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Jan 15, 2021 - 01:33 pm

Lucid Motors aims to go public via SPAC deal

Lucid Motors appears in talks to go public through a merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) belonging to investor Micheal Klein. The deal could be worth $15 billion (about €12.4Bn) for the electric vehicle maker.

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May 4, 2017 - 09:05 am

Peter Rawlinson, Tobias Moers.

Peter-Rawlinson“It’s a bit of a myth that traditional OEMs are getting into electric cars.”

Lucid Motors CTO Peter Rawlinson is unimpressed in other words from other carmakers efforts when it comes to electrification. On charging infrastructure, Rawlinson hopes to jump onto an existing network rather than setting up Lucid’s own.

Tobias-Moers“I would be wrong to tell you no. I don’t know when down the road. But we are not changing the future. It is going to happen.”

Talking about OEMs. Here is Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers, who does see full electric models in the company’s future – at some point.


Apr 6, 2017 - 11:40 pm

Adam Jonas, Peter Rawlinson.

Adam-Jonas“The addressable markets within Tesla’s ecosystem could potentially include a $10 trillion light vehicle mobility market, a $1 trillion logistics market, a $2 to $3 trillion energy market and a potential multi-trillion market captured in the 600 billion hours of consumer time spent in cars in the form of content delivery and data monetization.”

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas suggests that Tesla’s potential (speak market value) is much more than that of a car manufacturer. He advises to consider the company as a future transportation and infrastructure market player.

Peter-Rawlinson“Tesla took a leading role, it was the vanguard really, in creating a fast-charging network, and is to be applauded for that.”

Lucid Motors CTO Peter Rawlinson appreciates the achievements of his Silicon Valley neighbour and former employer in terms of fast-charging systems. He himself was chief engineer of the Tesla Model S before leaving the company 5 years ago.

Mar 31, 2017 - 08:40 am

Eric Garcetti, Peter Rawlinson.

Eric-Garcetti“Nothing can stop us from investing in electric cars and solar power.”

Is the essence of L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti answer to Trump’s plan to eradicate Obama’s climate change policies. Garcetti spoke in the name of 75 U.S. city chiefs, while others tweeted they’d go to Supreme Court to overturn the ecologic negligence.
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Peter-Rawlinson“LeEco is a minority investor in our company […] We are absolutely independent of any cash crisis.”

Like the cisis Faraday Future apparently seems to be in. Hence, Lucid Motors Lucid CTO Peter Rawlinson wants to make very clear that the cash crunch at LeEco itself does not apply to his employer.

Nov 25, 2016 - 08:42 am

Adam Jonas, Simon Henry, Peter Rawlinson.

Adam-Jonas“We continue to forecast a Model 3 launch at the very end of 2018 (more than 1 year later than company target) with 60k units in 2019 and 130k units in 2020.”

Morgan Stanley Analyst Adam Jonas says Tesla clients need to be ready to wait a while longer for their Model 3. He is also wary that the EV maker will be able to keep up with its own production goals.

Simon-Henry“We’ve long been of the opinion that demand will peak before supply. And that peak may be somewhere between five and 15 years.”

Shell CFO Simon Henry is sure that considering the growing availability of renewable energy and the rise of electric mobility, the world market will soon no longer want oil. Let’s hope he’s right.

Peter-Rawlinson“I believe that the electric powertrain can unlock doors to an array of designs that hasn’t been achieved before.”

Lucid Motors CTO Peter Rawlinson is reimagining the cars’ architecture to make it feel bigger and roomier than, say a Mercedes, all while actually cutting down its size.


Nov 16, 2016 - 09:07 am

Ian Hoban, Bernhard Maier, Peter Rawlinson.

Ian-Hoban“Electric vehicles are inevitable – Jaguar will make them desirable.”

Ian Hoban, Jaguar Land Rover’s vehicle line director says the newly unveiled I-Pace will have superior torque delivery than internal combustion engines, while the car will “rewarding and practical enough to drive every day.”

Bernhard-Maier“Some will say we are late to the market, but actually we see 2019 as being a point where demand for such cars will actually start to build to a level that is strong enough to bring down costs.”

Skoda boss Bernhard Maier explains why the carmaker is not looking to go electric for at least two more years. It will then start with a plug-in hybrid, followed by a first all-electric car in 2020.

Peter-Rawlinson“Until Tesla, there was an unwritten rule, and a widely held belief in the motor industry, that it was impossible to start a new car company from scratch. Tesla successfully broke that.”

Peter Rawlinson, former chief engineer behind Tesla’s Model S and now CTO of Lucid Motors knows that it will not be easy to get the companies Tesla-fighter on the road, as it is competing with established carmakers and the California EV maker itself. Though the latter has shown that anything is possible.

Oct 31, 2016 - 09:35 am

Harald Krüger, Peter Rawlinson, Lex Kerssemakers.

Harald-Krueger“The next pinnacle will be with the Mini electric in 2019 and the X3 in 2020. We will offer more electric motorcycles, and we will have more electrified vehicles.”

BMW CEO Harald Krueger says “a new era of individual mobility is about to begin.” He sees the Bavarian carmaker driving innovation in the mobility sector and becoming a leading tech company. Electric and plug-in hybrid cars will account for 25 percent of sales in ten years.

Peter-Rawlinson“The advent of the Uber and Lyft model is going to demand an electric car which can be rapidly charged and is tolerant of rapid, repeated fast charging.”

Peter Rawlinson, chief technology officer at Lucid Motors (formerly Atieva) and former chief engineer of the Tesla Model S, explains why his new employer with its innovative battery technology will jump to the front of the line of shaping mobility in the future.

Lex-Kerssemakers“We started to talk about electrification in 2008 when we took the decision to go for four cylinders. Fuel efficiency is huge, that’s why we went for the four-cylinder turbos and electrification first. After that, we move to full electric, in 2018 or 2019. It is the future, let’s face it.”

Volvo’s U.S. CEO Lex Kerssemakers says that while people still want big cars, efficiency has become a priority. He therefore declared the “era of big cylinders” as over.

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