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Feb 19, 2016 - 08:53 am

Lawrence Burns, Kevin Rose.

Lawrence-Burns“Beyond 2025, battery and fuel-cell vehicles could simply become the best way to design and engineer a light-duty vehicle. Set aside all the motivations with climate change, oil dependence—it’s just a better way to do a car. It’s simple.”

Lawrence Burns, professor of engineering practice at Michigan University, gives purely practical reasons why EVs are the way to go. Burns also served as GM’s VP of R&D and planning from 1998 to 2009.

Kevin-Rose“I’d like to offer an electric car. It’s far from certain, but customer demand is growing and it is on our agenda.”

Bentley’s sales and marketing boss Kevin Rose is pushing the carmaker’s agenda publicly in a hitherto unknown direction. Yet, Bentley is approaching PHEV territory already, so an EV might not more than “3 to 4 years” away, he added.

Dec 15, 2015 - 09:32 am

Herbert Diess, Mark Fields, Kevin Rose.

Herbert-Diess“We are developing a special vehicle architecture that foresees the installation of flat batteries. This will be a breakthrough for us.”

VW brand chief Herbert Diess announces a breakthrough in battery technology that will lead to longer range EVs and ultimately to increased demand of PHEVs.

Mark-Fields-Ford“We’re doing it for two reasons. One is that people love electric vehicles when they try them, and secondly the regulatory requirements are hard to meet.”

Ford CEO Mark Fields surprisingly puts the fun of driving before regulatory pressure when asked about the reasoning behind Ford’s electrification. In the aftermath of COP21, carmakers must expect emission rules to tighten even more.

Kevin-Rose“There are things in terms of an electric car that are very Bentley. It’s very quiet. It provides lots of torque. And it’s fast. Electric is very Bentley.”

Bentley’s sales and marketing boss Kevin Rose makes it look like the brand will eventually give its all-electric EXP 10 Concept the go ahead. Parent company VW should be all over it by now.

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19.02.2016 08:22