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Nov 25, 2016 - 08:43 am

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Is China pushing LG Chem out? It seems EV battery makers will only be certified in China, if they can produce 8 GWh there a year. That would leave out Korean manufactures like Samsung SDI, LG Chem and SK Innovation. And without certification, respective EVs will not qualify for subsidies in China.

Li-ion under the microscope: Together with Japanese universities, Toyota may have developed the first method to observe lithium-ions during the charging and discharging process. It will be used to develop better layouts. Maybe it will already help with the design of a new EV battery announced for 2019/2020 that will offer 15 percent more range and durability.
reuters.com, forbes.com

Going all the way: The serial production version of Indian Mean Metal Motors’ M-Zero (we reported) will not be released as a hybrid, but as a fully-electric car. To produce the first two prototypes, MMM is partnering with Italian Tazzari Group. They are expected to launch in 2018, while limited production could kick off in 2019.

Gone in under three seconds: Canadian start-up Girfalco released first teaser images of its three-wheeled electric car Azkarra. While there are no technical details, it is said to become of the five fasted production cars, potentially going from 0 to 100 kph in less than three seconds. The unveiling is scheduled for December 2nd, with first deliveries to take place early 2017.

Oct 28, 2015 - 09:26 am

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Tesla_RoadsterTesla updates: All Roadster versions finally benefit from the latest battery upgrade as Tesla expands it to include early Roadster 1.5 models. Elon Musk also clarified that production in China would only happen a year after the introduction of the Model 3, if at all. The same goes for Europe, but domestic production would still remain, the Tesla CEO assured.
insideevs.com (Roadster), teslarati.com (production)

Electric Honda sports car: Based on the Pikes Peak CR-Z, the Japanese carmaker plans to introduce an all-electric racer for the road. A prototype boasts a motor in each wheel, which can also all be steered individually, and a 16kwh lithium-ion battery. The targeted range is 250 miles at a desired power output of 350 hp. No date has been given for production yet.

Honda revealed details of its Acura NSX Hybrid: Three electric motors and a 3.5-liter V6 deliver a total power output of 573 hp. While the “Quiet” mode enables electric driving at lower speeds, the system can get up to speeds of 191 mph. The latter is best reached in “Track” mode, optimised for circuit driving.
automobiliemag.com, carscoops.com, worldcarfans.com

Indian super hybrid update: Mean Metal Motors’ initial plans for the M-Zero sports car take shape. Carbo-flax has been named as the material of choice and is said to be lighter than carbon fibre. With a system output of at least 500 hp, the lightweight plug-in hybrid aims at a top speed of 200 mph. A close-to-production concept is scheduled for the Paris Motor Show 2016.

Shockwave Motors progresses with the Defiant EV, too. The electric three-wheeler that looks like a 1930 Batmobil is ready to go into production next year. Those that pay extra on top of the 24,950-dollars base price can get a bigger battery for a range of 175 miles at a top speed of 70 mph.
gizmag.com (with video)

Bentley spy shots: A long-wheelbased Bentley Mulsanne has been spotted. Its introduction will fall together with an update of Bentley’s Mulsanne range, which will then most likely also include a plug-in hybrid model. After all, the brand belongs to VW and plans a PHEV version of the Bentayga, too.

Apr 1, 2015 - 08:51 am

Tesla, Aston Martin, Mean Metal Motors, BMW & Toyota, Indonesia.

Elon twitters up the stock: It took just one tweet by Tesla CEO Musk to boost the confidence of fans and shareholders. On April 30th, the carmaker will launch a new product series that Musk says is not a car. It will probably be the announced in-home battery, but some seem more convinced that Tesla will be launching an electric motorcycle.
twitter.com, forbes.com, benzinga.com (e-motorcycle)

Electrified Rapide: Aston Martin seems to be thinking about offering an all-electric variant of its sports car Rapide. Quoting the carmaker’s new CEO Andy Palmer, the Wall Street Journal reports that the electric Rapide could hit the road in two to three years.

Hybrid supercar from India? Mean Metal Motors, an automobile start-up from India, says that it is working on the M-Zero sports car featuring a hybrid drivetrain. It would be the first of its kind from India. The design will definitely have heads turning.
malayalamlive.co, youtube.com (video)


BMW and Toyota may not go hybrid: According to Car and Driver, the jointly developed successors of the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra may not be offered as a hybrid variant, after all. Though it says that project “Silk Road” shows no signs of electrification, we are not ready to give up quite yet.
caranddriver.com, autoblog.com

National car project: Indonesia wants to develop and build an all-electric “national car.” Earlier this year, Indonesian firm PT Adiperkasa Citra Lestari and Malaysian automaker Proton Holdings Berhard had signed a MoU to collaborate on the project.
ens-newswire.com, paultan.org

Small electric bus from China: The Fulaiwo Polaris mini-mini bus was presented at the Shandong EV Expo in China last month. Its 1.5 kW electric motor and lead-acid battery allow for a top speed of 40 kph and 130 kilometers of range. It can apparently seat up to 20 children.


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