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May 29, 2017 - 08:32 am

Virginie Maillard, Brett Smith.

Virginie-Maillard“We have demonstrated that it is feasible, that it is realistic, and it is concrete. Now we have to work on how to partner and deploy this idea at the global level.”

Virginie Maillard, Renault’s head of research and strategy, sees high potential in the recently demonstrated wireless charging system Halo by Qualcomm, which powers electric cars in motion.

Brett-Smith-CAR“Realistically, the electrification of vehicles is almost entirely built around lithium-ion electric in the next five to seven years.”

Brett Smith of the Centre for Automotive Research considers the improvements in battery tech over the last years impressive, but is still sceptical that EVs will replace ICEs without a “revolution” in battery technology.

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29.05.2017 08:10