Nov 3, 2014 - 09:15 am

Toyota, Wiltshire, Greater Manchester, La Poste, Audi, Dubai.

Toyota expands charging infrastructure tests in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. It will erect 43 new charging stations, added to the 104 already installed in the region. The goal is to find the optimal number of chargers and the best locations to encourage EV usage. In addition to past tests, stations will also be set up at cultural and social service facilities.,

Wiltshire opens fast-charger network: The Wiltshire County Council had received 225,000 pounds (400,000 USD) in funding from the British Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to erect six fast-chargers across the county. It now also received a further 180,000 pounds (288,000 USD) to install more public charging points in public sector areas.

The use of EV charging stations increased 12-fold compared to last year in Greater Manchester. The 300 installed charging points there were used a combined total of 974 times in September. In the same month last year, only 82 sessions were recorded.

The 5,000th Renault Kangoo Z.E. has been delivered to the French postal service, which also employs 18,000 e-bikes, 1,000 electric quads and 100 electric trikes. Moreover, La Poste and Renault have agreed to extend their cooperation and to i.e. improve the range of the vehicles produced by Renault that are currently part of the La Poste fleet.,

Audi carsharing: The new “Audi shared fleet” service now rolls into the German capital and the client “Factory Berlin” picked (among others) an Audi A3 e-tron. The service allows companies to choose from the entire Audi portfolio and pay only for the time a vehicle is in use. Audi coordinates the bookings and takes care of filling tanks, as well as cleaning and servicing the fleet.,

Dubai tests e-buses: The Roads and Transport Authority wants to further study range of e-buses and lifetime of batteries under the extreme (hot) weather conditions in the United Emirates. Charging infrastructure will be developed together with the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority.

Oct 31, 2014 - 09:20 am

South Korea, Multi-Contact, Coca-Cola & XL Hybrids, Chicago.

EVs are a must: South Korea’s government yesterday announced that starting next year, all government agencies and national universities must choose from electric cars for over 25 percent of their new purchases and rentals. The goal is not only to protect the environment, but also to create new jobs.

Charging on route: Swiss Multi-Contact has developed an automatic charging system for electric buses. While at a stop, a flexible plug clicks into the bus’s charging socket, allowing for charging current of up to 900 ampere. According to Multi-Contact, the stops of existing bus lines can easily be retrofitted.

Coke hybridises: Coca-Cola is adding 140 additional gasoline-electric hybrid Chevrolet Express 3500 vans converted by XL Hybrids by early 2015 to go with the 103 it already has in the fleet. 70 of the new vans are currently being delivered, a further 70 will follow.

Chicago gets two electric buses: The New Flyer Industries buses are said to go between 80 and 120 miles on one charge and save 25,000 dollars in fuel cost per year. The electric buses cost one million dollars each and were funded by a 2.2 million dollar grant from the Federal Transit Administration. Moreover, 300 of Chicago’s 1,800 buses are hybrid.,

Oct 30, 2014 - 09:24 am

Indianapolis, Belgium, New Zealand, Tesla, Dundee.

With its “Freedom Fleet,” Indianapolis plans the largest electrification of a communal fleet in the US. A total of 425 petrol-powered vehicles will be replaced by EVs and PHEVs by 2016, the first 100 will even be replaced by the end of the year. Due to low maintenance costs, the city wants to save 8.7 million dollars over the next ten years.,,

Topping that, Belgium’s nursing service “Solidariteit voor het Gezin” has ordered 729 Toyota Yaris hybrids and Auris Touring Sports hybrids, provided via leasing company Alphabet. Deliveries have already started and are said to soon be completed. (in French)

Tesla instead of petrol BMW: New Zealand government is ready to give its fleet an overhaul. 34 BMW 7 series limousines will need to be replaced. The Green Party suggests the Tesla Model S.,

Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter is still not available, but it looks as though it will be a lot cheaper than originally announced. Instead of 1,000 dollars it will be available for just 450 dollars. via

Tripling charging points: Scottish city of Dundee will increase the number of charging possibilities from now seven to 21, spread across the city centre. The charging stations are funded by Transport Scotland.

Oct 29, 2014 - 09:37 am

Georgia, Sainsbury’s, Cheltenham & Gloucester, BYD.

Georgia Power enters EV business: The utility will invest 12 million dollars in charging infrastructure in the U.S. state. Some 50 new public charging stations will be installed in the second quarter of 2015. Individuals and businesses wanting to erect charging points can apply for between 250 to 500 dollars in funding.

Hydrogen from the supermarket: British Sainsbury’s will set up a H2 fuelling station at its Hendon store in north west London before the end of the year. It will be operated by Air Products and is part of the London Hydrogen Network Expansion programme. Moreover, the UK now has its first EV driving mayor. George Pattison, Lord Mayor of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, now is the proud owner of a Nissan Leaf. (Sainsbury’s), (mayor)

UK gets new fast-chargers: Cheltenham and Gloucester will work together to install a total of ten fast-chargers in the region before Christmas. A local Mitsubishi dealer welcomes the news and hopes the development of infrastructure will lead to an increase in sales of the Outlander PHEV.

BYD presents charging solutions: The Chinese company that is mostly known for its electric buses recently presented all of its plug-in vehicles charging solutions. You can see cars and buses charging one over the other and a “Charging Tower” for hundreds of cars. (with video)

Oct 28, 2014 - 09:30 am

Rome, ChargePoint, Washington, Louisville, Odyne Systems.

Quick-charger on wheels: First details about the mobile “Quick-Charger” for Rome’s Nissan Leaf taxi have been released. With 130 lithium-iron-tetraphosphate batteries, holding 100 kWh of renewable solar energy, the CHAdeMO compatible NV400 conversion can charge a Leaf taxi from 30 percent to 80 percent in just 15 minutes.,

ChargePoint customers can now use PayPal when charging their EVs. The charging points are owned by business or individuals (PayPal istself has 34 at its offices in California) and many of them are free of charge. If there is a fee, user can now pay via their PayPal account.

Scenic charging route completed: Washington State finished installing over 60 charging point along the “Cascade Loop Scenic Highway” in the northern part of the U.S. state. The electrified route is a total of 440 miles (708 km) and said to be one of the most scenic in the country.

Proterra bus for Kentucky: The ZeroBus will soon enter service in the city of Louisville. It seats 30 and can travel for up to two hours and fully recharge on route in less than 10 minutes by hooking up to a wireless overhead system that links to a high-capacity charger. Two of those are planned.

Michigan’s largest utility goes hybrid: Odyne Systems has delivered six plug-in hybrid trucks to Consumer Energy. The hybrid system is also used to power the equipment on the trucks without using the engine, significantly reducing noise levels at the work site.

Oct 27, 2014 - 09:21 am

Brazil, Car2Go, China, Alphabet, EDF Energy.

Dis-incentives: Brazil announced an incentive scheme, cutting import duties on hybrid cars. Plug-in vehicles are excluded from the measure, because the country fears that its electricity grid doesn’t have the capacity to handle an influx of plug-in cars and their charging needs.

Car2Go gives ten free minutes to its San Diego customers, if they park the all-electric Smarts in the so-called “incentive zone.” Leaving the cars downtown makes it easier for the fleet team to move the cars around, making sure they are charged up.

Green buses for China: By the end of next year, 20,222 electric buses will take to the streets of Beijing, Tinjin, and Hebei Province, making up 16 percent of all public transport in the areas. Moreover, local governments plan on setting up 94 charging stations and 16,200 charging posts.,

Alphabet and EDF Energy partner in order to give potential EV buyers more confidence. On top of advice about charging points, UK customers will also receive detailed advice on load and power requirements, alongside managing ongoing maintenance, installation and warranty protection.


Oct 24, 2014 - 08:36 am, Volkswagen, Cork, Edinburgh, VGI test. kick-off: The new interoperability platform by German Smartlab and Dutch foundation ElaadNL counts 4,500 chargers from the get-go. The target is a fully operational roaming network across Europe. Smartlab also confirmed to that there will be talks with the competing roaming platform intercharge from Hubject, to enable communication between the two systems.,

Sharing the E-up: As part of the showcase project in the German federal state of Lower Saxony, Volkswagen provided 50 of the EVs to selected universities for carsharing programmes. Depending on demand, the number of vehicles can be increased.,, (all links in German)

Cork plugs in: The city wants to become the capital of electric mobility in Ireland. The Drive4Zero programme will allow EVs to park for free, double public charging points and create incentives for buying an EV. The first 2,000 buyers will even receive a rapid-charge home point.

Scotland gets first Supercharger: The Tesla fast-charger was installed at Edinburgh Airport. Tesla UK manager Georg Ell hinted that there is more to come, saying one should “watch this space for more activity.”

VGI test a success: Last week, eight manufacturers and a number of utilities came together to see, if energy providers could tell EVs to stop charging via a cloud, in order to not overload the grid (we reported ahead of the event). Using technology provided by Sumitomo Electric, the test was declared a success.,

Oct 23, 2014 - 08:22 am

Nissan, Van Hool, Dundee, Corby, Dendrow.

Four e-taxis for Spain: Nissan delivered four electric taxis to Spain’s two largest cities. Three e-NV200 will go into service in Barcelona and one Nissan Leaf will chauffeur guests around the city of Madrid.,,

Service centre for hydrogen buses: Next month, Van Hool and partner Ballard Power System will open a Service and Parts Centre for fuel cell buses in Belgium. “ESPACE” will mainly service Van Hool buses that feature Ballard technology. By the end of 2014, there are expected to be 27 of these fuel cell buses in operation in five European cities.

Dundee gets two fast-chargers: The city council earmarked 22,000 pounds (35,300 USD) for the installation, paid for with a Transport Scotland grant. The council hopes the new 22 kW charging stations will encourage more people to drive electrically.

Corby makes room for EVs: Corby borough council in Northamptonshire has set up five parking bays for electric vehicles adjacent to charging points at a car park in the city centre. A measure the city took, seeing that sales of plug-vehicles are growing.,

Real Estate electrified: Dendrow Estate Agents in London has three Nissan Leafs in their fleet. And while this video sets out to talk about some of the issues, there do not seem to be any – just benefits. But then, the video was produced by no other than the carmaker itself.

Oct 22, 2014 - 08:37 am

Charge&Pay, Inmotion EV scheme, Powertree Services, MetLife.

Roaming with Mercedes: Daimler presented its “Charge&Pay for Mercedes Benz” app, allowing drivers to find the nearest available charging station and pay via the app using PayPal. The system includes almost all service providers in Germany and the carmaker plans on adding other European markets.

UK EV initiative: The Inmotion Electric Vehicles Scheme is said to be the first of its kind in the country. When leasing an electric car or van, or installing a charge point via the scheme’s partner companies, businesses can receive grants of up to 10,500 pounds (17,000 USD). The initiative is financed through the DfT’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

Helpful neighbours: Powertree Services wants to install 68 charging station in San Francisco, including energy storage systems by Panasonic. Energy is generated via solar panels, stored and used to charge up EVs, but also to supply nearby houses.

Charging with the Peanuts: U.S. insurance company MetLife has installed at total of 32 charging points at all 14 of its locations across the country. Employees charge for free. The initiative aims to make employees aware of greener driving alternatives. The company’s long-time mascot Snoopy adorns on the stations.


Oct 21, 2014 - 08:18 am

CARB, Chicago, Hannover, Tritium, Malaysia.

CARB to cut ZEV? Back in 2012, the California Air Resources Board decided that six Large Vehicle Makers will be required to sell a certain number of zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Afraid not to be able to meet requirements, Immediate Vehicle Makers called for the rule to include plug-in vehicles. The measure is said to be passed in the coming days.

Zero emission chauffeur fleet: Late Chicago gangster Al Capone has reason to be jealous. Now one can hire one of six Tesla Model S, ready to hit the street of the Windy City. Chicago’s first all-electric fleet is operated by E-Motion Chauffeurs and Hires of Chicago.

University of Hannover goes electric: The German university received six VW e-Caddy and will test the lightweight delivery vehicles during the upcoming 12 months. Data collected about energy consumption, servicing and battery capacity will be send to VW for evaluation.

Fast-charger from Down Under: The Australian charging infrastructure provider Tritium has signed a deal with E-Wald. The pilot scheme will be the first European client to use the “Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger,” which supports CCS as well as CHAdeMO.

New market for BYD: At the IGEM 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, BYD presented the first electric bus for Malaysia. Manufactured in China, the K9 has already found buyers in Malaysia – Panorama Melaka has ordered 40 units and Sunway BRT 15 units.

Oct 20, 2014 - 08:29 am

DriveNow, Amsterdam, Beijing, e8energy, MCT Engineering.

DriveNow electrification in Europe: BMW and Sixt’s carsharing offering will also start in London by early 2015 and include the BMW i3. At the launch in Vienna, it was announced that the EV will also might be added to the DriveNow fleet for the Austrian capital. With the ChargeNow card, BMW i-customers now also have cross-border access to the charging infrastructure in Germany and Austria. (London), (Vienna, in German), (ChargeNow, in German)

BMW i3 test fleet in Amsterdam: As part of a pilot project, ING bank leased 51 BMW i3s for staff living within 45 kilometers (28 miles) of Amsterdam. They either charge the i3 at home or at a nearby public charging point – with an additional 90 charging points available at ING’s headquarters in Amsterdam.,

Charging lights in Beijing: Berlin-based companies Ubitricity and Ebee have come up with the novel idea of turning street lights into charging points – and the idea is making waves in places as far-flung as China. Local media reveal plans by several Beijing districts to turn their street lights into power outlets for EVs as early as this year. This could see the creation of over 30,000 additional charging points.,

V2H solution from Hamburg: Charging infrastructure specialist e8energy has unveiled its new DIVA bi-directional rapid-charging system with CHAdeMO connector and integrated battery. It was demonstrated last week in Berlin using a Nissan Leaf. (in German)

F1 supplier truly electrified: British company MCT Engineering has gone green and invested in three Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs. MCT manufactures carbon components used in a wide variety of areas including Formula One.,

Oct 17, 2014 - 08:31 am

Amsterdam, Brussels, PlugSurfing, Connecticut, Chargepartner.

Ready, steady, go! 167 Tesla Model S have just taken up taxi services at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, making it the biggest electric cab fleet in the world. The programme will run for four years, but might be extended for another eight. Success seems somewhat guaranteed…, (Video, in Dutch)

Equally electric is Brussel’s new e-taxi fleet. 34 BYD e6 will go into service in the Belgian capital. The Chinese manufacturer bid successfully against Nissan and Renault and impressed cab companies with a range of up to 300 kilometres.,

PlugSurfing to expand further: The app now includes another 130 charge spots in Austria, where PlugSurfing users can charge and pay via RFID keychain. Partner for the Alpine expansion are Electrodrive Salzburg and Wien Energie, both part of Hubject’s intercharge network.

EV promotion in the States: Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will fund at least 20 more charging stations. Installation is fully paid for if the stations are available to the public 24/7 and free of charge. Jacksonville, Florida, offers rebates of up to 1,000 dollars for both the installation of charge points and the purchase of EVs, following in the steps of i.e. California and Georgia, where incentives can reach 5,000 dollars. (Connecticut), (other states)

Charging infrastructure software: Chargepartner developed a modular software platform enabling utilities and other businesses to manage charging infrastructure services. The white-label solution facilitates authorisation, management and billing of vehicle charging as well as user management.


Oct 16, 2014 - 08:28 am

Tesla, Malaysia, TesLowJuice, Rome, BMW i & Soho, Honolulu.

Tesla charges China: Under a new agreement with Minsheng Bank, the California EV maker will erect 200 so-called Destination Chargers in twenty cities. Similar deals with China Unicom, Intime Retail and SOHO China have seen Tesla install over 400 charge spots in 61 cities, and 20 Superchargers in another eight cities in China, says China Times.

Malaysia charges itself: From 2015 to 2017, the Malaysia Automotive Institute will install 125 to 150 charging stations along the country’s highways and in the capital Kuala Lumpur. The government is ready to spend 150 million Malayan ringgit (about 46m dollars) on EV infrastructure. More stations are likely to follow until 2020.,

Sharing economy: In the UK, owners of Tesla wallboxes are taking matters into their own hands. The TesLowJuice is a charge club via which British Model S owners can make their chargers publicly available. 50 chargers are already registered – 20 more and the UK is covered.

Leaf taxi in Rome: Nissan is working with a Roman taxi company and will erect a CHAdeMO fast charger for two Leaf taxis at the Fiumicino airport. Moreover, working with FCS Mobility, Nissan will convert a NV400 into a mobile charging station for the electric taxis.

Soho House and BMW i: The two enterprises have entered a global partnership that spans across Europe and America. The carmaker will provide guests and members of the Soho House Group with electric i3 vehicles, while also collaborating on cultural events.

Hawaii’s hybrid buses: Honolulu will soon receive four hybrid buses. They are based on New Flyers Xcelsior platform (we reported) and come with HybriDrive Series-E by BAE Systems. The articulated buses were ordered by the Department of Transportation Services (DTS) of the City and County of Honolulu.

Oct 15, 2014 - 08:26 am

NRG eVgo, Norwalk, France, Norway, BYD, Metron 7.

Film industry plugged-in: NRG eVgo completed its biggest corporate infrastructure project to date, installing 60 charge points at the Sony Pictures Entertainment HQ in Culver City, California. The company started offering eco-incentives in 2008. Now, about 90 PHEVs park in front of the studios.

Campus charging: Norwalk Community College has set up two new charging stations, partly funded by Connecticut’s Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection. The grant requires that charging is free during the first three years after installation.

France is the new Norway: In September, a record-breaking 2,290 plug-ins were sold in France, almost half of them Renault Zoes (914). That brings the market share up to 0.86 percent. For Norway, it was a rather quiet month with 1,445 new electric cars and plug-in hybrids registered. (France), (Norway)

Large scale road trip: In preparation of a show, BYD drove one of its electric buses over 1,500 miles from Lancaster to Houston. The bus stopped to charge ten times, simply using the AC power grid to charge up in two to three hours along the way.

726 kilometres on one charge: In his electrified Mazda5 called Metron 7, Slovenian developer Andrej Pečjak travelled from Bled (Slovenia) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) at an average speed of 65 kph. Technically, he even drove 736 km, as he had to go an extra ten km to get to a charging point., (with pictures)

Oct 14, 2014 - 08:19 am

Renault, Schneider Electric, Gnewt Cargo, Berlin, RV Park.

Renault cooperates with Fortum to erect 100 charging stations, mainly 22-kW fast chargers, across Norway. The Finnish utility will be responsible for the installation and servicing, and plans to double its ‘Charge & Drive’ network in Norway, Sweden and Finland to 500 stations within the next nine months.

Schneider Electric in LA: Los Angeles County will deploy 82 EVlink charging stations by Schneider Electric. During the first year of the pilot programme, EV drivers can charge their electric cars for free for up to four hours. To date, 34 EVlink stations have been installed in LA County.

Gnewt Cargo electrifies ‘final-mile’ deliveries in London, ordering three more Mercedes Vito E-Cell vans. Those will primarily be used by TNT Express within the city’s Congestion Zone. Gnewt stands for Green New Transport and offers a fleet of electric cargocycles and minivans for deliveries in Central London.

E bus line in Berlin: In 2015, the German capital’s public transport provider will start testing to operate a complete downtown line with four Solaris electric buses. The buses are equipped with the PRIMOVE inductive charging system from Bombardier (we reported).

EV campgrounds: America’s RV camp sites are experiencing an unexpected revival, as EV drivers find their 50-Amp electrical outlets a welcome way to recharge in the wilderness. Ben Rich knows how to deal with this new breed of short-term campers.


Oct 13, 2014 - 08:17 am

HyWay, Triangulum, Tesla, Geneva, ChargeMap.

Hydrogen test fleet: Under the 18-month project HyWay, France will deploy 50 Renault Kangoo Z.E. fitted with fuel cells around two hydrogen distribution stations in Lyon and Grenoble. In a second phase, the project provides for the development and production of hydrogen from local renewable energy.

Smart Cities project: The European Commission has nominated the “Triangulum” project, led by Fraunhofer IAO, to be the lead project for the Smart Cities and Communities initiative. Triangulum will transform urban districts into smart quarters including e-mobility concepts, starting in Manchester (UK), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Stavanger (Norway) and to be subsequently transferred to other cities.

Tesla battery swapping coming soon: As Elon Musk told reporters at the event last Thursday, Tesla plans to open the first of its long-awaited battery-swapping stations within the next two months. It will be located between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

BMW i3 enters police fleet: As “BMW Blog” reveals, the police department in Geneva, Switzerland, will be the first law enforcement agency to use the German EV as a patrol car. The BMW i3 police car will be replacing the currently used BMW X3.

ChargeMap has launched an update of its mobile charging app. The new version comes with a redesigned interface and integrates a number of new functions in response to requests from users. The new ChargeMap app provides detailed information for 55,000 public outlets across Europe.

Nylo plugs in: Nylo Hotels announced they will provide Tesla Superchargers at three of their locations in Texas. The hotels in Las Colinas, Plano and Dallas will each be equipped with three charging stations.

Oct 10, 2014 - 08:54 am

NRG eVgo & Green Charge Networks, UK, California, Palo Alto.

Fast charger with integrated battery: NRG eVgo and Green Charge Networks have entered into a strategic partnership to combine DC charging with energy storage. The Li-ion batteries are likely to be deployed by Samsung SDI as Green Charge Networks already signed a supply agreement.,; (Samsung SDI)

Hydrogen roll-out: The British government announced up to 11 million pounds of funding for H2 infrastructure and fuel cell vehicles. The money will be spent on upgrading existing hydrogen stations as well as in building seven more. The public fleet can expect to get 40 FCVs.,,

H2 station in California: Linde is about to complete installation of the first retail hydrogen fuelling station it will operate in the States, starting before the end of this year. The station is being installed at the Ramos multi-fuel facility in West Sacramento, California.

Charging competition: Nissan is poaching in Tesla-territory Palo Alto where it just installed a free fast-charger. It is the first of its kind in California that has been installed in a curbside location. As the station only supports CHAdeMO, Tesla better hurries to deliver its adapter!

Oct 9, 2014 - 08:41 am

Verbund, Germany, Denmark, France, California.

Fast charge roaming in Central Europe: Led by Austrian utility Verbund, the ‘Central European Green Corridors’ (CEGC) initiative will see the installation of a fast charging network spanning Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia by the end of 2015. Eleven partners, among them BMW, Nissan, Renault, and VW, utility providers, and the Slovenian government are set to erect 115 multi-standard DC-charge points. (in German)

H2 to arrive in Germany: Daimler and Linde announced plans to begin the installation of 20 planned hydrogen stations this year. Both companies will invest about ten million euros each and have already identified 13 locations at filling stations from Total, OMV, Avia and Hoyer. There, installation is set to finish by the end of 2015 while the other seven stations are still being negotiated.,

Danish EV incentives: Denmark intends to invest 38 million kroner (6.5m dollars) in e-mobility. Funds for carsharing and lease programmes shall make electric cars a more viable, price compatible solution. Ultimately, the money is hoped to put another 1,400 EVs on the country’s roads by the end of next year.

An impressive 8,600 charge points can be found in France, according to the “Avere France” association. Their new graphic shows the charging station density across the different “departements” or regions. (in French)

More fast charger funds: The Californian Energy Commission has granted 920,000 dollars for the deployment of new DC charge spots. Three new ones will be erected in the Sacramento area while in the South Coast district the money will be used to add more versatile stations to the existing ones.

Oct 8, 2014 - 08:41 am

Lexus, Envision Solar, British Columbia, Belarus.

Lucky Lexus: Diet club Slimming World will acquire 76 hybrid vehicles from Toyota’s luxury brand within the next three years. The models NX 300h, CT 200h and IS 300h will help the company’s district and field managers on their visits to customers. For Lexus, it is the largest fleet contract to date.

Mobile charging station: Envision Solar will install three solar charging stations in San Francisco by the end of the year. The EV Arc (autonomous renewable charger) station stores the power from the sun in a battery pack and will thus be moved around to test different locations.

Public EV charging has doubled in British Columbia, Canada. At least at the 350 of the province’s 550 public charging stations that were monitored. August saw 3,745 charging sessions, which is a 120% increase over the same month last year (1,684). In total, B.C.’s chargers were used 40,000 times.

In Belarus, the first CHAdeMO charge point is set to be opened tomorrow. It is located at a motorway exit close to the country’s capital Minsk. The organisers hope this to be start of wider EV adoption in the country.

Oct 7, 2014 - 08:31 am

California, Baden-Württemberg, Barcelona, intercharge direct.

H2 stations for California: Air Products has signed an agreement with FirstElement Fuel Inc. to supply hydrogen fuelling stations and technology. The initial network consists of 19 H2 stations to be built throughout the Golden State in 2015. The deal is worth 25.5 million dollars.,

Another eight H2 stations will be erected in Baden-Württemberg in the South of Germany. Their exact location has now been revealed by the Clean Energy Partnership at the World of Energy Solution show. Already the federal state has five hydrogen stations. By the end of 2015 there will be 13. They are part of a nationwide network of 50 stations for FCVs. (in German)

Quick charger in Barcelona: The Spanish city intends to expand its AC charging network of 262 with fast charging devices. One Trio Quick Charger by Circontrol has now been connected. The unit features both CCS and CHAdeMO charging and a 43 kW AC option.

Direct payment: Hubject now enabled its new ‘intercharge direct’ payment solution. It allows EV drivers to pay any utility provider directly and without contract by scanning a QR code with their smartphone and pay via PayPal. Charge point operators within the European intercharge network can activate the new option without any additional technical effort. (PDF)

Demo home with EV: Ford’s plug-in hybrid C-Max is part of a KB Home energy efficient house and serves to showcase a net-zero lifestyle. The house incorporates parts of Ford MyEnergi Lifestyle initiative. Most of the home’s energy needs are fulfilled by solar panels that feed into smart home appliances.

Oct 6, 2014 - 08:24 am

Gnewt Cargo, The New Motion, CarCharging, Tesla, Delaware.

55 electric Renault Kangoo will now serve at Gnewt Cargo, which takes care of 5,000 deliveries a day in London. This was made possible by a deal with myHermes and with support of Alphabet, which was able to deliver the vans in just one month.

Europe on one card: Hubject and charging infrastructure operator The New Motion (TNM), which already has roaming agreements with networks such as Ladenetz or Smatrics, have now announced their partnership. That means that TNM customers now have access to all 3,000 intercharge-connected charge points, like charging stations from RWE for example. (PDF)

CarCharging takes over Houston charging network: The former signed an agreement with the Texan city to buy and operate Houston’s 70 Blink Level 2 charging points. These had originally been put in place by ECOtality. The agreement also includes the installation of another 20 charging stations in the Houston metropolitan area.

70 Superchargers in Europe: Tesla reports that over the past week, it added seven of its fast-chargers across the continent – one each in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as two in each France and the UK. That brings the total number of Superchargers worldwide up to 207.

Power plant on wheels: The University of Delaware’s electric fleet is generating cash by selling power back the grid. The nine electric vehicles are interconnected, forming a virtual power plant. The total storage capacity is around 100 kWh, which is the minimum required for such a project. According to utility provider NRG Energy, each vehicle could generate around 110 dollars per month.

Oct 2, 2014 - 08:53 am

Hamburg, IES Synergy, CCS fast charging, DriveNow.

EV rebates in Hamburg: In Hamburg, both the chamber of commerce and the chamber of trade have set up the ‘Hamburg macht e-mobil’ (Hamburg goes electric) initiative. The 80,000 chamber members will receive discounts of 6 to 23% when choosing from one of nine electric cars from manufacturers like Daimler, Mitsubishi, VW, Nissan, and Renault. The chambers think their initiative could put as many as 18,000 electric company’s cars onto Hamburg’s streets by 2020. (in German), (list of cars, in German)

Charger on wheels: IES Synergy announced that it has become a supplier to Volkswagen. The company says it will equip the carmakers European dealers with its Keywatt Trolley DC fast chargers that can be rolled around on wheels.

Charging experience: This couple has seen them all, as they first drove the Mini-E, then became BMW ActiveE drivers and consequently now own a BMW i3 each. With that, the future has finally arrived, the future of charging that is, embodied by the here tested 50 kW CCS fast charging spot. “It’s amazing!”

DriveNow to come to Vienna: BMW and Sixt will introduce their car sharing in the Austrian capital in about two weeks. 400 BMW and Mini will be made available to the Viennese, none of them is yet electric. However, this might change once the i3 makes it into the DriveNow fleet.
ö (in German)

Oct 1, 2014 - 08:34 am

Nissan, CCS, PlugSurfing, Scotland, PTI Airport, Los Angeles.

No charge to charge goes Germany: Nissan now introduces free of charge charging in Germany where the programme runs under the rather descriptive name ‘Freistrom für alle.’ The Japanese carmaker offers free charging at all its dealerships, regardless of the make, as long users don’t occupy the charging spot longer than necessary and only during opening times. Depending on the outlet, standard sockets, Type 2 or CHAdeMO chargers are available. Dealers are offered financial support to erect more chargers. (in German)

CCS coverage in Europe: According to, there are more than 400 CCS fast chargers available in Europe at the moment, covering one third of the continent. The biggest expansion is seen in the UK while France and Italy are only now starting to charge up.

PlugSurfing expands its coverage: The Berlin-based company now offers access to an additional 10,000 charging points in the Netherlands, including stations from Nuon, Essent, Eneco, ANWB, Greenflux and The New Motion. PlugSurfing describes it as an important step in connection EV infrastructure across Europe. (in Englisch), (in Dutch)

Saving ones own: The Scottish Government has ordered a new hybrid ferry from Ferguson Marine Engineering. Without the 12.3-million pound (19.9m dollar) contract, the Scottish ship builder would be threatened with closure. The diesel-hybrid ferry is the third that is built by Ferguson for ferry operator CalMac and is set to enter service in late 2016.

Charge and fly: Piedmont Triad International Airport in North Carolina now has installed four charge points. This makes it the only airport offering EV charging in the region. Rejoicing the electric car is for free while parking fees still apply.

Campus charging: The California State University Los Angeles now has a total of 15 EV charging points on its campus. The start of the project dates back to 2010 and has recently received a grant from the Department of Energy to fund more stations.

Sep 30, 2014 - 08:25 am

Total, Source London, Rolec Services, California.

“Multikulti” is German slang for multicultural and seems like a fitting description of Total’s idea behind its ‘Multi-Energie-Tankstelle’ (multi energy filling station). Together with Daimler, Linde and RWE, the company has inaugurated the fourth station at which drivers can refill their vehicles with either regular fuel as well as hydrogen and electricity via CCS and CHAdeMO. Total currently services four H2 stations in the German capital and one in both Hamburg and Munich. More stations are set to follow this year. (in German)

Temporarily unavailable: New owner of the Source London public charging network, French IER, has found 168 of the 464 charging stations to require maintenance work. That is about a third of all stations but IER says it is making good progress together with no less than six charge point manufacturers to fix the network. In the future, rapid charging is expected to be introduced.

Rolec Services is offering free 32 amp EV home chargers to private customers. Rolec subsidises its offer which is part of the British Government’s OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. To be eligible, customers only have to own or have ordered a plug-in vehicle or drive a company EV for more than six months.

EV ready homes: California is musing yet another pro electric transport bill. This time, developers of new homes or large parking lots would be asked to have enough capacity ready for EV chargers to be installed at a later date. AutoblogGreen suggests, this anticipatory move could cost as little 50 dollars.

Sep 29, 2014 - 08:30 am

BMW i, Canada, Charleston, Car2go, ubitricity.

New BMW wallbox: After the Wallbox Pure, BMW i introduces the Wallbox Pro. It can be integrated in a smart home grid and use self-generated electricity to charge the EV. The wallbox is to come available worldwide and can charge at a power rate of up to 7.4 kW. In Germany it is limited to 4.6 kW, due to local grid regulations.,, (4.6 kW, in German)

Electric corridor opens in Canada: The first charging stations between Quebec City and Montreal have gone into operation. A total of twelve charging points, including five fast charging ones, will be installed on the electric corridor between the Highways 10 and 138 this fall already.,

Free Leaf Taxi: A new driving service is ready to launch in the next two weeks in Charleston, South Carolina (USA). Scoop CHS will feature four Nissan Leaf and will drive customers to their destination free of charge. The idea is to finance the service purely with advertisements.

Car2go conquers Brooklyn: The carsharing company will extend its offer to the New York neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Starting on October 25th, 400 Smart fortwo will hit the road there. The NYC fleet will not feature any electric vehicles, however.

Intelligent charging system: Five German welfare and caritas associations have acquired a total of nine EVs. The charge cables are supplied by Berlin-based ubitricity and include mobile electric meters. That enables employees to charge the cars at home without having to pay. Because of the intelligent charging technology, electricity consumption is monitored by ubitricity and billed directly to the company., (both in German)

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E-Mart, Ho Chi Minh City, MobyPost, Eurotunnel, Greece.

EV-friendly shopping: E-Mart, the largest discount retailer in Korea, plans to erect charging infrastructure. A total of 119 EV charging stations are said to be built at 80 stores through 35 cities, while another 70 chargers are to follow at a later date.

Electric transport in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, which is the largest city in Vietnam, is planning a project with electric buses and cabs. Hanoi already has a similar project (we reported). At HCM City, the electric vehicles would mainly service tourist areas.

Meet the MobyPost: Based on the Ducati Energia, this hydrogen vehicle has been specifically designed for the needs of postal workers. Currently, ten MobyPost with a top speed of 50 kph and a range of up to 50 km are being tested in the departments of French Doubs and Jura.

New EVs for Eurotunnel: On the French side of the English Channel, the Eurotunnel Group and its facility management partner ISS will acquire 18 electric cars for their employees. Already, seven charging stations have been erected at the site in Coquelles.

More EVs for Greece: The Public Power Corporation (PPC) is planning to lease 15 electric cars while introducing a pilot scheme with 15 charging stations, eight in Kozani and seven in Athens. This will bring the number of EVs in the country to a humble 75 but PPC expects the market to grow soon.,

Sep 25, 2014 - 08:30 am

Nissan, Solaris, Efacec, Plug Power.

E-NV200 for SMEs: Nissan is to launch the ‘e4Business’ online platform for small companies and start-ups to pitch their business to the Japanese company. The best ideas will receive marketing support. In France and Germany, the website is already running and successful applicants get a Nissan e-NV200 electric van in their company’s branding including a wallbox.,

Solaris e-buses: The Polish manufacturer unveiled its new Urbino 18 electric. Four of those electric buses will serve in the German city of Brunswick where they are charged inductively with technology by Bombardier. Also, the Hamburg Hochbahn acquired two Solaris, the Urbino 18,75 electric. They feature a fuel cell as range extender. (in Polish)

Light and compact charger: Efacec will present a new DC charger at eCarTec in Munich. According to the company it will be the “lightest and smallest in the market” – although the QC24S still weighs 55 kilos. The new charger is aimed at both European and North American customers. A CHAdeMO model is to follow this year.

Fuel cell financing: Plug Power is to offer financing packages together with M&T Bank for customers looking to purchase fuel cells, hydrogen refuelling stations and service agreements. Plug Power hopes to thus facilitate buying decisions of the fuel cell forklifts and its ‘GenKey’ service and infrastructure deal.

Sep 24, 2014 - 08:23 am

Berlin, L.A., Daimler & Recargo, ThyssenKrupp, COMOS, Abu Dhabi.

Fast-charging Berlin: The ‘Schnell-Laden Berlin’ initiative yesterday inaugurated five CCS charging stations in the German capital. These are the beginning of a project which will see Berlin and the surrounding areas being connected with a simple and unified pay and fast-charge system. Another three chargers are said to follow this year. The showcase project is led by RWE Effizienz and supported by Vattenfall, Total, Daimler, VW, DLR, and TÜV Rheinland. The TU Berlin is the academic partner. (project’s website in German)

Electric buses for LA: Californian public transport provider Foothill Transit recently acquired twelve electric buses by Proterra. The new EVs will serve on line 291 which connects the cities of Pomona and La Verne in Los Angeles County.

Daimler to cooperate with Recargo: Drivers of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive will soon get access to Recargo’s PlugShare network. PlugShare is a smartphone app that allows users to find charging stations and connect with other users and will be incorporated into Daimler’s navigation system via the e-Navigator App.,

ThyssenKrupp electrified: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas has converted some of their fleet vehicles using the XL3 hybrid-electric systems from XL Hybrids. The new vehicles will be operating in Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston and are part of a growing fleet of fuel saving vehicles of the company that also incorporates CNG vehicles.

Malaysian EV carsharing about to start: COMOS has officially introduced its electric carsharing (we reported) to the Malayan public and has now opened membership registration. The 46 Renault Zoes and 30 Renault Twizys will be available for use starting in October.

Hybrid cabs in Abu Dhabi: Cab company Cars Taxi has integrated 15 hybrid cabs (presumably Toyota’s hybrid Camry) into its service in Abu Dhabi and plans to acquire more. In total, a hundred hybrid taxis are said to serve the population of the United Arab Emirates already this year.

Sep 23, 2014 - 08:20 am

California, Sonoma County, Laos, Enel, Ogilvie.

Six pro EV bills in a row have just been signed by California’s governor Jerry Brown. Electric vehicles now get free or cheaper access to newly introduced high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, while more HOV stickers for plug-in hybrids have been made available. Low-income communities were promised easier access to EVs while renters now got the right to install chargers at their temporary homes.,

Tribal EVs: The Kashia tribe of Sonoma County, California, purchased two Toyota RAV4 EVs and two plug-in hybrid Ford C-Max Energis. The EVs serve Kashia’s Department of Environmental Planning. Additionally, six charging stations will be installed in both remote and urban areas.,

Mitsubishi in Laos: Mitsubishi’s importer in Lao just recently donated two i-MiEV to the Southeast Asian country’s government. The gesture is part of the Japanese company’s expansion into new markets. In Lao, hopes lie on green electricity generated through the country’s large rivers.

Hubject goes south: The Berlin-based IT platform operator for charging infrastructure expands its European network once more by signing an agreement with Enel. The latter operates about 1,600 EV charge points in Italy and Spain which will become part of the eRoaming framework that now allows charging at 5,000 stations.

Tesla to lease: British Ogilvie Fleet took delivery of two Model S that came together with two charge points at the company’s Stirling head quarters. The Teslas are available to the directors, staff as well as customers of the leasing company.

Sep 22, 2014 - 08:24 am

Yokohama, Gliide, e-Bürgerbus, Govecs, Rouyn-Noranda, Vietnam.

Nissan extends carsharing programme: The “Choimobi Yokohoma” electric carsharing scheme, featuring Nissan’s New Mobility Concept, will continue at least one more year. Since October 2013, more than 10,000 people registered for the programme in the city of Yokohama, Japan.,

Chauffeur-driven Tesla: Gliide is London’s first all-electric chauffeur-driven service and it will use Tesla Model S only. Just a few weeks ago, UK car rental company EVision also specialised on hiring out the luxury EV (we reported).,

Electric citizen buses: The programme called e-Bürgerbus in German kicks off in Stuttgart today. During a two-year trial headed by the University of Stuttgart, citizen-operated electric and hybrid mini buses will be used to test how electric transportation can be extended to rural areas.

Pizza delivery electrified: The Domino’s Pizza branch in Fontainebleau, just south of Paris, has bought three Govecs GO! T2.4 electric scooters. The company hopes to save on fuels costs and improve its ecological image. (in French)

New charge points at Niagara Falls International Airport: The airport in the northern New York State now features two stations, where travellers can hook up their EVs. During a four-year trial, charging is free. But the stations need to be reserved ahead of time.,

Charging in Canada: The city of Rouyn-Noranda has joined the Electric Circuit public charging network, setting up two charge points in municipal parking lots for public use. Electric Circuit is the largest charging network in Quebec.

Electrifying Vietnam: Starting as early as May of next year, some 7.5 kilometres of electric tram lines could go into service in Ho-Chi-Minh City, the country’s largest city. First, transport officials will have to determine demand. In the capital Hanoi as well as the city of De Nang, tourists are already being chauffeured in electric cars.

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