30.01.2019 - 20:44

Mexican fuel shortage as Chevrolet marketing chance

After a tapped gasoline pipeline exploded, the Mexican government closed several pipelines to combat fuel theft, leading to a nation-wide shortage of gasoline. Chevrolet Mexico immediately turned this into a marketing campaign for the e-model Bolt.

25.01.2019 - 16:35

General Motors considers electrifying pickup

Shortly after Ford announced a fully electric offshoot of its successful F-150 pickup model, US rival General Motors is also thinking out loud about electrifying off-road vehicles and pickup trucks from its GMC market.



10.01.2019 - 16:29

GM cooperates with EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots

In the USA, General Motors is partnering with the three main charging station networks. Namely EVgo, ChargePoint and Greenlots will be providing customers of the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt with access to more than 31,000 charging points. 

27.11.2018 - 12:48

GM takes hard steps towards electrification in USA

General Motors has announced a comprehensive restructuring plan to save six billion dollars annually by the end of 2020. This will free up funds to invest in the development and production of electric cars and autonomous vehicles, but also means closing down large U.S. factories.



06.09.2018 - 17:41

LG opens new battery factory for Chevy Bolt

In order to boost GM’s Chevy Bolt production by more than 20% this Fall, as planned, a new LG factory is being set up in Michigan, where they will supply battery packs to the GM assembly facility in Orion, where the Bolt is being manufactured.

07.08.2018 - 16:30

USA: GM getting close to 200,000 EV sales

General Motors is getting closer to the 200,000 EV cap for the $7,500 federal tax incentive. Still estimates suggests that they may have until early 2019 before the incentive is cut off but consequences for the Bolt EV could be stark.

24.06.2018 - 19:43

Chevy’s bold sense of Schadenfreude

We thought “Schadenfreude” is a German-only trait but it appears that GM got their share of it. Following the recent burn out of a Tesla vehicle in motion, they offered the owners a brand new Chevy Bolt.

15.04.2018 - 20:50

Fast-charging by EVgo for Maven car sharing by GM

General Motors and EVgo say they want to install “hundreds” of EV charging stations for use with GM’s Maven car sharing service. The growing numbers of gig drivers using the Chevy Bolt EV will now get a dedicated DC charging network across the States.

09.03.2018 - 19:05

Chevy’s Bolt for commercial use with no backseats

General Motors is stripping out the Bolt EV in order to offer a cheaper version with more cargo space to commercial users such as fleet operators. It is an “incomplete” EV of sorts with no backseats, benefiting delivery services for example.

07.03.2018 - 11:32

Thief too dumb to drive EV

A criminal in Austin, Texas was apprehended after attempting to highjack a Chevy Bolt EV. The man was able to get into the car, but obviously was not aware of just how different it is to drive an electric car: He failed to get away with the vehicle, as he “didn’t know how to drive […]

27.02.2018 - 17:51

Hobby engineer builds first Teslonda

By installing an electric Tesla motor into an old Honda accord, the American car enthusiast Jimmy Bullet created an intriguing crossover vehicle, using Chevrolet Volt battery packs. The car benefited from a series of other tuning, including off-road suspension.

19.02.2018 - 14:18

Chevy Bolt EV boldly available

There might be some good in Model 3 deliveries being slow. At least that is what GM’s marketing  seem to have thought when designing their latest email campaign around one currently unique selling point of the Bolt EV.

12.01.2017 - 09:20

E/Racing, Chevrolet.

Reading tip: The U.S. will see a new rallycross series this year that will use EVs only. The E/Racing will kick off on October 31st in Las Vegas and features electric cars from Austrian company STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development). Other planned stops are LA and New York.

Video tip: Chevy released a series of videos about the Bolt, providing more technical details. They focus on the subjects of Electronic Precision Shift, cargo room, one-pedal driving, the My Chevrolet app, EPA range, charging, regen on demand and the surround vision. via

10.01.2017 - 08:10

Volkswagen, Eli Electric Vehicles, eRace, Jaguar, Chevrolet.

VW-ID-Buzz-300pxNLAnother electric VW bus: VW unveiled its new electric concept car, the I.D. Buzz at the Detroit Motor Show. The minibus takes after the iconic VW bus and is slightly bigger than the BUDD-e, presented at CES last year (we reported). It is powered by two electric motors with a total output of 275 kW, while the 111-kWh battery pack allows for up to 270 miles of range (EPA) or 600 km (NECD). It is not clear when the I.D. Buzz will hit the road, but most likely not before the I.D. and an electric SUV, which VW will unveil in Shanghai.,,

Tiny e-car for the city: Start-up Eli Electric Vehicles presented its EV Zero in Las Vegas. The small electric car has some similarity with the Renault Twizy, bus has a closes cockpit and real doors. Its top speed is limited to 40 kph, while it can go 100 km on one charge. Zero will launch in Europe and the U.S. at the end of the year and will sell for around 10,000 dollars.

eRace hits track in Vegas: The first virtual eRace took place in Las Vegas over the weekend. Faraday Future Dragon Racing pilot Bono Huis took the crown, winning 200,000 dollars. Technically, Mahindra driver Olli Pahkala was the fastest, but only because he used a FanBoost incorrectly, activating it for six rounds and not six seconds. He therefore got a 12 second penalty and lost the top spot.,

Electric two-seater by Jaguar? Auto Express reports that Jaguar may be working on a narrow two-seater electric city car, where the passengers would be seated behind the driver. The tiny EV could become available at the beginning of the next decade and would be built by company Magna in Graz (Austria).

EV crowned: Automotive journalists have cured the Chevy Bolt as “North American Car of the Year 2017.” It is the first time that an electric car has taken home the award. The Bolt is said to have won out mainly because it is believed to be a game changer in the automotive sector, as it offers more than 200 miles of range, while still being affordable.,,

01.12.2016 - 09:54

ChargeLounge, Ballard Power Systems, Rome, Chevrolet, PG&E.

Ikea ChargeLounge: Ikea Germany has its first ChargeLounge that has been developed together with Fraunhofer IAO. It has been installed at a parking lot at the furniture store in Ludwigsburg. Customers can charge with AC or DC while the lounge is a modular box that can serve as showroom or café.

Fuel cell deal: Ballard Power Systems signed a Long-Term Sales Agreement (LTSA) with Polish Solaris for the sale and supply of fuel cell modules. An initial order is for ten 85 kW FCveloCity-HD fuel cell modules, with deliveries planned to start in 2017.

When in Rome promote electric vehicles. Nissan teamed up with Italian football club AS Roma to showcase its EV offering. Apart from the Leaf, the e-NV200 Evalia will serve as shuttle at the stadium. At the Trigoria training centre, another Leaf and e-NV-200 vehicles will transport people and goods.

NYC stands behind the Bolt: New York City signed a deal with GM to supply the Chevy Bolt. The order will help the city to reach its 1,000 EVs by 2017 target, which has been laid out in the NYC Clean Fleet scheme. The Bolt is to play a “pivotal role” according to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who did not go into further detail. 50 Bolt have however been ordered to take part in a shared fleet initiative and are expected to arrive in spring 2017.,

Mapping charging demand: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) collaborated with researchers at the PHEV Research Center at the University of California, Davis and developed best practices for siting DC fast chargers. The findings were applied to feed an interactive map., (map, log in required)

05.10.2016 - 09:28

Mercedes, Chevrolet, Night Shift Bikes, Sion Power.

Mercedes-Generation-EQMercedes secures Formula E entry option: After Audi and BMW, Mercedes could be the next German carmaker to enter the all-electric racing series. A newly signed contract gives the company the option to fill one of the spots for newcomers, which will be offered from season five to expand the number of Formula E teams.,

H2 off-roader for deployment: As previously reported, GM will fit its Chevy Colorado with a fuel cell for the U.S. military, which can also deliver power for activities outside the vehicle. The army will test the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 under extreme conditions next year.,

Electric motorbike with Leaf battery: Night Shift Bikes used existing components to build an all-electric retro style motorbike. And it’s not named Leafy Savage without a reason. Next to using batteries from a Nissan Leaf, the bike frame comes from a Suzuki Savage.,

Battery development: Sion Power and BASF achieved an energy density of 400 Wh/kg and 700 Wh/kg, as well as 350 charging cycles with its battery system Licerion-Ion and Licerion-Sulfur. The partners are targeting 500 Wh/kg, 1000 Wh/L and 1000 cycles.

31.08.2016 - 08:34

Volkswagen, Samsung SDI, Chevrolet, NOHMs Technologies.

No VW battery plant: VW CEO Matthias Müller snubbed the possibility of setting up a VW battery production plant, telling German Handelsblatt that they would not do something “that foolish.” Cell production is highly automated and would therefore only create few jobs, while costing “an arm and a leg.”

Yes to Samsung battery plant: Samsung SDI meanwhile decided to set up shop in Hungary. It will invest some 358m dollars in a battery plant, said to churn out battery packs for some 50,000 EVs per year. The factory near Budapest is said to open its doors in the second half of 2018.,

In the army now: GM is working with the U.S. army on the development of fuel-cell-powered Chevrolet Colorado for military purposes. A first prototype of the H2 pick-up is said to be unveiled in October.,

Non-flammable electrolytes: Cornell University spin-out NOHMs Technologies has collected 5m dollars in funds to commercialize its non-flammable electric vehicle (EV) battery electrolyte technology. The NanoLyte Electrolytes contain ionic liquids, making them more resistant without compromising battery power.

16.06.2016 - 09:35

Tesla steps up EV production.

Tesla increased production to 2,000 vehicles per week, according to Eletrek. That means about 104,000 EVs would roll off production lines every year and that the EV maker has a real shot at meeting its own goal of delivering 80,000 t0 90,000 EVs in 2016.

15.04.2016 - 08:38

Faraday Future, Tesla, Germany, Chevrolet, South Korea.

Faraday’s future: Electric car start-up Faraday Future has officially broken ground on its 1bn dollar, 900-acre facility in Nevada that should generate some 4,500 jobs. FF expects to have full prototypes by the end of the year, and is building both mechanical and software systems. Their first EV will be “at the premium end of the segment.”,

Tesla surprise: Tesla has introduced a 75 kWh Model X, up from 70 kWh. That changes the range from 220 miles to 237, though it is reported to have a lower top speed, at 130 mph. The base price will also increase from 80,000 dollars to 83,000 dollars.

Setbacks in Germany: German political parties met last night to discuss several topics and have, again, failed to come to a consensus on electric car incentives. Though auto leaders have been pressing for incentives to help push the electric vehicle market forward, a decision is not expected until late April.

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SiemensElectromobility powered by Siemens – Siemens präsentiert Lösungen für den Antriebsstrang von Hybrid- und Elektrofahrzeugen auf der “Fahrzeugschau Elektromobilität” in Bad Neustadt a.d.S. am kommenden Wochenende (16. und 17. April) auf dem Festplatz der Modellstadt für Elektromobilität. Besuchen Sie uns und überzeugen Sie sich von den neuesten Innovationen.

Overnight testing: Chevrolet intends to offer overnight testing for the Volt and Bolt, hoping that cutting out the requirement to visit a dealership will boost interest and buys. Shoppers will be able to experience and test the vehicles from their own home.

Green light Korea: The Renault Twizy had previously not been allowed in South Korea because it did not fall into any of the country’s automobile categories. Now, the ministry decided to create a new category for compact electric vehicles, so the Twizy will finally be allowed on their roadways.

Falling emissions: Emissions from new cars sold in Europe last year fell three percent, and are expected to reach the target goal of 95 grams of CO2 per km by 2021. Those figures, however, come from data based on outdated tests that tend to report emissions at 30 to 40% lower than real world driving conditions.

12.04.2016 - 08:38

Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model S Stretch Limousine.

Click tip: Details on the 2017 Chevy Bolt are here, paired with ample images, specs and a detailed look at the battery pack. The car boasts a 60 kWh battery and expected 200 miles of EPA and is expected to make waves as an option for inexpensive long range driving – and for those who may not want to wait for the Tesla Model 3.

Click tip II: Big Limos claims to be building the first Tesla Model S stretch limousine. Though little more is known about the project, there is footage of a Model S being cut in half in preparation.

24.03.2016 - 09:58

Chevrolet, Tesla, Kia, Events.

Video tip I: Chevrolet sends Tesla some love as it starts pilot production of the Bolt EV just a week before the Model 3 launch. While the economy Tesla will not see the light of the day before late 2017, GM’s affordable electric model is to hit the stores this autumn. via

Video tip II: The term drag race takes on a whole new meaning in this Alfa Romeo vs. Tesla Model X. The Italian is literally dragged along as it towers on a trailer towed by the Tesla that competes with another Alfa Romeo 4C at the same time.

Reading tip: British journalist Jess Shanahan will go for some soul searching this April. Driving over 2,500 miles in a Kia Soul EV, she shall show that electric cars can go the long distance and along 57 must-see sights of the isles over 20 days.

Events for the upcoming week: EKOnova Rally Slovenia (March 30-April 02; Slovenia and Austria) ++ FIA Formula E, Round 6 (April 02; Long Beach, USA)
You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at

12.01.2016 - 10:18

Chrysler, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Volvo, Mercedes.

Chrysler plug-in minivan: NAIAS saw the debut of Chrysler’s Van Pacifica. The plug-in hybrid variant will be able to drive about 30 miles all-electric, powered by its 16 kWh lithium-ion battery. The PHEV is expected to arrive in the second half of this year.,,

Bolt EV specs: Chevrolet has released more details of its 200-mile electric car. The Bolt’s lithium-ion battery pack holds 60 kWh, while the electric motor powers the front wheels with up to 150 kW for a top speed of 91 mph. A full recharge might take up to 9 hours, but Chevy claims the built-in 7.2-kW charger is able to charge 50 miles in less than 2 hours.,,

Bigger battery for e-Golf? New cells are to increase the range of Volkswagen’s electric classic by 30 percent, Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electronic development, said at CES. The current e-Golf has a range of 83 miles, while the new power pack would push it to 108 miles, well in range of the new Nissan Leaf. No word yet on when the update is due.

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ZEISSBeyond electrochemical lithium ion battery analysis. ZEISS offers the integration of electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, enabling the correlation of chemical and microstructure analysis. This unique pathway for studying performance characteristics and failure mechanisms, sheds new light on how and why failures may occur. Information is revealed about polymers, oxides, and homogeneity of binder material. The identification of electrode material and high resolution imaging of aging processes are also provided.

Volvo S90 Hybrid debut: The Swedes in Chinese hands launched their 2017 S90 in Detroit. All variants will be available from the get go, including the plug-in hybrid version. It features the same drivetrain as the XC90 SUV.

Mercedes E-Class on display: Daimler presented its new E-Class in Detroit. The now even bigger sedan will become available as a diesel and petrol variant from April, with the PHEV E 350e to follow shortly after. The hybrid Mercedes is expected to have an electric range of 19 miles.,

08.01.2016 - 09:33

Hyundai, Chevrolet, Mellow Boards, Mini, Baojun E100.

Hyundai-Ioniq-rearHyundai Ioniq update: Hyundai has released first images of its Ioniq, which will be available as an EV and a hybrid with and without plug. The hybrid will be powered by a 1.6 litre and 105 hp petrol engine, combined with a 32 kW electric motor. Pricing in South Korea is said to start at just 22.9m won (19,127 USD). The Hyundai will premier in Geneva and New York in March.,

Chevy Bolt overview: Following the unveiling of Chevrolet’s new EV at the CES in Las Vegas yesterday, here are the official presentation video, specs and more pictures to scroll through. The Bolt will go on sale at the end of the year and will feature lots of driving assistants and maximum connectivity to appeal to younger generations. (official video), (official website), (photos)

Mellow Boards gets cash injection: The Hamburg-based start-up (we reported) has received 1.5m euros from TQ Systems, securing enough financing until the start of production. Mellow Boards says it will most likely be able to stay on schedule, with deliveries said to start in September.
Source: info per mail

Mini with plug? According to German Auto Motor und Sport, the new Mini Countryman will be available from the end of the year. A plug-in variant is to follow at a later date, but will have an all-electric range of a mere 34 km. (in German)

Baojun E100 spy shots: The small city EV said to premier at the Beijing Auto Show in April, was caught on camera. The Baojun E100 will then launch in China in October, have a range of 100 km an top speed of 100 kph. And it apparently comes with a takeout tablet on the dashboard.

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