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Feb 17, 2021 - 05:36 am

Scotland targets ebikes and EV charging

The Scottish Government has just awarded over £633,000 to support 45 e-bike projects across the country. The government has also awarded £210,000 to test new ways of improving accessibility across ChargePlace Scotland’s electric vehicle charging network. 

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Jul 11, 2016 - 08:56 am

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Free EV parking: The English town of Milton Keynes has created 15,000 free parking spaces for electric vehicles with a Green Parking Permit. Funded by the “Go Ultra Low Cities” initiative, the spaces are only the first step in a multi-stage plan, which will includes the addition of charging hubs, residential chargers, and bus lanes access.
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World’s biggest carsharing: Chinese Chongqing Lifan Group hopes to roll out the world’s largest carsharing scheme from next year, reaching a 300,000 electric car fleet by 2020. The company will use Lifan 300EV2 cars, which the manufacturer claims can be recharged in three minutes.

Scottish Borders fleet: The Scottish Borders Council used 87,000 pounds worth of government funding to purchase six electric vehicles. Two of the cars will be for social care staff and three for the council’s waste, neighbourhood services, and contracts staff.

Brazil receives bus: The Brazilian city of Curitiba has received its first Volvo electric hybrid bus as part of Volvo’s electro-mobility project in Latin America. The vehicle comes with Zone Management, which allows areas where the bus can drive 100 percent electric to be defined and for the operator to limit the bus’ maximum speed in regions with high pedestrian traffic.

New Delhi to hire fleet: The Union Transport Ministry in New Delhi has invited bids for hybrid and electric cars to be used by officials. They plan to hire at least 20 cars in each category for one year, with the possibility of extending the contract another year. Some criticise that the move may discourage taxi companies for investing in greener fleets.


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