May 26, 2015 - 08:36 am

Nissan, Noord-Brabant, Croatia, Tennessee, Fife.

CL finale electrified: Nissan will provide 100 electric vehicles for the shuttle service during the UEFA Champions League finale in Berlin, and will set up 129 charging stations around Tegel International Airport, various Berlin hotels and the Olympia stadion for the event on June 6th, several of which will remain as a lasting legacy for the city. has learned that the installation of DC chargers from Nissan and AC chargers from RWE has already kicked off this weekend.

Flexible charging in Holland: The New Motion and other providers have kicked off a pilot project for flexible charging tariffs in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant. Until November, EV drivers will be able to choose from different energy suppliers at 150 charging points and charge at a lower rate at night.

Croatian Post to get e-bikes: The Croatian postal service has called for bids to deliver more than 180 e-bikes to replace petrol-powered scooters. The e-bikes should be delivered in autumn this year and begin operation in early 2016.

New rebates in Tennessee: The U.S. state earmarked nearly 700,000 dollars in funding for plug-in vehicles, with each buyer of an electric vehicle qualifying for 2,500 dollars in rebates, and buyers of plug-in hybrids for 1,500 dollars. The deal will last only until the funds are depleted.,

Four EVs for Fife: The council area has added four new Nissan e-NV200 to its fleet as part of the ‘Switched on Fleets’ initiative. The vehicles are partly funded by Transport Scotland. The Council had purchased its first EVs in 2011 and is now counting 18.

May 22, 2015 - 08:05 am

Vienna, BluePointLondon, Yorkshire, Addison Lee, ClimateCars.

Viennese electric cabs: Some 250 electric taxis will roam the Austrian capital within the next few years, 120 of which will go into service in 2016. The project is shared between taxi firms and research institutions like TU Vienna and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Companies willing to chauffeur electrically will receive up to 8,000 euros for the acquisition of each EV and charge for free for a year at Wien Energie chargers. (in German)

More control: EV charging points in three London boroughs Kensington & Chelsea, Hackney, and Greenwich will now be in in the care of BluePointLondon, the operator of Source London. BluePoint is now responsible for managing 110 EV charging points in the British capital.

Electric buses in Britain: More electric buses will go into service in Yorkshire, where a new all-electric bus fleet has been introduced at Monks Cross Park&Ride. Operator First Bus received a 566,000-pound grant from the Department for Transport towards its investment in six electric buses by Optare.,

Eco chauffeur service merger: Addison Lee announced the acquisition of ClimateCars, a London-based passenger car service operating a fleet of hybrid vehicles. Addison Lee started its eco fleet with 350 hybrids this February and hopes to strengthen its offering through the takeover.

A new electric car club has started in British Harbury with two Renault Zoe. The French EVs are provided together with E-Car Club and can be hired and paid for by the hour, while membership is for life. The Harbury initiative is funded by a grant from the Department for Transport.

May 21, 2015 - 08:19 am

Milan, GoE3, New Zealand, British Gas, Baltimore.

Electric car sharing in Milan: Italy’s design capital now has a fleet of 100 EVs for the free-floating carsharing scheme Share’Ngo. The two-seat ZD1 by Geely subsidiary Xin Da Yang Electric Vehicles is made in China. Women are allowed to drive the EVs free of charge at night. Share’Ngo plans to grow its fleet in Milan as well as to expand the service to Florence, Modena, Pisa, and other European cities., (in Italian)

Universal charging: GoE3 is building a coast-to-coast fast-charging network in the U.S. Its charging stations support both Level 2 and Level 3 quick charging with both CHAdeMO and SAE standards. The first stations have already been installed in Arizona between Phoenix and Tucson.,

New Zealand charged up: A new initiative, ‘Charge.Net.NZ’ aims to install fast-charging stations all over New Zealand. Within the next three years, 74 stations are set to become available to Kiwis, the first 23 of which will already be installed this year.

British Gas runs an electric shuttle service for staff travelling between its two sites located west of London. The two Mercedes-Benz E-CELL Traveliners are part of the utility provider’s plans to replace at least 10 percent of its 13,000-strong fleet with electric vehicles.

Park & Charge in Maryland: The Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI) has been asked to install 20 EV charging stations in municipal parking garages in Baltimore. The city already has 20 charge spots in garages. The new stations will be run by EVI over the next 3 years.


May 20, 2015 - 08:55 am

Evatran, Fastned, Renault-Samsung, York, University of Dundee.

Plugless in Sweden: Evatran is about to start a test run with its wireless charging system Plugless. More than 20 inductive chargers will be delivered to the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Uppsala as part of the 18-month research project WiCh. The goal is to determine what effect wireless charging has on EV usage.,

Sharing is charging: Dutch Fastned is trying to win investors by offering free charging for a lifetime. The offer is valid for everyone who buys at least 2,500 shares, priced at 10 euros each.

Renault goes to Seoul: Renault-Samsung has won the bid to deliver 40 electric taxis to the Korean capital this year. The SM3 Z.E. will help the government reach its own goal. It had announced that of 25% of newly acquired vehicles for government and public-service use will be electric.

Green sightseeing: British York put a newly converted electric bus into service. The City Sightseeing open top bus, formerly a diesel, is now available for city tours. If successful, another five electric buses might follow.

Extended fleet: The University of Dundee is expanding its electric fleet, adding three more electric vans and 12 electric bikes. The vehicles are paid for with a 70,000-pound funding package (108,558 USD) from Transport Scotland. The university now has seven electric vans, one electric car and a hybrid flatbed truck. The bikes are available to students as well as staff.

May 19, 2015 - 08:05 am

Seoul, London, Bangkok, Hungary, Manila.

Korea’s EV Line: Seoul has come up with an infrastructure solution that is strikingly simple. The city plans to hand out charge cables fitted with RFID readers. Designed by Power Cube, the portable charging connectors could enable EV drivers to charge their cars at about 100,000 standard power outlets across the city by 2018, while the city will provide 10,000 designated charge spots already this year.,

EV hire: DriveNow in London added 30 BMW i3 to its fleet. Together with Sixt, the EVs can now be picked up and left standing anywhere in North and East London. Further coverage in the British capital and expansion to other European cities is planned.,

Hybrid taxis in Thailand: A new cab service has launched in Bangkok. All Thai Taxi already entertains a fleet of 100 Toyota Prius and plans to expand that fleet to include 500 PHEVs by this summer.

Hungary ponders EV privileges: 150 charging stations will be installed in the next year, Hungarian minister for economy Mihaly Varga announced. Moreover, the government is also thinking about opening bus lanes to electric vehicles and about offering free parking.,

Comet shuttles: Five electric shuttles will be tested at Manila airport in July. The ‘City Optimized Managed Electric Transport’ (Comet) vans will ferry up to 16 passengers each from Naia Airport’s Terminal 3 to designated drop-off points in Metro Manila. If the project with Global Electric Transport (GET) is successful, the service might continue.

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May 18, 2015 - 08:39 am

Vienna, The New Motion & Eseye, Washington, Tesla, Austria.

Eurovision Song Contest: 120 hybrid and six all-electric Tesla taxis will be on the road during the singing competition in Vienna later this week. ESC organiser ORF and the cab office 40100 are cooperating on the effort. All taxis can be ordered via the European-wide app, (articles in German)

The New Motion and Eseye will work together, with the latter offering connectivity services such as services required for payment and charging credit. According to Eseye, its mobile network-agnostic Multi IMSI AnyNet SIM allows for reliable mobile network coverage even in the most remote locations.

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EV charging for all: Washington Governor Jay Inslee has signed a bill, allowing utilities to rate-base investments in EV infrastructure. That means there will be no initial cost for the buyer. Republican state Rep. Chad Magendanz, who sponsored the bill, compared it to the simplicity of ordering a cable modem.,

The world’s biggest Supercharger is currently being built in north-west Italy, near the borders with France and Switzerland. A total of 14 chargers will be available for Tesla drivers – and as always, free of charge.,

Austria invests: With its programme “klimaaktiv mobil,” Austria wants to financially support companies and municipals when buying an EV. The country will sponsor electric taxis with 6,000 euros, electric transporters with up to 20,000 euros and fast-charging stations with up to 10,000 euros. (in German)


May 13, 2015 - 08:47 am

Tesla, BMW, Pennsylvania, EVite, Luxembourg.

Bed & Charge: Tesla together with Select Registry is to expand the EV makers Destination Charger programme. A total of 170 B&B, inns and hotels in 34 states in the US will soon offer the possibility to charge the Model S overnight. 63 charging stops have already been installed with the remainder to follow within the next few months.

Expo EVs from BMW: BMW Italia has handed over four i3 cars and six C evolution scooters to the Italian State Police. The electric vehicles will be on patrol in Milan for the Expo 2015. Included in the loan during the show are two charging stations.

Rebates remain: Pennsylvania will continue its Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Programme. Large-battery vehicles with battery system capacities equal or greater than 10 kWh are eligible for the highest rebate amount of 2,000 dollars. Hybrids with battery capacities less than 10 kWh can get up to 1,000 dollars. Rebates are capped at 250 or will be discussed again at the end of the year.

Swiss charging standards: EVite, an initiative that strives to make fast charging non-discriminatory throughout Switzerland, has published standards for fee-based fast charging stations. At every EVite station, payment via credit card must be possible, while prices shall be visible at every location. (in German)

Luxembourg loves Tesla: Luxembourg has its first Supercharger and the government hopes Tesla will increase its activities as the Deputy Prime Minister suggested the Californians might open a dealership in the small state. By 2020, Luxembourg plans to have 850 public EV charging stations installed.

May 12, 2015 - 08:16 am

UK, Sydney, Vienna, Tesla, PlugShare.

Stabilising the grid: A new project funded by the UK government with 9.5 million pounds hopes to increase local voltage by installing high-performance power electronic converters. One reason is the increasing number of EVs on the Isle. The project is a collaborative effort between Western Power, Schneider Electric, Anvil Semiconductors, Turbo Power Systems, Aston University and Exception EMS.,

Sydney Airport looks into electrification: The international airport wants to replace six diesel-powered shuttle buses with electric ones and is currently looking for a manufacturer. Key criteria are operational efficiency and passenger comfort.

Vienna cooperation: The Austrian capital will integrate the carsharing scheme DriveNow in the “Wien-Mobilkarte” (Vienna mobility card). Despite earlier rumours, there will be no BMW i3 added to the DriveNow fleet in Vienna for now, due to the lack of public charging there. (in German)

Tesla in Asia: Teslarati published a screenshot showing Tesla destination chargers across Asia, showing Tesla steadily expanding its network. Still, charging infrastructure is an issue, and the story of a Chinese man who sold his Tesla because of a lack of chargers sums up current challenges there.

Free charging: A recent report by PlugShare shows that 63 percent of public chargers across the U.S. are free to use. In areas with restricted access, such as charging spots reserved for employees or customers only, 76 percent of stations are free of charge. (report) via

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May 11, 2015 - 08:52 am

Aldi Süd, Gothenburg, Los Angeles, Duluth, Dubai, CoStar.

Fast chargers at German supermarkets: German supermarket chain Aldi Süd is partnering with utility and charging station provider RWE, installing its first charger in Düsseldorf as part of the new project “Sonne tanken“ (“charging sun”). Until mid-2015, the discounter wants to have installed 50 multi-standard rapid chargers that will be free to use for shoppers without any registration.,, (articles in German)

Volvo electrifies Gothenburg: Starting on June 15th, the Swedish city of Gothenburg will take three fully electric Volvo buses into service. They will operate alongside seven hybrid buses from Volvo on route 55 between Lindholmen and Chalmers/Johanneberg.,,

More electric buses: LA has begun operating the first five of 25 electric buses by BYD. The city of Duluth in Minnesota has meanwhile purchased six electric buses from manufacturer Proterra and Dubai has kicked off a nine month trial with an electric bus. (LA), (Duluth), (Dubai)

CoStar goes hybrid: The commercial property data specialist has added eight Toyota Yaris Hybrids to its fleet, which already features a series of Prius models. With employees driving between 15,000 to 20,000 miles per year, the company says it needs fuel efficient cars.


May 8, 2015 - 08:13 am

Swift, Georgia Power, Philippines, Beijing, Hanover.

Belgian EV fleet: Belgium-based Swift has added 21 range-extended BMW i3 to its fleet. The electric cars were leased through Alphabet and will be charged at the 21 EV charging stations operated by utility provider Electrabel. The deal also includes 19 home chargers for Swift employees.,

Company Volts: Georgia Power now has 32 branded Chevrolet Volts crossing the state as the firm’s employees carry out energy audits at homes and businesses. The electric cars underlines Georgia Power’s EV initiative that strives to promote EV use (we reported) trough education and discounts.

Follow-up: Five firms have entered their bids for providing up to 3,000 electric trikes to the Philippines (we reported). All bidders come from Asian countries. The project will be funded by the Asian Development Bank that is looking to award the project in late June or July.

Electric bus for Beijing: The first all-electric 18-metre bus with a range of 100 kilometres has gone into service in the Chinese capital. The Foton AUV Harmony City BJ6180 by TM4 features an electric motor with rotor that rotates outside the stator, allowing for a higher power density and increased reliability.

Easy Charge and Park is a new project of Hanover’s showcase region initiative. Enercity and union-boden will equip five parking garages in the German city with up to 12 EV charging stations, at which drivers can charge their car while paying via the park ticket. First garages already feature this option.
Source: info via email

May 7, 2015 - 08:16 am

Vietnam, Maryland, PlugShare, Ihr Bäcker Schüren.

Electric travelling in Vietnam: Ho-Chi-Minh will kick off its electric mini bus service next month as planned. Ten electric 12-seaters will chauffeur tourists to the city’s hot spots. The same service will also start in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay in June. (HCM) (Ha Long)

Maryland charged up: Montgomery County will install eleven EV charging stations in public parking garages, the first three of which are already online. Also, the Community College of Baltimore County will erect ten EV charging spots powered by solar energy. The PV project will see 1,400 car ports covered with solar panels to meet the Campus’ energy needs. (Montgomery), (Baltimore)

PlugShare app update: The app has undergone a makeover. Apart from revamping the interface, EV drivers can now review charging locations. The ‘Trip Planner’ allows users to enter a destination and will then only point out charging stations within a 5 miles radius along the route.

Carbon neutral breakfast rolls: German bakery Schüren delivers its baked goods using a fleet consisting only of Nissan’s eNV-200. The three electric vans are charged with solar power from the bakery’s roof. Obviously, the bread is baked with sun power as well.

May 6, 2015 - 08:21 am

UK, First Great Western & eConnect, Edinburgh, Iceland, RWE.

Plug-in grant revision? Britain’s current government is considering revising the 5,000-pound EV subsidy to avoid a premature “exhaustion of the budget.” The Government’s ‘Office for Low Emissions Vehicles’ says it would introduce new grant levels per category following a review this May. But nothing is set in stone, as the country’s general election will take place in Britain this Thursday.

Rail and ride, electrically: The British First Great Western rail company is now offering a chauffeur service to and from stations in London. The service is provided through eConnect cars, whose fleet consists only of electric vehicles. Train travellers get 10 percent discount when booking eConnect.
Info via email, (booking)

Edinburgh embraces electric cabs: The Scottish capital approved electric cars to be used as taxis and private hire vehicles. A public consultation was all in favour of changing licensing (and suggested to ban diesels), whereas before only cars running on liquid fuel had been allowed as cabs.

EV chargers for Iceland: Fortum has received an order for its Charge & Drive system through the Icelandic utility On Power. Until the end of the year, at least ten charging stations like those used in Norway, Sweden and Finland, will be erected on the volcanic island.

Charge as if you refuel: German utility RWE has come up with an e-mobility solution that could be integrated into the existing gas station infrastructure. Its “intelligent” EV charging station is connected to the filling station’s cash register, where energy used per charge is displayed. (in German)


May 5, 2015 - 08:24 am

Bluesummer, Sunspeed, Hevo Power, Fresno, New Rochelle, Germany.

Bluesummer by Bolloré: The French EV schemer intends to go to the South of France this summer with topless electric cars. The Bluesummer cabriolet is based on the BlueCar and about a dozen of them will be rolled out in French cities. There may also be an option to buy it at a later date.

Charging along the Pacific coast: Sunspeed Enterprises plans to install what it calls the Pacific Coast Sun Trail, a network of 40 electric vehicle charging stations reaching all the way from Malibu to Eureka. The first station with both Level 2 and 3 options is up and running in Point Reyes.

From manholes to loading bays: Best known for the idea to transform New York’s manholes into inductive charging points, Hevo Power CEO Jeremy McCool has a new idea: a loading zone, where vans can charge wirelessly while packing and unpacking. New York University will start testing this autumn.

Six new EV charging stations have been opened at the California State University Fresno. All stations are open to the public with two featuring a fast-charging option. On the other side of the country, New Rochelle acquired four Nissan Leaf for city officials and Nissan promised to set up two charging stations for public use. (West Coast), (East Coast)

First hydrogen station at German Autobahn: Daimler, Linde and Total have inaugurated the first H2-refuelling station along a motorway in Germany. It is part of the Clean Energy Partnership and is located at the A3 between Würzburg and Nuremberg. Currently, there are 17 hydrogen stations in Germany. (in German)

May 4, 2015 - 08:02 am

London Heathrow, Fastned, Japan, Los Angeles, Lingang New City.

Cleaner air-port: A ten-point-plan designed to improve air quality around London’s Heathrow Airport and the introduction of an ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) by 2025, could affect 8,500 airside vehicles operating at the airport. The proposal also includes a 5 million pound investment to improve EV charging infrastructure and to partly electrify the airport’s fleet by 2020.

Fastned flatrate: The Dutch start-up says it will introduce EV charging price plans similar to mobile phone tariffs. EV drivers will be able to choose between unlimited fast charging for 100 euros a month, fast charging at a reduced rate for 12 euros a month or charge as you go.

Tesla chargers in Japan: Tesla plans to quintuple the number of Superchargers in Japan this year, increasing the number to 30 on the main island of Honshu. Currently, there are only 6 fast-charging stations. All Japanese Superchargers are to be fully powered by solar energy.

Five electric buses by BYD will soon be tested in LA for six months. The vehicles, which were built in California, have been delivered to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) that holds an option of 20 more electric buses from the Chinese company.,

EV sharing in China: Lingang New City launched an electric car sharing scheme under which drivers can rent a Roewe E50 for 30 yuan (4.80 dollars) an hour. Currently, 30 EVs are available but the fleet is said to grow to 50 later this year with an app to be introduced in June.

Apr 30, 2015 - 08:28 am

Nissan, Avis, Nanjing, BMW, Cagliari, BlueIndy, Tesla.

416 electric Nissans are to enter Denmark as the Danish Avis branch expands its fleet. 401 e-NV200 and 60 Leaf have been ordered by the rental car company that already holds 400 Nissan Leaf which had been bought back in 2014. Avis Denmark will thus have a fleet of 861 EVs in total.,

Better Place reloaded: Ziv Av Engineering, one of the developers of the Better Place battery swap stations, has been asked to deploy battery swapping stations for electric buses in Chinese Nanjing. If it works well (this time), electric cabs could be added to the system too.

Electric scooters for Sardinia: The police force in Cagliari, capital of the Italian island Sardinia, is being equipped with 15 custom-made C Evolution scooters by BMW. The Sardinians are not the first to set eyes on the electric two-wheeler from Germany as the police in Barcelona recently added 30 units. (in German), (in Italian)

BlueIndy update: The electric car sharing in Indianapolis could get up and running after being in deadlock over financing issues. Both Bolloré and the city will spend about 6 million dollars each to get the project started – maybe already by this July.

The wait is over for those wishing to charge their Model S at CHAdeMO stations. The adapter for the Japanese standard is now available on Tesla’s website for 450 dollars. via


Apr 29, 2015 - 08:26 am

Graz, Long Beach, Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Basel, eMotorWerks.

Electric buses for Austria: Holding Graz plans to electrify its entire bus fleet with the help of Chinese CSR. The latter builds buses with supercaps which are fast-charged within seconds at every second stop. Testing will begin in 2016 and if successful, Graz could see electric buses only. (in German)

New BYD orders: After a long bidding war, BYD won the contract in Californian Long Beach for the delivery of ten electric buses with options for 50 more. In total, the Chinese manufacturer hopes to sell about 200 electric buses in the States this year. Across the pond, another order over 13 electric buses has been placed by British Nottingham. (Long Beach), (Nottingham)

Free EV loan: Chargemaster is offering businesses in Milton Keynes electric cars for free. Two Nissan Leafs and a Renault Zoe are available to borrow for two weeks at a time and can be charged at over 200 charge points in the city for free.

Basel charged up: The utility of the Swiss city of Basel, IWB, plans to install 20 charging stations by the end of 2016. Four have already been set up in Basel and one in the neighbouring community Riehen. (in German)

Smart kickstart: eMotorWerks says it has delivered over 3,500 JuiceBox charging stations and expects volumes to double this year. The company started trading its low-cost charging station kit in late 2013 after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Apr 28, 2015 - 08:07 am

Münster, Little's, Shore Hotel, Take Charge and Go, Go Ultra Low.

Five E-buses for Münster: VDL Bus & Coach has delivered five Citea Electric buses to the German city of Münster. These are funded via the projects SEB (rapid-charging systems for electric busses in public transportation) and ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus System). The charging capacity reaches up to 500 kWh, meaning the buses can be fully charged in 5-10 minutes. (in German)

Little’s adds Lexus GS300h: The five limousines are the first hybrids on the fleet of the British chauffeur service. The company is confident that the Lexus will be a strong selling point since more and more clients “place an emphasis on environmental performance and sustainability”.

Cheaper charging: Transport Evolved looks at how grid-connected energy storage systems can help businesses offering rapid-charging at a lower cost. It takes the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, USA, as an example, which has added both a CHAdeMO station and an innovative energy storage system.

Do not disturb: Similar to signs to hang on a room door in a hotel, these Take Charge and Go EV Charging Hangers aim to help improve charging etiquette. By letting others know whether it is ok to unplug one’s vehicle when it is fully charged, others can begin charging without you having to come back and unplug your car yourself.

Route to happiness: 70 percent of people questioned for a survey by Go Ultra Low believe that a quieter cabin could help keeping the driver and passengers happier. In other words, hybrids and electric cars could help reduce stress and improve one’s overall mood.

Apr 27, 2015 - 09:31 am

Wuhan, Bangalore, Electric Car Hire, Rolec, Charge Your Car.

Electric cabs for China: The capital of Hubei province, Wuhan, plans to introduce 1,100 electric taxis. Both Dongfeng and BYD are to deliver 500 electric cabs each by August, and another 100 Tesla Model S will be added to the fleet.,

Electric cabs become reality: In Bangalore, company Lithium started its service. The fleet is to grow to 400 EVs within a year. Furthermore, the company plans to roll out its service in other Indian cities, too, intending to launch up to 2,000 electric cabs over the next two years.

BMW i3 rental service: British Electric Car Hire is offering businesses in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Hampshire and Wiltshire to rent the all-electric BMW. The service includes the drop-off of the i3 at the companies for 21.50 pounds per day or 235 pounds per week.

National Parks EV initiative: The Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks will receive 200,000 dollars through the DoE’s Clean Cities National Parks Initiative. The money will be used to acquire plug-in hybrid vehicles and the erection of six EV charging stations.

Charging package: Rolec and Charge Your Car (CYC) have designed a package for both home and public charging. It includes a domestic EV charging station and one year access to CYC’s network that entails about 2,000 public quick charging points.

Apr 24, 2015 - 08:12 am

Clever, Toyota, CarCharging, Phoenix Cars.

Swedish charging network: Danish EV infrastructure provider Clever is to partner up with Swedish utility Öresundskraft. Together, they will set up the subsidiary Clever Sverige, which will offer EV charging solutions in Sweden. The network will be modelled after the Danish example with consistent access and payment. The first 35 fast chargers on Swedish soil will be erected already by this summer. (in German), (in Danish)

Hybrid appraised: Orange County Property Appraiser (OCPA) has purchased 30 new Toyota Prius vehicles for its staff members that travel the whole of Orange County appraising almost half a million parcels. The OCPA hopes to save carbon as well as money.

EV charging for real estate: CarCharging stroke a new deal in Eastern Tennesse as it came to an agreement with real estate firm Blue Ridge Realty for the ownership and operation of 16 Blink EV charging stations. They will be located at office buildings.

US Navy now V2G-ready: Phoenix Cars has deployed an electric ZEUS flatbed truck to the US Navy base in Port Hueneme, California. The truck is vehicle-to-grid-capable and will be used as a service vehicle to transport supplies and equipment for facility maintenance.

Apr 23, 2015 - 08:27 am

Berlin, Oregon, Nottingham, Autohorn, Dubai.

The “Berliner Modell” from now on will serve as blue print for all EV charging stations to be installed in the German capital from July 2016. The first of its kind has now been inaugurated. The design is uniform, energy comes from renewables and the stations can be operated with a charge card by The New Motion that works regardless of the provider., (both in German)

EV incentives in Oregon? The state officials are thinking about a bill that would offer EV buyers a so-called “cash on the hood” incentive of up to 3,000 dollars. Hybrid vehicles would become eligible for a 1,500-dollar grant. Legislation could start this October and would be in effect until 2022.

Nottingham is pondering a low-emission zone, at least for heavy vehicles. Furthermore, the city proposed a network of EV charge spots as well as incentives for rental EVs and local businesses to go electric. All would be part of Nottingham’s bid for the government’s Go Ultra Low initiative.

Toyota hybrids in York: Rental and leasing provider Autohorn from York has placed an order for more than 60 Toyotas, including the Yaris Hybrid and for the first time also the Prius Plug-in. The company has bought nearly 200 Toyota hybrids in the past three years.

Toyota PHEVs for Dubai: Al-Futtaim Motors, exclusive distributor of Toyota in the UAE, has handed over three Toyota Prius PHEV to Dubai Municipality. The latter will test the cars to see if more could be bought to join the fleet in the future.,

Apr 22, 2015 - 08:29 am

Siemens, Birmingham, Kyiv, PlugSurfing, XL Hybrids.

Cloud-based home charger: Siemens is currently at the SAE World Congress in Detroit where it presents the VersiCharge Smartgrid. The home charging station is wi-fi enabled and allows users to control EV charging via mobile or web app. Charging can be set for when the rates are at the lowest.

Power-assisted bike-sharing: In Birmingham, Alabama, a bike-sharing will start this fall. At 40 docking stations, 400 bikes by Bewegen (German for to move) await the pedal-willing public. 100 of them are electrically assisted, thus making it the first e-bike sharing in the States, the Canadian company claims.

Electric couriers: Ukrainian Kyiv now has Delfast, a courier service with electric bicycles. The company already employs 30 electric bike messengers that manage about a 100 orders a day with 33 delivery bikes. A super competitive flat rate is at 2 dollars per delivery anywhere within the city’s limit.

Petrol card with app for hybrids: Berlin-based start-up PlugSurfing developed a new app for German fuel card provider DKV. The software points drivers of hybrid vehicles the way to the next charging station and enables them to charge at about 2,000 stations across Germany. (pdf)

XL Hybrids strikes again, this time in Montgomery County, Maryland, where it retrofitted ten Ford cargo vans with its XL3 hybrid system. The hybrid vans will be used at the County Maintenance Department for plumbers and electricians. Only recently, XL Hybrids made a similar deal in Ohio (we reported).

Apr 21, 2015 - 08:29 am

Bangkok, Berlin, USPS, Paris, Toyota, Hawaii.

Massive change in Bangkok? Up to 2,694 of 3,183 buses serving in the Thai capital could be exchanged for electric ones. So far, new buses bought by Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) are powered by CNG but new calculations see electrification as the better option, at least in the long run. For the move to become true, traffic minister Prajin Junton needs to nod his approval next week.

Prescribed change in Berlin? The senate of the German capital has passed an energy transition bill which demands all buses bought in or after 2020 to be emission free. Berlin’s public transport provider, BVG, however says, that 2020 is too early as battery-electric or fuel cell buses are not yet reliable enough. Furthermore, BVG pointed out that Berlin is yet missing infrastructure to run a green service., (articles in German)

United States Postal Service has received quite a few responses regarding the planned replacement (electrification?) of its 180,000-vehicle strong fleet. 15 companies already have expressed interest, among them Daimler, Nissan and Mahindra.

Parisian fire brigade electrified: Firefighters in the French capital are now testing four BlueCar and two BlueUtility by Bolloré. If the trial is successful, they could become an integral part of the fleet and would be used as service vehicles – painted in red, of course. (in French)

Hybrid learners: British driving school car supplier CA Cars has ordered more than 40 Toyota Yaris Hybrid equipped with dual controls which are to be deployed to driving schools. The latter hope to save money on fuel and running costs.,

Off-peak programme: Hawaii Energy together with OpConnect has started a new pilot scheme to see if saving money could encourage people with PV systems to charge off-peak. Participants receive a 60 percent discount on charging through the OpConnect network.

Apr 20, 2015 - 08:08 am

Amsterdam, Seattle, FamilyMart, San Francisco.

On the road to no emission: Amsterdam wants to be emission free by 2025 and the taxi companies are doing their part. Together, Taxi Electric, Connexxion and TCA operate more than 170 Nissan Leaf and e-NV200. And since October, 167 Tesla Model S taxis are stationed at the Schiphol Airport.

Electric police cars in Seattle: Seattle police will use 28 Nissan Leaf for its traffic enforcement department in and around the city. Set patrol routes and predictable traffic make electric vehicles a feasible choice for the task and help reduce emissions of the city fleet.

Convenient charging: The Japanese convenient store chain FamilyMart now offers drivers to charge their EV while shopping. The market partnered with Nissan to install electric vehicle chargers at its locations across the country, because it wanted charging to become more convenient for its customers.

Powered by the sun: The city of San Francisco has gotten three new solar-powered charging stations for electric cars. The stations are part of a demonstration project called “Driving on Sunshine” that plans to install free solar-powered chargers across the city.,

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Ballard Power Systems, XL Hybrids, Memphis, Worcestershire.

Fuel cell buses for China: Canadian Ballard Power Systems has been asked by a Chinese manufacturer to equip eight buses with its FCvelocity-HD7 fuel cell power modules. The buses will serve in a number of Chinese cities.,

Revamped fleet: XL Hybrids will convert four General Motors vans for Watkins Heating & Cooling in Springboro, Ohio with its XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive system. Watkins plans to retrofit its entire fleet of 15 vehicles within the next few years.,

CarCharging in Memphis: The EV charging operator says it finalised an agreement with the Downtown Memphis Commission for 12 Blink Level 2 EV chargers in the commission’s garages. The stations will be owned, operated and serviced by CarCharging.

Worcestershire EV ready: The British county now has three new EV charge points. They are the first in a row of 12 planned for the county. The EV charging initiative is supported by 600,000 pounds from both the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and Chargemaster (150,000 GBP).

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Amsterdam, Clean buses commitment, Montreal, St Andrews, Tesla.

Amsterdam to go all in: The Dutch capital has decided to electrify its entire bus fleet. The first 40 electric buses will go into service within the next two years. By 2025, all 200 buses in Amsterdam will drive electrically with no diesel buses left in service. (in Dutch) via

Clean buses commitment: 20 cities in South America and others around the world have signed an agreement to introduce low-emission buses. Together, the signatories represent more than 140,000 buses – at least in theory. Detailed plans or concrete action for electrification have yet to be seen., (declaration as pdf)

1,000-EV sharing in Montreal: The Canadian city is planning to set up an electric car sharing and is looking for solution providers. Until 2020, Montreal wants to have 1,000 rental EVs and enough charging stations to keep them running.,

Scottish E-Car Club: In St Andrews, Scotland’s first electric car club will go into service. The initial fleet is comprised of eight Renault Zoe and two Kangoo ZE which will be available for hire across the town on an hourly or daily basis.

Tesla to electrify Oz: Starting with eight charging booths in Goulborn, the Californians want to supercharge Australia. By 2016, Superchargers are to connect Melbourne with Sydney and Brisbane.

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Japan, Dorset, New Mexico, Phoenix Taxis.

H2 expansion bogged down: According to Reuters, Japan could miss its goal of installing 100 hydrogen filling stations by March 2016. A mere 76 stations were approved prior to the end of an application deadline for subsidies last month.

New fast-chargers: 18 rapid-charge points will be installed in Dorset in southern England until the end of May. These will be accessible via the Charge Your Car membership card or smartphone app.

New Mexico gets rapid charging: A total of five fast-chargers will be installed in the towns of Albuquerque, Corrales and Santa. The stations are funded by Nissan. There are nearly 11,000 plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles on the road in New Mexico.

Phoenix Taxis wants more Teslas: The British taxi company took its first Tesla into service and already announced that it is planning on purchasing another nine in the next year.

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ChargePoint, Dubai, EV savings, Transport for London.

All-inclusive home charging: ChargePoint has announced a new service for home chargers, including the installation and servicing of the station. Customers will only pay a monthly fee and can choose to cancel the offer at any time. They can even purchase their energy using their ChargePoint account.

Dubai goes electric: On top of adding 100 EV charging points (we reported), Dubai will designate parking stalls for electric vehicles and is considering offering incentives for the purchase of EVs. Moreover, Dubai Police has added three-new Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrids to its fleet., (police)

EVs mean big savings: If all fleet managers in Britain would switch their diesel commercial vehicles for electric ones, they could safe a total of 2.6 billion pounds in fuel costs, according to recent research from the UK government-funded green transport campaign Go Ultra Low.,

TfL adds H2: Transport for London has added two Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell to its fleet, which will be used by the group’s bus operational management team to i.e. check bus route diversions. This comes after the country announced that it will invest 6.6 million pounds in H2 infrastructure

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Daimler, Florence, Oregon, Brasilia.

eDriversLicense: Daimler will work with five driving schools in and around Stuttgart, proving them with an electric Smart and a B-series ED as well as a wallbox. Learners will be given their first lessons in an electric car, receiving an eDriverLicence which enables them to use Daimler’s car2go car sharing service with a 100-minute free access. The programme will also offer EV training for existing drivers., l,

Florence goes electric: Renault has delivered a total of 70 EVs (53 Twizy and 17 Kangoo Z.E.) to the Italian city, whose fleet is now 60 percent all-electric. Moreover, 91 new EV charging points will be installed at municipal offices across Florence.

Fighting the ICE: The U.S. state of Oregon announced that it wants to fine petrol-powered vehicles blocking a charging station up to 250 dollars. Washington state has already started a similar measure.

Intelligent Mobility: Since the end of March, the UN has taken two Renault Zoe into service in Brasilia. The programme called Mobi-i will analyse the feasibility and pros of using electric vehicles in the Brazilian capital., (articles in German), (in Portuguese)

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Renault, Proterra, Washington, Los Angeles, Phillippines.

Cognac distillery electrified: Renault delivered 23 Zoe and 22 Kangoo Z.E. to Hennessy. The liquor company does thus electrify 80 per cent of its fleet in one go in the French city of Cognac where the electric cars will be used by employees.,

Good times for Proterra as the company just received a grant over 3 million dollars from the DoE. The money goes into the design and construction of Proterra’s new electric bus manufacturing line in California. Foothill Transit ordered another 13 Proterra buses scheduled for delivery in 2016.

Bad news for Tesla and BMW as Washington State is discussing to limit its EV subsidy in form of a sales tax exemption to vehicles costing less than 35,000 dollars. The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt would still qualify. So far, the bill is a proposal but could replace current EV policies by the end of July.

Low carb LA: Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, has outlined his vision for a sustainable Hollywood star hub and its outer boroughs. Among other initiatives, the ‘pLAn’ asks for the installation of 1,000 EV charging stations within the next two years.,

Electric trike trial: On the Phillippines, Fujitsu and Global Mobility Service (GMS) are to expand a trial with electric three wheelers that GMS already conducted in Manila. The trikes will now be connected to the to the Fujitsu Intelligent Society Solution SPATIOWL, a cloud service that plans routes according to remaining range or access to a charging spot.

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Paris, Hertz London, Switzerland, Denver International Airport.

Velo capital: Paris plans to invest 150 million euros to be come the world’s cycling capital by 2020. Subsidies for electric bicycles are intended as well as the expansion of the cycle path network and additional 10,000 cycle parking spots.; (in French)

Rent a Leaf in London: Hertz has introduced Nissan’s electric car to its rental fleet in the British capital. The Leaf will be available at selected locations, including Heathrow and City Airport, at a special launch rate of 9,99 GBP (about 15 dollars) a day.

Switzerland gets FCV: Hyundai is now offering its ix35 Fuel Cell in the Alpine republic. There it costs 66,990 CHF (69,312 dollars). Furthermore, Hyundai Suisse plans to install a 700-bar H2 fuelling station together with partners like research facility Empa. The companies Coop, Axpo, and H2 Energy are planning to build more hydrogen stations in Switzerland. (in German)

Denver doubles EV chargers: Already, Denver International Airport has ten EV charge spots and soon another ten EV charging stations are to be installed. Costs are estimated at 85,000 dollars.,


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