Sep 6, 2016 - 07:55 am

Tesla, fuel cells, Prius, Vector.

Tesla loses Missouri: The U.S. state’s Auto Dealer Association has won its case against the EV maker, which will no longer be allowed to sell cars directly to its customers. That means that there will still be Tesla show rooms in Missouri, but the cars can only be purchased online.

UN pushes FCVs in China: The third phase of UN Development Programme looking to push commercialisation of fuel cells in China to help limit climate change has kicked off. The project “Accelerating the Development and Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles in China” follows tests with a total of 12 prototype FC buses from different manufactures.

Prius police car: Dubai police have added another four Toyota Prius the fleet, which now includes a total of ten of the “best-selling” hybrids. A few months ago, the country’s Roads and Transport Authority also pledged that half of its fleet would be hybrid by 2021.

Charging Auckland: Vector has installed another two fast-charger at BP Connect Pakuranga and another two at Auckland Airport Shopping Centre, bringing the total number of chargers at the airport to seven. The company has launched a digital map with charging location. The latter is said to soon also be available as an app. (BP), (airport)

Sep 5, 2016 - 08:55 am

California, Supercharger, Wisconsin, Envision Solar, fast-chargers.

New round for California EV incentives: The Clean Vehicle Rebate Program has been allocated another 133m dollars, after previous funds were used up. Meanwhile, the qualifying income level cap will be lowered to 150,000 dollars a year for single filers and 300,000 dollars for families from November 1st, to keep people from using the rebate to purchase luxury cars.

Supercharger update: According to electrek, all Tesla drivers could soon be asked to pay for supercharging. It was revealed that Model 3 driver could purchase Superchargers credits or pay with credit card (we reported) to plug in, something the carmaker could adopt for all models to decouple the price for charging from the price for the car. Meanwhile, the world’s largest Supercharger has officially opened near Oslo in Norway. (charging), (Norway)

Wisconsin goes Leaf: The U.S. state started an electric vehicle group buy programme from early August, allowing buyers to get as much as 8,000 dollars off when buying a new Nissan Leaf, as well as get better leasing conditions. The programme concludes on September 30th.

Envision Solar conquers Europe: The EV infrastructure provider has set up its first solar-powered charger EV ARC in the port of Malaga in Spain. Manufactures BMW, Nissan, Porsche and Mitsubishi will also use the station to promote their plug-ins, as well as the benefits of driving with solar power.

Charging northern Germany: On top of the 19 rapid-chargers between Hamburg and the Danish boarder, the top of Germany will see another 28 fast-chargers installed. The first five will even go online before the end of the year. The chargers will cost around 40,000 euros each and will be paid for by a group of eleven investors. (in German)

Sep 2, 2016 - 08:13 am

Hubject, CSULB, Tesla, SunShare, Greenstorm Mobility.

Green charging across Europe: Hubject and the South Pole Group have developed a certification allowing EV drivers (in terms of figures) to always charge renewable energy. With “intercharge green,” charge point operators will be able to offer 100 percent green energy at any public charging station in Europe.,

Mega solar carport: The California State University, Long Beach, is setting up a solar carport with a total capacity of 4.8 MW. It will be completed by the end of 2017 and will then cover 15 percent of the University’s energy needs. Moreover, it will be fitted with 50 EV charging stations that will also use the solar energy.

Tesla announced partnership for flagship store: The carmaker is working with Shinsegae, South Korea’s largest retailer, to open the first Tesla showroom as well as install chargers at 25 or the retailer’s locations. Tesla only expanded to the South Korean market a little over a week ago.,

EV rebates: Through the programme SunShare, any home owner in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento can get solar panels at a discounted rate. For the first time, the scheme now also drops the price for the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Mirai, as well as other Zero Emission Vehicles.

Trade hotel bed for Tesla: The Tirol-based start-up Greenstorm Mobility has come up with an emobility scheme to fill empty hotel beds. The idea is that hotels can offer vouchers and can in return use electric bikes or cars for a certain period of time. Some 40 EVs such as Teslas and BMWs, as well as more than 1,000 e-bikes are already part of the fleet., (in German)


Sep 1, 2016 - 08:15 am

Supercharger, Uber, Hungary, Sydney.

Pre-pay the Supercharge: It becomes more and more evident that Tesla will charge those opting for the Model 3. The MyTesla pages ask for credit card payment, while an in-depth look at the CCS section reveals “supercharger-payment” and “supercharger credits in kWh” sections.,

Uber electric: More than 50 Nissan Leaf and BYD e6 will soon be available to hail via the Uber app in London. A trial has already started. By autumn, another British town is to profit from the offer and the ride hailing service says “hundreds” of electric taxis shall be bookable by 2017.,,

4m euros for 1,000 EV chargers: The Hungarian Ministry of Economy opened a 3.9m euro fund for EV charging infrastructure. The Eastern European country aims for a 1,000 stations and has asked towns and communities with at least 15,000 residents to apply. (in Hungarian) via (in German)

Electric airport shuttle: Sydney Airport launched its first electric bus. It is the first of five Blu Emu buses to follow before the years’ end. They replace an ageing diesel shuttle fleet. Delivered by Carbridge in a JV with BYD, the Toro model can carry up to 70 passengers. Meanwhile, Perth is testing the autonomous electric RAC Intellibus that transports up to 11 guests at an average speed of 25 kph.,,

Aug 31, 2016 - 08:28 am

South Korea, Australia, NuTonomy, Texas Instruments, Charging Corridor.

Futuristic expressway: South Korea wants to build a network of “smart” motorways for self-driving electric cars by 2020. These are said to include stretches where the EVs can be charged inductively while driving. By 2018, all major rest stop along the country’s expressway will be equipped with chargers.

Fuelling the future: The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has already ordered 20 units of the next Hyundai fuel cell model, said to hit the road in 2018. The cars will be part of a project that is looking to use excess wind energy to produce hydrogen to fuel more than 1,000 FCVs.

Expanding the autonomous fleet: Start-up NuTonomy that recently began testing autonomous taxis in Singapore (we reported), wants to also trial its electric cars in other cities. It will add three Asian cities to the mix from 2017 and wants to expand to a total of ten locations by 2020 – then also including cities in Europe and the U.S.

Wi-Fi enables chargers: Texas Instruments presented a reference design of an EV charger with Wi-Fi connection, to allow EV owners to i.e. charge at non-peak times or monitor charging from a distance. The technology can be used for home and public chargers.,

Charging corridor: A total of ten fast-chargers are to connect Quebec in Canada with the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon. When the project will be completed is not clear, but on the Quebec side, a number of charger have already been installed. Two other U.S.-Canadian corridors are still up for discussion.

Aug 30, 2016 - 08:09 am

California, V2G charging, Hamburg, Denver.

Mega EV charging project: California utility Pacific Gas & Electric has submitted a proposal to set up another 7,500 AC and 100 DC chargers. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is said to announce its decision as early as Monday.,

Bidirectional charging fleet: Utility Frederiksberg Forsyning has added ten Nissan 3-NV200 to its fleet in Copenhagen, as well as installed ten Enel V2G chargers. When the EVs are not in use, they can feed as much as 100 kW back into the grid.

Hamburg, a VW model city: The two partners have agreed that the German municipality will become “a model city for future, renewable and integrated urban mobility.” That includes new forms of transportation for people and goods, and emobility projects, such as the integration of more electric buses. (in German)

Denver goes all-electric: The Colorado city will replace all of its 36 buses on the downtown pedestrian mall with electric ones. Charging will take place over night., (with video)


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Aug 29, 2016 - 08:01 am

Clever, Spiri, South Africa, Proterra, Cobb County.

Clever cooperation: Following a similar deal with BMW (we reported), Clever and VW now offer buyers in Denmark a charging flat rate for newly purchased electric or plug-in models. On top of that, buyers get a personal charger installed at home.

Autonomous carpool: Danish start-up Spiri wants to start a carpooling service with its own electric vehicles starting next year. Design and performance details are said to be unveiled at the end of September. Spiri says it cars will be able to drive autonomously in the future.,

Charging South Africa: Nissan and BMW have installed its first three joint chargers in the. The two carmakers are working together (we reported) to set up a charging station network across South Africa by 2017.

E-Bus for Illinois: The Illinois Quad Cities’ MetroLINK transit organization has ordered two battery-powered XR buses from Proterra. The deal also includes an option for further purchases through 2020.

Electric emergency response: The fire department and emergency services in Cobb County in the U.S. state of Georgia have added seven Nissan Leaf to their fleet. The vehicles are being leased and are reserved for staff members. The department expects to save more than 170,000 dollars compared to operating petrol-powered cars.

Aug 26, 2016 - 08:55 am

Teheran, Lidl, Envision Solar, Rotterdam, Orange EV, Macau.

Teheran clears the air: To fight air pollution, the Iranian capital will implement a low emission zone from September. In the beginning, all cars with a valid plaque can enter, but regulations are said to tighten in 2017. The LEZ replaces the alternating driving bans for vehicles with even or odd license plate numbers.

Lidl plugs in: The supermarket chain has set up 20 EV charging stations at its locations in Germany. While it operates internationally, the company says it has no central plan to push EV infrastructure, but that every country can decide itself which measures to take. (in German)

Let the sun shine: California has renewed its one-year contract with Envision Solar for another 12 months. It now plans the delivery and installation of solar-powered EV chargers at local government agencies and organisations.

Water taxi electrified: The world’s first hybrid water taxi has gone into service in Rotterdam. Powered by a Torqueedo system, it can reach a top speed of 25 kph and has room for 12 passengers.,

Voucher-approved truck: Orange EV announced that its battery-electric terminal truck has qualified for subsidies in California. Companies and organisations can therefore save between 95,000 to 120,000 dollars.

Electric test route: The Chinese Transport Bureau will set up a specialty line on the Macau peninsula for a month, to test two electric buses – one each from TCM and New Era. During the trial period, the buses can be ridden for free.

Aug 25, 2016 - 08:08 am

Hawaii, ReachNow, Green Motion, icon, Berkshire.

EV sharing in Hawaii: NGO Blue Planet Foundation wants to set up an e-carsharing on the island of Oahu from early 2017. A total of 70 electric cars are said to be available, while charging will be installed at 20 locations. However, the grant application has yet to be approved.

Reaching further: After launching in Seattle, the BMW sharing scheme ReachNow will also start in Portland, Oregon, from September 6th. The all-electric i3 will, however, only be included in the fleet at a later date.

Expanding borders: Green Motion has opened its first franchise location in Rumania. Electric and hybrid cars can be rented at the Bucharest international airport. Rumania is the brand’s 26th country of operation.

Fleet expansion I: The Hong Kong luxury hotel Icon has added two electric shuttles from Wuzhoulong Motors to its fleet. Both have room for 14 passengers and join two Tesla Model S and a BMW i3, which the hotel already operates.

Fleet expansion II: The Berkshire Council now has three new Peugeot Partner Electric on its fleet, more than doubling its number of EVs. It already has two Nissan Leaf in operation.


Bosch Amps Up

Aug 24, 2016 - 08:04 am

Here, Smart Charge, British Columbia, Spinx, Rochester.

Charging alliance I: German mapping service Here has teamed up with Finish Vitra, which operates hundreds of public chargers in different European countries. Thanks to the cooperation, these are now visible on Here maps.

Charging alliance II: Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and CLP Holdings have founded a 50-50 joint venture to offer charging solutions in Hong Kong. The new company Smart Charge is mainly said to install chargers at parking stalls in front of apartments and offices.

Climate Leadership Plan: The Canadian province of British Columbia has published its plan on how to reduce emissions. That includes making EVs more affordable and increasing the support for charging stations in buildings. The goal is to reduce emissions by up to 25m tonnes below current forecasts by 2050.;

Charge while shopping: Spinx has set up fast-chargers (Level 3) at seven of its convenient stores in South Carolina. The charging stations are part of Nissans “No Charge to Charge” programme, but are accessible for an EV with the right inlet.

Rochester goes EV: The city of Rochester, Massachusetts, has received a state grant to lease three electric vehicles for three years, as well as set up a charging station. The best location of the latter will be decided on soon.

Aug 23, 2016 - 08:24 am

Beijing, South Australia, Gogoro, India.

Cleaning China: Beijing is about to exchange 45 percent of its fleet of sanitation vehicles with electric ones. Already by the end of this year, 791 specially made vehicles by BYD will be sweeping the streets or collecting garbage. By the end of next year, the Chinese capital is to be cleaned by a fully electric fleet consisting of various models.

South Australia to go green: The states plans a push for electrification as it seeks to switch 30 percent of its fleet to plug-in vehicles. In numbers that is to grow the electrified fleet from 161 to 2,000 units over the next three years. South Australia’s capital Adelaide aspires to become a carbon neutral city.,,

Gogoro expands: Another 100 charging stations for the rental electric scooters shall be installed at businesses in Taiwan. Gogoro says it sold more than 10,000 electric two-wheelers and set up 225 battery swapping stops in six Taiwanese cities.

India’s first electric motorcycle comes from Tork Motorcycles. The T6X said range is above 100 km with a top speed of 95 kph. Before its launch in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad in 2017, Tork is to set up a 100 charging stations in each city.

Aug 22, 2016 - 08:21 am

Helsinki, Alpiq, Missouri, Ford, Middletown.

Driverless shuttle: For two months, Helsinki will be testing two self-driving EZ10 electric mini-buses from French company EasyMile. Compared to other road tests, the Finish capital seems to have imposed much less restrictions for the autonomous vehicles to be integrated into regular traffic.,

“Grand Tour of Switzerland” electrifies: The 1,600 km long holiday route in Switzerland will be fitted with charging stations by the end of 2017. Alpiq E-Mobility received the order and has begun with the installation of a first charger in St. Moritz.,

Like an island in the sun: Missouri will set up “charging islands” along the I-70 highway. Ameren Missouri is currently on the hunt for three locations that will offer fast- and regular charging.

Predictive shuttle service: Ford will offer an electric shuttle service on the MIT campus from September. The service will be on-demand, but is also said to predict when people will need a ride, by learning when and where there are the most pedestrians on campus. (with video)

Electric mobility in Middletown: The city of Middletown in Connecticut has used a government grant to purchase six Ford Focus Electric and install two EV charging stations with two charge points each. The city footed half of the bill. (with video)


Aug 19, 2016 - 08:14 am

Maven, NREL, Bristol, Greenlining, United Arab Emirates, ChargePoint.

Opel car sharing: German Vauxhall is to import GM’s car sharing service Maven to Europe by 2017. If the service will include the Ampera-e (aka the Bolt) remains to be seen as details will only follow in November. The cars will be booked via app but the system is not free flow. (in German)

Technological evolution: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is looking to convert 14 propane-powered buses to electric power at Utah’s Zion National Park. So far, the move will first be evaluated by gathering data on use and topography. Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska has made its decision and took delivery of two hydraulic hybrid shuttles from Lightning Hybrids. (Utah), (Alaska)

University of Bristol decided to replace four diesel vans with electric ones as it found the diesels not suitable for the conditions on campus that include short rides and start-stop at hills. The four Nissan e-NV200 are charged at four EV charging station on-site, saving further time and pit stops.

Widespread EV adoption: The Greenlining Institute has issued an online tool kit to facilitate EV adoption in underserved communities. “Electric Vehicles for All: An Equity Toolkit” deals with EV awareness, affordability as well as information about specific tools and resources for policy-makers. (guide),

Charging like a sheik: Al Qasba, a tourist and family destination in the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates has installed two EV charging stations at its car park. To promote the new spots, two BMW i8 made a princely charge stop. The stations are part of a green parking initiative.,

High qualifier: ChargePoint appointed Jennifer Granholm to its Board of Directors. The former governor of Michigan is a law professor at UC Berkeley, senior research fellow at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute, and project scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.,

Aug 18, 2016 - 07:55 am

Hamburg, London, EVFutureGrid, Australia, Mahindra.

Innovation line: Three electric buses have taken to the streets in Hamburg. The Solaris vehicles join plug-in hybrid buses from Volvo that have been in operation since 2014. All buses are able to charge at the same charging terminals by Siemens via the supplier’s onboard equipment. Each of the two interoperable charging terminals has a capacity of 300 kW and two charging stations.

London Fire Brigade electrified: The firefighters of the British capital are en route to electrify their entire fleet by the end of the year. Already, 73 of 103 stations boast a EV charging station. 52 BMW i3 REx are to join the brigade that operates five PHEV at the frontline before the year’s end.

Indian EV arrives in England: Mahindra has delivered its first e20 to a British customer. The business woman bought the compact electric car online and will use it to see clients.

Lease a charger: EVFutureGrid is looking for people in Ontario, Canada willing to lease a home charger for 25 dollars a month. There are no upfront cost, installation is taken care of, and in exchange FleetCarma gathers driving and charging data.

Charging South Australia: Queensland got its first charger as Locality Planning Energy installs one of five planned Veefil fast-charging stations made by Tritium. Availability can be checked via app. The charger is located in Noosa.,

Aug 17, 2016 - 09:36 am

H2 Logic, EV Hub, CharIn, CARB, Atlanta, Ameren.

H2 expansion accelerated: Norwegian H2 Logic is about to take its fast-fuelling hydrogen stations to the U.S. by the year’s end. Its stations are said to fuel up to seven fuel cell vehicles per hour (we reported). In Europe, the company has deployed about ten stations so far.,

Full service fast-charging: EV Hub is a modern age gas station, or charging centre. The British firm plans to inaugurate the first two hubs by the end of this year. They will boast up to 20 fast-chargers but also facilities like restaurants or a gym to procrastinate productively while waiting for the battery to fill., evhubuk

CharIn to expand: The initiative that wishes to take CCS global is making its way across the pond. Together with P3 North America, manufacturers and infrastructure providers want to make DC charging more widely available. CharIn counts Ford, GM, Tesla, and Faraday Future among its members.

CARB calculator: Electricity costs for battery electric bus deployments in California can be calculated. CARB published a tool for download that estimates costs for charging on route or at the depot. (calculator) via

Electric first response: Atlanta in Georgia is adding another five electric vehicles to its fleet for first responders. They will serve on the renaturalised Beltline, a former railway corridor. Eventually, the city’s agencies hope to entertain a 60 strong pool of EVs. Georgia Power helped fund the project.

Missouri’s largest utility Ameren looks to install what it calls five charging islands between St. Louis and Jefferson City. The EV charging spots would be 20 – 45 miles apart and would allow for four electric cars to charge simultaneously with different standards. Approval has yet to be granted.


Aug 16, 2016 - 08:02 am

California, Netherlands, Germany, GM, CarCharging

New EV legislation in California? A new bill calls for 15 percent of all vehicles to be electric by 2025 in the Golden State. The proposal will require CARB to adopt a regulation by the end of next year and would force all carmakers to offer EV rather than just buy credits. “This is about clean cars, not credits,” stated Assemblywoman Autumn Burke who is behind the bill. via

The end of ICE in the Netherlands seems to become a reality as a proposal by the Dutch Labour party initiative has since passed in the lower house of parliament. Once the bill passes the Dutch Senate, car makers would be required to offer nothing but electric cars from 2025.,

H2 car sharing starts in Germany: Hyundai and Linde open the BeeZero car sharing to the public in Munich today. 50 Korean FCV are thus available to hire. Users do not have to bring them back refuelled but are welcome to try the hydrogen station. (in German)

Lyft turns down GM: The carmaker offered to take over the ride-sharing service fully but Lyft turned to venture capital instead. GM invested 500m dollars last January and currently holds nine percent. Both companies work as partners on trials with autonomous EVs. via

CarCharging not profitable: CarCharging filed its report for 2015. While losses have been reduced and revenue is up, the infrastructure provider still loses two dollars for each one it makes. There are 11,600 charging stations installed.

Aug 15, 2016 - 08:04 am

Electric Autobahn, PHEV Taxation, Charge Your Car, New Zealand, Dubai.

Electric Autobahn confirmed: Two stretches of highway will be designated for testing electric trucks in Germany this year, the German Environment Agency (UBA) confirmed. Proposals have been handed in and the selection process is underway. Once a decision is made, construction works are to begin. Siemens’ eHighway sees hybrid and electric trucks equipped with a pantograph hooked up to a catenary system. It has already been set up in Sweden and California. (in German)

PHEV taxation reform: Company car tax for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in Britain could soon be based not just on CO2 emissions but also on their range, HM Treasury has proposed. The policy is designed to incentivise longer ranges and to move away from hybrids.

Charging Scotland will be Charge Your Car (CYC) as it was selected operator by Transport Scotland. The charging network includes over 550 public charge spots and the contract is worth 750,000 pound.,

10m dollar EV fund for NZ: The government of New Zealand intends to double the number of EVs each year to reach 64,000 by 2021, a market share of about 2%. A 10m EV fund has been set up to co-finance private and public sector partners working on e-mobility initiatives.

Driving in Dubai will become more electric over the years. The government willed for new cars to be ordered by its bodies to include a 10 percent share of electric or hybrid vehicles in the future.

Aug 12, 2016 - 08:00 am

GM + Lyft, Philippines, ReachNow, Twizy, POD Point.

Autonomous lift in a Bolt: GM and Lyft aim to have a fleet of self-driving cabs ready by January 2019. The Chevy Bolt is the most likely vehicle for the undertaking that could see 725 EVs hit the roads. Already, the companies are testing prototypes in San Francisco and Scottsdale (we reported).

The first 3,000 electric trikes of planned 100,000 units will arrive on the Philippines this September. Delivery is to be completed by the end of the year. The ministry of energy issued a tender for the next 6,000 electric three-wheelers. Back then, Bemac Electric reportedly won the first bid.

Park & Fly: BMW added a new service to its ReachNow fleet in Seattle. Members of the carsharing can now park and pick-up cars from the fleet which includes about 100 i3 at Sea-Tac airport. There are complimentary shuttles from the garage to the gates and back.

Hire a Twizy no more: At least not on the Isle of Wight, where 15 of Renault’s little EVs were available. The operator took the service offline just 5 months after launch and after receiving 40,000 GBP in funding but gave no explanation. His 26 rental Twizy in New Forest are still up and running.,,

Charging electric motorbikes: POD Point partners with Motocorsa, who is the sole supplier of Energica electric motorcycles in the UK. They will provide EV infrastructure.

Aug 11, 2016 - 08:04 am

City2Share, Stella-Sharing, Nissan, Massachusetts, Ritz-Carlton.

Multi modal e-mobility: City2Share is a 5.8m euro research project of the German government that studies how electric cars and bikes can increase air quality and reduce noise levels in cities. Over four years, trials will run in Munich and Hamburg. There, sharing of autonomous EVs, wireless charging, rental pedelecs, and electric cargo bikes will be utilised. The project is led by a consortium of public and private partners that includes BMW, Siemens, UPS, DriveNow and TU Dresden.

Electric scooter sharing: Stuttgart started an electric scooter sharing. Stella-Sharing includes 15 e-scooter by Emco and is operated by the town’s utility. Registration can be done online and the two-wheelers can be booked via app. The batteries will be swapped and provided by a fleet of cargo pedelecs from VeloCarrier. The fleet shall be extended to 75 electric scooters by March next year. (in German)

Group buy: In Canadian Québec a buying group for the Nissan Leaf has already gathered 3,000 followers and counting. It is even more astonishing as it was organised privately. The reservations can be made without posting a deposit., (reservation, in French)

A free shuttle programme debuted in San Diego this Tuesday. ‘Free Ride Everywhere Downtown’ (FRED) is a partnership between the city of San Diego, Civic San Diego and the Downtown San Diego Partnership. 15 all-electric 5-seaters are running daily and can be hired free of charge via app.,, (FRED)

Electric school bus: Three communities in Massachusetts, namely Cambridge, Amherst, Concord and Acton-Boxborough, will start a pilot with an electric yellow school bus and charging station each. Comes autumn, the eLion bus funded by the DoE will pick up kids.

EV charging at the Ritz-Carlton: The luxury hotel brand plans to install EV charging stations at all its locations worldwide. Ritz Carltons in the U.S., Barcelona, Chengdu, and Shenzhen already are equipped with two chargers each and more will follow.,

Aug 10, 2016 - 08:25 am

Luxembourg, GOFAST, Denmark, Apple, CarCharging.

Luxembourg selects provider: Engie Cofely Luxemburg and Powerdale have won the tender to install and operate 800 planned EV charging stations in the Grand Duchy. 200 will be erected each year from 2017 to 2020. Powerdale will deliver the public charging stations and internet application while Engie will handle service over twelve years. All five grid operators in Luxembourg are on board as is the public transport provider in order to offer a multi modal model to end users.

Switzerland got fast-charging: The first 150 kW rapid charger of the GOtthard FASTcharge (GOFAST) network stands. The multi-standard outlet is located close to the southern entry of the Gotthard road tunnel that connects Italy and Switzerland. 150 stations are planned. (in Italian), (in German)

Danish drop electric cars: Municipalities in Denmark are buying less EVs since the central government has decided to phase back the registration tax for electric cars. The policy’s dire consequences were revealed by e.On, which found that EV sales shrank from 323 in Q1 2015 to 62 in Q1 this year.

Apple Energy: The IT giant can power homes as it gets the approval to sell energy into wholesale markets beginning this Saturday. The firm reportedly harvests sun rays on farms in Cupertino and Nevada and has recently shown interest in EV charging tech.,

CarCharging expansion: The infrastructure provider says it built almost 100 new EV charging stations in various states like California, Florida, Hawaii, or Tennessee over the last two months. During that same period, CarCharging also restored another 400 stops on the Blink network.

Aug 9, 2016 - 07:38 am

London, Hyderabad, Plug Power, Tesla.

London to ban buses: The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, confirmed his plans for ‘Low Emission Bus Zones’ that prioritise the greenest buses on the worst polluted routes. The first route will start in Putney in February, where then only hybrid or Euro 6 diesels will be permitted to run. A second route will be converted in October 2017. The zones will also incorporate changes to the road layout to ensure buses have priority over other traffic. All shall be implemented by 2020.,

The world’s biggest bike sharing is to be installed in Indian Hyderabad. 300 stops for 10,000 bicycles and e-bikes will be located at metro and rail stations and around the city. The project will be co-funded by UN Habitat and climate protection agencies. A first station is scheduled to go up in September.,

Fuel cell van: Plug Power is working on fuel cells to extend the range of electric delivery vans. The firm has been part of a trial with the U.S. DoE and FedEx, where fuel cell trucks returned to the depot to be refuelled, thus tripling their reach effectively. Plug Power hopes for a deal with FedEx.

Tesla disqualified: Neither the Model S nor the Model X are eligible for EV subsidies in South Korea because their batteries are too big essentially. Grants are given only to EVs which charging takes less than 10 hours with a 7 kWh charger. Yet, Tesla now offers a 60 kWH variant that might be a hit in Korea.

Aug 8, 2016 - 08:04 am

Wash & Charge, ICU, Yorkshire, Leicester City, Massachusetts.

Wash & Charge: Tesla is about to enter into a partnership with Eco Green Auto Clean, which uses less than a cup of water to clean a car. EV drivers could then have their car polished while supercharging. The service is already tested at the Fremont facility. If rolled out, it would be subscription based.

Charge sharing commercialised: Private charging stations could soon be made available to the paying public. A new software by The Mobility House,, and ICU enables owners to charge other EV drivers per charge. Currently, the service only works for ICU stations in Germany and Austria. (in German)

CSI comes electrically: Crime scene investigators in West Yorkshire started a one year trial of two Peugeot Partner EV. The electric vans have been converted to fit the force. Peugeot has provided both the electric vans as well as charging facilities for free.

Playing the premier league: Leicester City players were presented with 19 BMW i8 as a premium for becoming the British masters. The move is surprising – pleasantly, probably – as initially the price was a Mercedes B class ED for each footballer. An upgrade in glamour but downgrade for the environment.,

Zooming around town: Middleboro in Massachusetts will lease four Chevy Volt. Another three electric cars may follow in the future but the council hopes for prices to fall further first.

Aug 5, 2016 - 07:54 am

Munich, ChargeNow, Nissan, Phihong.

Electric only: Munich’s ruling conservative party CSU wants to electrify transport in the Bavarian capital. By 2030, all buses shall be electric. To do so, Munich’s public transport provider is to seek the community of other buyers. Similar attempts have just started in Berlin and Hamburg. The party aims for its own fleet to be electric as well. Furthermore, the package demands more EV charging stations – 200 shall stand by 2017, esp. next to taxi ranks. The city hopes for funding from federal sources. (in German)

ChargeNow USA: BMW rolls out its charge card network in 25 U.S. cities. Through the partnership with EVgo, drivers of the i3 and i8 can access the network but for a charge. BMW includes a pay-as-you-go option and membership fees for unlimited charging that start at 99 dollars.,

No charge to charge: Nissan makes its free EV charging scheme available in 10 more U.S. markets. Leaf owners in places like Miami, Portland, or Milwaukee now charge for free for the first two years.,

Electric roadside assistance: Phihong launches a portable 10 kW DC charger for electric vehicles. It can easily be rolled along on its four wheels and delivers 12V and 24V in remote areas or in emergencies. It doubles as energy storage system with 3.5 kW backup AC power.

Aug 4, 2016 - 08:38 am

Coup, straddling bus, Nissan, New Bedford.

Bosch electric scooter sharing update: As already reported, the automotive supplier is bringing the new sharing scheme COUP to the German capital, which it now officially presented. It will feature 200 Gogoro scooters with exchangeable batteries – which COUP will charge itself.,,

Straddling bus becomes reality: A prototype of the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) was officially presented in China. It literally drives above traffic and has room for 300 passengers. Testing will take place away from public roads in Qinhuangdao. The final version could have room for as many as 1.200 people.

Electrified future: According to a recent analysis by Nissan, the UK will have more chargers than petrol stations by 2020. That is, if the expansion of charging infrastructure and removal of filling stations continues at the same level as in the past few years.

Leading by example: The city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, now leases 19 Nissan Leaf. It now also operated a total of 27 EV charging stations, ten of which are publicly accessible and free of charge.

Aug 3, 2016 - 08:28 am

South Korea, India, TARC, New Jersey, NovaCharge.

South Korea gets more electrified: The government wants to help EV charging infrastructure along, investing 180m dollars before the end of the year. A total of 150 fast-chargers could be erected by November. Another 30,000 charging points at apartment complexes are also part of the deal.

India’s three-year EV plan: No less than five million EVs and hybrids are supposed to hit the road in India in the coming three years. The government wants to support uptake by offering tax reduction for fleet operators and a scrappage fee for cars with combustion engines.

New electric buses for Louisville: Die Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Kentucky, USA, is adding six new all-electric buses to it fleet. With the new Proterra buses, the transportation company now has a total of 15 all-electric buses on the road. The switch is said to safe 60,000 gallons of diesel per year.,

Charging on campus: The College of New Jersey has opened five EV charging stations on campus, in an effort to become more sustainable. The college is partnering with utility PSE&G, which provided the equipment for free. TCNJ will foot the bill for installation and maintenance.

Customised charging: NovaCharge now offers its NC-5000 EV chargers for all. The customisable front allows businesses to promote their own name, while offering EVs a place to plug-in. Just recently, the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) in Florida chose the chargers for exactly that reason.

Aug 2, 2016 - 08:33 am

Carsharing, BYD, Chargemaster, Tesla.

E-carsharing in Poland? The cities of Wroclaw and Krakow both want to implement a carsharing scheme with 200 vehicles each and are looking for operators. Start-up SharCar is meanwhile planning its own scheme in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Tri-City and Lodz. The majority of the schemes will start out with 100 electric cars and 30 EV charging points., (in Polish)

Electric taxis in Singapore: Operator HDT Singapore Taxis wants to add 10 electric taxis to its fleet in the first quarter of next year, namely the BYD e6 electric crossover sedan. 30 units are already in in service and seem to have convinced the company to add a few more.

BYD heads to Brazil: The Chinese manufacturer wants to use its EV know-how to become more active in South America. It’s now eyeing a tender from Correios, Brazil’s biggest postal service group, to which it had already loaned one of its T3 electric vans in march.

Chargemaster teams up with Q-Park: Chargemaster has added all 124 EV chargers in Q-Park parking facilities in London to its portfolio. The CPO will take over operation and maintenance. Chargemaster’s POLAR network is already comprised of more than 4,000 chargers across the UK.

Tesla expands charging network: Tesla is adding two larger Supercharger stations with 20 stalls each near its production plant in Freemont. The EV maker is also adding a place to plug in in Nebbens, just north of Oslo (Norway).

Aug 1, 2016 - 08:59 am

EnBW, London, BYD, BMW, Bolloré.

Diesel ban I: German utility EnBW counts 3,600 fleet vehicles – which it is now looking to renew. All diesel cars will successively be replaced by electric and hybrid cars. Just recently, EnBW subsidiary BW Netze took delivery of 50 e-Golf.

Diesel ban II: The City of London Corporation announced that it will not purchase or lease any new diesel cars. Having established environmental zones, the British capital has been trying to keep diesel cars out.

Mega deal in the works? BYD is reportedly hoping to get a 1.52bn yuan deal from the Shenzhen Bus Group for the delivery of hundreds of electric buses. As reported, a big portion of a deal with the city of Shenzhen for nearly 3,000 electric buses had fallen through without further explanation.

BMW Connected for Europe: Already available in the United States, the digital mobility assistant will soon arrive on the old continent. BMW Connected recognizes information like addresses or arrival times from calendars and calculates the best time to leave based on real-time traffic information. Moreover, one can check range and battery charge level for electric and hybrid cars without entering the vehicle, to help plan travels more accurately.

E-carsharing in Singapore: Bolloré will operate its planned electric carsharing in the Asian city state for ten years. On top of delivering 1,000 EVs, it will install 2,000 EV chargers that will be made public after the end contract. Bolloré also wants to locate is Asian-Pacific business in Singapore and will open a research centre there.

Jul 29, 2016 - 08:22 am

Apple, Greenlots, Fastned, Baton Rouge, emobility grants.

Apple puts charging on the map: Apple is partnering with Parkopedia, integrating their data on more than 40m parking possibilities in 75 countries into Apple Maps. The service is said to also include information about the availability of charging spots.,

V2G with Greenlots chargers: Greenlots has received an order for 200 EV charging stations in public areas, as well as private homes and businesses in Washington state. Utility Avista is planning to integrate Greenlots’ SKY platform into a V2G pilot project in the eastern part of the U.S. state.

Fastned gets ready for Tesla: The Dutch charge point provider has fitted all 50 of its fast-chargers with Tesla adapters. According the company’s annual report, it saw turnover go up an average 10 percent per month, while the provided amount of electricity and number of users rose 11 and 7% per month, respectively.

Baton Rouge in Louisiana wants to install eleven chargers for street level parking and in parking garages. Both the infrastructure and the installation will be paid for by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation (BRAF), while the city-parish will pick up the yearly maintenance bill. Moreover, non-EVs blocking the stations will be fined 50 dollars.

Emobility grants: Pierce Transit in the U.S. state of Washington will use federal grant money to purchase its first two electric buses from Proterra. The U.S. city of Choasset in Massachusetts spend its grant money on three electric and hybrid vehicles for the municipal fleet, as well as charging stations. (Washington), (Massachusetts)

Jul 28, 2016 - 08:17 am

Renault Mobility, Ford, Proterra, eMotorWerks, Missouri.

Renault announces Zoe-sharing: The French manufacturer will implement a carsharing scheme called Renault Mobility in France, which it will present at the Salon d’Automobile in Paris in October. On top of cars with combustion engines, private and business customers will also be able to rent the Renault Zoe.

Ford cooperates with MIT: The two have announced a research project using a fleet of electric shuttles. LIDAR sensors and cameras will measure pedestrian traffic on campuses and public roads to determine areas where there is demand for electric shuttle buses.

New electric busses across the pond: Proterra announced that eight existing and new customers have received grants to buy a total of 35 electric buses. That brings the manufactures total orders to 287 electric buses from 38 U.S. cities.

Charge with voice command: California-based company eMotorWerks has announced a new voice command function for its JuiceNet charging stations. Amazon’s Speaktoit assistant Alexa is there to help.,

Local incentives: Missouri utility Empire District Electric has set up a charger at the Missouri Southern State University. Moreover, it incentivises clients to purchase electric cars, promising 2,000 dollars in subsidies per EV and 1,000 per PHEV bought.

Jul 27, 2016 - 08:08 am

UK, Munich, Green Commuters, Massaschussetts, Thailand.

New round of grants: The British government has earmarked 30m pounds for bus operators and local authorities to purchase clean energy buses and corresponding infrastructure. A total of 326 electric, hybrid and biomethane buses will benefit from the grant.,

Gewofag electrifies: The Munich-based housing association Gewofag has purchased 27 VW e-Up! to replace part of its old fleet. Its fleet now includes 31 EVs and is said to be totally electrified in the coming years., (articles in German)

E-carsharing with Tesla X: Starting in August, Green Commuter will offer a fleet of Tesla Model X in Los Angeles for people to use for ridesharing to and from work, as well as regular carsharing. How many electric SUVs will hit the road, has yet to be announced.,

Fighting range anxiety: The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is looking to erect six 50 kW fast-chargers along Interstate 90 by the end of the year. Each of the stations will cost about 30,000 dollars plus installation. Another six locations will follow “in the near future.”

Oil company pushes electrification: Thai oil company PTT is looking to install 20 EV charging stations in 2017. PTT already has four chargers in the ground, all including a DC, an AC and a normal Schuko connection.

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