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Sep 20, 2016 - 08:35 am

Catherine McKenna, Wolfgang Bernhard, Paul Philpott.

Catherine-McKenna“It’s mandatory that everyone will have to have a price on carbon. If provinces don’t do that, the federal government will provide a backstop.”

Putting a price on carbon is Canada’s minister for the environment, Catherine McKenna. Provinces are asked to implement their own pricing or else face a minimum national carbon price.

Wolfgang-Bernhard“Now is the right time… If you start too soon, you lose a pile, if you come too late, you lose the market.”

Daimler Trucks chief Wolfgang Bernhard wants to see investment in electric trucks. They could be production-ready by 2020 and he expects prices to decrease.

Paul-Philpott“We’d like to see from the UK Government some long-term strategy, with a clear timing plan for implementation.”

Paul Philpott, CEO of Kia UK, is calling on the British government to implement a “tangible plan” for hydrogen infrastructure so Kia can schedule commercial introduction.

Feb 29, 2016 - 09:07 am

Hakan Samuelsson, Catherine McKenna, Lee Jung-Kook.

Hakan-Samuelsson“We see no future for diesel engines in the U.S. After what has happened, you can say clearly that we believe in the gasoline engine and plug-in hybrids for the U.S. and China.”

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson believes that, while the cost of diesel in Europe makes it a very different market, the future of automobiles in the U.S. and China is clear.

Catherine-McKenna“There’s going to be a package of measures at the end of the six-month process that will be real actions to reduce emissions. One of those is a price on carbon.”

Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, discusses the liberal government’s commitment of reducing emissions. Despite opposition, the Canadian government intends to follow through with climate control measures.

anonym“Electric cars do not make roaring sounds since they have electric motors.”

Lee Jung-Kook, PR team manager at Renault Samsung, hopes to quell allegations of “sudden unintended acceleration (SUA)” in the electric SM3 by countering one plaintiff’s mention of a roaring sound. In some cases, drivers have been found at fault for SUA, and not the car.

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