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May 30, 2017 - 07:21 am

Michel Forissier, Gene Munster.

Michel-Forissier“We believe 48-volt doesn’t stop only with the mild hybrid system. There is much more to come.”

Michel Forissier, R&D director of the powertrain systems business group at Valeo, has high hopes for 48 Volt systems. He also sees a possibility “to move the electric motor into the transmission to minimise regenerative energy losses.”

Gene-Munster“Most people think of Tesla as an electric car company, but their mission statement is to accelerate the globe’s transformation to renewable energy. When you start thinking about that you can see them grabbing market cap from energy companies which are some of the largest market-cap companies.”

Analyst Gene Munster, co-founder and managing partner of Loup Ventures, believes Tesla could be the next Amazon and is just as misunderstood as Amazon when it was “just selling books.”

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30.05.2017 07:11