09:36 am

Tesla replaces defective drive units.

Tesla has to change the drive units in 1,100 of its all-electric sedans in Norway. Apparently a part connecting the motor to the gearbox could fail, though only one percent has experienced problems because of it. Tesla says, all repairs should be completed within one month.,

Nov 24, 2014 - 09:34 am

Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Maxwell Technologies, Sodium-air batteries.

VW takes charge: In order to achieve global leadership, the German auto company will invest 106 billion dollars in new models and technological advances over the next five years. Most of money will be used to develop more efficient vehicles, as well as expanding and optimizing production processes. At the same time, Volkswagen wants to cut its costs by more than 12 billion dollars worldwide., (in German)

Mitsubishi-XR-PHEVMitsubishi XR-PHEV: The concept was unveiled at the LA Auto Show and features an inline 3-cylinder turbo, as well as a 121 kW electric engine. The model has been fitted with several 100 volt AC onboard electrical outlets that are capable of delivering an external power supply of up to 1500 watts of power.,,

Under shock: Maxwell Technologies’ 48V ultracapacitor module has met the industry’s shock and vibration ratings and has been validated for hybrid buses in China. The module combines Maxwell’s dry electrode formation and manufacturing process with a patent-pending cell structure design.

Understanding sodium-air cells: Researchers at the Canadian Light Source have run tests to better understand metal-air batteries, in order to increase energy storage and recharging capabilities. They specifically looked at different “discharge products” produced by the cell using x-ray technology.

Nov 24, 2014 - 09:32 am

Ian Robertson, Marc Lichte.

ian-robertson“We need to find ways to increase i8 production because the waiting lists in some markets are getting too long.”

BMW sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson says that the carmaker will step up production of its hybrid sports car to decrease current customer waiting times of around 4 to 5 months. In comparison, he says, the company delivers about 2,000 units of its all-electric i3 per month.

Marc-Lichte“Tesla did an amazing job, but it looks like a conventional car. What will it be like compared to the i3 and i8? It will be different.”

Audi’s chief designer Marc Lichte talks about the Audi Sport Quattro and the upcoming all-electric Audi model, which he says will be different than any other car on the market. (article in German, quotes in English)

Nov 24, 2014 - 09:30 am

OPEC, The Netherlands, Tesla factory upgrade.

Reading tip I: The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is not worried about electric vehicles, saying they “are unlikely to gain a significant market share in the foreseeable future.” The number of hybrids, however, will grow, because here range is not an issue, OPEC says. (World Oil Outlook) via

Reading tip II: The Netherlands are setting up measures to further EV adoption in the country, such as tax breaks and incentives for the installation of charging stations. This article outlines all the details, as they were listed in a recent blog post by Navigant Research., (blog post)

Video tip: Tesla’s factory in Freemont, CA, shut down for a month in July to update the assembly line to step up production of the Model S and get ready for the Model X. This time-lapse video shows, what was done. One thing you cannot see in the film – the robots were all given names of X-Men characters. via

Nov 21, 2014 - 09:40 am

Chevy Volt, BMW i3, Bafang, e-Golf, Toyota Mirai, Mando Footloose.

Chevy-Volt-2016-FrontEven easier charging: The next-generation Volt, which will debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, is said to come with facilitated charging. Volt-owners will be able to pre-set a preferred “home” charging location and charging levels. Charge status indicators get a redesign, too, while the portable 120V cord is to be extended.,,

Efficiency comparison: The EPA just named the BMW i3 the most efficient production car sold in the United States. Its 125 MPGe rating even sets its apart from the 2013 Tesla Model S 85 (89 MPGe) by an impressive 39 percent.

8Fun re-brands as Bafang: The hub motor manufacturer has taken back its original name under which it is about to open a European service centre in the German Eiffel region. Furthermore, Bafang added the mid-motor ‘Max Drive’ to its range. With a max. torque of 80Nm, it can power s-pedelecs and will go into production by March 2015.

Making the e-Golf: Karl Brauer went to Wolfsburg and Braunschweig to take a close look at Volkswagen’s production of the electric Golf. About 70 e-Golfs are produced daily on the same assembly line as the conventional model, making it easy to shift according to demand.

Driving the future: At the LA Auto Show, journalists finally got a chance to take a spin in Toyota’s Mirai. While Consumer Reports is not exactly excited but liked it “fairly well,” Eric Pfanner thinks the FCV clearly is no Prius but a car that is “fun to drive.” The Australian Motoring is not sold on the design but finds the drive rather “inspiring.”,,

Benelux dealers wanted: Mando Footloose is looking for resellers for its chainless electric folder, moving away from its online sale strategy. The European branch of Korean Mando – Halla Meister Europe BV – strives to find 40 outlets ready to offer the Footloose for 2,690 euros (3,375 USD).

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