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Feasibility Study of Bi-directional Wireless Charging for Vehicle-to-Grid

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology is expected to play a role in addressing the imbalance between periods of peak demand and peak supply on the electricity grid. V2G technology enables two-way power flow between the grid and the high-power, high-capacity propulsion batteries in an electrified vehicle. That is, V2G allows the vehicle to store electricity during peak supply periods, and then discharge it back into the grid during peak demand periods.

The authors have performed an architectural design and a modeling and simulation study for a bi-directional wireless charging system for V2G applications. This research activity aims to adapt an existing SAE J2954 compatible unidirectional system design to enable bi-directional wireless power transfer with minimum impact to system cost, while maintaining full compatibility with the requirements of SAE J2954.

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13.06.2018 17:35