Nov 27, 2017 - 01:12 pm

E.ON supports electric cabs in Sweden

30 Renault Zoe have arrived in the Swedish capital where cab provider Taxi Stockholm is working to electrify its fleet. The entire charging infrastructure has been provided by utility E.On and includes the provision of electricity from renewables.

Nov 17, 2017 - 04:41 pm

LeasePlan to achieve greener car fleets

Dutch LeasePlan is about to launch an EV pilot programme to motivate its clients to switch to low-emission vehicles. The project allows fleet operators to choose how many EVs form part of their pilot and offers help regarding the installation of charging infrastructure solutions.

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Nov 17, 2017 - 04:31 pm

Alphabet adds FCVs to its fleet in Germany

BMW leasing subsidiary Alphabet Germany extends its fleet through acquisition of new fuel cell vehicles: 30 Toyota Mirai models are expected to arrive before the year’s end and shall serve as company and car pool vehicles in some of Alphabet’s major clients’ fleets over a three-year period.

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Nov 9, 2017 - 11:33 pm

Stockholm gets one of a kind e-bike sharing

5,000 hire electric bicycles will be rolled out in the Swedish capital in 2018 and 2019 after the current contract for the 1,200 regular rental bikes will finish this year. The pedelecs are marketed as “Hybrid Bikes” not only for their muscle-electric propulsion system but also because their batteries can be removed.

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Nov 9, 2017 - 11:18 pm

20 Hydrogen Buses for Birmingham

The city council of Birmingham has paved the way for a hydrogen bus trial scheduled to start in March 2019. 20 buses shall be deployed on key routes. The 13.4m pounds project is backed by several grant contributors such as the Office for Low Emission Vehicles or the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. Potential operators for the scheme can still respond to an open tender.,

Oct 23, 2017 - 11:27 am

Stockholm, Poland, BYD, Severn Trent, NextGen.

Stockholm gets one of a kind e-bike sharing: 5,000 hire electric bicycles will be rolled out in the Swedish capital in 2018 and 2019 after the current contract for the 1,200 regular rental bikes will finish this year. The pedelecs are marketed as “Hybrid Bikes” not only for their muscle-electric propulsion system but also because their batteries can be removed. In fact, it is a novel approach to the charging issue as the batteries are literally in the users’ hands. Anyone who signs up for the scheme will receive a battery to charge at home and to place into the pedelec when needed. The use is free once you paid an annual member fee of 28 euros and such low cost is possible because the city of Stockholm gave operator JCDecaux advertising space in return.,

Poland’s biggest electric bus project to date is underway with the transport provider MZK seeking to acquire 47 electric buses to take up service in the town of Zielona Góra. Once the buses arrive, they will replace 60 percent of the overall fleet. Charging infrastructure will be set up by Ekoenergetyka-Polska. They will install fast-chargers that charge at 400 and 800 kW at eleven bus terminals. 29 automated pantographs are part of the deal as well as are the 28 slow charging stations (40 – 80 kW) for overnight charging. The project costs 4m euros.,

21 BYD buses for the Netherlands: Dutch transport provider Connexxion has ordered 21 electric Midibuses from BYD. They shall glide along the roads of the province of North Holland in the country’s northwest from summer 2018., (in Dutch)

Fleet replacement: UK water company Severn Trent wants to replace 2,200 vans, cars and tankers with alternative fuel vehicles within the next 10 years. The first batch of four Nissan e-NV200 shall mark the start of the campaign next month.,

Enough testing: After a three year trial with the NextGen electric trolley, the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority is buying 26 of the buses at a cost of about 1.2m dollars each. The first production model will be out on the street by early 2019.

Oct 20, 2017 - 09:22 am

CleverShuttle, UK, Bratislava, London, Volvo.

Mirai fleet for CleverShuttle reaches Munich: After introducing 10 of Toyota’s Mirai cars in Hamburg in September, ride sharing service provider CleverShuttle brings also 15 of the Japanese fuel cell vehicles on the roads of the Bavarian capital. Additionally, Munich sees the installation of a new hydrogen filling station in its Trudering neighbourhood. It is the 41st of such a station in Germany. CleverShuttle will benefit from the station, but also BeeZero, a FCV sharing service owned by Linde., (in German)

UK parliament discusses charging point obligation: In the traditional “Queen’s Speech” in June, it has been mentioned that as part of a new law for electrified and autonomous vehicles, service station providers in Great Britain could be obliged to install EV charging points. Exactly this topic is now at the first reading stage in the House of Commons. If the parliamentarians sign the law, operators of motorway service stations and large petrol retailers would be required to erect EV charging infrastructure at their sites.,,

18 electric buses for Bratislava: Public transport provider DPB plans to replace diesel-powered buses of its fleet in the Slovakian capital through one and a half dozen electric-powered buses. The replacement shall be completed by June 2018. Backed by EU funding, the transport provider wants to purchase 16 12-metre buses, two 9-metre buses as well as charging infrastructure.

The black cab’s final testing: London sees the first electric-powered black cabs on its roads. With six vehicles, British Geely subsidiary LEVC (former London Taxi Company) has kicked off the final testing stage, before all newly licensed taxis have to be capable of zero emission by January 2018. Here is, what CEO Chris Gubbey says in our interview about his company’s ambition.,

Volvo to supply 50 hybrid buses: The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) has chosen Volvo Buses as a supplier for 50 hybrid buses, powered by diesel engines as well as electric battery packs. The Volvo 7900 Hybrids shall hit the roads of Singapore gradually by the second half of 2018. Through the new order, Volvo Buses’ balance climbs towards more than 3,000 hybrids provided worldwide.

Oct 19, 2017 - 09:56 am

Balearic Islands, Shell, Trondheim, Atlanta, Adelaide.

Charging the Balearic islands: 500 fast-charging stations are destined for the Balearic islands with 300 of the chargers to go to Mallorca alone. Funding comes from the tourist tax fund that earmarked 13m euros for the charging infrastructure. There are already 150 charging stations on Mallorca. (in German)

First fast-chargers at Shell stations: The petrol-chemical company has teamed up with Allego and has installed fast-charging stations at pit stops in London, Surrey, and Derby. Seven more gas stations have been selected to get EV charging opportunities before the year’s end. Shell also wants to develop fast-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and the Philippines.,

Electric buses for Trondheim: Heuliez Bus has received an order for ten of its new electric city buses. Tide Buss wants to deploy the GX 437 ELEC in Norwegian Trondheim. Another 25 electric buses will come from Volvo to Trondheim thus bringing the fleet up to a total of 35 as planned.

Gotta be EV ready: In Atlanta, new commercial and single-family residential units would have to be “EV-ready,” according to an by-law introduced into the City Council. The ordinance would require developers to install the electrical infrastructure to support EV chargers.

Charging hub Down Under: The city of Adelaide and the state government have turned to Mitsubishi Australia to open a charging station with eight fast-charging spots downtown. It is the first of its kind in South Australia.

Oct 18, 2017 - 08:55 am

Fastned, General Motors, Bremen, Efacec, Smatrics.

Autocharge with Fastned: You may forget about those charge card/s, they are a thing of the past, and the apps too. At least at Fastned carging stations. The Dutch have introduced Autocharge, a function of CCS that recognises the electric vehicle and initiates charging automatically and also credits the session without further ado. Autocharge has been rolled out to a few selected users but soon, any car with a CCS charge port will be able to register for Autocharge.,

Self-driving cars in New York City: General Motors wants to become the first company to test self-driving cars in NYC, where it will deploy a fleet of autonomous Chevy Bolt early next year. They will roam in a 5-square-mile section of lower Manhattan. Still an operator will sit behind the steering wheel just in case but Cruise Automation, that developed the software, hopes to learn from the more aggressive drivers and adverse weather conditions that make New York so different from San Francisco, where GM also operates driverless Bolts.

The H2 network grows to 41 stations in Germany as Daimler, Shell, and Linde launch Bremen’s first hydrogen filling station. It is located close to the motor way as well as the Mercedes-Benz plant. Three more stations are planned, in Munich and Cologne this week, then bringing the total number of H2 charging stations to 41 in Germany.,

Mobile fast-charger: Efacec has developed a mobile fast charger. It is basically built into a towable container and the system can charge three vehicles simultaneously, while fed through the local grid or by a generator. Charging power is up to 320 kW (nominal) and 350 kW (maximum).

German-Austrian charging corridor: Smatrics has forged a cooperation with Smartlab so that customers using the latter’s network can use another 1,200 charge points in Germany from now. The other way around, clients from Smatrics can charge at 400 more charging points in Austria.

Oct 17, 2017 - 01:01 pm

Tesla, Hubject, Los Angeles, Q-Park.

Dual charge port by Tesla: The Californians have unveiled a dual connector charge port system to support more than one charging standard on the Model S and X. In Europe and China, Tesla usually uses the Mennekes plug (Type 2) but has now added the second charge port featuring China’s new GB standard. This points to a CCS plug coming to Europe soon, given Tesla reacts to the standardization efforts that have been undertaken in a similar fashion and the EV maker had joined CharIn last year.

Hubject is hungry for more and announced its expansion to the States and China. The shareholers are on board and have freed some more millions of euro. In the U.S. the charging network provider has already established a subsidiary, Hubject Inc. which is now to be build up and find partners. The move into China is in preparation as you read and Hubject hopes to set up “a comprehensive digital charging network in cooperation with local providers and operators.”

EV sharing in LA: Los Angeles got its first all-electric car-sharing service using Tesla Model X thanks to Green Commuter. The operator leases EVs to vanpoolers during commuting hours and to car-share users or companies for fleet replacement the rest of the time. The Model X are available to the public through the Green Commuter app.

Reserve a place to charge and park cheaper is the offer Q-Park is flagging to members of the UK’s Polar charging network. The 20 percent discount applies on parking in city centres across the UK and Ireland when drivers pre-book online. Meanwhile, Polar has just installed its 300th unit on the Isles, according to operator Chargemaster.
parking, 300 chargers (both Chargemaster)

Oct 16, 2017 - 08:41 am

UK, Ireland, Leeds, Ford, Malaysia.

UK to invest 1bn pounds in electric mobility: The British has government announced to spend 2.5bn pounds until 2021 to meet its climate targets, fixed in its “Clean Growth Strategy”. As part of this roadmap, 1bn pounds have been approved to promote electric and low-emission vehicles. The Clean Growth Strategy is detailing government spending between 2015 and 2021. In its update, the government also confirmed once more the aim to ban combustion-powered cars by 2040.,

Ireland supports electric corporate fleets: In order to promote electric cars in company-owned fleets, the Irish government establishes a zero percent rate of Benefit-in-Kind for such vehicles. Existing EV incentives such as a purchase premium of up to 5,000 pounds and a reduction of the vehicle registration tax are going to be continued, too.,

Leeds welcomes electric double decker: Bus company First Leeds is currently testing an all-electric double decker bus in Leeds. The vehicle called Metrodecker EV carries up to 99 passengers and provides a range of almost 150 miles. The bus company’s trial project is part of its plan to invest 71m pounds into the purchase of 284 ultra-low emissions buses.,

Ford triples charging opportunities for staff: The U.S. carmaker says it will extend the amount of charging stations for its employees in North America from currently 200 to 600 within the next three years. The company explains this move by pointing at the fact that charging options at the workplace are a decisive criteria to opt for an electric vehicle purchase.

150 electric buses for Malaysia: GETS Global and Putrajaya Leisures & Services Group signed a MoU as both partners seek to bring 150 electric buses to the streets of Putrajaya. However, they take their time: The electric bus fleet shall not go into operation before 2025.

Oct 13, 2017 - 07:53 am

Shell, NewMotion, ioki, Oxford, Chicago, Malaysia, California.

Shell acquires NewMotion: Oil giant Shell takes over charging infrastructure specialist NewMotion, a company with access to 50,000 public charging stations and according to own information, provider of the biggest charging network in Europe. Thus, Shell is the first oil group to enter the charging infrastructure market on a large scale. As part of the Shell group, NewMotion shall be further in charge of supplying charging solutions for private households, companies and public areas.,

Deutsche Bahn kicks off EV ride sharing: The German railway company presents a new brand for on-demand mobility and autonomous driving: ioki will provide electric shuttles, autonomous electric buses and electric tuktuks. After starting operation in Bavaria-based Bad Birnbach this month, ioki will launch a ride sharing shuttle service linked to the public transport system in Hamburg next year. Additionally, Hamburg will see a trial area close to the railway station to test autonomous electric buses.,, (all in German)

Oxford to ban combustion engine cars: The British city wants to keep petrol-powered and diesel-powered vehicles out of its territory by 2035. The ban shall be implemented in several stages. Already by 2025, the access to several streets shall be limited to cars with electric powertrain only.

Electrifying Chicago: The third biggest city of the States wants to electrify 25 percent of its passenger fleet until 2023. In a first step, Chicago is going to purchase 182 EVs, 9 fast-charging stations and 182 lower-level chargers. The costs will be covered by a 15.5m dollars federal grant.,

100 EV charging stations for Malaysia: Petronas Dagangan, a subsidiary of the country’s national oil and gas group, teams up with Asia’s biggest energy provider Tenaga Nasional and a state green technology firm to erect 100 charging stations across the peninsula. The beginning of the project is scheduled for 2018.

CA sees first electric school buses: Adomani has founded a subsidiary called School Bus Sales of California and just received an order, worth 1,1m dollars. The Calaveras Unified School District seeks to add three zero-emission electric 72-seat school buses to its fleet.

Oct 12, 2017 - 07:53 am

European HPC, Renault, StratosFuel, Singapore, Ontario.

OEMs join forces to build fast charging net: Almost one year after their first declaration, BMW, Daimler, Ford and Porsche (representing the VW Group) finally created a JV to build a CCS ultra fast-charging network together. The Munich-based European High Power Charging GmbH & Co. KG shall fund 350 kW charging stations along the Autobahn and other European key routes. In an initial step, the JV seeks to erect 400 locations. However, the long-term objective are “thousands” of ultra fast-charging stations across Europe. The project might still start before the year’s end.,, (in German)

Renault acquires shares in Jedlix: The French carmaker and Eneco subsidiary Jedlix are cooperation partners since September 2015. Now, Renault went a step further and acquired a 25% share in Jedlix. Both companies want to launch new EV offers, based on Jedlix’ expertise in smart charging and Renault’s knowledge of EV technology.

H2 car sharing for California: StratosFuel is about to kick off a car sharing service with fuel cell vehicles in California. The company plans to start with 15 hydrogen-powered cars and to expand its fleet as well as its service area later on. In order to launch its service, StratosFuel benefits from state subsidy.

50 hybrid buses for Singapore: In the second half of 2018, Singapore’s roads will see a total of 50 new hybrid buses supplied by Volvo. The order is worth 30m dollars, future operator is the Land Transport Authority (LTA). But that’s not all: The LTA is about to call another tender for additional 60 hybrid buses due to go in operation in 2019.,

Kingston to erect charging network: The City of Kingston in the Canadian province Ontario will benefit from 29 additional EV charging stations. The city’s council agreed to invest almost 800,000 dollars. Currently, Kingston just offers eight charging stations that are independently owned.

Oct 11, 2017 - 09:42 pm

Stockholm, OpenLV, Wales, Bengaluru, Dubai.

More electric tuk-tuks for Stockholm: Start-up Bzzt kicked off its transport service in the Swedish capital in May and prepares now to expand its fleet from 18 to 38 electric tuk-tuks. Additionally, the company secured another 7m Swedish krona in funding. This money shall help to develop advertising solutions and explore foreign expansion.

How to cope with increased electricity demand: A new UK initiative seeks to open up data from local electricity substations to let network operators and third partners know about levels of capacity for charging EVs on local electricity networks. The OpenLV project shall thus help to cope with the increased demand posed by charging EVs in Great Britain.,

Electrifying rural Wales: 30 new charging points will double the size of Monmouthshire’s and rural Newport’s existing charging net in the upcoming month. A scheme funded by the EU, Welsh Government and Monmouthshire council enables free installation of charging points to 20 businesses. Furthermore, ten charging points will be erected in Monmouthshire town centre car parks.

50 new Tesla cars for Dubai: Car hailing service Uber has announced to bring 50 EVs made by Tesla to the streets of the emirate this week. Just recently, the Dubai Taxi Corporation added as well 50 Tesla models to its limo taxi fleet.,,

150 electric buses on Bengaluru’s roads: The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) intends to buy 150 electric buses and is currently preparing the tender. While investment costs are expected to be two to three times higher than for diesel-powered buses, the transport corporation can benefit from funding provided by India’s FAME scheme. So far, BMTC operates 6,400 buses – all of them are diesel-powered.

Oct 10, 2017 - 09:40 am

EV Box, Volkswagen, Shell, Fortum, Hunan.

EV Box targets DACH region: Dutch charging infrastructure specialist EVBox is about to enter the so-called DACH region, consisting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. At the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS30) in Stuttgart, the company said it opened a global office in Munich this month. It is its ninth office worldwide. EVBox is part of French utility ENGIE, the takeover took place earlier this year.

Volkswagen to fund charging net in Virginia: The Governor of Virginia prepares a Request for Proposal worth 14m dollars to plan and install a statewide EV charging network. Funding shall come from Virginia’s portion of the Volkswagen settlement. The request is part of the state’s EV initiative that supports infrastructure projects to enable an EV adoption rate of 15 percent by 2027.

First fast charging stations for the Philippines: Oil company Shell and QEV Philippines partner in order to establish the first EV fast charging network on the island state. The project will be supplied by ABB and is supposed to start in December. Initially, 100 charging stations are planned.,,

Finish-Indian partnership: Finnish energy company Fortum and NBCC India team up to extend EV charging infrastructure in India. Both signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a first 22KW AC charger, which will be maintained by NBCC and operated by Fortum’s cloud based system, has been erected in New Moti Bagh Colony.

50 electric buses for the province of Hunan: Chongqing Suitong New Energy Automotive Manufacturing has been chosen by a public transportation service provider in the Chinese province of Hunan to supply a fleet of fully electric buses. The company, backed by manufacturer China Dynamics, signed an agreement to deliver 50 units of its 8.5 meter buses.

Oct 9, 2017 - 09:25 pm

Hyundai, Linz, ABB, Solaris, Volta Charging.

Hyundai launches first EV sharing: In Amsterdam, a fleet of 100 Ioniq EV is free floating and can be booked via an app. For the Japanese carmaker it is the first EV-only sharing service in Europe and it chose the Dutch capital due to its existing infrastructure. There are 2,200 public EV charging stations in Amsterdam alone and Hyundai says customers may drive the cars all over the Netherlands and can pay by the minute, hour, or per day.,,

20 electric buses for Linz: The Austrian city of Linz has received its first electric bus. Double-articulated and at 24m length, it belongs to an order of 20 such buses using IMC (In Motion Charging) technology by Kiepe Electric. Due to arrive by 2019, they shall replace the trolley bus fleet while increasing the capacity per vehicle by 30 percent and charge whenever they get in touch with the overhead wire.

ABB in India: The Indian arm of Swiss ABB has submitted a bid to provide 4,500 charging points as part of the government’s tender to procure 10,000 electric vehicles (we reported).

Solaris sales grow again as the Polish busmaker received an order over ten electric buses and infrastructure from the Stalowa Wola municipality in the Podkarpackie region of Poland. The vehicles can be charged via pantograph or plugged in.

Enter & Charge: Volta Charging announced a ten-year agreement to deploy EV charging stations near the South and East entrances of the United Center in Chicago. Launch is set for this month.

Oct 6, 2017 - 08:50 am

V2G by Nissan, E.On, PlugSurfing, EV plan, Mahindra.

Electric piggy bank: V2G is coming to the UK as Nissan has teamed up with utility Ovo on the Isles. Those willing to not only recharge their car but to also give back energy to the grid at times will receive payment and Nissan estimates clients could make (or save) up to 400 pounds a year. A similar project in Denmark, where the Japanese partnered with Enel, has already reaped first fruits (we reported).,,

Plug-in stations upgrade: German utility E.On is expanding its cooperation with service station provider Tank&Rast to equip about 90 stations in Germany with EV chargers ready for rapid charging with up to 350 kW. The first step will be 150 kW however which is already an improvement given that existing stations deliver 50 kW. The cooperation is in line with E.On’s strategy that sees them also working with Clever across the Nordics reportedly.

Another widening of a charging network has come through as Toyota has chosen PlugSurfing to offer French buyers of the Prius plug-in hybrid the RFID charge key of the Berlin-based start-up. It unlocks the wires at over 50,000 EV charging stations across Europe and PlugSurfing and Toyota have a similar deal for customers in Switzerland.

Pro EV region: The governors of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming signed a non-binding MoU to create a unified regional EV plan to allow electric cars to recharge and travel easily along the 5,000 miles of freeways in the western USA. The group’s action shall include EV awareness campaigns, voluntary charging station standards, funding collaborations and the integration of EVs in planning permissions.,

Indian match making: Mahindra has matched the bid made by Tata Motors for supplying 10,000 electric vehicles to India’s Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), thus winning 30% of the order. Mahindra will supply 150 of the 500 EVs to be delivered in the first phase by the end of November.,

Oct 5, 2017 - 08:26 am

Nissan, EVA+, ABB, BYD-ADL, ChargePoint.

Nissan to extend charging infrastructure: The Japanese carmaker intends to increase its European charging net by 20 percent within the next 18 months, meaning that it adds 1,000 units to its existing 4,600 CHAdeMO fast chargers. Additionally, more EV fleet owners shall enjoy the possibility of Nissan’s bi-directional charging and thus get able to „sell“ back their vehicle’s energy to the grid. This V2G system has been tested in Denmark and is about to be established in other countries, too.

EVA+ does progress: As part of EU-backed fast-charging project EVA+, 30 charging stations have been erected between Rome and Milan. The project is coordinated by energy company Enel, further partners are Verbund, Renault, Nissan, Volkswagen and BMW. Their common objective is the installation of 200 multi-standard fast-chargers in Italy and Austria within three years, as reported.

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ecomobiel2017Ecomobiel 2017 – Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management in Holland. Take advantage of opportunities like new contacts, cooperations and participation in workshops and debates on different segments. Charging, infrastructure, Smart Mobility and LEV to name just a few. Visit Ecomobiel 2017.

ABB presents chargers for 150+ kW: Technology company ABB will present its new fast-charging system Terra HP at EVS30 next week in Stuttgart. The company states that its 150-350 kW product has the capacity to charge 400V as well as 800V vehicles at full power.,

A dozen electric buses for Liverpool: BYD-ADL has supplied 12 of its Enviro200EV buses to the British city. The electric-powered fleet will be operated by Arriva Merseyside and is going to roll on the City Centre Circular Routes 26 and 27. In London, a total of 157 BYD-ADL buses are already in service or about to be delivered.,,

Charging via smartphone: ChargePoint has established a new access modus to more than 40,000 of its charging spots across North America. The system works by tapping iPhones, Android Phones or Apple Watchs on ChargePoint’s chargers. With this “tap to charge” feature, the company seeks to simplify the charging process.

Oct 4, 2017 - 08:46 am

Tata Motors, Cologne, Edinburgh, Wirecard.

India to buy 10,000 EVs: The Indian government in Delhi decided to turn to local Tata Motors to supply 10,000 electric cars following its successful bid in a tender that saw Mahindra and Nissan partake as well. The new EV will be used to replace government cars over the next four to five years but can only mark a starting point given that India’s official fleet incorporates about half a million vehicles. Tata Motors will supply the EVs in two phases to the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a branch of the Ministry of Power, that expects the first 500 units this November. To fulfil the contract, Tata wants to start producing the compact sedan Tigor with electric motor at its Sanand plant in Gujarat.,, (Tigor)

Biggest H2 bus order to date: 30 fuel cell buses and two hydrogen filling stations worth a total funding of 13m euros have been granted to Cologne’s public transport agency RKV through the federal programme NOW. It will pay 7.4m euros with the other 5.6m euros coming through the EU’s JIVE project. Once the buses will go into service by 2019, RKV will operate one of the biggest fuel cell bus fleets in Europe, especially as there is an option for another ten such vehicles. (in German)

Electric buses roam Edinburgh since bus operator Lothian Buses has put its first electric coaches into service on October 1. The six buses run through the Scottish city’s central air quality management area. Lothian Buses ordered six Street Air buses from Wrightbus for worth 2·7m pounds. These are fitted with 300 kWh batteries that will be charged overnight. There will be five more electric buses added to the fleet next year when the Service 1 will become the first fully electric route.

Park, charge and pay: Wirecard, a digital payment solutions provider has linked up with evopark to connect their services. In the future they hope to also offer payment for EV charging services.

Sep 29, 2017 - 08:27 am

Total, NewMotion, Gogoro, Téo, Suzhou E Motors.

Total and NewMotion: Oil giant Total partners with EV charging company NewMotion to offer its professional customers access to a network of more than 50,000 EV charging points in 25 European countries. The contract will enable 3m Total cardholders to uncomplicatedly charge their EVs and HEVs. The project’s kick-off is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2017. (in German),

Electric scooter sharing for Japan: Taiwanese manufacturer Gogoro teams up with Sumitomo to introduce its electric scooters with exchangeable batteries also in Japan. A pilot of a sharing service called GoShare will start on the island Ishigaki with expansion to other parts of Japan scheduled for 2018. Sumitomo is also among the investors Gogoro won in its latest 300m dollars financing round.,,

Téo to fill the gap that Uber leaves behind? Canadian electro taxi company Téo wants to expand its fleet from currently 110 to 350 electric cars within 18 months. By doing so, Téo hopes to fill the gap that rival Uber could leave behind as it might quit Quebec due to regulation problems.

Electric vans and buses for 20m dollars: Chinese company Suzhou E Motors Buses will supply 450 electric vans and 10 electric buses to Zhenjiang Baichuan New Energy Automobile. The contract that both partners signed has a volume of approximately 20m dollars.

Sep 28, 2017 - 08:18 am

Singapore, Australia, SunLine Transit, China.

EV sharing in Singapore: The sovereign city-state will see the debut of its first islandwide EV sharing programme in December. Operator BlueSG, a subsidiary of French conglomerate Bolloré, wants to start with 80 EVs and 30 charging stations. Within three years, the fleet shall grow to 1,000 electric cars and the infrastructure network to 500 stations with a total of 2,000 charging points.,

Electrifying South Australia: Eight fast charging stations have been inaugurated in Adelaide – among them four Tesla Superchargers. The new stations are part of a network developed in South Australia that allows Tesla drivers to commute between the north of the state, its capital Adelaide and Brisbane.

Equipment for fuel cell electric buses: For 8.3m dollars, the Californian SunLine Transit Agency has ordered a combined hydrogen PEM electrolyser and H2 station fuelling solutions from Proton Onsite and Nel Hydrogen Solutions. With an expected hydrogen capacity of up to 900 kg per day, SunLine intends to fuel its growing fleet of fuel cell electric buses in the Palm Springs area.

China’s 5-km radius rule: The rather poor Guizhou province will see an extensive EV charging network in urban areas in order to catch up with richer regions in energy conservation. By 2020, the provincial government targets one charging point within a 5-km radius in every county-level city. In Beijing and Shanghai, charging facilities are available within a radius of less than 5 km.

Sep 27, 2017 - 08:10 am

Allego, Fortum, Cityscoot, London, California.

Allego and Fortum Charge & Drive: Both companies signed a Letter of Intent to link their charging networks and to win further partners in order to create a pan-European infrastructure net, consisting of “Multi Charging Hubs” in metropolitan areas and at highways as well as home charging stations.

Electric scooter sharing soon in Nice: After having launched its sharing service in Paris, Cityscoot intends to expand to Nice in January 2018. The company will debut with 50 electric-powered scooters, but plans to multiply this amount to 400 EVs soon after., (in French)

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More infos >>

Charging stations for London’s south: Wandsworth, a district of south London, sees 35 new EV charging points at 11 sites. According to the Wandsworth Council, additional 50 charging points shall follow by the end of the year.

Commission supports EV sharing in CA: In order to implement an EV sharing service, Envoy Technologies can count on 1,5m dollars, approved by the Californian Energy Commission. The sharing programme is particularly addressing disadvantaged communities in the greater Sacramento Metropolitan and the California Bay Area.

Sep 26, 2017 - 10:04 am

Tenerife, Hyundai, Dubai, UK, IndyGo.

14 fast-chargers for Tenerife: The biggest of the Canary Islands wants to extend its charging infrastructure by adding 14 fast-charging sites to the existing network of 8 rather slow-charging stations by the end of the year. However, that is nothing against the expansion plans in the upcoming three years: By 2020, Tenerife shall see already up to 415 charging stations. (in German)

Gratis charging for Hyundai’s employees: Hyundai Motor America has installed more than 100 level-two charging locations for its employees driving an Ioniq EV respectively PHEV or a Sonata PHEV. The charging net enables Hyundai’s workforce to recharge its cars during its working hours at the headquarters in Southern California.,

Dubai launches EV incentives: Dubai’s road and energy authorities want to motivate residents to replace their combustion-powered cars through EVs, thus, offering a bunch of incentives: For example, future EV owners can recharge their cars for free at Dewa-approved stations until 2019, use free designated parking and do not have to pay for their car’s registration.

More fast-chargers for UK district Devon: The Mid Devon District Council partners with InstaVolt as it seeks to install more fast-charging points in its region. The charging network shall work on a “pay-as-you-go basis”, thus being easily accessible for everyone. The first charging point has been erected in Tiverton, others shall follow in Cullompton and Crediton.

DOT awards IndyGo: Indianapolis’ Public Transportation Corporation IndyGo intends to gradually replace diesel buses through electric models, targeting a fully-electrified fleet by 2032. The U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) just contributed 1.45m dollars to support this project. The money shall help to expand the necessary charging infrastructure.

Sep 25, 2017 - 08:19 am

Ikea, LeasePlan, Norway, Japan, UK, BMW.

Ikea’s and LeasePlan’s EV strategy: 10 multinationals founded the initiative EV100 (as reported) and publish now step-by-step details about their individual electrification plans. LeasePlan for example intends to switch to an all-electric fleet by 2021. Ikea has announced to replace combustion-powered company cars at 355 sites in 30 countries through fully electrified vehicles and says it would expect that also from partner companies responsible for its deliveries. Additionally, Ikea wants to equip every store with charging stations for employees as well as for clients., (Ikea)

Norway launchs EV infrastructure programme: The Norwegian government approved funds to promote the implementation of fast-charging stations, according to the BusinessPortal Norwegen. The new programme will support municipalities with less than 2 fast-charging points by contributing 40 percent respectively 200,000 crones for every new triple charger.

Japan to relax regulations for H2 stations: Next year, the Japanese government intends to reduce regulations for the implementation of hydrogen filling stations in order to halve the installation and operational costs until 2020, Nikkei has learnt. The cabinet’s aim is to increase the number of H2 stations from 91 today to 160 in 2020 and up to 320 in 2025.

How to lower freight emissions: The UK’s government raises 15m pounds for domestic companies presenting solutions to reduce freight emissions. Roads Minister Jesse Norman says the aim is to support research into low emission technology for lorries as well as cars and vans.

Official provider of BMW’s portable chargers: AeroVironment has been chosen by BMW of North American to provide BMW- and MINI-branded accessory EV chargers. The system provides two chargers in one, enabling flexible dual-voltage (120 V or 240 V).

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1,000 fast chargers for NYC: 10m dollars to install fast-charging infrastructure in the big apple is what Mayor Bill de Blasio is willing to spend between 2018 and 2020. He reckons that will be enough to help Con Edison set up 50 fast-charging hubs with 20 charging points each in all five boroughs of New York City. That is a 1,000 fast-charge points in two years time for the city that aims for a 20% EV share in new registrations by 2025 and is part of the C40 Cities network. Lead on.

Generous EV incentives: Baden-Wuerttemberg, home to the likes of Daimler and Porsche and usually known for its frugality, is increasing its e-mobility incentive scheme for the third time. The “Landesinitiative III” offers 43.5m euros that will be handed out as vouchers (BW-e-Gutscheine) to not-for-profits, nurseries, SMEs, bus and taxi companies as well as car sharing clubs or driving schools. Such entities can claim 6,000 euros when buying an electric car or 1,500 for a PHEV on top of the federal incentive. Cargo electric bicycles are funded with a generous 4,000 euros, while bus companies may get up to a 100,000 euros, the same is true for those looking to invest into an electric truck.

Bi-directional charging goes public: A public V2G charging point in Europe is being installed in Helsinki, Finland. The two-way charger is part of the EU mySmartLife project and a cooperation between Virta, Helen and Nissan as it complements an existing solar power plant and stationary energy storage.,

Over on the Isles a V2G charging service has been launched by DriveElectric, a provider of leased ULEVs. Drivers can charge both at home or at the workplace and DriveElectric signed a MoU with Japanese manufacturer Nichicon to sell and operate the company’s V2G chargers in the UK.

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