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Jul 20, 2016 - 08:37 am

Electric avenue, Tesla Roadster.

Reading tip: Lee Williams looks into the future of transport and makes out an “electric avenue.” He covers players, batteries, and finally arrives at the “driverless revolution” – electrically of course.

Click tip: A blast from the past is this feature celebrating the Tesla Roadster’s tenth birthday. CTO Straubel remembers the first presentation that left the two prototypes practically in pieces. Plus, a young Musk talks to the press already naming climate change as the reason for the firm’s being as well as mentioning selling solar power together with the EV.
electrek.co, youtube.com (feat. Elon Musk)

Apr 4, 2014 - 09:35 am

Electric Avenue, Hubject, Nissan, UK EVSE.

Electric Avenue officially launched: The Electric Avenue trial is seeking to understand the impact of electric cars on a neighbourhood, both technically and socially. To control the demand on the local grid, EA Technology’s Esprit software will be monitoring loads and temporarily halting charging if necessary.

eRoaming for Austria: Four Austrian energy providers are opening their respective charging stations for eRoaming. 150 stations of Kelag, Salzburg AG, illwerke vkw and Wien Energie are now integrated into the intercharge network by Hubject. And because BMW’s ChargeNow card is already using the intercharge network, drivers of the BMW i3 are now able to roam most stations in Austria and about 1,000 charge points in Germany.
hubject.de, oekonews.at (in German)

Nissan to expand DC charging in Germany: The Japanese carmaker has signed a contract of cooperation with the Berlin-based Omexom to install another 100 CHAdeMo stations within the next two years. The chargers will be erected at Nissan dealers, partners and fleet customers. Omexom will also be responsible for project management and service while Nissan will integrate the new stations into its Carwings telematic system.
motor-exclusive.de (in German)

No to DIY charging stations: The UK Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (UK EVSE) association has expressed its view in a letter to Zero Carbon World, a charity that used to supply DIY kits over their web page and through resellers. UK EVSE sees a serious safety risk in home build charging equipment while existing providers point out that to date no problems have been reported.

Found on electrive.com
20.07.2016 08:12