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Sep 12, 2014 - 08:25 am

Vincent Bolloré, Maxime Picat, René Takens.

Vincent-Bollore“Every week the mayor of one of the world’s big cities comes to gather information from us.”

Vincent Bolloré, head of Bolloré Bluecars, here might come across bragging but he is standing on solid grounds as his company just agreed on an extensive cooperation with Renault (we reported) which will give Bolloré “industrial muscle,” as he put it.

Maxime-Picat“In all our scenarios, electric cars by 2020 hold a market share of five percent at the most.”

Maxime Picat, Peugeot board member and general director, is still no fan of electric vehicles for much the same reasons as before: they are expensive, do not have enough range and charging infrastructure is insufficient.
diepresse.com (in German)

Rene-Takens“The e-bike product group does hold a danger in itself. This concerns the safety of speed pedelecs.”

Accell CEO René Takens is asking the industry to take responsibility for the S-Pedelec segment. So far, European legislation as well as classification for these bikes, which can do up to 45 kph on pedal-assistance, is often far from being unambiguous.

Feb 28, 2014 - 09:46 am

René Takens, Sarwant Singh.

Rene-Takens“We are certainly not putting that money in the bank.”

Accell Group CEO René Takens is certain to reinvest the money gained from the recent sale of the Hercules brand. The Dutch corporation will now work on the “distinctiveness” of their other German brands like Winora and Haibike, Takens added.

Sarwant-Singh“As such, Musk is also running a huge risk here, and it needs to be seen if his plant and chemistry are flexible.”

Sarwant Singh, consultant at Frost & Sullivan, does not believe that the current lithium-ion technology will allow battery prices to go below 200 dollars. He is convinced that Elon Musk has done his math though and that the investment in the Gigafactory is the right step.

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