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Apr 28, 2015 - 08:09 am

Jim Wright, Martin Brown.

Jim-Wright“I think if you look at our DNA we are an electric vehicle car company therefore we have a deep understanding of EV powertrains and batteries technologies.”

Jim Wright, Head of Commercial at Venturi is excited about the upcoming season oft he Formula E, especially since the teams are allowed to build their own drivetrains.

Martin-Brown“The fact that the cleanest two models on our fleet are now both hybrids shows they have a real role to play as a key part of the fleet mix. Electric vehicles are for the future but hybrids are definitely for the here and now.”

Martin Brown, Managing Director of Fleet Alliance managing director, is happy to see carbon emissions of his fleet reach an all-time low of 116g/km. The company earlier introduced an EV awareness programme and features two Nissan Leaf.

Oct 6, 2014 - 08:27 am

Ian Robertson, Carlos Ghosn, Jim Wright.

ian-robertson“We are looking at taking a few i3 slots and making i8s because they go down the same production line. The wait times are too long, and we will adjust that and sell more i8s, but cautiously.”

Ian Robertson, board member for sales and marketing at BMW, obviously did not expect the BMW i8 to sell that well.

Carlos-Ghosn“Are we amortizing and depreciating everything we have spent? No. But if you look at margin of profit – the direct cost of the car and the revenue of the car – we are getting into positive, which is good for this technology.”

With having sold about 140,000 Leafs worldwide, Nissan is on a good way of making its electric car profitable, according to CEO Carlos Ghosn.

Jim-Wright“We are close to a tipping point. Our order take is doubling every month.”

Jim Wright, Nissan’s managing director in the UK, is optimistic that electric cars soon will have their breakthrough. With 782 Leaf registrations in September, the British market was outperforming any other country outside of America.

Apr 7, 2014 - 08:17 am

Jim Wright, Jim Lentz.

Jim-Wright“We are starting to see a change in the EV marketplace, helped by the fact that BMW have arrived, Volkswagen are about to arrive. Kia showed an EV at Geneva. For one thing, the media acceptance of the technology is starting to mature.”

Jim Wright, Managing Director Nissan UK, is finally seeing light at the end of the EV acceptance tunnel with things starting to change. He thus believes, Nissan will be able to sell a thousand e-NV200 in its first year.

Jim-Lentz“After we’ve seen the product, understand its range, its driving dynamics, its refueling, we’re a lot more bullish than Japan – probably about fivefold more bullish. It’s just a question of how many can be produced now.”

These are the strong words of Jim Lentz, Toyota’s CEO for North America, who literally cannot wait to start selling the upcoming FCV.


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