10.12.2018 - 22:54

Aldi’s electric kids’ cars sell like hot cakes

It seems that electric cars can sell well in Australia after all. With Christmas at the door, one of Aldi Australia’s best and fastest-selling “special buys” is back. The kids’ electric cars that sold out in seconds in 2017 are on offer again this year.

22.10.2018 - 18:18

Chargefox setting up HPC network in Australia

Australia is set to receive another HPC network with charging performance available from 150 to 350 kW. This one will be set up by the Australian startup Chargefox, who is planning to set up 21 locations in the first phase, for which it may generate up to 15 million dollars.

06.09.2018 - 16:49

Uniti plans to manufacture BEVs in Australia

The Swedish EV startup has announced plans to begin manufacturing their compact battery-electric Uniti One in Australia in the future. An annual capacity of up to 10,000 units are expected. The two-seater will begin production in Adelaide in 2020.



13.08.2018 - 12:56

Tesla gearing up to bring Model 3 to Australia, NZ

Now that production has stabilised in the USA and roll-out is beginning to look more routine, Tesla has announced their next step in international roll-out: The tour that was done across Europe to help popularise the vehicle will also take place down under.



26.06.2018 - 17:25

Graphene infused concrete to charge EVs in motion

Talga Resources from Australia say they managed to mix enough graphene into concrete to make it conducive, meaning it could build roads able to charge an electric car while driving. Their concept is not entirely new but their foray into global markets is.

29.05.2018 - 18:06

Canberra to receive 50 EV chargers

The Australian Capital Territory will receive 50 new standard dual electric vehicle chargers beginning delivery this year, before completion in the next. The 456,000 dollar initiative is funded by the Territory government.

17.05.2018 - 16:14

Tesla to get Lithium from Kidman Resources

Australia is growing its lithium mining and Tesla is intent on exploiting that fact. Their latest contract with Kidman Resources will see them supply Tesla with battery material lithium hydroxide for their electric cars for 3 years initially.

16.04.2018 - 16:28

Australia: ACT launches new EV action plan

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is Australia’s federal district that contains the capital Canberra. ACT now decided to well, act, on driving growth for electric vehicles with a new action plan running throughout 2021.

06.02.2018 - 18:14

Nissan to offer Leaf in seven additional countries

Nissan’s newest vehicle, the BEV Leaf, has been slated for release in a total of 7 additional countries, alongside the already announced market nations, paving the way further to the goal of offering the vehicle in up to 60 countries around the world.

15.12.2017 - 17:43

Racing in the sky with VTOL by Alauda

Australian Alauda presents its electric aircraft Mark 1 Airspeeder. And to launch said VTOL, the company made the unusual proposition to set up the very first flying car race in the desert.

07.09.2017 - 07:15

Christchurch, Australia, American Electric Power, Albany.

Electrifying Christchurch: One of New Zealand’s largest cities will see the launch of an EV sharing service, starting with 70 electric cars in November and additional 30 electric vehicles joining in February. Furthermore, the city’s waste management company is about to start operating an electric-powered kerbside electric truck and (despite of facing difficulties to find producers) intends to turn the majority of its 800-strong fleet to EVs in the long term. (car sharing), (rubbish truck)

Australian EV incentives: The Australian government sets up a 100m finance programme to encourage citizens to switch to EVs. Among the measures provided are a 0.7 percent discount on finance for EVs and PHEVs as well as a range of eligible energy efficient and renewable energy equipment.,,

Doubling the amount of EV chargers: American Electric Power teams up with the Electric Vehicle Charging Association and several other partners to spend almost 10m dollars on rebates for charging infrastructure in the utility’s Ohio service territory. Their plan includes 300 level 2 chargers and 75 DC fast chargers — more than doubling the 280 public charging stations in Ohio today.

To make Albany greener: The U.S. American city Albany receives 1.4m dollars from the state of New York in order to finance clean energy projects. A part of the sum, 416,000 dollars, will help to install EV charging stations and to “optimise” approximately 100 vehicles of the city’s fleet.

06.07.2017 - 07:47

Bulgaria, London, Vancouver, Australia, Michigan.

ABB in Bulgaria: The Swiss’ Bulgarian branch has opened its first fast-charging station in the city of Plovdiv, a industrial and logistics centre. But ABB is not alone in the Eastern European country. Sofia-based eMobility International recently installed three rapid charging stations near the city of Sandanski and operates another two close to Sofia and on the border with Greece. (Plovdiv), (Sandanski)

BlueCity for free: The London borough of Merton offers resident a free annual membership for the EV sharing service that usually costs 5 GBP per month. 10 hours of driving are included and Londoner just need to key in the code EARLYBIRD10 to redeem the offer.

Charging charge: Vancouver may introduce fees for using city-owned charge stations as EV use has increased. Some stations had over 17,000 charging sessions last year and fees for fast-charging could climb to up to 16 dollars. Another option under review is to introduce more curb-side charge points.

Charging in remote areas will become possible with this network of 70 EV stations in Western Australia. The initiative is a team effort by Synergy and the Australian Electric Vehicle Association and will install three-phase charge points along all major roads in the state.

Two new fast-charging stations do not sound like much but given that Michigan got only a total of 15 it helps. Nissan had the ChaDeMo chargers installed at convenience stores along the I-96 expressway.

12.06.2017 - 07:35

Supercharger, BYD, Hawaiian Electric, Australia.

Independent Superchargers? Tesla wants to go off-grid in the long run by feeding its charging infrastructure from solar panel arrays and batteries. At least that was CEO Elon Musk’s reply on Twitter following a question about the chargers’ energy sources but 140 characters were obviously not enough to draw up a timetable. A more detailed account was recently given when Tesla announced plans to extend its Supercharger network to more than 10,000 units before the year’s end.

BYD refuse truck not wasted: BYD and its partners LA Sanitation and Wayne Engineering completed their electric refuse truck trial and demonstrated the viability of zero-emission vehicles for municipal waste haulers. BYD’s test vehicles did more than 5,200 miles and up to 108 miles per day.

Approval for Hawaiian Electric: Hawaiian Electric can extend its DC fast charging scheme for five more years after obtaining the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission’s approval. One of the programmes sees the utility operate 25 publicly accessible DC fast-charge facilities on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.

Electric buses for CA school districts: The South Coast Air Quality Management District in SoCal raised about 1.6m dollars in order to support three school districts (Fontana, Rialto, and Jurupa) to buy two electric buses and charging stations each.

Shop and charge: Australian Stockland intends to erect Tesla Destination Chargers at 31 of its shopping centres across the country. In order to offer its clients free charging, the company is willing to invest 200,000 dollars.

30.05.2017 - 07:07

Australia, Mercedes-AMG, Ruhr-Uni Bochum, Renesas.

News of Gigafactories accumulate with Australia joining Germany and Thailand. Plans by Boston Energy and Innovation are definite as they lead a global consortium, which already agreed with the city of Townsville to build a battery plant with a capacity of 15 GWh per annum. This translates to 200,000 car batteries, or one million home storage units, or 300 microgrids. Location scouting is on and once found, a feasibility study will start. Meanwhile, the same partners, which also include Australian graphite producer Magnis Resources and U.S. battery specialists, want to erect a similar sized facility in the state of New York at the IBM HQ on Huron campus.,

mercedes-amg-project-one-teaser-hypercar-300x150The ultimate hyper car: Mercedes-AMG released spare data on its Project One, destined to put F1 technology on the road. The 1,000 hp hybrid combines the F1-based 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 with four electric motors. As the edition is limited to 275 units, demand has already overtaken supply.,

Self-healing catalyst: Chemists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have developed a catalyst with self-repairing properties when “hurt” during water electrolysis for hydrogen production. The healing works as long as the required nanoparticle powder is present in the electrolyte solution.

Japan-China alliance for autonomous EV: Japanese Chipmaker Renesas is to work with China’s Great Wall Motor to develop technology for self-driving and electric cars for the latter’s home market. Renesas will send engineers but ultimately hopes to expand its own semi-conductor sales in China.

30.05.2017 - 07:41

Ireland, Australia, Canada, Iveco, Romania.

Ireland’s EV sharing service that will start in Dublin and Cork takes learnings from a bicycle sharing system already installed in the Irish capital. Dublin Bike works via membership and PAYG and the government hopes to put more than 100 electric cars to hire out on the streets before the year’s end. The initiative is to encourage EV uptake on the Emerald isle also through test driving opportunities at events and a roadshow. Incentives for businesses to switch to electric cars or vans are under scrutiny.

EV accord in Australia: A new national body comprised of 17 Australian industry organisations aims to promote the adoption of electric vehicles on the continent. The ‘Electric Vehicle Council’ wants to focus on corporate fleets, demand EV incentives, seek investment for charging infrastructure and publish an annual report on the state of EV affairs.

Electric buses in Canada: Montréal has welcomed three electric buses from Nova Bus, a Volvo Bus Group member, into its service within the framework of the Montreal City Mobility project that is driven by the company. Another three e-buses but by BYD this time, have gone to St. Albert. They spearhead a total order of seven with the remaining four to arrive by the end of this year. (Montreal), (St. Albert)

Mixed message: Iveco has delivered hybrid buses to Astana. They are part of an order over 210 Urbanway models, which are available as both hybrid and diesel buses. How many of the vehicles will drive partially electric in the Kazakh capital is undisclosed.

Real change? Romania´s fuel retailer Rompetrol has added its first EV chargers to a gas station. It is part of a 10m dollar investment plan by the KMG owned company, which plans seven more gas stations with charging points of 50kW, where charging is free of charge.

30.05.2017 - 07:27

Excremental vehicle.

In Australia the Mitsubishi i-MiEV took a strange turn as a special edition is fuelled by human waste of Brisbane’s populace. The poo-powered vehicle, that runs on electricity from biogas, shall help to think of renewables anew but will hopefully not smear their clean image otherwise.,

11.10.2016 - 08:19

Tesla, VW, Mahindra, Venus Motors, Australia.

Tesla-Model-X-final300Model X starts at 75 kWh: Tesla has scrapped the 60D variant of its electric SUV from its portfolio, only three months after adding it. The base version now is the 75D. The carmaker did not say why it made the changes. Moreover, two colour options have disappeared from the configurator.,

Electric variants for Caddy and T7: According to VW’s head of utility vehicles Eckhard Scholz, the next generation of both cars will be available with electric powertrains. Moreover, first units of VW’s new e-Crafter will be delivered in the second half of 2017. (in German)

Mahindra makes plans for China: Indian manufacturer Mahindra Reva is looking for a joint venture partner in order to produce electric vehicles in China, Bloomberg reports, citing Mahindra CEO Arvind Mathew. Whether there are already talks with potential partners was not confirmed.

VW to present Atlas? On October 27th, the carmaker will take the wraps off its new 7-seater for the U.S. market (we reported), which will also be available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. According to Automotive News, the vehicle will be named Atlas. Though that has yet to be confirmed.

has to be_beENERGISED_var2_EN

Made in Costa Rica: U.S. niche manufacturer Venus Motors wants to produce EVs in Costa Rica. The company moved from Oregon to the Central American country to make cars for the local market “and beyond.” The Veep, a Jeep-like electric car, will be the first to roll off production lines there.

Australia electrifies lorries: SEA Automotive received over 500,000 Dollars from the local Australian government in Victoria. The money will be used to build electric drivetrains for trucks. Moreover, the drivetrains can be used to retrofit existing diesel-powered models.

11.10.2016 - 08:54

Innogy, AVIC Jonhan, Air Liquide, Uno-X, Australia.

Innogy chargers in California? Following its IPO, RWE subsidiary Innogy is looking to in invest in the U.S. Next to solar and wind energy, the company is also focusing on charging infrastructure there. Innogy CEO Peter Terium told German Welt am Sonntag that they were “able to convince the California regulating authority to adapt German standards and norms for EV charging infrastructure.” (in German) via

Chinese-Swiss charging alliance: Chinese company AVIC Jonhon and Swiss start-up Juice Technology have formed a strategic joint venture for the European market. Together, the two companies want to develop “groundbreaking” AC and DC charging infrastructure. (in German)

Air Liquide informs: The hydrogen specialist has launched a website, outlining the benefits of H2 for the public. Together with California Fuel Cell Partnership, Air Liquide also started the “Hydrogen Station Finder” – an app for H2 infrastructure., (website);, (app)

H2 in Norway: Norwegian company Uno-X Hydrogen has received just under 20 Mio. krone (about 2.45 Mio. USD) in funding, to set up a hydrogen production facility as well as two fuelling stations in Bergen. Financier is the Norwegian public enterprise Enova SF, who is looking to expand the country’s H2 network.

Electric delivery Down Under: The Australian postal service is looking to use electric vehicles for deliveries in cities starting next year. The EVs can hold up to 100 parcels at a time – three times more than the motorbikes currently in use.

14.09.2016 - 09:47

Opel, Chevy, BMW, Australia, New Zealand, Ariel.

Opel-Ampera-e-Durchsicht-300More than 400 km of range: Ahead of the official premiere in Paris, Opel published some new details about its upcoming Ampera-e. NEFZ puts range at over 400 km on one charge, which is more than any other EV in its class (the BMW i3 currently offers 300 km). The new Opel is said to arrive at dealerships in Germany in spring. The UK may have to wait for the second generation of the Ampera-e, as Opel subsidiary Vauxhall will not be offering the EV for now., (details), (UK)

Chevy Bolt update: The Ampera-e’s big cousin has gotten its final EPA rating, according to which the Bolt can go 238 miles on one charge. Moreover, GM will offer over the air updates, just like Tesla, and released ten new videos ahead of the EV’s launch. (range), (updates), (videos)

BMW i sales soar: The year isn’t over yet and BMW has already sold more electric cars than in all of 2015. A total of 16,855 BMW i rolled off the lots from January until the end of August, while the i3 sold 2,848 times in August alone – a 73 percent increase compared to the previous year.

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e-mobil BW_EVS30EVS30 – Call for Papers is now open: Right now scientific abstracts can be submitted for the renowned 30th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS). Use this great opportunity to become part of the premier event on electromobility. EVS30 will take place on October 9-11, 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information, visit

Australia pushes zero emission: According to Motoring, Australia is looking to scrap the Luxury Tax for (partially) electrified cars, as well as implement other incentives to push sales of electric and hybrid vehicles. What the measures will look like is still not clear.

No fees for EVs: As one of 14 incentives to push electric mobility, New Zealand extended the EV road user charge exemptions until 2021, meaning EV drivers safe up to 438 dollars. The government is also looking into whether electrically powered utility vehicles could benefit.

Hybrid on track: Ariel has unveiled the Aero-P Atom Concept with hybrid powertrain. And while it is not said to directly influence a production car, it could mean that Ariel is looking eventually create a hybrid version on the Atom.

31.08.2016 - 08:06

South Korea, Australia, NuTonomy, Texas Instruments, Charging Corridor.

Futuristic expressway: South Korea wants to build a network of “smart” motorways for self-driving electric cars by 2020. These are said to include stretches where the EVs can be charged inductively while driving. By 2018, all major rest stop along the country’s expressway will be equipped with chargers.

Fuelling the future: The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government has already ordered 20 units of the next Hyundai fuel cell model, said to hit the road in 2018. The cars will be part of a project that is looking to use excess wind energy to produce hydrogen to fuel more than 1,000 FCVs.

Expanding the autonomous fleet: Start-up NuTonomy that recently began testing autonomous taxis in Singapore (we reported), wants to also trial its electric cars in other cities. It will add three Asian cities to the mix from 2017 and wants to expand to a total of ten locations by 2020 – then also including cities in Europe and the U.S.

Wi-Fi enables chargers: Texas Instruments presented a reference design of an EV charger with Wi-Fi connection, to allow EV owners to i.e. charge at non-peak times or monitor charging from a distance. The technology can be used for home and public chargers.,

Charging corridor: A total of ten fast-chargers are to connect Quebec in Canada with the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon. When the project will be completed is not clear, but on the Quebec side, a number of charger have already been installed. Two other U.S.-Canadian corridors are still up for discussion.

18.08.2016 - 07:14

Hamburg, London, EVFutureGrid, Australia, Mahindra.

Innovation line: Three electric buses have taken to the streets in Hamburg. The Solaris vehicles join plug-in hybrid buses from Volvo that have been in operation since 2014. All buses are able to charge at the same charging terminals by Siemens via the supplier’s onboard equipment. Each of the two interoperable charging terminals has a capacity of 300 kW and two charging stations.

London Fire Brigade electrified: The firefighters of the British capital are en route to electrify their entire fleet by the end of the year. Already, 73 of 103 stations boast a EV charging station. 52 BMW i3 REx are to join the brigade that operates five PHEV at the frontline before the year’s end.

Indian EV arrives in England: Mahindra has delivered its first e20 to a British customer. The business woman bought the compact electric car online and will use it to see clients.

Lease a charger: EVFutureGrid is looking for people in Ontario, Canada willing to lease a home charger for 25 dollars a month. There are no upfront cost, installation is taken care of, and in exchange FleetCarma gathers driving and charging data.

Charging South Australia: Queensland got its first charger as Locality Planning Energy installs one of five planned Veefil fast-charging stations made by Tritium. Availability can be checked via app. The charger is located in Noosa.,

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