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Feb 4, 2021 - 10:30 am

Ford cancels plans for Chinese Zotye joint venture

Ford is officially ending its plans for electric car joint ventures with Chinese carmaker Zotye. They claimed fundamental changes in Chinese industrial and government policies on EVs since the agreements were signed in 2017 and 2018, which has lead to Ford’s decision.

Oct 16, 2019 - 06:18 pm

Trouble bodes for Chinese EV industry

The Chinese automobile industry is facing tough times: due to decreasing sales, several bankruptcies may emerge. Zotye appears not to be in the best shape, long before the state subsidies are set to expire.

Sep 28, 2018 - 07:26 pm

Ford & Zotye sign ride-hailing JV deal

Ford and their Chinese partner Zotye have officially signed the contract for their planned joint venture which will provide electrified solutions for fleet operators and drivers in China to help address the fast-growing ride-hailing market.



Nov 9, 2017 - 11:08 pm

Ford and Zotye to build EVs in China

Both carmakers signed an agreement to manifest their planned joint venture, first announced in August. Ford and Zotye intend to jointly develop and produce all-electric cars for consumers in China.

Jun 29, 2017 - 07:44 am

EU, Spain, SsangYong, Mahindra, Zotye, Arcimoto, Toyota.

University-Delaware-ChargerEU plans plug-in opportunities: European energy ministers agree, new and newly refurbished buildings must feature EV charging stations from 2025. If the FAZ report is accurate, the ministers mostly followed the EU commission’s previous proposal that called for residential buildings with more than ten parking stalls to at least put in place the necessary wiring for EV chargers. Parking in commercial buildings must offer one charging opportunity and put wires at every third spot although small enterprises might be exempt from that rule. However, for the draft to become law, both the EU Parliament as well as the Council of Ministers must consent first.
electrive.net via faz.net (both in German)

E-mobility receives a “si¡” in Spain, where the government decided to continue its Movea funding scheme. Another 14.26m euros have been earmarked for EV incentives such as 5,500 euros per electric car given it got a list price below 32,000 euros. Charging infrastructure is facilitated with 1,000 euros when installing an AC charger and 15,000 euros can be claimed for each fast-charging station.
hibridosyelectricos.com (in Spanish)

Indo-Korean EV cooperation: Korean SsangYong Motor is working on an electric SUV with its Indian owner Mahindra. Together they aim for 300 km range and a launch by 2020. It will be the first fruit of the recently announced partnership in which both vied to spend 1bn dollars for joint EV development.

Zotye EV label: Chinese Zotye has created a brand likely dedicated to its electric offering. Junma, officially Chongqing Junma New Energy Vehicle Company suggests a focus on electric and plug-in hybrids made in Chongqing but no more details have been published so far.
automobil-produktion.de (in German)

Arcimoto’s low cost e-trike is ready to hit the market but all that is missing is cash. So the start-up decided to file for an IPO and hopes to find 9.3m dollars at the stock market to finalise and ultimately produce the electric three-wheeler. The SRK Generation 8 EV can already be pre-ordered online and aims at the lower market segment at a price point of 11,900 dollars.

Rejuvenating Aqua: Toyota gives its Aqua hybrid a make over in Japan. Known as Prius C off the islands, its drive remains but is to become a little more efficient. The model however now includes a crossover variant for the first time.

Aug 27, 2015 - 08:17 am

Apple, Hyundai, Vestel, Zotye.

Hydrogen-powered iCar? Intelligent Energy recently unveiled an iPhone with a built-in hydrogen fuel cell. According to Seeking Alpha, Apple may already have exclusive rights to the technology and use it as leverage to partner with a carmaker such as BMW for Apple’s much rumored electric cars. Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell is said to offer high energy density and low weight. Also, it does not require high pressure hydrogen storage and can be refueled by swapping out self-contained modules.

Hyundai-Tucson-FCVElectrifying research: Hyundai is preparing a self-driving fuel cell vehicle called the “R Car” at its R&D centre in South Korea, says Korea JoongAng Daily. The carmaker is reportedly also developing a lithium-air battery to increase range of future EVs to up to 500 kilometers.

Electric cars from Turkey: Turkish electronics company Vestel allegedly plans to enter the automotive sector and is expected to make a long-term investment valued at 1.1 billion dollars. The main focus of the investment will be the production of electric cars and automotive electronics.

Nissan Z rumours: Nissan is preparing a radical sports crossover to bring its Z badge back to the masses, Autocar has learned. The car is said to hit showrooms within the next 18 months and will be previewed at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept could feature a hybrid drivetrain.

Electric Hyundai spied: As previously reported, Hyundai is working on a purely electric model. Latest spy shots suggest that this will actually be an all-electric variant of Hyundai’s dedicated hybrid model.

Zotye goes electric: Chinese carmaker Zotye will launch two pure electric cars this year and plans to introduce more plug-in hybrid models next year, according to a recent Gasgoo report.


Apr 22, 2015 - 08:33 am

Shanghai-GM, Zinoro, Geely, Qiantu Qiche, Qoros, Zotye, Chery.

GM sizes up China: Shanghai-GM, the joint venture between GM and SAIC, says it plans to invest 100 billion yuan (16bn dollars) between 2016 and 2020 to develop new vehicles. The carmaker wants to revamp or build ten new models each year, among them plug-in hybrids.

New EV by BMW JV: BMW and Brilliance have presented the Concept Next, an all-electric SUV. While details are scarce, the EV is believed to be based on the X3 size-wise and possibly powered by the same drive already used for the Zinoro 1E.
carscoops.com, motoroids.com

Geely eyes Europe: The Chinese manufacturer is pondering a small SUV to hit Chinese showrooms in 2017. It could come to Europe a year later and would here also be offered as a plug-in hybrid variant.

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Sports EV from China: Qiantu Qiche unveiled an electric sports car at the Auto Shanghai that can claim a truly unique design perspective. The K50 Event! (sic!) is set to launch in 2016 in China and will cost around 700.000 yuan or 113.000 dollars. 294 kW and 650 Nm are given as performance data and the EV claims a range of 200 kilometres.

Hybrid Qoros concept debuts: In Shanghai, Qoros unveiled the 2 PHEV Concept which features one turbo engine coupled with two electric motors at the rear. The plug-in hybrid comes with inductive charging technology and a charging “probe” that unfolds at the touch of a button.
autoblog.com, electriccarsreport.com

New Chinese EVs: The Smart-like Zotye E01 with a Tesla-like touchscreen has been unveiled in Shanghai as expected. However, it is now called Zotye Zhima E30 EV. Also on display in Shanghai is the Chery Arrizo 3 EV with a said range of up to 300 kilometres in eco mode.
carnewschina.com (Zotye), autoevolution.com (Chery)

Apr 9, 2015 - 08:39 am

Tesla, Citroën, VW, Germany, Netherlands, Zotye.

New base Model S: Tesla upgrades the 60-kWh Model S and will offer a more expensive and more powerful version. The new Model S 70D costs 75,000 dollars, 4,000 more than the previous entry EV, but is equipped with AWD and a 70-kWh battery said to deliver 15 percent more range (240 miles). The Model S 70D also features more power (234 kW) and Supercharger equipment as standard.
wsj.com, autoblog.com, transportevolved.com

Citroën plug-in concept: At the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show, the French carmaker will present its new Aircross Concept for the first time. The SUV study resembles the Citroën Cactus and will be powered by a hybrid system consisting of a 218-hp gasoline engine and a 70-kW electric drive.
greencarcongress.com, technologicvehicles.com, recombu.com

Electric camper update: New details on VW’s allegedly planned Bulli EV have been unearthed by German Auto Bild. By 2018, the all-electric Bulli would come equipped with the 85-kW drive from the e-Golf. The company thinks a range of 400 km could be possible due to advances in battery technology.
autobild.de (in German)

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German U-turn: Contrary to what a previous media report had suggested, the German government intends to keep its 1-million-EV goal by 2020 up on the agenda. To get there, however, “many more steps were necessary,” a spokesperson for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy said.
zeit.de, sueddeutsche.de (articles in German)

Benefit fraudsters? Dutch paper Financieele Dagblad reports that an unusually high number of EVs (about 1,000) bought with subsidies had been exported to be sold as second hand cars despite being less than a year old, with many of them ending up in Norway. As such they reach high prices while being toll-free. The Dutch finance ministry will now look into the issue.

Zotye EV update: The Chinese manufacturer released images of its EV destined for the domestic market. The E01 that is to debut at Auto Shanghai will also be offered as E02 with four doors. While the design seem to reminisce about the Smart fortwo, inside a big touch screen hints at bigger idols.

Found on electrive.com
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