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Jul 31, 2014 - 08:18 am

Ulrich Hackenberg, Mark Duvall, Cliff Fietzek.

Ulrich-Hackenberg“The hybrid will be another argument to go for diesel in the U.S.”

Audi’s chief developer Ulrich Hackenberg sees the upcoming Q7 diesel-hybrid as a vehicle to introduce the fuel to the States and said “Diesel will remain one of the core values” of the German brand.

Mark-Duvall“In Santa Clara County over ten percent of new vehicles sales are plug-in vehicles. So it’s not just that you know someone who knows someone that owns a vehicle; it’s now every day.”

Mark Duvall, Electric Power Research Institute, at the Plug-In Conference in San Jose, California, where he said that EVs are not an exception anymore but have arrived in every day life.

Cliff-Fietzek“It’s not a niche market anymore.”

Cliff Fietzek, manager of connected e-mobility at BMW, who was at the same conference could not agree more with what Duvall said.

Jun 23, 2014 - 08:47 am

Adam Jonas, Mark-Hans Richer, Mark Duvall.

Adam-Jonas“Not even two years after the delivery of the first Model S, Tesla Motors has transformed from fledgling start-up to arguably the most important car company in the world. We are not joking.”

Morgan Stanley Research analyst Adam Jonas is convinced Tesla means business, serious business, and is now being recognised by established carmakers as one to look out for.

Mark-Hans-Richer“If we get a lot of feedback from customers who said the only way they would like one of these bikes is if they could ride to Sturgis (S.D.) on a single charge, that would be a little hard to pull off.”

Apart from that, Mark-Hans Richer, senior VP and head of marketing at Harley-Davidson, expects the electric Harley to be more than welcomed, so much that his worry is that more people will want to try it than the company will be able to serve.

mark-duvall“Workplace charging sells vehicles.”

Mark Duvall, director of electric transportation and energy storage at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), avidly summarises the idea of the “Workplace Charging Challenge,” an initiative by the U.S. Energy ministry in which more and more companies are taking part.

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