Jun 17, 2016 - 08:19 am

INEES, Mirai, events.

Reading tip: The results of German research project INEES (we reported yesterday) are now available in English. Researchers found that EVs can provide reserve capacity, but that providing an operating reserve using only EVs is not yet economically viable.

Video tip: A shiny chrome version of the Toyota Mirai made its racing debut at Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb in the UK this month. It’s best time on the 0.6-mile course was 44.44 seconds, driving at an average speed of 62.5 mph.

Events for the upcoming week: EVS29 Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (June 19-22; Montréal, Canada) ++ ees Europe (June 21-24; Munich, Germany)

You can find a complete list of upcoming industry events at electrive.com/calendar

Jun 16, 2016 - 09:01 am

INEES, TEOS Powertrain Engineering, sodium-ion battery, Litarion.

EVs keep grid stable: German research project INEES has come to a close. Partners VW, German utility LichtBlick, SMA Solar and Fraunhofer IWES showed that electric cars can safely and quickly provide reserve capacity for the grid when needed. But providing an operating reserve using only EVs is not yet economically viable.
lichtblick.de (in German), lbsflibraries.blob (final Report; in German)

New bidder in Formula E chassis tender: TEOS Powertrain Engineering, a cooperation between engine company Macachrome and prototype constructor ADESS, has bid in a tender to supply the chassis for Formula E cars in the fifth season and is showing a first concept design. FIA said it will announce successful tenders on June 24th.

Sodium-ion battery for EVs: British companies Faradion and AGM Batteries have received a 38.2m pound cash injection from Innovate UK to develop a prototype of a sodium-ion battery for electric cars by 2018. The goal is to commercialise the technology by 2025.

Bus battery deal: Electrovaya subsidiary Litarion has signed a deal with an unnamed European battery system manufacturer and will deliver the battery cells for a system for electric buses. Deliveries are said to start in the last quarter of 2016.
greencarcongress.com, electrovaya.com

Apr 17, 2014 - 08:09 am

Nissan, ChargePoint, INEES, National Parks, Copenhagen.

Public charging simplified: Nissan will introduce the EZ Charge card which will give Leaf owners access to chargers on four networks: Aerovironment, Blink (now operated by Car Charging), ChargePoint, and NRG eVgo. Additionally, Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” promotion has been expanded and will allow new Leaf owners in now 25 states to charge their cars for free in the first two years.
greencarreports.com (charge card), green.autoblog.com (free charging)

ChargePoint partnership: Every new Cadillac ELR now comes with the charge card from ChargePoint charging network included. Drivers can immediately sign up for the service and get access to 16,500 charging stations.

EV swarm intelligence: INEES is a new project testing how electric cars could work as energy storage in a smart grid. A trial with 20 VW e-Up has now been started in Berlin. SMA Solar Technology AG has developed a wallbox that is able to charge and discharge the e-Up through the CCS outlet. Green utility provider Lichtblick will control the system with, what they call, ‘Schwarmstrom’ (swarm energy). Participants can decide via app on their smartphone, how much energy they want to feed back into the grid to gain credits.
iwr.de (in German)

National Parks to go greener: In a joint effort, the DoE and National Park Service (NPS) announced nine new projects to introduce clean vehicles to nine of the 13 nature reserves in America. Vehicles include electric and hybrids but also other forms of alternative fuel solutions.

Clever charging: The Danish e-mobility provider CLEVER will install another eleven 22 kW charging stations in Copenhagen. By summer, a total of 29 CLEVER chargers are set to supply the EVs of the Danish capital. In total, Clever is operating about 110 charging stations throughout Denmark.
emobilitaetonline.de (in German), clever.dk (in Danish)


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