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Sep 16, 2018 - 06:46 pm

California governor signs 16 environmental bills

California governor Jerry Brown has signed a series of environmental bills in a direct challenge to the Trump administration, which aim to boost EV use among economically challenged groups and reinforce the state’s climate action.

Jul 24, 2018 - 01:58 pm

US government wants to curb California emissions standards

The Trump administration has found another bone to pick with their opponents at home: This time, the administration will attempt to remove state emissions standards and force California to accept the weaker federal regulations recommended by the EPA, formerly led by Scott Pruitt.



Jun 6, 2017 - 07:59 am

Elon Musk, Jerry Brown.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“Tesla has to be hardcore and demanding, not for the hell of it, but because we are fighting for a good cause against giant, entrenched competitors who just want the status quo to continue.”

This is from an email Elon Musk sent to his now more than 33,000 employees to stir a “hardcore mentality” in them and as a reminder of a shared mission, despite Tesla’s growth from a start-up into a more corporate entity. Excellence is to prevail.

Jerry-Brown“Mr. Trump is not only up against California, he’s up against the rest of the world, not to mention science itself. And it’s very obvious who’s going to win.”

California governor Jerry Brown definitely seems to have his own hardcore mentality and resorts to a similar call for climate action as Musk albeit his competitors are in another league – strictly speaking.

Dec 10, 2015 - 09:06 am

Max Warburton, Jerry Brown.

Max-Warburton“While respectful of what Tesla has achieved so far, they criticized many aspects of Tesla’s approach – notably durability, battery build quality and safety – they insisted that large format batteries – mainly produced in Korea – offered better overall performance and ultimately could be made as cheaply once production is scaled up.”

Bernstein Research analyst Max Warburton spoke with insiders at Tesla and German carmakers. The latter were adamant that the Californians would not have a lasting lead in battery technology, an analysis the researcher shares.

Jerry-Brown“Electric cars are growing. But they’re not ramping up at the level we need.”

Californian Governor Jerry Brown fears the target to put 1.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2025 is far from reach at the current growth rate. To fulfil its emission goal for 2030, 5m EVs would be required.

Found on electrive.com
16.09.2018 18:51