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Oct 20, 2017 - 09:25 am

Mitsubishi, Magna, BOLT, Tesla, Nissan, Changan.

Mitsubishi to electrify its core model range: The Japanese carmaker has launched a three-year roadmap called “Drive for Growth” to improve its performance in terms of volume, revenues and profitability. As part of this plan, Mitsubishi intends to provide electrified solutions for each and every of its core models from 2020 on. The company also confirms plans to create an EV kei car. Further details have not yet been given.

Magna’s electric drivetrains made in China: The car supplier teams up with SAIC subsidiary Huayu Automotive Systems to create a JV for electric drivetrains at Chinese territory. The new company shall focus at the domestic market and already gained its first customer order: According to Magna, a not closer specified German carmaker ordered the company’s electric-drive powertrain system. The newly founded JV represents Magna’s first e-drive business in China.

Electric scooter capable to send text messages: Dutch start-up BOLT Mobility has raised 3m euros through a crowd funding strategy in order to create its electric scooter called AppScooter. The vehicle with a range of up to 400 km and a base price of 2,990 euros convinced more than 2,000 investors. What is special about it, is that it provides a big touchscreen, 4G internet connection and smartphone connectivity, enabling e.g. automated text and phone call responses. Market launch is scheduled for 2018.
independent.co.uk, eenewseurope.com

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EVS30EVS30 inspires e-mobility branch – record turnout with 9,500 experts from 58 countries: The 30. International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS30) in Stuttgart has by far exceeded all expectations. Thanks to support by committed partners of e-mobil BW, Cluster Electric Mobility South-West and Fuel Cell BW, the event set major impulses for future mobility. A short film shows a very dynamic and emotional summary of the three-day event. Take a look! www.e-mobilbw.de

Conflict resolution at Tesla subsidiary: The employees of Tesla-owned manufacturer Grohmann Automation successfully fought for an improved salary structure and job guarantees until 2022. Thus, the German subsidiary’s stuff gets a salary increase of roughly 30 percent, starting with the current month. However, Tesla is not willing to join the branch’s collective agreement as it was requested by Germany’s largest union, IG Metall. But the new salary structure represents now anyway more or less the tariff level.
europe.autonews.com, teslarati.com, electrek.co

Nissan shows e-NV200 Fridge Concept: At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan will put its e-NV200 Fridge Concept on display, an utility van to transport chilled foods. The electric vehicle is designed to meet urban requirements and features an additional battery pack to power a refrigeration unit. While the vehicles lithium-ion battery provides 24 kWh, the refrigeration equivalent comes with 12 kWh.

Changan to produce solely EVs by 2025: Within the next 8 years, Chinese car manufacturer Changan will transform into a pure EV maker, according the company’s own information. In order to do so, the Chinese want to create three NEV platforms and invest a total of 100bn Yuan (12bn euros) into its electrification strategy.
autonews.gasgoo.com, reuters.com

Oct 17, 2017 - 01:02 pm

Toyota, Mitsubishi, Akasol.

Toyota readies FC truck for real world: 6,500 kilometres of testing lay behind Toyota’s fuel cell truck six months after its inception and the Japanese are now preparing for more real-life practice in California. Project Portal is to start to deliver goods from the ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles to warehouses and rail yards, thus racking up about 320 km a day. As the study progresses, longer haul routes will be introduced. The Class 8 truck utilises two Mirai fuel cell stacks and a 12 kWh battery.
greencarcongress.com, pressroom.toyota.com

More Mirai as in future comes from Mitsubishi, that wants to bring the EMIRAI 4 concept to Tokyo. More than a proclaimed futuristic outlook has not been revealed though.
greencarcongress.com, mitsubishielectric.com

Modular battery system: Akasol will presents its roof-mounted battery system for buses at the upcoming Busworld Europe and said two German OEMs agreed to install it on 10,000 vehicles over the years to come. This order is why Akasol is looking to expand with two new facilities to open shortly.

Oct 6, 2017 - 09:04 am

Nissan, Porsche, Mitsubishi, SAIC Europe, Ford, Electra Meccanica.

Nissan Leaf as Nismo: A sporty makeover awaits the Leaf as Nissan has prepared a Nismo concept due to meet the eyes of the world in Tokyo later this month. Well, some pictures are in circulation already but nothing is known about production plans or an eventual on sale date. What is Nismo about the Leaf is mainly the racy exterior and a chique interior while technology is essentially the same apart from a sport-tuned suspension, high-performance tires, and a custom-tuned computer that delivers instant acceleration at all speeds.
greencarcongress.com, electrek.co

Porsche is putting its Mission E up against some Tesla cars to make testing as close to real life as possible. Spy shots shows the luxurious electric cruisers close to Porsche’s production plant. The Mission E however, still carries a Panamera chassis including an exhaust pipe, fake in this case.
motortrend.com, autoblog.com, carscoops.com

Official images preview another concept destined for Tokyo, Mitsubishi’s electric SUV Coupé that was first sighted some days ago. The latest tease is accompanied by some details such as the e-Evolution Concept’s three electric drives that work together as an AWD. Two power the rear axle while the remaining furthers propulsion at the front.
carscoops.com, autocar.co.uk, .ndtv.com, automotiveworld.com

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ecomobiel2017Ecomobiel 2017 – Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for sustainable mobility and mobility management in Holland. Take advantage of opportunities like new contacts, cooperations and participation in workshops and debates on different segments. Charging, infrastructure, Smart Mobility and LEV to name just a few. Visit Ecomobiel 2017.

New player on e-van market: The electric truck business is brewing in Europe and SAIC decided to add its Maxus EV80 to the mix. Distribution will be handled by SAIC Mobility Europe that asked Maske Fleet to offer the electric transporter to corporate clients in Germany and Austria. On top, fleets in France and Benelux, will be able to get the Maxus EV80 that has a range of 200 kilometres and a maximum payload of 950 kilos. Other markets are to follow soon.
greencarcongress.com, just-auto.com

As Ford is increasing its electrification effort reportedly, some more numbers have been put behind the promises. On top of the previously announced 4.5bn dollar investment, Ford is also reducing ICE capital expenditures by one-third and redeploying that capital into electric drives.
electrek.co, ford.com

Designed in Canada, made in China: Canadian start-up Electra Meccanica has found a partner for the manufacture of its electric Solo trike in China There, Zongshen Industrial Group has agreed to build 75,000 units in the period from 2018 to 2020.
electriccarsreport.com, canadianmanufacturing.com, newswire.ca


Sep 29, 2017 - 08:30 am

China, Audi, Toyota, Mazda, Porsche, Mitsubishi, BYD.

China’s EV quota comes in 2019: Now it is official – China will impose new sales targets for EVs and HEVs by 2019, one year later than originally planned. But the quota level starts then straightaway with 10 percent, rising to 12 percent by 2020. Thus, the government simply removes the 8 percent quota for 2018, but otherwise sticks to its earlier plans. The new rule applies to carmakers that manufacture more than 30,000 traditional vehicles annually. Those who do not reach the 10 percent sales of so called new-energy vehicles must buy credits or face fines.
reuters.com, bloomberg.com

Audi to build EVs worldwide: The VW-owned carmaker wants to expand EV production to all of its factories, according to CEO Rupert Stadler. In future, electric cars won’t just roll off the lines in Brussels, Neckarsulm and Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, but also in Hungary and Mexico. The Germans intend to roll out more than 20 electrified cars before 2025, among them a dozen powered by a battery only. The company’s first two mass-produced EVs – the e-tron EV and the e-tron Sportback – will be manufactured in Brussels by 2018 respectively by 2019.

Japanese EV alliance: Toyota and Mazda team up with Toyota’s supplier Denso to found a JV called EV Common Architecture Spirit. The new company will be hold mainly by Toyota (90 percent shares) and its purpose is to boost the development of various types of electric vehicles – from compact cars to light trucks.
reuters.com, europe.autonews.com

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AutonomyAutonomy and the Urban Mobility Summit is back in Paris from 19 to 21 October 2017: Autonomy is the annual international urban mobility event where policy makers, innovators, cities and urbanites meet to change the way we move in cities. Autonomy consists of a talks & conference program (The Urban Mobility Summit), an exhibition area, test tracks and a startup program (Funding the movement).
More infos >>

Update about Porsche’s Mission E: New pictures taken at an exclusive dealer event in Norway have made their way in the internet and give an impression of the exterior and the interior of the latest Mission E prototype. Porsche’s first all-electric serial car shall hit the stores in 2019. If the information transferred from the above mentioned event are right, the serial version will offer 5 seats and 3 battery options – unlike the original concept. Pricing is said to be around 90.000 euros, reportedly.

Outlander PHEV to hit U.S. stores: The States had to wait long to welcome Mitsubishi’s Outlander plug-in hybrid on its streets, now the time has come: The Japanese manufacturer will provide the all-new version of its Outlander PHEV to the U.S. dealership by the end of the year. Pricing will start at 35,535 dollars before federal or state incentives.
autoblog.com, greencarreports.com

BYD plans hybrid version of Song Max: BYD has launched its new mid-sized MPV Song Max on the Chinese market and announced that it intends to add a 2.0 and a 1.5 turbo hybrid soon, but no fully electric version. The model is the first one designed by the new chief designer Wolfgang Egger, previously employed by Audi.

Sep 28, 2017 - 08:21 am

Dyson, JSW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, OjO, Clenergy TeamArrow.

Dyson to build EVs by 2020: After months of rumours buzzing around, the vacuum cleaner manufacturer finally confirmed the plan to create an EV business unit, using its own solid state battery tech. Company founder Sir James Dyson says he wants to debut with an EV in 2020 and create a whole electric car range afterwards. The models would become “radical” different. Dyson intends to invest 2bn pounds – half to build the car itself, the other half to contribute advanced solid-state batteries. Currently, 400 employees are already involved in the EV project – among them also former Aston Martin manager.
autoexpress.co.uk, europe.autonews.com, autocar.co.uk

Details about JSW’s EV plans: India’s JSW Energy, a division of the Jindal Group, and the Gujarat government signed a MoU to set up a new EV factory in Gujarat’s Surendranagar district. By investing 40bn rupees (approximately 500m euros), the company plans to build there up to 200.000 cars annually as well as batteries, storage solutions and charging infrastructure. As reported, JSW has scheduled the launch of its first electric model for 2020.
business-standard.com, carwale.com, indianexpress.com

Toyota to produce hybrid powertrains in the U.S.: The Japanese carmaker intends to invest into five manufacturing plants in the States in order to build its first American-made hybrid powertrain. According to Toyota, the investment sum will accumulate to 373.8m U.S. dollars. The project is supposed to start this year and to be operational by 2020.
greencarcongress.com, pressroom.toyota.com

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EVS30EVS30 in Stuttgart: New standards in electromobility: From 9th to 11th October 2017 the entire electromobility industry will meet in Stuttgart for the EVS30. Find out about latest trends as well as applications of the electric drive train – at the exhibition or in the international conference. Don’t miss EVS30 and also visit the co-located events BATTERY+STORAGE and f-cell.

Mitsubishi UK is introducing a scrappage scheme to encourage clients to hand in their old gas guzzlers (EU1 to EU4, registered before 2010) and buy a new Outlander PHEV. A new scrappage bonus of maximum 4000 pounds can be combined with the company’s plug-in car grant of 2,500 pounds, promising a total saving potential of 6,500 pounds.

OjO scooters with Ford genes: U.S. company OjO Electric has signed a licensing agreement with Ford to create six different electric Ford OjO Commuter Scooters, supposed to hit the U.S. stores in January. The scooters shall reach up to 40km range, a top speed of 32 km/h and draw visual inspiration from Ford vehicles while integrating OjOʼs design and tech.
wardsauto.com, insideevs.com

Solar EV made in Australia: Brisbane-based Clenergy TeamArrow has unveiled its Arrow STF model and claims it to be the first commercially available solar EV in the world. The sports coupe with two seats is covered by 5 squar metres of solar arrays with an efficiency level of up to 24.4 percent. The vehicle’s range shall differ between 300 to 400 km at highways and up to 1,000 km at city driving speed.
reneweconomy.com.au, statements.qld.gov.au, teamarrow.com.au

Sep 26, 2017 - 10:07 am

Austria, Mitsubishi, Sprinter, Suzuki, JLR, India.

Austria to increase its bonus programme’s budget: In March, the Austrian government introduced premiums for private buyers of electrified vehicles and charging infrastructure components. Since then, 2,380 funding applications have been handed in and more than 4m euros have been distributed in return. That’s obviously the main reason, why the country turns out to be the EU’s frontrunner when it comes to newly registered EVs. Now the Austrian cabinet decided to increase the programme’s budget by providing additional 5m euros. In detail, buyers get 4,000 euros bonus for all-electric cars, 1,500 euros for hybrids, 750 euros for electric bikes and 200 euros for wallboxes or smart charging cables.
oekonews.at, diepresse.com (both in German)

Mitsubishi intends to launch electric duo: As part of the alliance with Nissan and Renault, Mitsubishi will contribute two electric vehicles to the recently announced alliance project to launch 12 EVs until 2022. The first one will be a mini EV based on Mitsubishi’s eK wagon and created to be a successor of the i-MiEV. The second newcomer shall be an electric version of the company’s RVR compact SUV – rather known as AXS respectively Outlander Sport abroad.

Design details about Mercedes’ new Sprinter: In the run-up to the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta, Mercedes-Benz Vans has presented an official design sketch of its next-gen Sprinter. As reported, both, the conventional and the electric version of the Sprinter, will roll off the lines in Düsseldorf. Market launch is scheduled for the first half of 2018.

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EVS30EVS30 in Stuttgart: New standards in electromobility: From 9th to 11th October 2017 the entire electromobility industry will meet in Stuttgart for the EVS30. Find out about latest trends as well as applications of the electric drive train – at the exhibition or in the international conference. Don’t miss EVS30 and also visit the co-located events BATTERY+STORAGE and f-cell. www.evs30.org

Electric buggy by Suzuki: With a concept car dubbed eSurvivor, Suzuki shows its vision of future electric mobility at the Tokyo Motor Show. The prototype is a fully electrified off-roader in buggy stile with a two seat open cockpit and a motor in each wheel. More details will follow with the concept vehicle’s official presentation in October.
autoevolution.com, carscoops.com, paultan.org

JLR to launch new model line: Jaguar Land Rover plans to initiate a new model line called Road Rover and says its first representative, an electric-powered luxury car, would hit the road before 2020, Autocar reports. Pricing for the top-line version could exceed 90,000 pounds. Simultaneously, JLR develops the next-gen Jaguar XJ. According to the report, both, the XJ and the Road Rover, will be pure-electric vehicles with twin motors and on-demand all-wheel drive.

India extends its FAME programme up to March 2018. The inventive scheme with the four letters standing for “Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles” is in its second year and offers premium payments on electric and hybrid vehicles of up to 29,000 rupees (375 euros) for bikes and 138,000 rupees (1785 euros) for cars.

Sep 21, 2017 - 10:41 am

Electric Hummer, VW, China, Mitsubishi, Gogoro, Rimac.

Electric Hummer by Kreisel Electric: Arnold Schwarzenegger has presented a fully electrified Hummer that has been developed by Austrian company Kreisel Electric based on the model H1. The prototype comes with two electric motors (360 kW output), 100 kWh battery capacity and close to 300 km range. However, serial production is not planned.
prnewswire.com, insideevs.com

Golf 8 without all-electric version: The next-gen VW Golf will hit the stores in about two years, but according to Jürgen Stackmann, head of VW sales and marketing, it will be available either with combustion engine, either in PHEV version. An all-electric Golf 8 won’t be produced as the company’s MEB-based all-electric I.D. will enter the market in 2020 almost parallelly.

China to relax rules for foreign carmakers? The Chinese government considers permitting foreign manufacturers to produce EVs in its free-trade zones without a local JV partner, reports Bloomberg referring to sources that do not want to be named. Thus, international carmakers could start to set up wholly owned EV businesses. The relaxation could come as soon as next year, but is still far from being definitively approved.

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Battery Power10th International Conference “Advanced Battery Power” on April 10-11, 2018 in Münster/Germany: Advanced Battery Power is one of the largest international scientific battery conferences in Germany and is the established meeting point for scientists and engineers from academia and industry. The conference covers the whole value chain from materials to applications and system integration. Call for Papers is now opened. Submit your abstract at latest by October 31, 2017! www.battery-power.eu

Mitsubishi presents EV concept: With a teaser photo, the Japanese carmaker draws attention to its e-Evolution Concept that shall be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October. It is supposed to be a fully electrified SUV coupe concept, further details are not yet available.
europe.autonews.com, autocar.co.uk

Gogoro raises additional 300m dollars: The Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer receives 300m USD from a group of investors including Sumitomo and French energy company ENGIE. In the previous two investment rounds, Gogoro raised already a total of 182m dollars. The fresh money shall support the company’s R&D unit and help to realise its expansion plans. In Europe, Bosch’s sharing service Coup uses Gogoro’s electric scooters with replaceable batteries.
greentechmedia.com, forbes.com, gogoro.com

Also Rimac with new investor: Asian battery manufacturer Camel Group invests 30m euros in Croatian EV maker Rimac. The new financial resources shall enable the company to develop new products and to extend its production capacities.

Jun 30, 2017 - 07:55 am

Siemens, ChargePoint, Hubject, StreetScooter, UPS, Mitsubishi.

Siemens is ChargePoint’s new old big buddy as the German corporation joined the latest round of funding led by Daimler. The infrastructure provider thus managed to gather another 43m dollars, closing the total Series G round at 125m dollars. Siemens has got its very own stake in ChargePoint as it supplies DC charging technology and has been invested since 2010.
greencarcongress.com, insideevs.com

Hubject in Croatia: Hrvatski Telekom agreed to cooperate with Hubject, meaning all intercharge users may access charging opportunities in Croatia. Hubject now includes more than 55,000 charge points.

StreetScooter-BerlinStreetScooter goes Berlin: 40 electric delivery vans and 160 charge points at 4 logistic bases are only the beginning for Deutsche Post DHL’s electrification in the German capital. 30 of the 40 homemade StreetScooters are the new large version Work L, which can hold twice the volume of the usual van. On top, the fleet is to gradually get more electric, “wherever it can as Berlin is not any odd location,” DHL board member Juergen Gerdes promised. Estimates say the Berlin mail may come fully electric by 2025, at least an exact 156 charge points with 11 kW stand at the ready by now. In total, DHL operates 3,000 StreetScooters in Germany to date and is currently gearing up to electrify 70 percent of its deliveries on the first and last mile by 2025.
electrive.net (in German)

UPS is a little less ambitious than its competitor above as it set a target to have 25 percent of its new vehicle purchases be driven by alternative fuel by 2020. Five years later, UPS wants 40 percent of its fleet to be gas and diesel free.

Leading by example: The Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) took charge of five Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs and five i-MiEV along with four quick charger units. They are part of a study and Mitsu hopes to reach more government agencies as well.

May 30, 2017 - 07:22 am

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales.

An exact 80,768 Outlander PHEV could be sold through Mitsubishi dealers worldwide from its launch in 2013 until the end of 2016. This made it the best-selling PHEV in Europe for four consecutive years and it has now risen up in the ranks as Mitsubishi just delivered 635 units to Ukraine’s police.

May 23, 2017 - 10:09 am

Renewed remake.

Mitsubishi is to revive the past with the car that started it all – the Model A (Tesla missed out on that one). But more than a remake, the chassis from 1917 will sit on the Outlander PHEV platform, thus forming a bridge to today’s technology.

May 10, 2017 - 10:27 am

BMW, NEVS, Tesla, Volvo, Tata, Mitsubishi.

BMW-iNextBMWi on price par with ICE: BMW wants to sell its electric vehicles at a similar price to comparable gasoline-powered cars comes 2020, Bimmertoday reports from a symposium in Vienna. In order to lower costs, the Bavarians bet on nickel manganese cobalt batteries and a highly flexible architecture to enable an output range of 90 to 250 kW. Meanwhile the BMWBlog reports that the future iNext, due by 2021, will be a crossover similar to Jaguar’s I-Pace. It focuses on autonomy starting at level 3 but with the capability to allow for level 5, which essentially is full-autonomy, i.e. hands and eyes off.
bimmertoday.de (in German), bmwblog.com (iNext)

See the first Saab EV 9-3: Saab’s parent company NEVS is readying its the production version of its all-electric 9-3 to launch this June at the CES Asia in Shanghai. First spy shots already emerged and show a very Saab-like EV. Apart from the electric version with 300 km range, there may also be a 9-3 hybrid. The first 150,000 electric Saabs have reportedly been sold to Chinese Panda New Energy already.
carnewschina.com (with photos)

Tesla rethinks line-up: After teasing its upcoming electric truck Semi recently, Tesla added a few details. The Semi will utilise many Model 3 components, e.g. the electric motor, in order to enable high gross margins. Meanwhile, Elon Musk doubts his idea of an electric mini bus programme for future sharing services. His judgement builds on his previous prediction that in a fully autonomous environment, shared electric cars will essentially make large parts of public transport redundant.
electrek.co (Semi), electrek.co (mini bus)

Volvo’s first EV is going to be a compact model, specified R&D leader Henrik Green. It will be based on the compact car platform CMA and have the size of Volvo’s 40 series. Launch is set for 2019.

Tata to electrify its Nano? After the Indian carmaker introduced its sub-brand Tamo with a sports car in Geneva, it wants to add an electrified small car to the line-up, reports Autocar India. Tata’s Nano could thus get an electrified twin, earlier photos of a corresponding prototype suggest.

Mitsubishi training certified: The Japanese group designed a three-day course to provide its UK dealer network with the tech knowledge required to work with hybrid and electric vehicles. The carmaker cooperated with the IMI to elevate the course to an industry-recognised qualification.

Mar 28, 2017 - 08:42 am

Audi, Mitsubishi, BMW, Buick, Tesla, Lexus.

Audi readies production for its first EV: Mid-2018 will see Audi’s first all-electric model roll off the lines and the preparations are in full swing, while normal operations are uphold in parallel, according to Automobil Produktion. The SUV, dubbed Q6 e-tron or C-BEV internally, will be manufactured in Brussels, where the Germans intend to establish a completely new battery assembly on top, thus turning the Belgian location into one of its key factories. Audi chose pouch cells for its model to pack enough energy for its intended range of 500 km.
automobil-produktion.de (in German)

No small Mitsubishi PHEV: The Japanese brand takes a step back from its original plans to produce plug-in hybrid versions of their smaller models like their just-released Eclipse Cross. According to Mitsubishi Motors’ European general manager of communications Daniel Nacass, the technology is not yet cost-effective in small vehicles. Thus, it is likely that Mitsubishi’s next new PHEV will be solely the replacement of the current Outlander PHEV.

BMW third-largest EV player: BMW gained ground last year and now is the world’s third largest electric car maker compared to position 6 in 2015. With a market share of 7 percent BMW follows behind Tesla (9%) and BYD (13%). Volkswagen on the other hand, saw its EV market share drop by 5% in 2016.

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e-mobil_BWBaden-Württemberg Pavilion – Boosting Future Mobility 34 exhibitors will proudly present the accumulated know how of the German Southwest in the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion at the Hannover Messe from 24 to 28 April 2017 under the slogan “Boosting Future Mobility”. On more than 600 m² exhibition area, you will be able to get first-hand experience of the latest innovative products and key competences such as energy storage, charging infrastructure, precision components, subassemblies, novel test benches and mobility software. Come and visit us at hall 27. e-mobilbw.de (PDF)

How Buick’s Velite 5 looks like: GM’s brand Buick permits a first glance at the serial version of its recently presented Velite Concept for China. A teaser picture of the new range-extended model called Velite 5 shows that it resembles the Chevy Volt not only in technology as expected but looks, too.
carscoops.com, hybridcars.com, media.gm.com

Tesla tackles corporate fleets: The American EV maker just released a new site in order to accelerate sales of its Model S and X to fleet operators. Besides, CEO Elon Musk announced that pre-orders for another project, the solar roof tiles developed by Tesla and SolarCity, will be accepted from April on.
insideevs.com, teslarati.com (website), electrek.co (solar tiles)

Lexus UX to go serial: The Toyota-owned luxury brand has confirmed to build a series version of its UX SUV concept, that was introduced 2016 in Paris. It wouldn’t be surprising if Lexus presents a hybrid version on top.

Mar 23, 2017 - 10:35 pm

London Taxi, ELI, Mercedes, Tesla, Mitsubishi, LeEco.

London Taxi Company opens UK plant: 20,000 electric cabs with range extender can now be produced every year in Ansty close to Coventry. There, the London Taxi Company opened its facility for the TX5 with 300m pounds from its Chinese backers Geely. The new electric model replaces the legendary black cab, FX4 whose design dates back to 1958. The electric taxi will go on sale this autumn in Great Britain, with the first market being London, where all new cabs must be zero emission capable by the start of 2018. European distribution may begin early next year and the firm hopes to appeal to cities worried about pollution and with an eye for icons.
autocar.co.uk, businessgreen.com

Made for municipalities: Electric van ELI has been designed for municipalities in Austria by local SFL Technologies and is now in serial production. For the start, 1,000 electric vans will be made a year but capacity is to double by 2019. Rather than for sale, ELI is for hire and will be rented out to municipalities as part of a service package with a monthly starting fee of 1,1250 euros before federal incentives that decrease the price to 835 euros. ELI has a range of up to 110 km and can carry 980 kg. Plus, it adapts to various tasks like transport or snow ploughing.
electrive.net (in German)

EQC will be the name of Mercedes’ first model under the EQ label. It can be expected by 2019, the MB Passion blog reports, quoting the in-house Mercedes Benz magazine.
mercedes-benz-passion.com (in German)

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EVT-EUROPE-Ad300x100The Battery Show – Europe’s trade fair for automotive battery manufacturing and design opens in Sindelfingen, Germany, 4-6 April 2017. Source cutting-edge materials, equipment and components from 200 exhibitors and network with 3,000 attendees from OEMs and tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers. Register for a free expo pass.

A new round of referrals has begun at Tesla and this time the programme includes invitations to the Model 3 “Delivery Event,” Gigafactory and SpaceX tours as well as a Tesla Model S and X, a special edition Powerwall and a Model S for kids. The scheme ends on June, 15.

Searching for synergies: Mitsubishi has delayed the new Outlander by a year as it moved the launch to 2020. The company claims the search for synergies with Nissan as the reason and engineers are now looking into sharing components and architecture between the companies.

Unwell: LeEco co-founder and China and Asia-Pacific chief executive for the company’s EV division has resigned, citing health reasons. Already last December, Ding had stepped back from his post as Faraday Future CEO. He will remain a strategic advisor for the company’s ecosystem research centre.

Mar 21, 2017 - 05:14 pm

e.GO Mobile, China, Peugeot, Audi, LeEco, Mitsubishi

eGO-LifeEconomy EV: e.Go Life is a city car by e.GO Mobile AG due to debut at CEBIT show in Berlin. Serial production is scheduled for spring 2018 and prices start at 15,900 euros, which may make it just the solution needed for e-mobility to become affordable for most. Driving the e.Go is an 48-Volt system by Bosch and the spec puts the range at 100 km. The company based at RWTH Aachen campus will open the order books by May this year.

Another compact EV comes from China, where BAIC is to reveal the ArcFox-1 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Spy shots show an electric car that is reminiscent of both the Mini and Soul EV but will sit just two. A 200 km range is enough for city dwellers and kick off is set in China this autumn.

Peugeot mini SUV electric and lux? Once the French will update their mini SUV 2008 next year, an electric version as well as a premium model under the DS label are likely. Autobild reports both EV may hit the market as early as 2019 and while the Peugeot 2008 would come with 350 km range, the DS 3 Crossback may add another 100 km on top. Price point: around 19,000 euros.
autobild.de (in German)

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EVT-EUROPE-Ad300x100Meet 200+ specialist manufacturers and suppliers from across the HEV supply chain at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe. See this technology first-hand at the Product Showcase, a series of 15-minute live demonstrations on the expo floor from Huber +Suhner, LORD Corp, DEWESoft and more – register here for your free expo pass.

Audi confirmed the Q4 for kick-off in 2019 and the SUV will also feature a plug-in hybrid drive. The Q4 will sit on the same MQB platform as the new Q3 and prices will start at about 28,000 GBP in the UK. In the meantime, Peter Mertens, formerly Volvo’s head of development, is to take the very same role at Audi on May, 1 this year.
autocar.co.uk (Q4), automobilwoche.de (Mertens, in German)

LeEco sold Silicon Valley HQ: Financial problems at Chinese start-up LeEco seem endless and now show as the company sold its Silicon Valley property that was supposed to serve as its head office in the States. LeEco is Faraday Future’s main sponsor that tries to ride out another cash crunch.

Mitsubishi revised its Outlander PHEV Juro, the premium version of the UK’s best-selling plug-in hybrid. The 2017 version is now equipped with an Electronic Parking Brake, EV Priority Mode, and a reversing camera plus some more in-car tech. It is priced from 33,499 GBP after incentives.
electriccarsreport.com, automotiveworld.com

Jan 25, 2017 - 08:39 am

Volvo, Mitsubishi, Alstom, SHW Automotive, Okinawa Electric Scooters.

volvo-xc90-phev-hybrid-300x150pxSwedish EV offensive? Volvo seems to be planning a whole series of electric car models. At least that’s what the designations P5, P6, P8, P9, and P10 suggest, which Volvo recently trademarked in Europe. Each of the applications are for “vehicles and conveyances; Electric vehicles” and suggest that just like Volvo’s XC90 PHEV bears the designation T8, future electric models could bear the P. Of course that’s all speculation.
swedespeed.com, carscoops.com, carsuk.net

New Mitsubishi SUV: The Japanese announced the world premiere of its new compact SUV for the Geneva Motor Show. While Mitsubishi is keeping details about the drivetrain under wraps, a product presentation from last year suggests a PHEV variant.
paultan.org, motorauthority.com

Alstom invests in EasyMile: Alstom invested 14m euros in company EasyMile, maker of the autonomous electric shuttle EZ10. The two companies agreed to join their know-how to develop integrated solutions for public transport in cities. It seems the next rail transport giant realises that autonomous shuttles should not be underestimated.

SHW Automotive loses big order: The Aalen-based supplier says it lost a 100m euro deal it was awarded last year (we reported). It had been named system supplier of electrical ax gear pumps to the unnamed “the world’s leading manufacturer of all-electric vehicles” – many speculated Tesla. But it seems that the pumps are not compatible with the vehicle’s requirements. SHW Automotive will now take legal action.
reuters.com, autonews.com, presseportal.de

E-power on two wheels: India has a new supplier of electric two-wheelers. Company Okinawa Electric Scooters just unveiled its first electric scooter Ridge, adding that it will launch two more models before the end of the year. Apparently, electric motorbikes are also on the agenda.

Jan 24, 2017 - 09:50 am

China, Subaru, BYD, Scotland, Mitsubishi, Kia.

Subsidy update from China: According to Reuters, the Chinese government has published a new list of electric and hybrid cars eligible for subsidies. It contains 185 models so far and will be amended at a later date. It now also includes cars with batteries from LG Chem and Samsung SDI, which were excluded in 2016.

01_Subaru_XV_2._Generation_Genfer_Autosalon_300x150pxSubaru XV as hybrid: Subaru will premier its second generation XV at the Geneva Motor Show. So far, the XV is only offered as a hybrid in Japan and the U.S., but will now also debut in Europe. The platform, on which the XV is based, would also allow for a pure EV model.

BYD increases output: The Chinese manufacturer wants to increase production of electric and hybrid vehicles this year in order to cut cost. The reason is that the Chinese government has lowered subsidies by about 20 percent. A loss that the company now needs to compensate by slashing production cost by about 5-10 percent.

Scotland to ban combustion engines? To reach the country’s CO2 reduction goals, a new strategy paper suggests setting up an energy task force that will ban all diesel and petrol cars from cities by 2025. The government is expected to publish the draft next week. To what point the energy task force will be mentioned remains to be seen.

New Outlander priced: Mitsubishi UK now offers the new generation of the plug-in variant starting at 34,749 pounds (before the 2,500 pound subsidy). The new model comes with an “EV Priority Mode” and shorter charging times.

Kia Niro Hybrid gets price tag: The car will start at 22,890 dollars in the U.S. and will already roll to dealerships there in the first three months of 2017. Pricing for higher trim levels nor the destination charged were announced so far.

Dec 16, 2016 - 09:17 am

Lucid Motors, China, Mitsubishi, CEP, Opel, Volkswagen.

Lucid-Air-300Lucid Motors unveils electric sedan: The wraps of the EV called Air have been taken off. The futuristic lined, Porsche Panamera like car boasts 735 kW and a 100 or 130 kWh battery pack. The first 255 models are said to hit the road in 2018 and will be offered as a ‘Launch Edition’ for around 160,000 dollars.
electrek.co, insideevs.com, carscoops.com

Even tighter constraints for EV makers in China? The Chinese government has presented two draft laws to the WTO. One concerns the reported EV quota said to go into effect in 2018, and that despite pleas from Germany hasn’t been watered down. The other draft law is about “production approval” and could be even more crucial. It says carmakers will have to proof their ability to build EVs – even Chinese joint venture partners of international companies are concerned. These would therefore have to receive exact design plans for upcoming models. The law could go into effect in summer 2017.
sueddeutsche.de (in German)

Extended EV alliance: After essentially taking over Mitsubishi, Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has taken another carmaker under his wing as CEO. Shortly after he announced that all three brands will align and standardise their electric drivetrain technology. That means also that Renault and Nissan will have access to Mitsubishi’s plug-in technology.

CEP strike a balance: 250 new fuel cell cars hit the road in Germany this year and because of technical development and standardisation, drivetrain production cost has come down 75 percent. And because of the international 700 bar standard, components for H2 fuelling stations dropped around 50 percent.

Ampera-e to cost more than the i3 or Leaf: As reported yesterday, the Opel Ampera-e can now be ordered in Norway for 32,300 euros. A price that won’t translate to other markets. But when comparing it to other models in the Nordic country, it becomes in what price range the Opel will be positioned. It will thus be more expensive than the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf.

Production start: Volkswagen has kicked off production of its seven-seater called Atlas in Atlanta, U.S. As previously reported (back than, the car was still called CrossBlue), a plug-in hybrid version is in the pipelines. Though no official details have been released yet.
carscoops.com, greencarcongress.com

Dec 8, 2016 - 08:53 am

Netherlands, GAC Motor, Faraday Future, Mitsubishi, Energica.

Netherlands go electric: Dutch economy minister Henk Kamp said in an interview that it is the country’s intention “that from 2035, only electric or fuel cell cars will be sold. So, no more cars that use petrol, diesel or LPG.” Two Dutch parties have meanwhile proposed a ten-point plan to make EVs more attractive to buyers, including the installation of chargers every 25 km, guaranties for EV batteries, lower parking fees and the use of bus lanes.
nrc.nl (interview; in Dutch), nltimes.nl (plan)

GAC-EnLightNew supercar: Chinese manufacturer GAC Motors has presented an electric sports car concept at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The EnLight features gull-winged doors and the company’s latest technical and design innovations. It has an autonomous, as well as a manual driving mode.
automotive-business-review.com, multivu.com (with videos)

Faraday Future teased: The manufacturer released first teaser images showing the front its first production model. Despite alleged financial difficulties (we reported), the EV is said to be fully unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas next year.
electrek.co, insideevs.com

Too hot to handle: Because of possible overheating, Tesla issued a voluntary recall of some 7,000 select NEMA adaptors. There have been two reported cases of the plugs overheating while in use, but it caused no further damage and no one was harmed. NEMA adaptors come with Tesla’s Universal Mobile Charger (UMC) in order to fit different outlets and are mostly used in the U.S., Canada and parts of Asia.
electrek.co, transportevolved.com, tesla.com

No more Outlander PHEV for Russia: After only 71 units sold in 2014 and a mere 21 in 2015, Mitsubishi has decided to stop offering plug-in SUV in Russia. Interestingly, the standard Outlander accounts for two-thirds of Mitsubishi’s sales in the country.

Energica update: The Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer has obtained a sales license in California, meaning Energica can now record sales in the U.S. state. The company also added an importer in Israel, and important market for the Italians.

Sep 15, 2016 - 08:47 am

Mitsubishi, BYD, China, Nissan, VW, Toyota.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV in Paris: On top of the next-generation Outlander PHEV, the Japanese will also show its GT-PHEV SUV concept at the Salon de l’Automobile. The design and technology hint at the brand’s future off-road models. In this case, the combustion engine is supported by three electric motors; on in the front and two in the back.
carscoops.com, motorauthority.com, am-online.com

More electric buses from BYD: The Chinese are investing heavily in their electric bus manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California. The number of employees, its size and capacity will all be tripled over the next three years, when the facility could churn out 1,000 electric buses per year.

Subsidies scandal in China grows: Following new investigations, some 72 companies are accused of receiving subsidies for electric and plug-in hybrid cars they never actually sold. Just a few days ago, 25 companies were in the crossfire (we reported). Meanwhile, investigations continue.

has to be_beENERGISED_var2_EN

EV batteries for the home: Nissan and the British battery management supplier Hyperdrive have signed an agreement. The carmaker will supply the latter with the latest battery cell technology, which Hyperdrive will integrate in its mobile and stationary energy storage devices.
autocar.co.uk, hyperdriveinnovation.com

VW EV concept update: The manufacturer will show an electric concept build on the MEB platform in Paris. The EV is said to become available in 2020 and will have a range of 400 km, while future premium models could go 600 km on one charge. And they have already decided on an advertising pitch: “Think new.”

Prius Plug-in premiers in Europe: Toyota will officially introduce its Prius PHEV to the European market at the Paris Auto Show. The Japanese will also display the hybrid C-HR and fuel cell concept FCV Plus. The latter could be used as an environmentally friendly generator and thus shows another aspect of how fuel cell mobility can aide society.
carscoops.com, toyota.eu

Sep 15, 2016 - 08:46 am

BiLawE, Mitsubishi, GKN Driveline, Bühler.

BiLawEWireless charging: As part of the project BiLawE, Bosch, the Fraunhofer Institute and GreenIng are developing an inductive charging system with bidirectional capabilities. Using wireless technology, EVs would charge more often and could more easily be used as mobile energy storage devices. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs funds the undertaking with 2.4m euros.
autocarpro.in, bosch-presse.de

Fixing instead of replacing: Mitsubishi will from now on repair faulty batteries of electric and hybrid cars in Germany, instead of replacing the whole pack. Damaged cells can i.e. be switched out for 1,000 euros and two hours of work.
elektroniknet.de, auto-medienportal.net, mitsubishi-motors.de (articles in German)

Compact EV drivetrain: GKN Driveline announced an optimised drivetrain system for PHEVs, which delivers as much as 65 kW and 2,000 Nm of torque. Measuring only 30 x 32 and weighing a mere 54 kg, the system is very compact. As is the price, since the Brits could leave out some components. The system will go into serial production with a European manufacturer from 2019.
autocar.co.uk, automotiveworld.com

Slurry manufacturing process: Swiss company Bühler will set up two production lines for electrode slurry manufacturing for Chinese battery maker Lishen. The deal is worth 5m francs (5.1m USD) nd already the second this year (we reported), with Lishen looking to open up three new production facilities in China.

Sep 2, 2016 - 08:17 am

Volkswagen, Local Motors, South Korea, Hyundai, LaFerrari, Mitsubishi.

VW-Budd-e300Six new electric VWs by 2025: Auto Motor und Sport reports that the carmaker wants to introduce a new series of electric vehicles from 2019 – three compact and three larger EVs. The NUVe will be the first to hit the road, followed by a Jetta-like car and a crossover by 2020. After that, VW plans an electric SUV, coupé and electric Bulli. In terms of batteries, it seems clients will be able to choose from different sizes.
auto-motor-sport.de (in German)

Olli get production site: U.S. start-up Local Motors will build ist highly automated electric bus in Berlin from early next year. A rent agreement for the 4,000 square metre facility has been signed. Production will begin with a small series of 50 units. If the vehicle gets permission to drive on the road, the Olli could conquer Berlin’s roads street as early as 2017.
wiwo.de (in German)

South Koreans choose E-plates: The government is getting people involved in the choosing of the special license plates for electric cars, which will be introduced next year. For the next eleven days, they can vote for their favourite version on- and offline. First test will kick off on the island of Jeju at the end of October.
koreatimes.co.kr, yonhapnews.co.kr

Hyundai stick to conditions: Next year, Californians can continue to lease the Tucson Fuel Cell for 499 dollars per month, including hydrogen and service. The rate applies to a 36-month lease after a 2,999 dollar down payment.

LaFerrari for earthquake victims: Only 499 units of the hybrid supercar were to be sold. Now the carmaker announced a 500th unit that will be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to the earthquake victims in Italy. The car is expected to sell for 3 to 4m euros (or more).

Range anxiety: According to Japan’s Transportation Ministry, Mitsubishi could have falsified milage data for another eight models, including the i-MiEV. That means, the little EV could go less on one charge than officially noted.

Aug 11, 2016 - 08:08 am

BMW, Porsche, Mitsubishi, VDL, LeEco.

BMW-iNextBMW pushes electrification: Details on Project i20 or iNext were revealed. The new fully electric BMW expected for 2021 will have different motors ranging from 100 bis 182 kW. It will run autonomously by 2025. Also, the i3 and i8 will be succeeded comes 2022. By then, the i8 may become available as EV, powered by three electric drives with a combined output of 522 kW and a range of 500 km.

Another Audi-Porsche plug-in? A Cayenne coupé is in the cards, which Autocar believes could be offered as an electric variant utilising technology from Audi’s electric SUV. The idea would complement the latest news of a potential Porsche E-SUV.

Mitsubishi plug-in push: The Japanese plan an compact plug-in hybrid SUV to be followed by a fully electric ASX, according to a product brochure outlining models to launch between 2017 and 2020. Mitsubishi also mentions two more, smaller EVs but released no further details.
insideevs.com, mitsubishi-motors.com

Electric shuttle bus: A Kreisel electric drive powers the VDL MidBasic Electric to premier at the IAA. Built by VDL Bus & Coach and based on a Mercedes Sprinter, the electric mini-bus seats nine and shall go as far as 300 km on one charge. The Kreisel power packs have capacities of 72 or 92 kWh.
automotiveworld.com, vdlbuscoach.com

Entertaining EV production: LeEco will invest 1.8bn dollars in building an electric car factory near the city of Hangzhou, where 400,000 units shall roll off the lines per year. The production facility would become part of what LeEco calls an Eco Experience Park with connected EVs and other fun attractions next to offices. No date for construction has been set by the manufacturer.

Aug 5, 2016 - 07:57 am

Smart, Tesla, VW, Nissan, Mitsubishi.

E-Smart-2016New Smart ED infos: Daimler is testing the 2017 Smart Fortwo ED in Arizona. The new-gen urbanite features the same drive as the previous one but updates are to enable a range of up to 85 miles at shorter charge times. Furthermore, the sales model will not include battery leasing any longer.
auto-motor-und-sport.de (data in German), greencarreports.com (test report)

Tesla in lose-win situation: The EV maker posts a 293m dollar loss for this second quarter while making 1.3bn dollar revenue, a 33 percent plus. Deliveries stood at a total of 14,402 units, 9,764 of which were Model S. The plan is to send another 50,000 EVs out until the year’s end. Priorities in the future remain the launch of the Model 3, autonomous driving, and ultimately the Model Y. Yet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed to the planned electric van and truck. Production could start 2018 at the earliest.
greencarcongress.com, autoblog.com, shareholder.com, electrek.co (new models)

VW EVs Made in China: More than half of all electric Volkswagen will emerge in China by 2025, board member Jochem Heizmann said. They will stand on three EV platforms, according to VW engineer Matthias Erb. He did not go into details but our guess is the third platform is for electric CV.
welt.de (China, in German), autonews.com (platforms)

Nissan-BladeGlider-2016Radical e-racer preview: Nissan and Williams Engineering presented the BladeGlider concept. This time round, it is a working prototype. Two in-wheel motors in the rear that develop 130 kW each drive the three-seater. Power comes from a high-performance lithium ion battery pack mounted towards the rear of the car.
autocar.co.uk, autoexpress.co.uk

Electric Mitsu crossover? Mitsubishi will debut the XM Concept at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show later this month. Although based on the fully electric eX Concept, it is unclear if the new study will have an electric drive.

Aug 1, 2016 - 09:02 am

Gigafactory, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Toyota, Jaguar, Cadillac.

Gigafactory-Opening300x100Gigafactory opens its doors: Tesla’s battery factory celebrated a symbolic opening Friday, even though only 14 percent of the production site have been completed. At least production of the stationary Powerwall has already kicked off. Starting 2018, the factory is said to churn out batteries with a total capacity of 50 GWh per year and 150 GWh form 2020. Panasonic says it will raise 3.9bn dollars through corporate bonds, most of which will be invested in the Gigafactory. The supplier had promised 1.6bn dollars but already said that it would invest more if needed.
electrek.co (opening), youtube.com (Video), reuters.com, electrek.co (Panasonic)

U.S. Outlander debut delayed: The kick off for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in North America has again been pushed back – for the sixth time. The plan is now for it to debut in summer of next year. The plug-in’s premier in Canada and the U.S. had originally been scheduled for January 2014. Mitsubishi did not give an explanation for the new delay.
insideevs.com, hybridcars.com

Tesla bus build on Model X: Tesla’s announced bus will use the Model X’s chassis, Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter. That means it could hit the road sooner than later. Moreover, the design is said to be inspired by the old VW buses.
electrek.co, jalopnik.com

Toyota faces range complaint: The Japanese manufacturer is being taken to court in the U.S. for false range advertising. The plaintiff says that instead of the promised 15 miles, the Toyota Prius can only go 8 miles electrically, and only during summer – not enough for his 12-mile commute to work. Toyota has yet to comment on the allegations.

Camouflaged Jaguar EV: New images are said to show a disguised prototype of the British electric SUV. Jaguar is planning to release two electric models (we reported) in 2019. The SUV in question will then go head to head with the Tesla Model X and Audi Q6 e-tron.

Cadillac CT6 PHEV is coming: The plug-in hybrid will arrive at Chinese dealerships this fall, before becoming available in the U.S. in 2017. The battery pack is still being made in the U.S. and shipped to China, but GM considers moving production to China in the future.

Jun 28, 2016 - 08:11 am

Volkswagen, China, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Volvo, Bultaco.

VW plans big in China: The German carmaker is to invest up to 20bn euros in 10 battery plants as VW now projects homemade demand for cells in the range of 150 GWh. The first of such facilities may be build in China, Automotive News quotes a source close to senior management, who expects electric mobility to “catch on there as a trend much sooner given the government’s relentless push.”

Investing in China may become easier as decision makers in Beijing consider to lift the 50 percent cap on stakes foreign manufacturers can hold in a joint venture with a Chinese company. The move would allow carmakers like Volkswagen to control their operations in China more freely.

Mitsubishi-Ground-Tourer-ConceptTeasing the next Outlander: Mitsubishi is to present the Ground Tourer Concept plug-in hybrid at the Paris Motor Show this autumn. A first image shows a streamlined silhouette of the SUV study that previews the next-gen Outlander PHEV.
greencarcongress.com, carscoops.com

Model S 75 now in the U.S.: Tesla expands its portfolio as the Model S 75 featuring a rear drive and 75 kWh battery becomes available as standalone offer in the States. Prices for the version, that has previously been offered in the USA as an upgrade only, start at 74,500 dollars.

More affordable V60 Hybrid: Volvo introduces the hybrid V60 with a D5 Twin Engine in the UK. Prices for the D5 hybrid start from 37,500 GBP and 35,000 GBP with the government grant for PHEV. That is considerably less than the 45,000 pound one has to pay for the D6 Twin Engine version.
carsuk.net, nextgreencar.com

Bultaco expands its line-up: The Spanish firm launches road legal versions of its Brinco e-bike. While the first Brinco was for off-road use only, the R-E is classified as moped at 45 kph and the Brico C is a 25 kph pedelec. Both are electronically limited as the motor remains the same 2kW.

Jun 23, 2016 - 09:09 am

Mini, Daimler, Tesla, Mitsubishi, BAIC, Energica.

Pictures of first plug-in Mini: MotoringFile released first images of the Mini Countryman E, the brand’s first PHEV. The drivetrain combines 100 kW combustion engine in the front and 65 kW electric motor in the back. The 7.7 kWh battery pack stores enough energy for an all-electric range of 38 km. The Countryman E could be presented in September and launch early 2017.

New Daimler brand? The manufacture recently announced the launch of four new electric Mercedes models. Now it seems that it could offer these under a new brand for electric mobility, German Handelsblatt reports. Another possibility is introducing a Mercedes sub-brand for EVs, like BMW did with BMW i.
handelsblatt.com, electrek.co

Tesla to buy SolarCity: The EV maker has made an offer to take over Elon Musk’s other start-up – the solar energy provider SolarCity. For Musk, the deal was “obvious,” as he wants to create the first vertically integrated energy company that offers everything from EVs, to solar panels and energy storage.
greencarcongress.com, insideevs.com, teslamotors.com

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ecomobiel_NissanParticipate in Ecomobiel 2016 – the platform for sustainable innovation in mobility: Ecomobiel is the largest and most complete trade show in the Benelux for mobility professionals and business end users, 4 & 5 October 2016 in Den Bosch. Ecomobiel is a co-location with the trade show “Energie” which focusses on energy transition in buildings & industry. The combined events attracted last edition over 15.000 B2B visitors. www.ecomobiel.nl/Exhibitor_on_ecomobiel

Good deal: Until September 28th, Mitsubishi makes customers in UK a special offer for its Outlander PHEV, offering a 2,500 pound finance deposit contribution and zero percent APR. The plug-in hybrid SUV also qualifies for the 2,500 pound plug-in grant and is exempt from road tax.
am-online.com, mitsubishi-cars.co.uk

New electric SUV from BAIC: An unknown mini SUV from BAIC with a fully electric drive has been caught on camera. It is said to launch in China before the end of the year.

Energica with new location: The electric motorbike manufacturer opened its new headquarters in Soliera, in the Italian province of Modena. It combines factory, showroom and even a museum on the company’s history.

May 30, 2016 - 07:58 am

VW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Gigafactory, Chemchina, Tesla, Victory RR.

VW battery factory? The Volkswagen Group is considering building their own battery factory in the same vein as the Gigafactory. The project could cost up to 10bn dollars and reduce reliance on external suppliers. VW has not yet commented on the speculation, but they may be looking at the city of Salzgitter. The head of IG Metall Peine Salzgitter suggests existing buildings may be used in the project.
insidedevs.com, derwesten.de, handelsblatt.de (in German)

Mitsubishi-Nissan venture: Mitsubishi and Nissan want to jointly develop the successor of Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV. The car could launch as early as 2018, under both Mitsubishi and Nissan brand names. Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn also alluded to further cooperation in vehicle platforms and electric vehicle technologies.
the-japan-news.com, autonews.com

Gigafactory opens doors: Tesla’s battery plant will celebrate its grand opening on July 29th. All Model S owners who referred five or more sales during the EV maker’s second referral programme from October and December last year, received an invitation.

Hubject_5 Gruende_eng

Chemchina eyes SGL Carbon: According to Manager Magazine, Chinese Chemchina is looking to take over German company SGL Carbon, which has worked with BMW on building the i3 and i8. SGL has been battling financial difficulties for a while now and also sent out information package to other companies to receive tentative offers. Share prices for SGL rose on Friday, following information about a possible takeover.
manager-magazin.de, automobilwoche.de (in German)

Spain loves Tesla: The local government of Paterna, near Valencia, Spain, has penned an opened letter to Tesla, nominating their town as a candidate for the location of Tesla’s European factory. The group even made a brief promotional video under the catchphrase “Spain Loves Tesla” to grab the carmaker’s attention.
electrek.co (with video)

Victory RR racing: Victory Motorcycles has entered the Isle of Man TT Zero race with William Dunlop confirmed as the driver. The electric Victory RR was developed using data gathered at last year’s TT Zero, where the company’s Empulse RR bike placed third. The race is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8th.

Found on electrive.com
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