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Nov 30, 2016 - 07:59 am

Lower Austria, DBT, Fraunhofer IML, GoAhead, Deutsche Post.

Austrian EV incentive: Lower Austria raises subsidies from 4,000 to 5,000 euros only days after the federal government introduced the measure. Also funding for EV charging stations is to increase from 200 to 800 euros in the province, which aspires to become one of the greenest in the Alpine state.

150 kW charging test: French DBT recently presented its multi-standard charging station with 150 kW. The equipment will now take part in a collaborative research project which will also determine the effect of power charging on the grid.
avere-france.org (in French)

The future of deliveries is electric and robotic, the Fraunhofer IML finds in its study called Logistics on the Last Mile. Particularly in urban centres, deliveries will accelerate, be electric and may use the quiet night hours. Rural areas however will have to wait a little longer and also stick with the ICE for a bit.

Electric bus success: Two electric buses prove their worth for London operator GoAhead. After testing the vehicles from Irizar for 18 months, the i2e electric buses will be incorporated into the fleet and serve on line 108 in East London. Spanish Irizar is to provide service and maintenance.

Electric mail: Deutsche Post DHL extends its electric delivery service to Hamburg. 75,000 homes in the city will get their mail delivered by 30 Streetscooter. More electric vans will join them in the future.
dpdhl.com (in German)

Sep 9, 2014 - 09:16 am

UK, Lower Austria, Sioux Falls, Dubai.

UK takes up on EVs: With 5,710 EVs registered this year in the UK, EV sales have already doubled the full year sales of 2012 (2,254 vehicles). It is expected that by the end of this month, British buyers will have opted for more electric cars than in the last two years together (5,838).

E-mobility at schools: In Lower Austria, a new project has started, presenting electric cars to the drivers of tomorrow: pupils. “e-mobil macht Schule” (to catch on electric mobility) is directed at teenagers between 14 to 16 years old and consists of a theoretical introduction and a practical driving part, which is where the fun starts. The initiative is coordinated by the county.
ecoplus.at (in German)

Feasibility study: The city of Sioux Falls has hired a consultant to look at their fleet to determine if hybrid and electric vehicles would be a viable alternative to save money long-term. The study will include all sort of vehicles owned by the city like snowplows, fire trucks, or police vehicles and sedans.

Charging stations in Dubai: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) announced its plans to erect charging station at six of its offices in the desert state before the year’s end. Furthermore, Dewa intends to install a 100 EV charging stations across Dubai.

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