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Aug 27, 2014 - 08:39 am

UBS, Christopher Heiser.

UBS-Logo“We think that by 2020, shrinking battery and solar cost will make EVs in the mass segments the cheaper alternative over a car life cycle in most European markets.”

A report by investment bank UBS sees the use of renewable energy growing and battery prices dropping. By 2020, the combination of EV, solar and storage will therefore deliver a payback time of six to eight years.

Christopher-Heiser“If we want to be like successful car companies, we have to show what we can do. Not just talk about it.”

Renovo CEO Christopher Heiser explains why the start-up stopped short of announcing its plans before they had a vehicle to show for. He says Renovo wanted to make sure to live up to its promise and that it has (hopefully) learned from other carmaker’s mistakes.

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27.08.2014 08:00