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Sep 4, 2017 - 08:22 am

LG Chem, SOFC, American Football, Zinc-Air.

LG Chem invests into Polish plant: In order to expand its EV battery business, South Korean battery specialist LG Chem wants to invest further 387m dollars in its Polish factory in Wroclaw. The company opened this plant in 2016, while operating also plants in China, the U.S. and South Korea. Since its market entry in 2009, LG Chem has supplied batteries to global carmakers, such as Audi and Renault-Nissan. Recently, we reported that LG Chem as well as Samsung seem to follow Panasonic in a move to upgrade their batteries.
koreaherald.com, reuters.com

Researchers create SOFC stack design: Three years ago, the EU-funded NELLHI project has been launched in order to develop a new stack design of solid oxide fuel cells. Companies and research organisations from Estonia, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and the UK were involved. Their mission is now completed. The team produced a novel high-performance 1 kW SOFC stack along with the proof of concept of a 10 kWe SOFC stack.

Driverless ride to American Football games: Fans of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers can benefit of a gratis ride in driverless vehicles in order to reach the AT&T stadium in Arlington/Texas. An hour before and after the season’s games two shuttle services, dubbed Milo, take up to 12 passengers and transport them with a speed of 10 to 12 mph. The service is part of an one-year pilot project to test-drive the vehicles made by EasyMile.

How to recharge zinc-air batteries: Researchers of the University of Sydney and the Nanyang Technological University have managed to create an approach to facilitate the process of recharging zinc-air batteries with bimetallic oxide–graphene hybrid electrocatalyst. According to the scientists, their method could help to create bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for building rechargeable zinc-air batteries from scratch.

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