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Aug 6, 2014 - 08:27 am

Siemens, BYD, BMW, ALTe, Volkswagen.

eHighwaySiemens to build electric motorway: According to Spiegel Online, Siemens was awarded the contract to electrify a section of the Interstate 710 in California. As early of July 2015, electric lorries equipped with Siemens’ eHighway overhead contact lines technology will be tested for at least one year as part of the “Zero Emission Corridor” demonstration project.
spiegel.de (in German), metro.net (project homepage)

New BYD joint venture: The Chinese company partners with the Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) to produce electric buses together. Of the newly formed ‘Guangzhou Guangqi BYD New Energy Bus Company Ltd,’ BYD owns 51%. The JV will take up official trading immediately.
gasgoo.com, ecns.cn

BMW 7 to be unveiled 2015: Auto News says the German carmaker will present the 2016 version of its 7 series at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September next year. The BMW 7 will sit on the ’35up’ platform that is made of carbon and aluminium and will also come as a hybrid version.
autonews.com, indianautosblog.com

Electrified Ford F-150: ALTe, the company that turns Ford’s classic pickups into a plug-in hybrids is now touring the States with its offering. The company, which was founded by three ex-Tesla workers (we reported) is currently trying to become part of Ford’s EQVM program which would make them a “preferred supplier” and their conversion of the F-150 somewhat official.

E-Golf review: Hilton Holloway spices up his test drive with technological facts and finds the electric Volkswagen “as polished in its engineering details as the mainstream models,” while the electric components only add to the experience and set it above the Nissan Leaf.

Jun 3, 2014 - 08:34 am

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Kenguru, Nissan, ALTe.

Toyota-FCV-ConceptToyota applies pressure: The Japanese company plans to commercialise its fuel cell vehicle at the end of this fiscal year (March 2015). The move is backed by the Japanese government, which considers raising the pressure limit for fuel tanks from 700 to 875 atmospheres (886 bar). That could increase the range for H2-cars by up to 20%. Furthermore, Tokyo is lobbying the UN and EU to deregulate in a similar manner.
asia.nikkei.com, greencarreports.com

Updated i-MiEV hits USA: Mitsubishi’s 2014 model will replace the 2012 version and with a price tag of 23,845 dollars, it costs 6,130 dollars less than its predecessor. Customers eligible for the full 7,500 dollars tax credit would thus pay less than 16,000 dollars.

Jumpstarting the Kenguru Car: The wheelchair accessible electric car was first introduced back in 2012. Since then, founder Istvan Kissaroslaki has had to overcome financial and logistical problems and the Kenguru got two new competitors – Chairiot and EcoCentre. All three companies say they are ready to roll as soon as the demand takes it there.

Leaf tuning: At the AMI in Leipzig, Germany, Nissan is showing its electric flagship packed in NISMO’s Aero Performance tuning kit, which has been available in other countries for some time already. Depending on demand, the aerodynamic and stylish Leaf version might be offered on the German market as well.
mein-elektroauto.com (in German)

Electrified Ford van reviewed: ALTe, a company formed by three ex-Tesla employees, recently converted a Ford E-350 into to a plug-in hybrid able to run 22 miles on battery power alone. Jeff Cobb takes a test drive as a welcome opportunity to scrape together all available information on the company, which is now looking from hybrids into pure EVs, too.

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