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Jul 27, 2015 - 08:40 am

Harald Wester, Donald Sadoway.

Harald-Wester“What the hell do you want with 400 kilos of battery driving around? No.”

For Harald Wester, Chief Technology officer at Fiat Chrysler and head of the Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands, hybrids are the intermediate solution. In the long run, he sees fuel cell technology as the way to go and would skip the battery electric drive outright.

Donald-Sadoway“Development (of lithium-ion batteries) is not going to be significant enough to change the price performance ratio for it to have an impact on auto sales predictions. These numbers are so low because it will still make more sense to have an internal combustion engine in 2025 using fossil fuel.”

Professor Donald Sadoway from the MIT thinks that it will need technologies beyond lithium that will lead to a significant breakthrough of electric cars. But there is not enough money to support universities in doing this “radical research.”

Mar 5, 2015 - 10:10 am

Harald Wester, Didier Leroy.

Harald-Wester“I have serious doubts about what we are doing. How can it be right that a 2000kg high-end luxury car is rated at 70g/km when a small diesel supermini is rated at 90g/km?”

Maserati CEO Harald Wester announced in Geneva that the company would issue the Levante as a plug-in hybrid by 2017 but only because legislation forces Maserati to do so. Wester seriously questions these regulations as he believes the “wheel-to-well energy balance” is being neglected.

Didier-Leroy“The key element is to make sure that when we’re working with them — and we’re totally open to work with any of them — it’s a real win-win.”

If Apple and Google are entering the EV market, why not get them on your side, is what Didier Leroy, Toyota’s European chief, seems to think and this could indeed turn out to become a very fruitful cooperation.

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