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Mar 26, 2015 - 10:04 am

UK, Illinois, EV Connect & GE, Mitsubishi & Chargemaster.

Electric van subsidy extended: The UK government announced the extension of the plug-in van grant that offers buyers a 20 percent discount off the upfront cost worth up to 8,000 pounds as demand is only picking up. So far, 1,250 electric van purchases were suppoerted since the scheme began in 2012.
businessgreen.com, gov.uk

Meanwhile, Illinois ended its rebate scheme which saw customers get 4,000 dollars back when buying a plug-in vehicle. The suspension of the Alternate Fuel Rebate Programme is definite for now but does not affect other EV incentives in the state.

Charging partnership 1: EV Connect and GE embarked on a joint marketing and product agreement which will see them use their respective expertise. EV Connect thus becomes GE’s preferred management partner for its charging stations worldwide.

Charging partnership 2: Mitsubishi and Chargemaster have agreed to cooperate in the UK. Mitsubishi customers who install a Chargemaster homecharger will receive free access to the Polar network for half a year as well as to the ChargeVision reporting system.

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Apr 10, 2014 - 08:23 am

CarCharging, GE, CARB, France.

E-roaming made in USA: The states discover interoperability with the CarCharging Group (Blink) and GE (WattStation) allowing consumers easy access to each others stations. At the same time, GE has opened its electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) Connect software platform to app developers.
automotive-business-review.com (cooperation), electriccarsreport.com (apps)

CARB’s new ZEV regulations might be bad news for Tesla as rules for zero emission credits changed. While the maximum number of credits one vehicle can gain went up (7 to 9), it is now harder to qualify as the EV in question needs to be capable to refuel to 95% within only 15 minutes and battery swapping does not count.
chargedevs.com, green.autoblog.com

EVs in France: Last month a total of 1,130 plug-in cars were sold in France with the Renault Zoe (279 units) being the most famous model. On second and third position were the Renault Kangoo Z.E. (195) and the Bolloré Blue Car (194), whereas the Tesla Model S only found 25 buyers in March.

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