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Jun 6, 2017 - 07:59 am

Fastned, Green Motion, Fleetdrive Electric, California.

Fast destination chargers: Dutch Fastned has agreed with hotel chain Van der Valk to install fast charging stations at a few dozen locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. They will become part of the European network Fastned is currently working on and thus joins planned stations in Germany as well as the UK, where they will first serve London cabbies.

More than 100 charging stations will be updated in Swiss Ticino by Green Motion. The company won the tender put out by the region’s ten biggest utility, which operate the hydroelectric-powered network under the Enerti SA name. Their so-called emoti initiative will also include an app and website.

Fleet charging: Fleetdrive Electric has launched a new EV charging system designed specifically for fleets. The Crowd Charge uses vehicle-to-grid technology and a universal vehicle connection so users will have the option to charge depending on energy prices soon.

10m for 10 electric buses: California will award 9.5m dollars to buy 10 electric buses from GreenPower plus solar charging infrastructure to the city of Porterville from early 2018. They shall serve disadvantaged communities with funding from the California Climate Investments (CCI) programme.

Charging NoCal: Mendocino County is opening the second of a planned 14 EV charging stations, seven of which will be located in California State Parks. The project is a partnership with the California Energy Commission, which granted about half a million dollars. Charging is free for park guests.

Jan 12, 2015 - 09:26 am

Berlin, Bristol, Cincinnati, Fleetdrive Electric, California.

Dutch win Berlin bid: Alliander together with Allego and The New Motion won all three tenders to expand the EV charging infrastructure in the German capital. By October 2016, another 420 charge points and 20 fast chargers will be set up. If demand is strong enough, an additional 700 could follow.
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Hybrid buses in Bristol: The UK government has granted Europe’s Green Capital 2015 one million pounds (about 1.5 million dollars) to buy hybrid buses that automatically switch to electric when entering areas of poor air quality. The city council will shortly launch a competition to select a bus operator in order start trials before the end of this summer.

Tesla chauffeur service: Drivr Green Transportation from Cincinnati operates a chauffeur service with three Model S. The service is so successful that the start-up is now looking to expand its fleet with ten more Teslas in the next few months.

Try before you lease: British Fleetdrive Electric has come up with a new offer for fleet operators who are uncertain if an EV fits their needs. The ‘flexi-lease’ arrangement is used by Slough council and allows them to operate two Nissan Leaf without a long-term commitment – yet.

New EV rebate: The California Public Utilities Commission is urging utility providers to offer a one-time rebate check or utility bill credit to EV drivers. Electric car owners could get up to 350 dollars while the incentive for utilities lies in learning where EV owners live and charge.

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